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Monthly Archives: June 2013

An Exciting Day Turned Upside Down

Monday morning, June 17th- it was the day that my new daughter, and my kid’s new sister was going to arrive! Yes, indeed- Annika was coming! Until something happened….


“Come on! We have to practice how we’re going to greet Annika when mommy picks her up from the orphanage!” Felicity said.

“Yes, we must rehearse!” Rebecca agreed.

They had just finished *rehearsing* when I (mommy) came in with some sad news.

“Girls, I’m afraid Annika won’t be arriving today.” I said sadly.

“How come?”

“What happened?”

“Is everything alright?”

Questions spinned in the air.

“Annika got a cold so she won’t be able to come until next Monday. I know you’re disappointed, but in the meantime maybe we could make something for her. And we should pray that she will heal quickly, too.” I said.

“Yes, we can do that! Let’s make her a ‘Welcome To Your New Home’ card!” Caroline suggested and everyone agreed.


Saige signed last and the card was finished.


Here’s the front-


And the inside which reads:

“Welcome Home, Annika! WE LOVE YOU!
Love, Mommy and your brothers and sisters”

And on the left is all of their signatures.


“There, now it’s ready to be handed to Annika in just one week!” Saige said.

What do you do to welcome your new dolls?

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How do your dolls like to relax?

Welcome To Camp (pt.1)!

Hi! Today my dolls started camp! This is only part one of 2 or 3 so more will be coming later today (hopefully)!

I’ll be the “narrator” and tell you what they’ve done so far 😉


Felicity, Addy, and Saige are all camp/cabin leaders. Felicity takes the registration forms and helps them check-in.
“Hi! Welcome to Camp! My name is Felicity and I am one of your cabin leaders. Just write your name and cabin name on the blanks to sign-in.” Felicity said.

After they had checked in the campers went to the next table to pick up their visors and name badges.


Felicity started going through the registration forms after her job was done.


“Hi campers! My name is Saige and I am another one of your cabin leaders. I’m going to take you to your cabin now, so pair up with someone (just in case) and follow me!” said Saige.


After walking for a bit they had come to their cabin at last!


Kanani and Caroline had arrived first so they decided to rest for a bit while they waited for the others to arrive.


“Oh, hi! We’re watching cartoons- wanna join us?” Asked Kanani.


“There’s no time for cartoons at present. We have to go over some rules so gather around!” Saige said, getting their attention.


“Rule #1: Stay with at least ONE room mate at all times. Don’t go anywhere alone- there are wild animals out there and the woods are big so it’s very easy to get lost. We have signs all around camp telling you where to go, but they stop at a certain point in the woods, so stay close by.” Saige explained.

“Rule #2: Bed time is at 9:00. If one of us camp leaders or counselors see you outside after that time- you will-well let’s just say you’ll get a talk from one of us. You may get punished depending on what you were doing. However, if you were going to the bathroom then that’s understandable and you won’t get punished.” Saige continued telling and explaining rules to everyone for about 20 more minutes.


“And last, but not least- your cabin code! Each of our cabins have a code that they have to follow. This is ours:


And this is where we end part 1! Tune in later for more Camp FUN! 😀

What did your dolls do on their first day of camp?

We’re Ready For Camp Doll Diaries!!!

Whew! Me and my mom (mostly my mom) have been working for over 2 hours making crafts for Camp Doll Diaries which starts tomorrow for me and my dolls!!! Here is a picture of all that we made:


We had to make 9 of EACH THING!!! It is so much work, but so worth it!

Have your dolls started camp yet? How are they liking it? How many dolls are at your camp?

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