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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Annika & Saige: An American Girl Adventure Continued

Here it is! Part 2 of Annika’s and Saige’s Adventure!


So last we left off was that Annika & Saige heard something coming towards them! What could it be??


It’s a little baby Raccoon!



Saige- “Annika it’s ok! It’s just a baby! And lower your voice you could startle him.”

Annika whispered- “Are you sure it’s ok?”

Saige- “Yes, he’s probably just hungry that’s all.”


Saige- “Come on boy! You want some bread?”


Saige- “Go on- take it.”


The little raccoon settled down and ate.


Saige- “You see, Annika? It’s perfectly safe!”

Annika peeked around Saige’s shoulder to look at the raccoon.

Annika- “Weeelll… I guess so.”


Saige- “What are you doing?”

Annika- “I have a book about animals- there may be something about raccoons in here.”


Annika scanned through the book until she came across a page about raccoons.


Annika- “It says that at this young age it should have a mother nearby.”

Saige- “We have to go look for her! We have to re-unite her with her baby.”


Annika stood up and said- “Are you crazy? It’s cold, it’s dark, we’re not familiar with this place, and you wanna go search for a  mommy raccoon?”

Saige- “Yep! We need to help them. What if there’s something wrong? What if something happened to his mom and he’s all alone?”

Annika- “Alright. I’ll come, too.”

Saige- “Thanks, Annika!”


Saige- “Wait- what’ll we do with him? Should we take him with us?”

Annika- “No, he’ll stay here. Give him the rest of our bread.”

Saige- “What? We’ll starve out here!”

Annika- “It’s ok! We’ll go home tomorrow or something. Now give him the food!”


Saige- “There you go boy! Now stay here until we get back!”


The girls walked on until Annika saw something…

Annika- “Look! Do you see that? Maybe it’s the mom raccoon!”


Saige- “Oh, no! She’s hurt her leg!”

Annika- “You stay with her! I’m gonna go rinse off my bandage in the stream over there!”

Saige- “Why?”

Annika- “So we can use it to bandage her up.”


Annika came back and she bandaged the raccoons leg while Saige calmed her.

Annika- “There- all better.”

Saige- “Come on let’s take her back to camp!”


Annika- “Hey, little one! We have a surprise for you!”


The mother and son ran to each other!


The sight was so touching to the girls and they realized that they were ready to go home and be with their families.

The End

Have you ever helped an animal before?

Note: I don’t really know anything about raccoons, so if you notice that I’ve made a mistake- sorry!

Annika & Saige: An American Girl Adventure!

Hi girls!
So, you know how when you play with your dolls you have to use your imagination and make do with what you have? And when we make photostories with our dolls we try to make everything all perfect with props, backgrounds, outfits, etc.?
Well, I always do that and make everything perfect, but today I’m going to give you a photostory without making it perfect. It’s going to be exactly as if I am simply playing with my dolls. So, are you ready? 😀


Saige- “You almost done, Annika?”

Annika- “Yep! Just gotta pack my notebook  and the telescope and I’ll be ready. You packed the food, right?”

Saige- “Oh, yes! I was only able to pack bread and two water bottles, though. It will hardly be enough for our journey.”

Annika- “That’s ok. We’re only going to be gone for 5 days- we’ll be fine.”

Saige- “Have you planned out exactly where we’re going, yet?”

Annika- “Yep!”

Saige- “Where?”

Annika- “To the mountains! We are going mountain climbing!”


The two sisters set out on their journey!


They came to the first rocky mountain and climbed up- it was no easy job!

Annika- “Watch out for this ledge, Saige! Poison Ivy is growing there.”


After walking another long distance they came to a very large mountain!

Annika- “AAAAAHH- OOF!”

Saige- “ANNIKAAA!!”

Annika slipped, but was able to grab on to a ledge.


Saige- “Annika, are you alright?!?!?”


Annika- “Yes, I think so. Throw down a rope so I can climb back up.”


Saige threw down the rope and Annika climbed back up.


Saige- “Come on, you’re almost there!”


She made it up safe and sound!

“Thank you, Saige.” Annika breathed.

Saige- “You’re welcome.”


Saige- “Are you alright?”

Annika- “Yeah, I just have a little scratch.”


Saige bandaged up Annika’s hand and wrist.


Saige- “There, all better.”


Annika- “Thank you! Now, we need to make it down the other side of this mountain. Then we’ll make camp.”

After some effort the girls finally made it down the mountain.
They found a perfect to spot to set up camp in the woods and they made a fire.


Saige- “You know- plain bread isn’t actually all that bad. I thought for sure I would gag!”

Annika laughed- “Yes, I thought you would, too. I would, however, rather eat a nice home cooked meal after this hard day of climbing.”

Saige- “Yeah, I would, too.”


Annika- “Did you hear something?”

Saige- “Yes, I did..”

Annika- “Ssh! Something’s coming!”

What do you think they heard? Is it just their imagination? Or could it be a person or an animal? Find out in Part 2 coming tomorrow! 😀

P.S. How did you like the photostory being done this way? 🙂

A Ball In Honor of A Newborn Princess!

I love Camp DD’s theme this week, don’t you? With how obssessed I am with Disney (and princesses) I knew this week would be great for me as well.

This post, however is not exactly part of Camp, but the theme gave me the idea! So this post is something that I used my imagination with and pretty much made up- not part of Camp 😉


In honor of the newborn Princess- a Ball was thrown in her honor!



Several guests were invited to share the Royal Family’s special moment.

The orchestra was playing happy music, the guests were dancing, eating, and talking. It was certainly a special night!


Kanani grabbed a plate and tried to decide what to eat, while Josefina grabbed a cookie.


Saige- “I’m not too good at dancing Kirsten, I hope you don’t mind.”

Kirsten- “I don’t mind at al- Ouch!”

Saige- “Oh, I’m sorry!”

Kirsten- “It’s okay- just follow my lead.”


Later on, the guests lined up for a group dance.


They twirled around and switched places to some fast and happy music 🙂


They danced and danced!


The Princess Annika and her younger sister, Princess Caroline watched their guests spin around to the music.

Princess Annika- “Our guests seem to be having a lovely time.”

Princess Caroline- “Yes, indeed! And the Ball Room looks beautiful, does it not?”

Princess Annika- “Yes, it does. Sister, dear, you should go fetch Daisy now. It is nearly time for me to make the introduction.”

Princess Caroline- “Oh, yes, of course!”


Princess Annika- “My people- As your Princess it is my duty to make all announcements and introductions until my mother- the Queen- is able to do so. Now without further ado- please welcome my new baby sister- and your new Princess, Daisy!”


Princess Caroline brought out Princess Daisy. She was a perfect little angel!


 Princess Annika and her sister, Caroline, both held their new little sister up together. The guests were thrilled!

Everyone- “Hoorah for Princess Daisy!!!”

The End

Have your dolls ever been a “Princess” before?


I Got A Package!!

Yay! My prize for winning in Natalie’s Photo Challenge (at Doll Diaries) has finally arrived! I took a couple of pictures so you could see 🙂


It was inside a cute little Hello Kitty bag and sealed with a “J” sticker! “J” for my name- Hehe! 😀


How cute! A little Tote Bag! Inside the Tote Bag was a couple of Doll Diaries business cards and some Build-A-Bear stickers! Her business cards are adorable- I get mine from the same company 😀

That Tote is just too cute! I’ll have to take some pictures of my dolls with it 🙂

Do your dolls like Tote Bags? What do they use them for?

A Day at the Stables Part 2- Annika Goes Jumping!

Howdy, Ya’ll!! I hope you all had a fantastic week!
Sorry about not posting yesterday, but we had some technical difficulties so I couldn’t post. But I’m posting now! Hehe!! 😀
Well, I’m going to turn it over to the dolls now- Enjoy!


Saige- “Alright, Annika- it’s time to saddle up!”

Annika- “Are you sure I should be jumping already?”

Felicity- “Don’t worry, Annika! You were destined to ride! You’re just about as good as riding  as I am. I’ll help you up.”


Felicity- “Remember to keep your heels down just like this.”

Saige- “And relax in the saddle- don’t be stiff!”

Felicity- “And keep your left hand at your side- don’t let it go all over the place!”

Annika was very nervous to do jumping, but if her sisters said it was alright and believed in her- then she would try.


Annika got Penny into a nice trot as they approached the first jump.

Annika- “Come on, Penny girl! You can do it!”


They landed the first jump!

As they approached the second jump Annika started to stiffen up- she was so scared! “No!”, she thought to herself, “I can’t stiffen up! We’ll make it!”


They cleared the second jump easily!


Annika- “I did it, I did it!!! Oh, good girl, Penny!” She smiled the biggest smile 😀


Saige- Oh, Annika!! You did GREAT!! I always knew you could do it!!

Annika- “Hehe-Thank you, Saige!”


Felicity- “Annika you cleared that last jump splendidly! I am so proud of you!”

Annika- “Thank you, Lissie! Thank you both for being such good and supportive sisters!”


Annika- “I think Penny and I make a great team!” Annika was so proud of herself!


The three girls walked towards the stables. They were all so happy and proud- especially Annika 🙂

Have your dolls ever been jumping before?

A Day at the Stables Part 1

Ok, I just have to say that I LOVE this week’s theme at Camp Doll Diaries [http://dolldiaries.com/horse-feeding-fun-for-you-and-your-dolls/]! It’s all about HORSES!!! If you know me really well, then you know that I LOVE horses and that they’re my favorite animal 😀
All of my “daughters” love horses, too, but three of them love them as much as me (which is A LOT!). When they heard what the theme was this week they were so thrilled!


All of the girls in Little Lilacs Cabin had just finished putting on their boots and were chatting away.

Addy- “Girls- May I have your attention, please?”
All of the excited faces turned to Cabin Leader, Addy.

Addy- “Thank you. Now, before we head off to the Stables we have some quick rules to go over. Rule #1: We want you all to have a “buddy”, so get into groups of two, please. Rule #2: When at the stables please be very calm and don’t be afraid. Horses can sense fear and if they do, it might make them a little jittery. Rule #3: Listen closely to what Cabin Leaders Saige and Felicity will be telling you. They will tell you all about the horses and how to care for them. Rule#4: Please control yourself. If one of you girls are anxious to pet the horse when it’s not yet time, please be patient. You will each get a chance to pet it. Is everything clear?”

Everyone- “Yes, Addy!”

Addy- “Good, then let’s head over to the Stables!”



After quite a while they reached the Stables. Saige was there to greet them along with Felicity.

Saige- “Hi girls! Welcome to the Stables! This is the sweet horse we’ll be looking at today. Her name is Penny and she is the perfect horse for any beginner rider. Please gather around and Felicity and I will tell you all you need to know.”


Saige and Felicity told them all about the tack such as- saddles, bridles, bits,  horse shoes, and boots. They told them about the care supplies for horses such as all the different types of brushes, curry combs, fly spray, conditioner, and fly masks. They also told them how to treat a horse if they get hurt.

Saige- “And now I need a volunteer to groom Penny.”

Annika, who had never been around a horse before (although she loves them) offered excitedly!


Annika brushed through Penny’s mane until it was all nice and pretty. It was her dream come true to be around a horse 🙂

Felicity- “You’re doing very well, Annika!”


Saige- “She looks beautiful! Nice job!”

Annika- “Thank you!”

Felicity- “Why don’t you give her an apple for being such a good girl?”

Annika gasped- “Can I?”

Felicity- “Of course!”


Annika- “There you go, Penny. That’s a good girl.”

Saige- “Well, who’s ready to saddle up?”


And that is where we end Part 1!
So, how did you like it? Don’t you feel so happy for Annika? It kind of reminds me of myself 🙂

And in case you’re wondering you can see a couple of the things I made. I made some apples out of Model Magic Clay, I used Easter Grass for some hay, and the rest you haven’t seen- yet 😀

I hope you’re all having a great week!
Oh! and one more question- What have your dolls been doing at Camp?

Craft Day :)

Hi girls!
I had SO much fun today! I was crafting since the early morning until 3:00 in the afternoon! It felt so good, too because I used my creativity and imagination for a few of the projects- which I hardly do 🙂


This is a picture of what our kitchen table pretty much looked like all day! Fun, huh? Hehe! 😀

By the materials pictured above- what do you think I made? There will be a fun new post tomorrow with a few of the crafts I made! 🙂

Do you ever have long craft days? Does your table ever look as messy as this?
Goodnight! 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all had a great day! 🙂


Rebecca- “Hello everybody! Happy 4th of July! I had a nice day today- our entire family went swimming and we had relay races, regular races, and played other fun games! And mommy even made me a special outfit to wear!” 😀


Here are the sandals that I made this morning for Rebecca. I think the red button gives a cute extra *pop* 🙂


I crocheted this Halter Top and a pair of Shorts for Rebecca to wear, as well.


When I saw how the outfit was coming together- I just had to make a headband to match!


I also made her an American Flag to hold! I’ll be showing you how to make  one soon 🙂


Behind the Scenes pic!

My mom secretly took this picture of me setting up Rebecca. There was a breeze so I was trying to keep her from falling over 😛

Well, that’s all for now! Rebecca and I hope you all had a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate?

American Girl Movie- “Saige Paints The Sky”

Well, today is the day! Saige’s all new movie is now available for purchase!
While I am excited to see it I’m not sure if it will be that great. From the trailer I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like the girl who plays Saige is very good at acting. Although when I see it I might give it to her since it is her first movie- Hehe!

I don’t know when I’ll get to see it because we can’t really afford that right now, but when I do see it I’ll definitely do a movie review! 😀

So, what do you think of the movie? Do you think you’ll watch it? When/if you do, do you think you’ll like it?

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