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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Important Notice

Hi Girls!

Don’t worry- it’s not bad news 😉

Although I love talking to you all about just anything I have come to realize that we are not following one of  my rules. We are only supposed to talk about AG and anything doll related.

From now on I think we should start following that rule. Any comments that are non-AG and non- doll related will not be approved by me.

We aren’t talking about anything wrong, it’s just that this site is about dolls, so I think we should stay on topic about dolls and doll things 😉

I love having you all as friends and I am so grateful to know every one of you 🙂

We Have A Foal!!


It was a busy day in the stables today. We were getting a foal and Felicity, Saige, and Annika were making all of the preparations.


Just when Saige was going to ask, “When will she get here?” mommy (me 😛 ) called out, “Girls! One of you needs to come out and get your new foal settled!”

Saige- “I’ll do it!!”


Annika- “I’m so excited to meet her! I wonder what she looks like…”

Felicity- “Probably adorable and beautiful!!” The sisters giggled with excitement!


Saige- “Here she is!”

Felicity- “Oooooh! Look at her eyes! She is so pretty!!”

Annika- “She’s adorable!!!”


Saige- “Isn’t she?!?” She sighed, “Girls, we have a problem. When we were leading her out of the trailer she stumbled. Her leg got scratched.”

Annika- “Oh, poor little thing! Don’t worry we’ll fix you up.”

Felicity- “I’ll lead Penny into the fields so you can have more room to work. Let me know when to lead her back in.”


So, Annika and Saige set to work!

Saige- “Easy, girl- easy!”

Annika- “Come here sweetie, I have to bandage you up.”


Annika- “There you are- good as new!”

Saige- “We’ll have to keep an eye on that leg, but she should mend in no time at all!”


The girls groomed her until she was nice and clean.


Annika watched her eat while Saige and Felicity talked about her injury.


Felicity- “Awww!! They look so sweet together!” She said as they watched Penny and her new friend eating.

Saige- “They sure do! Hey, what are we going to name her?”


Annika- “I have a suggestion.”

Felicity- “What is it?”

Annika- “Well, I’ve been reading the Lord of the Rings books and there are lots of interesting and beautiful names in there. So, today when I was reading there was a mini story about the Lady of Luthien. Why not name her Luthien?

Saige- “Oh, I love it! It’s so pretty!”

Felicity- “I think it’s unanimous, cause I love it, too!”

Annika- “Alright, Luthien it is!”


All of the girls love little Luthien 🙂


Today me and my mom went to Target. I was planning on purchasing a Laptop set from OG for $7, but they didn’t have it. When I saw this foal I knew I had to have her! She is a Morgan horse (which is the breed I ride), beautiful, and she came with a lot of accessories for only $18.99!!

I had such a hard time trying to decide on what to name her. I knew I wanted to name her something from LOTR. I wrote down a lot of names and I finally decided on Luthien. If you’re wondering how it’s pronounced it’s said like this:
Looth- ee- en

I’ll be doing a review on the whole set soon 🙂

Do you have a horse for your doll(s)?

Kanani’s Missing Shoes!

Have you ever lost an AG item before? Something you thought you couldn’t possibly lose because you always keep a good eye on all of your AG stuff? Isn’t that just so frustrating?

Well, that happened to me about a year ago, it seems. I lost Kanani’s Meet Sandals. I was so upset and I searched everywhere! I can’t tell you how many times I dug through and emptied my AG bins. I thought I may have lost them at Hillside (where I do my craft shows), but that seemed unlikely to me. I checked in all of my tote bags and back-packs. It was no where to be found.

So, today my mom tells me to clean up my crochet area (it was out of control).  I just finished putting the yarn I wanted to use in my crochet bag. Then- I don’t know why (I guess I was checking if anything was there), I stuck my hand in the front pocket of my bag. “What’s this?” I could tell it was something like a shoe. “Oh, No way!” I thought to myself.


Sure enough! I grabbed both of Kanani’s Sandals!!

I can not tell you how relieved I am! I literally thought I would never see them again. I’m sure Kanani will be happy when I tell her! She’s missed wearing her complete Meet Outfit 🙂

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