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Monthly Archives: October 2013

MouseWait Craft Fair!

Hi girls!
Some of you may know that I have been preparing for a craft fair. Well it was on Saturday and it went great! I took some pictures of my table for you all to see 🙂


This is the whole table! It was an all Disney craft fair, so that’s why there isn’t any regular stuff 😉


Close up of all my dolls. Cecile (yes, I brought my brand new doll 😀 ) is dressed as Snow White, Kirsten as Cinderella, Marie-Grace as Cinderella in her Work Dress, Caroline as Rapunzel, and Saige as Minnie Mouse!


Mickey hats, Pumpkin Mickey hat, and of course- Minnie hats!


Mickey Hooded Jacket, Pumpkin Mickey Dress, and one of my Pirate outfits!


(Eeeks! Sorry about the shadow 😕 )

The other two Pirate Outfits! Also there is a sign that says: “Dolls are not for sale. Please do not touch the dolls” and another showing the pirate outfits modeled and my business cards! 🙂

I was very happy that I got enough money to pay for Cecile and my new business cards! And I’m also super excited because I got an order for a Cinderella outfit!! YAY!! 😀

Have you ever done a craft fair before? What do you like to make?

Opening A Very Special Package :)



Awwww!! Look at that beautiful girl!!


I am SO happy to finally have her! Her arms are super soft, she smells amazing, her curls are beautiful and soft, and she’s just an AMAZING doll!!! 😀 😀


Opening her Nightwear 🙂


The Nightgown is flannel and I love the pink trimmings! The robe is satin and oh, so cute! And the booties/slippers are adorable!!


The package also included this new Holiday 2013 catalog! I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure it will be great!


Now, back to Cece 😉
Her curls are absolutely amazing! I expected them to be kinda crunchy, but they’re actually very soft! 🙂


I am so excited to play with her, dress her up, and most importantly- introduce her to all of her new brothers and sisters!

Bye for now!

Meet My Dolls Updated With Marie-Grace

Head on over to “Meet My Dolls” and meet Marie-Grace!


Look for another girl on the page next week! 🙂


OH, MY GOSH!! We just found a link from AmericanGirl on Facebook that there were a few collections of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s on sale for $50- $60!! My mom knew we couldn’t pass it up and I am going to pay her back. I got Cecile’s Sweet Dreams Collection. It includes:
Cecile Doll
Meet Cecile Book
Cecile’s Nightwear


I am SOOOO EXCITED!! I have wanted Cecile ever since she came out and planned to get her someday and now she will be coming to me very soon!! YAAAAY!! 😀 😀

“When I Wish Upon AG….”

We all want AG to make something that they’ve never done before. Whether it be a doll with a specific time period and collection or some really neat accessory! And we also want them to bring back some of their retired items.
Write in the comments below what YOU wish AG would make or bring back from their archives. It can be anything at all!
Something I want AG to make is some Irish Bitty Twins with red curly hair (and I don’t want the girl to have pigtails), green or blue eyes, and freckles! Why haven’t they done Bitty’s with freckles, yet?
I also think that they should make a set of a bunch of different basic pants and shirts. My dolls need some regular jeans and shirts to wear! 😀
I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!

A Pirate Adventure~ Part 9 The GRAND FINALE!


Yes! It was Elinor! I knew she would come!
“Elena, what do you want for me to give you, so that you will not harm Miss Victoria?” Elinor asked.


“What do I want? I want the KEY! What do you think?!?” Elena exclaimed.


“Very well, I will give it to you.” Elinor said.
I watched restlessly as Elinor was about to give the key to Elena. If she won, we would’ve come all this way for nothing!


Then suddenly, Elinor grabbed her sister and said,


“Victoria, catch!!” and she threw the key.


“Got it!!” I yelled.


When I looked down I saw Elinor and Elena fighting. “Oh, no.” I thought to myself.


“Enough, Elinor!! You’ve lost!!” Elena cried.
“You misunderstand, sister. You’re the one who has lost!!” Elinor grunted as she tried to get Elena off of her.
“AMELIA GET THE KEY FROM VICTORIA!! You may have 65% of the treasure!” Elena commanded. Just as Amelia was heading towards me, Celeste rushed forward.


“Oh, no you don’t, matie!” Celeste yelled as she pushed Amelia to the ground.


Juliet rushed to the aid of Celeste.
“Get off of her!” Juliet yelled.
“Stop, she’s my friend!” Rosa ordered.


I looked down at them all fighting and was troubled. Then I remembered the riddle:
“Take Heed!
Once inside the cave
A hero will save!
Tis’ no easy task
Ye should wear a mask”
“Perhaps the riddle means that I have to save my friends and restore everyone else’s friendship. ‘Wear a mask’ could mean that I need to be someone different to help everyone.” I thought to myself.


I went to Juliet and pulled her off of Rosa.


“Victoria, what are ya doing? She works for Elena!” Juliet said.
“That doesn’t mean that she’s evil, Juliet!” I said.

Then I walked over to Celeste and Amelia and I seperated them.


“You all wait here and just ignore each other for a sec, okay?” I ordered.
I pulled Elinor off of Elena and said,


“Elinor, think about who you’re fighting. This is your sister and as bad as she may be, she deserves a second chance.” I whispered.


“Everyone, stop fighting and listen to me for a moment!” I said, “I have come a long way and I have seen things I’ve only read about. It’s been quite a journey with a lot of hard work and determination. And I’m not going to see all that go to waste.”


“What exactly are you trying to say, missy?” Elena asked, getting bored of all the talk.


“Elena, Elinor, you’re sisters! I don’t know what happened between you two, but it needs to stop. Now, instead of both of you fighting to get to the chest first, so one of you ends up rich and happy and the other poor and miserable, why don’t you split the share of your parent’s treasure?” I suggested. Elinor smiled and said,
“I’d go for that.” And Elena agreed.


“Good! Elena, because of all that you have done I am going to give the key to Elinor.” I said.


“That’s not fair! We should both open the chest if we both have to share it!” Elena said not happy with the decision.
“You can help lift the top open, but there is no way I can trust you with the key!” I explained.


I handed the key to Elinor and she unlocked the chest.


“Wow!” Elinor and Elena exclaimed at the same time.


“Elinor, I want to apologize for how I have acted these past few years. I don’t know what came over me. We always used to have fun when we were younger, didn’t we?” Elena said.


“Aye, we did.” Elinor replied with a sigh.
“I want to change my ways and be a good older sister to you. Can you ever forgive me?” Elena asked.


“Aye, I forgive you, Elena.” Elinor said.


“Victoria, I am so sorry for what I have and what I have almost done to you. Could you forgive me?” Elena asked me.
“Of course.” I said with a smile.


I said goodbye to Rosa and Amelia. I thought of everything that had happened those past 2 weeks. Then suddenly, I knew where I belonged.


Weeks past and Captain McGovern’s ship was back in order. Celeste and Juliet looked on the horizon from the crows nest and Captain Elinor was at the wheel with her new crew mate…


I-  Victoria Farnsworth who used to live a wealthy life and never used to do any work at all, was now a pirate.


I guess that Captain Elinor was right- it truly is a pirate’s life for me!



A Pirate Adventure~ Part 8

I want to apologize for taking so long to post this part of my series. These past 2 days I’ve been very busy 😉


I slept so peacefully that night (probably because I was actually in a bed!). I woke up suddenly to hear Captain Elena saying,
“Weigh anchor! Prepare to go ashore!”


“We must be at Isla del Tesoro!” I thought to myself.


“Rosa, take the wheel. I’m going to go below deck for a moment.” Captain Elena said.
“Aye, Cap’n!” Rosa replied.


I was just sitting on the bed thinking when,
“So, you’re still here.” Captain Elena said.
“Oh, no! I’m done for!” I thought to myself.
“Well, as long as you’re here you might as well stay with us.  Come on deck, we’re gettin’ ready to go ashore.” Captain Elena ordered. I didn’t know what to say, so I just followed her up the stairs. How in the world did she know I was down there? And why was she being so nice?


“There it is. Isla del Tesoro!” Captain Elena said with a grin.
The island was so beautiful with palm trees and all sorts of lovely plants. And right in the middle of the island was an aisle of palm trees and a cave right at the end of it. “That must be where the treasure is.” I thought. Then, suddenly remembering the riddle, I got afraid. I so hoped that Captain Elinor was there waiting to fight! Perhaps she was the ‘hero who would save.’ 


Amelia put down the ramp and Captain Elena walked down from the ship.
“It’s good to be rich!” She sighed.
We walked up to the cave and there way in the back, was the chest!


“Wow.” I sighed as I thought of how far I’d come. Who would have ever thought that I would be standing in the middle of a cave looking at a treasure chest. It was pretty amazing.


“Open it up, Captain!” Amelia excalimed.

“I have to get out of here!” I said to myself.


Then, noticing some big rocks, I decided this was my chance! 
While they were all occupied looking at the chest, I started climbing.

“Why isn’t it opening?!? Why isn’t it working?!?!?” Captain Elena yelled.


“The key!!” She gasped, “She gave me the wrong key!!!”


She spun around and saw me on the rocks.
“What key did you give me?!? Where is the real key?!?!?” She yelled at me.


“The key I gave you is to my home. The real key is with your sister!” I said and this time I was the one who was grinning!

Just as Elena was about to yell at me again I heard a voice say,
“Stop right there, Elena!”
That’s where we end Part 8! Look for the GRAND FINALE coming tomorrow! 😀

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