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Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Few Little Updates

Hi girls!

I am sure you won’t believe this, but I am sick again and so is my entire family! I started coughing the day after Christmas and the next day I was worse. I haven’t even been able to play with my new stuff 🙁

As soon as I am feeling better I will do a post with Elijah and Anna 😉

And one more thing. I currently have 53 comments awaiting moderation. I have read every single one of them and they will all be approved/posted, but not all of them will be replied to. I am very sorry to have to do this, but with how busy I am it is just getting more and more difficult to reply to all of them. I hope you all understand and that this will not stop you from commenting. Even if I do not reply I LOVE reading them! I promise to reply to any questions you may have and give any advice you may be seeking.
Thank you all for being such great friends! And I ask once more that you will PLEASE keep commenting! I love them all so much!

Your Friend,

Just a Random Pic ;)

Hi and Merry Christmas again!!

So, whenever I introduce my “kids” to each other I always line them up or just set them up in some way. Well, today my mom came in my room just as I had finished lining them up. She decided that she had to take a picture because it is just so crazy how many there are.


I counted 11 toddlers and 11 of the 18″. WHOA! Now I have 12 of the toddlers and 12 of the 18″ 😛
If I keep getting dolls, pretty soon they are gonna end up sleeping on the floor! They are all totally squished in their beds right now. Poor little things- LOL!

How many dolls do you have? Where do they sleep?


Oh, my goodness!! I can’t believe it’s CHRISTMAS!!! I had such a nice morning opening presents, eating an amazing breakfast, and talking and laughing with my family 🙂 Now, I am SUPER excited to show you what I got (I am only showing doll related things 😉 )!!!


I got Saige’s Bracelet in my stocking! It is so cute and really comfortable. I’ve been wearing it ever since I opened it 😀


I got the Fancy Dress from Marie-Grace and Cecile’s Collection!! I think Marie-Grace looks just like a little princess 🙂


I am SO happy that I got Saige’s Sparkle Dress! She looks so gorgeous in those colors!


Another outfit I was super excited to receive!! When I saw that Cecile’s Special Dress wasn’t on the AG site anymore I got so upset because I really wanted it for Cece, but now she has it!! YAY!!

That’s all I got this morning (you’ll see the last thing at the end of the post 😉 ), but yesterday my sister and brother in-law came over and I goooooottt…..


The Anna toddler doll from Disney’s Frozen!!!! She is SOOO CUTE!!! I am making her age be 4, so that she can talk good (like in the movie, hehe!). I am so happy to have her! I’ve wanted her for a while now 😀

And now it is time for the suspense!!!


Hmmmm…. What do you think could’ve been in this box….? Hehe!


Here is the lid for the box (I cut it off, so you’d be in more suspense!! 😛 ). And now it is finally time to show you!!!! 😀


It’s A MY TWINN 18″ BOY DOLL!!!! He has very fair skin, Green/brown eyes, and black hair with loose curls all over. He is really cute and I have been wanting a My Twinn boy doll for a while. I have decided to name him Elijah and his middle name is James. I am making him be 10 years old. 😀

I am SO blessed and thankful! I absolutely LOVE everything!! Earlier this month I didn’t think I would get a doll, but I ended up with 2!! Eeks! I’m gonna have to think up a good story on how I all of a sudden have 2 new kids!! I better go start writing down some ideas- LOL! 😀 😛

What did you get for Christmas? Any new “children”? 🙂
Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Pictures!

Today I took the girls to get their Christmas photos taken! I think they turned out SO cute!


Here are my 4 oldest girls, Annika, Addy, Josefina, and Felicity.


My 3 middle girls, Kirsten, Saige, and Kanani.


And my four youngest, Caroline, Cecile, Marie-Grace, and Rebecca. I also had a few more pictures taken as well.


Annika looking at the giant silver ornament  (I think she looks SO pretty here, don’t you?)


Felicity and Kirsten 🙂



And last, but not least…


ALL of my girls together!! I absolutely LOVE this! I think I’m going to have it framed, hehe! 😀

Are you going to *take* your dolls to have Christmas photos taken? 

I’m Back!

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been approving or replying to comments lately. It has been super crazy over here. I was sick practically all week and then Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday-Sunday I had a craft fair and was gone from 7:30 in the morning until 5:00 at night, so I just wanted to sit down and relax when I got home. So, anyways, I am super sorry about not being active on here, but I just can’t constantly be online. I should be able to do a post or two this week, but nothing will be done on Saturday or Sunday because those are the last two days of the craft fair.
I hope you all understand and I will start replying to comments later today 🙂

Also, I want to say a great big thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes while I was sick! It feels so good to know that I have such an amazing group of friends on the internet 😀
Your Friend,

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