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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Just a Little Update :)

Hi Girls!

Whew! I am so tired! I have been cleaning, cleaning out, and organizing my bedroom for three days now. And no, it is not done yet. When I just do a regular cleaning job on my room it doesn’t seem like I have that much packed in there, but when I clean it out, whoa! LOL! 😛
It’s been a little hard cleaning things out. The other day I packed up some of my Webkinz (who were on a shelf in my room), brought them in the garage, and started crying. I just couldn’t do it! 🙁 So they are now back in my room where I can look at them whenever I want 🙂
I now have a shelf in my room full of just AG stuff! That is probably one of my favorite shelves in my room, hehe! 😀
And also, on top of cleaning, when I ‘m done for the day, I go sit in the living room and work on my orders. I can not wait until this is all done, so I can play with my dolls and do a post for you all! 🙂

I hope you have all been having a nice week and that you’re having fun with your dolls!


New Set From AG!

My mom just saw this posted on Facebook by American Girl and it is an ADORABLE new set that is coming out on February 13th!


I LOVE the pink with the white polka dots!!! Oh, gosh. I think I’m going to be buying this on my birthday! 😀

What do you think of this new set? Will you be purchasing it?

Name That My American Girl!

My mom and I just agreed on 5 of our favorite names for this My American Girl. It was very hard to decide! There were so many pretty names!


Now YOU get to comment and vote on which one you like best for her! The last day to vote is Saturday the 15th. Here are the names:


I can’t wait to see who will win! Have fun voting!

Emma’s Trip to The AG Store in Seattle

Around Christmas time my friend, Emma went to the AG store with her BFF to get Saige and she was kind enough to send in pictures from her trip! So, here is Emma:

Emma camera 008

Saige’s adorable painting set, and her sweater outfit which I got.

Emma camera 011

Cute scene, but her pigtails look really funky!

Emma camera 027

I love these!:(

Emma camera 028

Her skates and muffs are sooo cute! I got them and they are well worth the money. Actually, I think they aren’t very pricy for  all that it has.  (Jaclynn here! This is a very cute set! Much better in person 🙂 )

Emma camera 024

  Sorry that it’s blurry! They look so sweet, though!  (Oh, I LOVE this pic!)

Emma camera 023

I LOVE Caroline’s coat!

Emma camera 069

I love this scene. (Me TOO! 😀 )

Emma camera 052

Sooooo sweet!

Emma camera 037


Emma camera 138

I lovelovelove this! (So CUTE!)

Emma camera 088

I want one in ME size!

Emma camera 090

Oh my gosh. This is too cute for words. (Awww!!)

Hope you liked them! We had a great time…and I got my beee-utiful Saige!

Thank you SO much for sharing with us, Emma! Your pictures were great! 🙂

Look out for another guest post coming soon!

Have you ever been to an AG store?

Josefina’s Photoshoot

As many of you may know, Josefina is my sister’s doll, but she lets me play with her and take care of her. I think that Josefina is such a pretty doll and she definitely needs some attention 🙂


I took Josefina to the park across the street where I knew I could get some good pictures of her.


Looking pretty under the tree 🙂


I love this one! She looks so pretty and sweet!


Josefina plopped down on the grass. Silly girl!


I just had to get a picture of her gorgeous long hair!


Josefina sits down and waves. “Adios for now!”

What do you think of Josefina?

Doll Pals~ February 2014

Hey Girls!!

Yes, it’s time for Doll Pals again! If you have not signed up to do it, yet you can still sign up for a chance to get a letter this month! Just send me an email through the Contact Form and tell me your name and the name(s) of your doll(s). I’ll also need your home address 😉
I will add you to my Doll Pals list and someone will be picked at random to receive a letter.

Before you email me, please make sure that it is okay with your parents as you will have to give me your home address. And be assured that I will not publish or share your address in any way.

Also, I had a lot of requests to do this through email last time. I want you all to understand that I am only making exceptions for those who live out side of the US or who can not give their home address. Writing letters is easier for me and that’s how Doll Pals is supposed to work. 😉

The last day to sign up this month is February 14th at 12:00 midnight PST.

Have a nice day!

Random Post :D

Okay, I was looking at the MAG dolls today and I just have to say that this doll is ADORABLE!


I can’t believe I’ve never really noticed her before! Her hair is super cute and I love the color! I am not saying I want her, just that I think she’s adorable. But who knows, someday she may be in my little family 🙂

Oh! Here’s a fun question! Ready? Okay, here it is:

If you had this doll, what would you name her?


A Royal Dilemma~ Part 6 The GRAND FINALE


One morning I was talking to Maggie about the menu for the rest of the week, when I heard someone say, “Queen, I must have an audience with you.”


It was Captain Elena striding quickly towards me.


“Yes, Captain, what is it?” I asked.


“I have found yer sister. She is living on a farm near Cordelle. Only her name is not Diamond, she goes by Gracie.” Captain Elena said. I felt my heart leap for joy! Then I asked,
“How did you find her?”

“I know people who know things. They lead me to Cordelle, I watched her on the farm, heard’em talkin’. Then I knew for sure it was her. Now, uh- about that reward…” Said Captain Elena.


“Oh, yes, of course.” I said and turned to Maggie.


“Maggie, please have the guards go down to the docks this morning with Captain Elena’s reward.” I said then I looked at Elena, “I most sincerely thank you for helping me. You have no inkling of how important this was to me.” I said. Then Captain Elena looked down at her feet and said,


“No, that’s wrong, Queen. I know what it’s like to get a sister back. Thank ye, I’ll take my leave now.”  She bowed and walked away. Just as she closed the door I called for the stable boys to get my carriage ready. I was going to meet my sister!


As we pulled to a stop I discovered that my sister lived just down the lane from Aunt Bea’s house. “What a small world it is!” I thought. I walked up to a girl who looked like my sister and said, “Hello! May I have a word with you, please?” I tried to seem natural. I didn’t want her to think I was crazy.


The girl gasped, “Your Highness! Of course you may! Uh- please forgive my appearance, I would never have expected you to come calling.” She seemed very pleased to see me, which made me feel more comfortable.


“Please, don’t bother about your appearance. I know how you have to be dressed when you live on a farm. I have to tell you something and it is going to come as quite a shock- Diamond.” I said with a pause. When I called her Diamond, she seemed as though she remembered it. Almost as if it was from a dream she’d forgotten.

“Your Highness, you must have me mistaken with somebody else. My name is Gracie.” She said.

“Yes, your name is Gracie now, but fifteen years ago, it was Diamond. It’s the name you were given when you were born.” I explained gently.

“How do you know this?” She asked me.


“Because you are my sister.” I said. She looked at me with surprise and confusion. “This is going to be difficult for you to hear, but it is the truth. About a month ago my parents died, as I am sure you know. They told me that I had a twin sister who was kidnapped when we were just three years old. They never told me about her because they did not want to lose another daughter. My parents said that her name was Diamond. They said ‘You were both our two little jewels’. Determined to find my sister, I went looking for a pirate captain. She helped me track you down and told me that your name is Gracie. And believe me, you look just like you do in our baby picture.” I explained. We stood in silence for a moment and then Gracie said,


“D-do you have the picture?”

“Yes, I do.” I called for the guards to bring my bag from the carriage.


“Here it is.” I said as I pulled the frame from my bag.


“Gracie, if you need some time to think about this for awhile I understand. I know it is a lot to take in. Whenever you are ready, the palace is open to you.” I said.

“Your Highness- Ruby, I believe you. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to discover that I am the queen’s sister! That I- am a princess!” Gracie said with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.


I went to her and gave her a big long hug. “Oh, Diamond! I love you!” I said and Diamond replied, “I love you, Ruby!”


“Come, we shall go to the palace and get you settled in your room.” I said, not realizing that she had a family she would be leaving.


“Ruby, I can’t leave. As I said, it is exciting to discover I’m a princess and that I have another sister, but, this is my home. I could never imagine leaving this life to become a princess. I need to stay here. This is where I belong. Milking cows, collecting eggs, riding horses, and mucking out stalls. I’m sorry, Ruby.” Diamond said with sigh.


“I understand, Diamond. This is where you’ve lived your whole life. With the parents who raised you and the brothers and sisters you’ve played with. I want you to know that you will always be welcome at the palace. And I will always love you.” I said with a smile. I gave her one last hug and took my leave.

All that night I could not sleep a wink. I paced across the floor thinking and thinking about what I needed to do. “I can’t be a great queen like my mother! Oh, what am I going to do?” I asked myself. Then it came to me. I needed to be with my sister!


Another two weeks passed and it was once again Coronation Day! I had decided to give up the crown and hand it down to someone else. Someone who knew everything about being a queen and ruling a kingdom. And someone who had a good, kind heart and a wise, thoughtful mind. There was only one person I knew who was worthy of the task…


“Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!” The crowd chanted.


Among the crowd were my Aunt Bea, my sister Diamond, and myself.


I couldn’t be more happy with my choice! I knew Maggie would make the perfect queen. And now that I was living with Aunt Bea, I could see Diamond any time. That made me sure, that I would be perfectly happy in my new life.



I want to say a HUGE thank you to the cast!! They were all amazing and many of whom have become stars!! Also thank you to my mom who helped me so much with this series! Love you! 🙂

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