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Monthly Archives: August 2014

BeForever RELEASE!!!

Okay, girls. I have been counting down how much longer until the release ALL DAY!! And around 9:40 my mom said that she read the release was online (but really it wouldn’t be online around 10:00 PM our time), so I RUSHED to the computer and went onto the AG site (I was literally shaking- I was so excited!), and then I counted down the minutes until 10:00- then it was time! I clicked refresh and VOILA! Let’s just say these lyrics “A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew!” would’ve matched PERFECTLY in the background of me looking at all the new stuff!!!! πŸ˜€
Now, after dying for an hour (no joke) I am FINALLY ready to share my thoughts over everything with you!!!


WELCOME BACK SAMANTHA!!! I know, a lot of people don’t like the pink and they think it doesn’t “match” her, but I LOOOVE her new Meet Outfit!! It is SO beautiful and she looks great in it!! πŸ˜€ ALSO- it is true- you can buy the Meet Outfits separately for $36.00 AND AG has raised the price of Doll and Book to $115.00- ugh πŸ˜•


Samantha’s Frilly Frock is $36 and oh, so cute!! I love that it’s satin and I’m also loving the color combo of pink and purple- my two favorite colors! I also like that they used lavender, since that’s Samantha’s favorite color πŸ™‚


Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit is $34. It’s cute, but I don’t think it’s all that great. πŸ˜‰


Samantha’s Nightgown is $24 and very cute! I love those little slippers!


Samantha’s Holiday Set is $64 and can I just say that I LOVE it?! I need money!! πŸ˜›


Samantha’s Fancy Coat Set is $34 and SO PRETTY!!! I love the black and white and the animal print!!! πŸ˜€


Samantha’s Hairstyling Set is $22. It’s a very cute set! I love the hat and the little hairbrush! It’s so cute and chubby! LOL πŸ˜›


Samantha’s Dog, Jip is $22. I like the fluffiness of him, but his face isn’t very cute… πŸ˜•


Samantha’s Bedtime Accessories is $44- That bear looks an awful like Bitty Bear…. Ugh, AG….
This set isn’t that great in my opinion, but the music box is cool! I like that it really works! πŸ™‚


Samantha’s Bicycle is $115 and I LOVE it!! I love the colors and just everything about it!! SO cute! πŸ˜€


Samantha’s Bed & Bedding is $150 and so GORGEOUS!! πŸ˜€


Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor is $300 and I NEED IT!! It’s SO ADORABLE!! I LOVE the cash register!! I’m dying over this set!!! This is probably my favorite of the entire release!!! πŸ˜€


Addy Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. Addy’s new outfit is SO pretty! I love the dark blue on her! And that little patchwork bag is adorable!!


Addy’s School Outfit is $34. At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about this, but I think it’s really cute!! πŸ˜€


Addy’s Lunch Pail is $28. I love that it even has the “love” cookies!!! That’s so adorable!!! πŸ˜€


Caroline Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. I think it’s kinda sad that her outfit didn’t change much πŸ˜•


Caroline’s Party Gown is $36 and SO pretty!! Again, I’m loving the satin!


Caroline’s Table & Treats is $150 and reminds me quite a bit of the one from Marie-Grace and Cecile’s Collection…. But- it’s still cute! πŸ˜›


Josefina Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. I really don’t like the blue added into her outfit. And I’m also so sad that she didn’t get anything else new. I feel so bad for her πŸ™


Julie Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. I do not like her new meet outfit at all. The original one was way better! And honestly- those sunglasses make her look weird- in my opinion away πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


Julie’s Tunic Outfit is $34. The only thing that caught my eye were those heels!! I’ve never seen heels that big for AG dolls before!!


Julie’s Winter Coat & Hat is $34 and I am DYING over this!!!! I really think my dolls need that coat!! πŸ˜€


Julie’s Holiday Outfit is $34. I wasn’t very impressed with this outfit… It just didn’t really appeal to me very much πŸ˜‰


Julie’s Snack Set is $50. I LOVE all of those snacks!! SO CUTE!! πŸ˜€


Julie’s Egg Chair Set is $100 and I think it’s adorable!!! And that’s so cool that you can really play music through it!!!


Kaya Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. Same with Caroline- I think it’s sad that her outfit didn’t really change πŸ™


Pow-Wow Hair Set of Today is $18. I’m not too interested in this πŸ˜›


Kit Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134. I think her dress cute and it’s definitely better than her original Meet Outfit in my opinion! The main thing I like is the hat πŸ˜›


Kit’s Reporter Dress is $38 and I think it’s pretty cute! πŸ™‚


Kit’s Photographer Outfit is $34. I am really in love with that sweater, but I definitely wouldn’t buy the outfit πŸ˜‰


Kit’s Typewriter Set is $50 and can I just say- YAYAY!!! I’ve missed her old typewriter for such a long time and I’m SO happy that she has one again!!! I’m probably gonna have to buy this someday. I love typewriters!! πŸ˜€


Rebecca Doll, Book, and Accessories is $134 and I’m DYING over her new outfit!!! And OMGOSH that HAT!! I need to buy this someday!! πŸ˜€


Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit is $34 and again I am DYING!!! That is such a BEAUTIFUL dress!!! πŸ˜€


Rebecca’s Teatime Traditions is $68. It’s cute, but that is just way too much money πŸ˜›


Rebecca’s Director Set is $75. I LOVE IT!!! That chair is ADORABLE!! And the Megaphone!!

Now, let’s take a look at the Mini Dolls:








The Mini Dolls are $25 and come with a book. I can’t BELIEVE I am about to say this, and it is the first time I’ve ever said it about AG, but I honestly think they look so cheapy. They remind me of the little Isabelle dolls they had in Happy Meals at McDonalds! And I still don’t think their faces cute. I think they’re slightly cuter than the old ones, but if I’m going by quality, I have to say that the old ones were better. πŸ˜•

Also, there were a few new books released!


Doll Art Studio is $24.95 and it looks so adorable!! I think this kit is officially on my wants list πŸ˜›


I also noticed this which is $9.99


And this which is $24.99. πŸ™‚

So that’s all for the whole new release!! I’ll have to give this release a 9 out of 10 due to some things I didn’t like, such as outfits not being changed, cheapy mini dolls, etc.
However I LOVED this release and I hope you did, too! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you! πŸ˜€

NEW BeForever Video!!

OMGOSH!!! I’m DYING!!! AG just posted this on their Facebook page. If you want to see some of Samantha’s new stuff you HAVE to watch this!! πŸ˜€

So, what do you all think?! Are you SUPER excited?! πŸ˜€

Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 4 THE GRAND FINALE!!


Jake went over to Captain Coronado to thank her again. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to ye.” Jake said.


“Aye, I know ye are. Twas the least I could do.” Captain Coronado replied. Then she reached into her desk and pulled something out of it…


“Here, I want ye to have this. It will bring ye wisdom. But, ye must promise never to take yer eyes off it! Any evil pirate would die fer a special item as this.” Captain Coronado explained.


“Thank ye. And, aye, ye have my word.” Jake promised.


“Now then. Ye best get prepared for battle. Blackheart will have heard of what I done and I’m sure she’ll be comin’ after ye with ships and cannons. Ye must be ready.” Captain Coronado stated.


“Aye, we’ll start preparin’ for battle right away.” Jake said.


I had been talking with Siara, but as soon as I heard Jake mention battle I turned my head towards him. I didn’t want to have anything to do with a battle. But since Jake thought it was best, I knew it was only right for me to follow him- whether I liked it or not.


Meanwhile, Blackheart was on the hunt for me and Jake. I knew she would not rest until we were back in her cells.


“Captain Jones! Captain! Captain!” Blackheart’s deckhand called. “Aye, what is it?!” Blackheart shouted. “It’s a note! It’s about The Code!” The deckhand explained. “WHAT?!” Blackheart yelled furiously and snatched the note from his hand.


The note said: “Code number 12 has hereby been terminated by Captain Coronado- The Keeper of The Code.”


Blackheart exclaimed in disgust. She threw the note to the ground and squished it with her foot.


“YOU! Bring me some paper NOW! I have me own little note I need to write. Thar troubles are far from over…” Blackheart ordered.


“Aye, Cap’n!” He said and scurried off.



“Victoria, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves!” Jake stated. I had been talking with him about the battle. I know I had decided to follow him, but I just didn’t want there to be any battle.


“I know, but perhaps we could try reasoning with her first!” I said.


“Uh, ‘scuse me, but while ye were talkin’ a bird dropped this here note. Ye might wanna take a look.” Siara said.


Jake read aloud: “As Captain Blackheart Jones’ second in command, I regret to inform you that Captain Jones is dead. Ye are now free from her wrath. Captain Reed.”


“What? Sh-she’s dead? But how? What on earth happened?” I was in a state of shock. It didn’t make sense to me that she died.


“It don’t say what happened. But as the note said- we don’t have to worry ’bout her fighting us anymore.” Siara said. I know that Blackheart was evil and mean, but I still felt sad that she died.


Jake was staring at the deck. “I don’t know. This doesn’t make sense to me. Blackheart is the best pirate around. It doesn’t seem likely to me that she just died. Ah, well, I’m sure it’s true. We did get a note from Captain Reed…” I walked over to Jake and said-


“Yes, Jake. It’s all over. We may finally live and sail forever- in peace.”



Getting Excited For BeForever!!!

I have been very uncertain on how I feel towards the new BeForever line. But lately I have been dying for it to get here already!!!


We got an email from American Girl yesterday and it had this picture!! Okay, I just HAVE to buy Samantha’s and Rebecca’s new Meet Outfits!!! They’re SO pretty!!! But I also have to say that I’m SO sad and disappointed that Caroline and Kaya don’t have new outfits. Like that just looks so wrong- if you know what I mean πŸ˜›

And now for some exciting news!!! My mom and I are going to the AG store in LA for the BeForever Debut on Thursday!!!! I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!! I’ll be taking TONS of pictures, so you can look forward to that! πŸ˜€

How are you feeling about BeForever? Are you planning to go to the store for the Debut?

Name That My American Girl!~ August 2014

Okay, it has just been WAY too long since our last “What Would You Name Her?” and I honestly don’t know what happened! I’m so sorry for this being so late! πŸ™
But I have finally chosen five names for this MAG! It is always so hard to pick- you all submit such pretty names πŸ™‚


Now YOU get to comment and vote on which one you like best for her! You may only vote for ONE name. The last day to vote is Sunday the 24th. Here are the names:

Kalea (pronounced “Kay Luh”)

I can’t wait to see who will win! Have fun voting! πŸ˜€

Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 3


We reached Monte Cristo Island in one day and went straight to see “The Keeper of The Code”.


“She ain’t here yet. We’ll have to wait a little while.” Siara said.


Just a moment later, she arrived. She was just about the fanciest pirate I’d ever seen and she looked very important, which made me even more nervous to talk to her.


“Captain, Coronado, lovely to see ye.” Siara greeted.


“Siara. These be the pirates ye told me ’bout?” Captain Coronado asked firmly.


Jake and I just stood there. I think he was just as nervous as I was!

“Well, now. Let’s take a look at The Code ye two broke.” Captain Coronado said.


She pulled out a huge book from inside of her desk. The book had every Code ever made written in there. She looked through the pages and the rest of us watched restlessly.


“Ah, here it be. It says: Ever thar be two pirates who form an attachment to each other, they be not permitted to engage in matrimony. If thar be pirates who enter into matrimony they’d better give up their title of pirate and never return. Or if that not be in thee head, then so they must give up thar first born.” Captain Coronado read.


“That’s just wrong. If a man and a woman of any title fall in love they should be able to get married!” I said angrily.


“But what ’bout the other Code that states- Every man for himself? If pirates be married , they’ll wanna protect each other. They wouldn’t be able to leave’m for anythin’.” Captain Coronado explained.


“Aye, but that could also happen with friends. Victoria and I have very good friends, and if they were ever in trouble, we’d help them. It’s not very different really.” Jake stated. “Yes, that’s true!” I exclaimed. I was so ready to leave and win this fight!


Captain Coronado turned her head. “Ye know, I ain’t been The Keeper of The Code for so long. But, as I am The Keeper, I can make any sort of Code I like as well as change some. So, I believe I’ll just do this…” Captain Coronado grabbed a pen and drew an “X” over that Code and signed her name underneath. My heart was racing “Does, does this mean-” I started and Captain Coronado finished my sentence-


“Ye may stay married and live in peace.”


Jake, Siara and I shouted for joy! We had won this fight and us pirates would never have to be afraid to marry again. Now all that worried me was Blackheart. What would she do when she finds out about The Code? I prayed that she would not come after us…

Look for Part 4 coming soon! πŸ˜€

Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 2


It had been 4 days and we were still being held captive in Blackheart’s hideout. “Ugh! What does she want with us?!” I yelled as I slammed my hands around the bars of our cell.


“Victoria, calm down. We’ll be okay.” Jake said calmly.


“Jake, you were evil once, so you know how evil people think. If you were Blackheart what would you do with us?” I asked and once I finished my sentence I gasped. “Oh, Jake I’m sorry! I don’t know what I’m saying right now. I- I’m just so upset over everything right now.” I cried.


“It’s alright. I don’t know why we’ve been here so long. I don’t know what she’s planning, Β but as long as we’re together, nothing will happen to us. We take care of each other.” Jake said with a smile. “But what about her threats in the cave? She’s trying to separate us!” I exclaimed. “Victoria, she can never separate us. The Code states that if two pirates are married, they must give up being a pirate or-” Jake stopped talking. “Or what?” I asked.Β “Well- we’d have to give up our first born child.” Jake said sadly. “What?!” I asked, in a state of shock.


“Wait- what is that?” I asked. “What’s what?” Jake replied. “I hear footsteps… It must be Blackheart!” I said.


And slowly a young woman approached us. I had never seen her before, but I could tell she was a pirate.


“Who are you?” Jake asked. “My name is Siara. Don’t worry, I’m here to help ye.” Siara said.


“You can get us out of here?” I asked anxiously. “Aye. But we must move quickly. Who knows when Blackheart’ll come down here next.” Siara said.


“Yes, but I’m sure Blackheart keeps the keys somewhere else.” I stated.


“Don’t need’em. I’ve busted quite a few prisoners outta here. I know just what to do!” Siara explained.


Siara grabbed a hairpin out of her skirt and poked it in the keyhole. After a few seconds we heard the click- it was unlocked!


“Good work, Siara!” Jake said. “Yes, thank you so much!” I exclaimed.


“No trouble at all. Now we gotta hurry and get ye two to Monte Cristo!” Siara said.


“Monte Cristo? Why do we have to go there?” Jake questioned.


“We’re meeting the Keeper of The Code thar. She’s a friend of mine and I told her about ye. I’m tryin’ Β to help you two and many others as well. Ye aren’t the first pirates to fall in love, but ye be the first ones to get married since that Code was made. Now maybe, just maybe, she’ll change The Code and pirates will be able to marry again.” Siara explained.


“Siara, do you love someone as well?” I asked. “Aye, I do. The Code isn’t fair and that’s why we need to change it.” Siara replied. “And do you know what Blackheart wants to do to us?” I asked again. “Well, either she wants to separate ye (even if it means death) or she wants to take your first born child- if and when ye ever have one.” Siara explained.


I’m certain Jake knew I was scared since he grabbed my hand. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my child or Jake. “Why is The Code so important to Blackheart?” I asked myself and off we went to Monte Cristo Island.

To be continued in Part 3! πŸ˜€

Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 1

In case you have forgotten what last happened, please read the last part by clicking here πŸ™‚


Jake and I sat still for a moment and we could hear footsteps constantly.


“Victoria, we need to get out of here. If we stay in this cave forever Blackheart will surely find us.” Jake stated.


“But, Jake, Blackheart and her crew are searching everywhere for us. If we leave the cave we will definitely get caught!” I said discouraged. Β “Well, either way we’ll be found, so the question really should be, where would we rather be discovered?” Jake said jokingly. “Oh, Jake, this isn’t a time for jokes!” I said very upset.


“Really, Captain Turner, ye should listen to yer wife. You see, the joke is all on you. Because thanks to me, you won’t ever be together again!” Blackheart said with a grin. “Now, put your hands up!” She ordered with a point of her sword.


We put our hands up, but I really wish Jake would’ve fought her! Although he didn’t have his sword.. “Jake, are we doing the right thing?” I whispered. “Yes, just do as Blackheart says.” He replied.


“Well, someone knows what they’re doing. Listen to yer ‘HUSBAND’, Missy, while ye can.” Blackheart ordered. Something in the way she said “Husband” made me sick. Like she really despised us being together. And what was all this “Never be together again” and “While you can” business? Was she threatening to kill us?


“Now, walk out of here and go to the ship. And remember, I have a sword and ye don’t, so no funny business, ye hear?” Blackheart said.


“What is Blackheart going to do to us? We’re captives now. If only Elinor knew where we were.”

To be continued in Part 2!! πŸ˜€

Copying Is Wrong

I’m here today to talk to you bloggers about copying.
We all know that copying is wrong, so why do people still do it?? I go to several blogs each day. Most of them use their own unique ideas ( as far as I know) and a few others take ideas from other blogs. I’ve seen blogs using the exact same titles with the same concept as another blogger. Some name it something different, but use the same story or theme.
I visit a few blogs that I know for a fact have copied me and my friend. It’s not right and I do not tolerate it at all. Let’s do a little example of copying.

So let’s say you copy one of my photostory series. You never see me comment on my blog, so you may think “Oh, she never comments on my blog, so I can make this.” Just because I don’t comment on your blog, doesn’t mean I don’t look at it. I rarely comment on blogs anymore- just because it takes too much time. So, I could very well find out that you have copied me. Or maybe even somebody who reads my blog and your blog, could let me know that I have been copied. The point is- no matter what wrong thing you do- whether it’s copying, lying, stealing, etc. you will always get caught. Somebody will always find out.
Here’s another example:

Say there are two painters and they each are sitting next to each other with their easels and they have to paint the scenery in front of them. One painter is starting to paint and he’s doing really good, but the other painter starts to copy the other’s painting, instead of looking at the actual scenery and painting their own thing. It’s exactly the same with blogging.

Does it make it right to copy if nobody finds out? No.
Does it make right up until the point somebody does find out? Of course not.

Copying is all around wrong. And I must tell you the truth- I really don’t like it when I see that somebody has copied me. It makes me very sad and upset. Someone has taken my idea, one of the names I use in my photostory series (this happened at the same time that series was going on and that person reads my blog), pictures I have used, and it’s very upsetting, because someone took my original idea and used it on their blog. I don’t understand why people have to copy. Can’t they just get their own original and unique idea from their own mind instead of stealing someone else’s? πŸ™

So, please all of you bloggers out there- don’t copy. It’s really hurtful to the person who’s being copied and it’s just not right. And readers- if you ever notice that someone has been copied- PLEASE let the person who copied and the person who is being copied know right away!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! πŸ™‚

A Special Lullaby


Marie-Grace lied wide awake in her bed. She had been trying for hours to get to sleep, but the excitement of having a new baby sister kept her awake.


“I just have to look at her one more time.” Marie-Grace said to herself and jumped out of bed.


“Oh, Abby! I can’t believe you’re really real!” Marie-Grace whispered.


“I can’t wait until you’re a little bigger, so we can play games and dress up together.”


Marie-Grace bent over and softly kissed Abby’s head.


Then she went back to bed and fell asleep with a smile.


An hour later, Abby started to cry!


It had been awhile and their mom still hadn’t come, so Marie-Grace got up to look after Abby.


“Oh, Abby, what’s wrong?” Marie-Grace asked as she held Abby’s tiny hand.


Marie-Grace knew that sometimes babies just wanted to be held, so she lifted Abby out of her bed.


“Shh, it’s okay! I’m here.” Marie-Grace said gently.


Marie-Grace sat down and gave her a little cuddle.


“You wanna hear a song? Shush now, Abby, you are just fine. You’ve got a sister to love you for all time. And whenever you are feeling sad, I will be there to make you, once again glad.” Marie-Grace sang her lullaby in a gentle whisper.


And soon enough, Abby had stopped crying and fell asleep in her sister’s arms.


P.S. Marie-Grace’s lullaby was sung to the tune of “Hush Little Baby”

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