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A Few of My Favorite Reads~ April 11th, 2015

Good morning fellow doll lovers! I thought I was gonna have to post this on Sunday again, because I’m going over Emma’s today, but I have time right now, so let’s get started! πŸ˜€

JGKelsey did an amazing review on the new OG Retro Cruiser! I seriously love this car!


I absolutely love DollyDormDiaries! Their pictures, the poses, everything is so incredibly realistic and beautiful! They did aΒ funΒ photostory called “An Easter Rumor”, but what made me love it the most was how adorable the little dalmatian was! AAH! ADORBS!


Ginger Spice’s photostories always make me smile. This one was so cute and I’m looking forward to reading the next part! πŸ™‚

I didn’t do a ton of reading this week, so it is shorter, but I hope you still enjoy the posts I picked! πŸ™‚
If you have a doll blog you’d like me to visit, or if you have a favorite doll blog you’d like me to check out, leave a link in the comments below! I’m always interested in visiting new doll blogs :)

I hope you all have a nice weekend! And I’m hoping to get a Q&A video up this week, too πŸ˜€


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