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A Pirate Adventure

~Part One~

Ahoy thar, Maties! I’ve been feeling pirate-y lately (ever since Talk Like A Pirate Day) and I decided to give you a Pirate Photostory Series! This series will be over 3 parts and I know you will love it!
This series stars:
Kirsten as Captain Elinor McGovern
Annika as Victoria Farnsworth
Kanani as Celeste
Saige as Juliet

Let the story- BEGIN!!


“Hello, ladies! My name is Victoria- Victoria Farnsworth. I live in a small town called Aztec in a mansion with my mother and father. I am going to tell you a story that includes myself, pirates, and gold.
A few months ago now I was relaxing in our parlor on a Saturday night with my mother and father. All was well and pleasant until loud (and I mean LOUD) knocking sounded at the door! My father opened up and a Pirate Captain came barging in! She said, “Ahoy! I am Captain Elinor McGovern. I’m sorry to burst in like this sir, but I’m looking for a key- A key that opens a very valuable chest.”
“A key for a chest?” My father asked, “Why in the world would you come searching here for it?”
Suddenly I remembered I found a key on the beach. I gasped! “It must be the one she’s looking for!”
“I have it! I found it on the beach just yesterday.” I said, not realizing what I was getting myself into.
Before I knew it I volunteered to go with her and her crew in search of some treasure chest. And my adventure began…


“Celeste! Juliet! Make sure all preparations are in order for our passenger!” Captain McGovern ordered.
“Aye, aye, Captain!” Celeste and Juliet replied in unison.


“What exactly is it we’re going after? Isn’t it just an ol’ ordinary treasure chest?” Juliet wondered.
“I dunno, Jules. The Cap’n seems to be acting a bit strange if you ask me.” Celeste replied.


I climbed aboard the ship. I couldn’t believe how (you think I’m going to say big, don’t you?) small it was! I expected it to be huge!


“Ahoy, matie! You ever been aboard a ship before?” Captain McGovern asked me.
“No, I haven’t, Ma’m.” I replied.
“Have you ever been on any adventures?” the Captain asked me.
“No, Ma’m. I’ve never left town before.” I replied.
“Hmmm… This could be a problem.” She muttered to herself.
“I beg your pardon?” I asked. She cleared her throat.
“Nevermind, missy! Would you like to stay on deck as we pull out?” She asked.
“Yes, ma’m, I would. My parents are going to wave me off.” I replied. Why did she seem so suspicious?


“Raise the main sail! Celeste, you take the wheel!” The Captain was yelling out orders.
I knew as we departed that I wouldn’t see my parents for a long time.
Just as a tear was about to trickle down my cheek the Captain said,
“Miss Farnsworth! You may go below deck now- it is going to be your room. I will send Celeste in with some blankets shortly.”
She sure loved to boss people around! I wanted to stay on deck still! Oh, well.

I walked down the steps and went below deck.


“Boy, it sure is dark down here.” I thought aloud.


Celeste came down with some blankets.
“Here ya go. The captain said to make up a bed for yourself and get some rest.” Celeste ordered.
“No, I think I’ll go on deck for a while.” I replied.
“The captain insists! You’re not used to this sort of thing and she’s going to need you to be strong and well rested. Now get some sleep!” She said as she walked up the steps.

I did what I could to make up a bed with the blankets Celeste gave me. It sure wasn’t a soft mattress or a feather pillow!


I snuggled under the blanket and went to sleep. I had a feeling I was going to have a big day tomorrow…

~Part Two~

If the pictures are too hard for you to see, you can click on them and it will be easier. I wanted it to feel realistic 😉


“Hold on maties! These are some rough seas ahead!” the Captain shouted, trying to make her voice be heard over the sound of the rushing sea and booming thunder.


“Celeste, make sure all cargo is tied down good and tight!” Captain McGovern ordered.
“Aye, aye, Captain!” Celeste replied and ran off.


I woke up from my sleep quite alarmed. “What is going on?” I said aloud.


I looked out at the sea and falling rain- we were in a dangerous storm. I was cold and afraid and I didn’t know what to think.
All of the sudden I was pulled away from the rail.


“What’re you doing, Missy?? Don’t ya know better than to stand at the rail in a storm like this?” Celeste yelled at me.

“Enough!! Miss Farnsworth, come stand by me where you’ll be safe!” Captain McGovern ordered.


“Captain!! There’s a ship sailing towards us!” Juliet yelled from the crow’s nest.
“Where it be, Jules?!?” the Captain yelled back.
“Dead ahead, Captain- 12 o’clock!” Juliet replied.


“Miss Farnsworth, get below deck on the double!” Captain McGovern ordered.
“No! I am going to stay up here and help you!” I refused.


“Celeste take the wheel!” Captain McGovern ordered. She drew her sword and looked towards the ship. Then she said, “Argh! It’s her!”
“Who?” I asked
“Pirates!” She replied
“You mean to tell me that we’re going to encounter bad pirates?? Are they looking for the chest we’re going after?” I asked again.
She paused before answering. Then she looked at me with a little grin and said…


“Yes. It’s a pirate’s life for you, matie!”
~Part Three~

Once, again the pictures are dark, so if you can’t see them, just click on the picture 😉


I was more scared than I had ever been in my entire life. Just as I was going to go below deck to get away from the storm, Juliet yelled out:


“They’re opening their cannon doors!!! Head for cover!!”


It was too late. A cannon ball hit our ship and I fell to the ground.


Captain McGovern helped me up and said:
“What’s wrong with you, girl? Are you daft? When I tell you to go below deck, you do it!”


“Captain what’ll we do? We can’t make it to ‘Isla del Tesoro’ with a damaged ship! It’s 20 miles away!” Celeste said.

“I know that! We’ll head for the nearest island and repair the ship.” Captain McGovern responded.  She sounded very discouraged and upset. What was wrong with her?


“Are you alright, Captain? You seem a little down.” Juliet asked.

“No. No, I’m not.” the Captain responded and she went below deck.


“What’s wrong with the Captain, Juliet? She seems to be acting stranger and stranger as each hour passes.” I asked.

“I know what you mean. I think it might have somethin’ to do with the treasure.” Juliet replied.

“Well, why should some ordinary treasure be making her act this way?” I asked again. Then we turned to face Celeste as she said,


“That’s just it. I don’t think we’re goin’ after some ordinary treasure chest.”

~Part Four~


“Ya need some help, Celeste?” Juliet asked.
“No, Jules. We should be ready to set sail again tomorrow at noon.” Celeste responded.


I saw Captain McGovern studying a map near the ship and decided it was a good opportunity for me to ask her some questions.

“Captain? I was wondering if I could you ask you a question?” I asked feeling a little nervous.
“I ain’t gonna stop you, but I can’t promise an answer.” She replied.
“I was just wondering about the treasure chest…” I said slowly. Then she folded her map and turned to face me.


“And what about it?” She asked.
“Is- is it dangerous?” I stammered. She made me feel so scared sometimes!
“No, it is not. But it’s very valuable! More than you know!” She said strongly.
“What is it we’re going after? Isn’t it just some ordinary treasure?” I asked firmly. I wanted an answer!


“No, it’s not!! Like I said, it’s extremely valuable! And we need to get to it first! Now you just do what I say and stay out of the way!” She ordered. She was getting angry!


Before I had a chance to say another word, she stormed off. I knew something was wrong. And the treasure seemed dangerous to me- even if she wouldn’t say.


Captain McGovern went up to the crows nest. Then she saw a ship in the distance. “No. Elena!!” She exclaimed.


“Celeste! Juliet! Make haste! We sail for Isla del Tesoro NOW!” the Captain yelled.
“But, Captain! The ship- she’s not ready!” Celeste protested.
“I don’t care! We need to leave now!” Captain McGovern ordered once again. There was no changing her mind. I could tell she was in a great hurry and it troubled me. “I wish I’d never come.” I thought to myself.


Soon enough we were on our way. In the distance I could see a ship- something was up. And I thought that maybe Captain McGovern was fighting for the chest.

~Part Five~

You will be seeing 3 new characters in this part:

Caroline as Captain Elena McGovern
Felicity as Amelia
Josefina as Rosa


“Juliet- is that another ship I see?” I asked with a sigh.
“Yes, it is! Captain, another ship coming in dead ahead!” Juliet shouted.
“Thank you, Jules I can see that.” Captain McGovern replied. She still sounded so upset. A little while later the ship pulled up right next to ours! I heard a voice cry out:
“Ahoy thar! Prepare to be boarded!” I felt so scared. Pirates were about to board our ship!


“Hello, Captain Elinor McGovern. Long time no see.” A lady who appeared to be the captain said. How did she know Captain McGovern?
“Amelia, Rosa- search the ship! You know what to look for…” the Lady ordered.


“Alright, Elena- say your peace and be on your way. You won’t find anything to take with you today.” Captain McGovern said.
“I don’t have much to say, but what I am going to say I’m sure you already know. Isn’t that right- sister?” Captain Elena said. I gasped- “Did she just say, sister?” I thought to myself.


“Quite the contrary, Elena- I have no idea what you have to say.” Captain Elinor responded.


“I find that quite surprising, dearie. Well, I’ll get to the point. I need the key to the chest. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard the way. Which one is it gonna be?” Captain Elena asked. I could definitely tell they were sisters. They were both so mysterious!
“What chest would that be?” Captain Elinor asked.


“What key? They key that opens our parent’s treasure chest that’s what key!” Captain Elena said.
“Ah, yes! Well, I think that I will hold on to it, for I do believe that I will be finding the chest first. And even if I don’t- I will get it.” Captain Elinor replied.
“The will states that whoever finds or gets to the chest first- meaning you and me- will keep it! And if the loser tries to take it away their title will be taken from them! And, I do know you pay heed to all rules, Elinor.” Captain Elena said.


“You listen hear, Elena! I will get to the chest first and if I don’t I will do everything in my power to make sure you never do! Now get off of my ship!!” Captain Elinor demanded. All of my questions that had been spinning around in my head were finally getting answered!
“Very well, but let me assure you one thing. I will have that treasure chest no matter what! And also, just one question- why don’t you want me to have that chest?” Captain Elena asked.
“I could ask you the same question, Elena.” Captain Elinor replied.
“Yes, but you seem angry with me- why?” Captain Elena asked.
“I’m angry with you and your wicked ways. I know what you’ll do with the treasure, Elena. You’ll use it to buy everything you desire- even make you mayor of our hometown! And when you are, you will make our town bankrupt because you’ll raise the taxes sky high and believe me, Elena I will not stand by and watch that happen!!” Captain Elinor explained.
“Very well! I’ll have you banished from the town when I’m mayor and you won’t have to watch!” Captain Elena said.


“Just one question before I go, Elinor- who is that young lady?” Captain Elena asked.


I gasped! What would happen to me if she found out I had the key?


“She’s nobody! Just a young woman from Aztec who wanted a little adventure that’s all.” Captain Elinor quickly expalined.


“Amelia, Rosa! Have you found anything?” Captain Elena asked.
“No, Captain! There’s a journal here, though. Want me to read some of it?” Amelia replied.
“Of course!” Captain Elena said.
“Dear Diary, Today I left my home and all that was familiar to go on a treasure hunt with some pirates. This never would’ve happened if I hadn’t found something that they needed- the key to unlock the chest!” Amelia read.


“Oh, no.” I said under my breath.
“Victoria, what have you done?” Juliet asked me.


“Oh, I see! Now my so called sister is lying to me, so I can’t get my hands on our parent’s treasure! You are not going to get away with this, Elinor!!” Captain Elena said.


“Amelia, Rosa- we’re leaving now!” Captain Elena called over her shoulder.


“Oh, and, girls-” Captain Elena began, “Make room on my ship for a fourth addition to our party. We’re taking Victoria with us- and the key!”

~Part Six~


After being swung over to Captain Elena’s ship (yes, we had to swing on a rope!) I gazed back at Captain Elinor. She grinned at me and then winked. I think she was telling me every thing was going to be okay, so I winked back.


“Miss Farnsworth, would you please hand over the key now?” Captain Elena asked. I decided to try and play dumb,
“What key, ma’m?” I asked.
“Don’t play dumb with me, missy! Give me the key to my parent’s treasure chest!” Captain Elena demanded. It was no use fighting- especially with someone I didn’t even know!


I took off my hat to reveal the key. She stared for a moment and then snatched it up.


She stuffed they key in her sleeve where she knew it would be well protected.


“Miss Farnsworth let me tell you something. You are no longer on my sister’s ship anymore, nor are you in her command. Therefore, when I ask you to do something- you do it. Now, do you know any secret about this treasure?” Captain Elena asked me. What did she mean by a “secret”? 
“I can assure you that I know nothing else about the treasure except that it belonged to your parent’s.” I replied quite honestly.
“So, you don’t know any riddles or anything?” She asked me again.
I paused before answering and said, “No, ma’m, not at all.”


“Rosa! Take Miss Farnsworth below deck.” Captain Elena started, then she whispered, so I wouldn’t hear, “Tie her up. I don’t trust this young lady.”


Before I knew it Rosa grabbed me and was leading me below deck.
I screamed, “What are you doing!? Let me go!!” I demanded. I tried to squirm my way out of her arms, but she was too strong.
“It’s alright. I’m just taking you below deck. There’s nothin’ to worry about.” Rosa said.


“Why are you doing this to me? There’s no reason for me to be tied up like this!” I asked.
“Trust me, I don’t like it any more than you do. I hate having to tie people up!” Rosa replied. She didn’t seem very mean or bad at all!


“Why, you’re not a bad pirate at all, are you? What are you doing working for Elena?” I asked.


“My little brothers and sisters need food. If I don’t work for Elena- I don’t get money and my family doesn’t get food. I have no choice.” Rosa explained.
“Oh, Rosa! I am so sorry!” I said. Then we heard Captain Elena call for Rosa.


“I gotta go. I’ll try to bring you some food later.” Rosa said and she went off.


I felt so sorry for Rosa! What must it be like to have to work for an evil pirate to get food for her brothers and sisters? Although we were so different and lived opposite lives, I could tell Rosa and I would become good friends.

~Part Seven~


I didn’t sleep a wink that night. So when morning finally came I decided I was going to get out of here. “Come on you rope! Untie!” I grunted. I was trying to wiggle my way out of that rope!


“Whew! Free at last!” I thought to myself. Knowing that I couldn’t get off of the ship unseen I looked for something to fight with. I found a metal tube in the corner.


When I picked it up I almost dropped it because it was so heavy! “I better not hit anybody with this. It’ll work good as a warning, though!” I thought to myself.


“Do you hear something below deck, Rosa?” Captain Elena asked.
“No, Captain.” Rosa replied.
“You stay up here. I’m gonna go check in on our guest.” Captain Elena said.


I suddenly remembered Captain Elena asking me if I knew any riddles. “Hmm.. I wonder..” I said aloud. I pulled out a note that Captain Elinor had given me my first day on her ship. On the front it read:


I thought that I should open it up. Maybe it was important!


It was a riddle! Just as Captain Elena said! It read:
“Take Heed!
Once inside the cave
A hero will save!
Tis’ no easy task
Ye should wear a mask.”
~Captain Elinor
“What could that mean?” I wondered aloud, “Take heed once inside the cave. A hero will save– A hero will save you? Tis no easy task, Ye should wear a mask– wear a disguise I wonder?” I tried to figure out the riddle. I then realized I should hide it where no one could find it. But where?


I saw a loose board and decided to hide it there.


I reached for my metal tube when a voice said behind:
“Halt! What do you think you’re doing?” Captain Elena said. Oh no! I was caught.


Captain Elena was making me walk the plank. Although I had planned to jump off of the ship and swim to safety, I hadn’t planned for my hands to be tied together.


I turned to Captain Elena and said,
“Captain, I have a deal to offer you.”
“Ah, I see. And what would that be?” Captain Elena asked.
“I stay on this ship and assist you in any way I can. And you do no harm to Captain Elinor and her crew!” I said.
“Hmm…I don’t think so, matie. Go ahead and walk the plank! Your wrists are tied loose enough for you to swim to shore.” Captain Elena said.


I was in tears. When would I ever see my mother and father again?


Just then Rosa plunged towards Captain Elena!


“Victoria, go with Amelia! She’ll make sure you’re safe!” Rosa said.

Amelia led me to a small room with a bed.


“Here, let me help with that.” Amelia said while she untied my wrists.


“What is this room for?” I asked.
“We use it if someone on board gets sick. I’d better get up to the crow’s nest before Captain discovers I’m missing! Just stay down here and don’t make a sound!” Amelia said.
“Alright, thank you so much! And tell Rosa, too.” I said and she went off.


“If you pull a stunt like that again it’s off of my crew you go! This next bit of treasure we’re getting- you won’t get one penny of it! Understand!?” Captain Elena said.
“Aye, Captain.” Rosa replied.


“Captain! Thar it is! Isla del Tesoro!!” Amelia cried out.

~Part Eight~


I slept so peacefully that night (probably because I was actually in a bed!). I woke up suddenly to hear Captain Elena saying,
“Weigh anchor! Prepare to go ashore!”


“We must be at Isla del Tesoro!” I thought to myself.


“Rosa, take the wheel. I’m going to go below deck for a moment.” Captain Elena said.
“Aye, Cap’n!” Rosa replied.


I was just sitting on the bed thinking when,
“So, you’re still here.” Captain Elena said.
“Oh, no! I’m done for!” I thought to myself.
“Well, as long as you’re here you might as well stay with us.  Come on deck, we’re gettin’ ready to go ashore.” Captain Elena ordered. I didn’t know what to say, so I just followed her up the stairs. How in the world did she know I was down there? And why was she being so nice?


“There it is. Isla del Tesoro!” Captain Elena said with a grin.
The island was so beautiful with palm trees and all sorts of lovely plants. And right in the middle of the island was an aisle of palm trees and a cave right at the end of it. “That must be where the treasure is.” I thought. Then, suddenly remembering the riddle, I got afraid. I so hoped that Captain Elinor was there waiting to fight! Perhaps she was the ‘hero who would save.’ 


Amelia put down the ramp and Captain Elena walked down from the ship.
“It’s good to be rich!” She sighed.
We walked up to the cave and there way in the back, was the chest!


“Wow.” I sighed as I thought of how far I’d come. Who would have ever thought that I would be standing in the middle of a cave looking at a treasure chest. It was pretty amazing.


“Open it up, Captain!” Amelia excalimed.

“I have to get out of here!” I said to myself.


Then, noticing some big rocks, I decided this was my chance! 
While they were all occupied looking at the chest, I started climbing.

“Why isn’t it opening?!? Why isn’t it working?!?!?” Captain Elena yelled.


“The key!!” She gasped, “She gave me the wrong key!!!”


She spun around and saw me on the rocks.
“What key did you give me?!? Where is the real key?!?!?” She yelled at me.


“The key I gave you is to my home. The real key is with your sister!” I said and this time I was the one who was grinning!

Just as Elena was about to yell at me again I heard a voice say,
“Stop right there, Elena!”

~Part Nine~


Yes! It was Elinor! I knew she would come!
“Elena, what do you want for me to give you, so that you will not harm Miss Victoria?” Elinor asked.


“What do I want? I want the KEY! What do you think?!?” Elena exclaimed.


“Very well, I will give it to you.” Elinor said.
I watched restlessly as Elinor was about to give the key to Elena. If she won, we would’ve come all this way for nothing!


Then suddenly, Elinor grabbed her sister and said,


“Victoria, catch!!” and she threw the key.


“Got it!!” I yelled.


When I looked down I saw Elinor and Elena fighting. “Oh, no.” I thought to myself.


“Enough, Elinor!! You’ve lost!!” Elena cried.
“You misunderstand, sister. You’re the one who has lost!!” Elinor grunted as she tried to get Elena off of her.
“AMELIA GET THE KEY FROM VICTORIA!! You may have 65% of the treasure!” Elena commanded. Just as Amelia was heading towards me, Celeste rushed forward.


“Oh, no you don’t, matie!” Celeste yelled as she pushed Amelia to the ground.


Juliet rushed to the aid of Celeste.
“Get off of her!” Juliet yelled.
“Stop, she’s my friend!” Rosa ordered.


I looked down at them all fighting and was troubled. Then I remembered the riddle:
“Take Heed!
Once inside the cave
A hero will save!
Tis’ no easy task
Ye should wear a mask”
“Perhaps the riddle means that I have to save my friends and restore everyone else’s friendship. ‘Wear a mask’ could mean that I need to be someone different to help everyone.” I thought to myself.


I went to Juliet and pulled her off of Rosa.


“Victoria, what are ya doing? She works for Elena!” Juliet said.
“That doesn’t mean that she’s evil, Juliet!” I said.

Then I walked over to Celeste and Amelia and I seperated them.


“You all wait here and just ignore each other for a sec, okay?” I ordered.
I pulled Elinor off of Elena and said,


“Elinor, think about who you’re fighting. This is your sister and as bad as she may be, she deserves a second chance.” I whispered.


“Everyone, stop fighting and listen to me for a moment!” I said, “I have come a long way and I have seen things I’ve only read about. It’s been quite a journey with a lot of hard work and determination. And I’m not going to see all that go to waste.”


“What exactly are you trying to say, missy?” Elena asked, getting bored of all the talk.


“Elena, Elinor, you’re sisters! I don’t know what happened between you two, but it needs to stop. Now, instead of both of you fighting to get to the chest first, so one of you ends up rich and happy and the other poor and miserable, why don’t you split the share of your parent’s treasure?” I suggested. Elinor smiled and said,
“I’d go for that.” And Elena agreed.


“Good! Elena, because of all that you have done I am going to give the key to Elinor.” I said.


“That’s not fair! We should both open the chest if we both have to share it!” Elena said not happy with the decision.
“You can help lift the top open, but there is no way I can trust you with the key!” I explained.


I handed the key to Elinor and she unlocked the chest.


“Wow!” Elinor and Elena exclaimed at the same time.


“Elinor, I want to apologize for how I have acted these past few years. I don’t know what came over me. We always used to have fun when we were younger, didn’t we?” Elena said.


“Aye, we did.” Elinor replied with a sigh.
“I want to change my ways and be a good older sister to you. Can you ever forgive me?” Elena asked.


“Aye, I forgive you, Elena.” Elinor said.


“Victoria, I am so sorry for what I have and what I have almost done to you. Could you forgive me?” Elena asked me.
“Of course.” I said with a smile.


I said goodbye to Rosa and Amelia. I thought of everything that had happened those past 2 weeks. Then suddenly, I knew where I belonged.


Weeks past and Captain McGovern’s ship was back in order. Celeste and Juliet looked on the horizon from the crows nest and Captain Elinor was at the wheel with her new crew mate…


I-  Victoria Farnsworth who used to live a wealthy life and never used to do any work at all, was now a pirate.


I guess that Captain Elinor was right- it truly is a pirate’s life for me!


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