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AG Has Heard Our Voices!

YES, my friends, ’tis true!! American Girl heard our voices concerning the permapanties and packaging and just posted on their Facebook this morning that from now on, the dolls will no longer have permapanties, the old boxes are coming back, and the clothing will no longer be sewn onto the packaging!

Here is the original post so you can read it for yourself:

**An Important Update for Our Customers**

“We love and appreciate our dedicated American Girl fan community, and we take our role in listening and responding to your feedback very seriously. In recent months, many of you have shared your thoughts on how we can continue delivering the great products you’ve come to expect from us. We’ve heard you, and we will be implementing two changes as a result.

First, we will be reverting to the separate underwear design for all of our 18-inch dolls. Starting today, any dolls that are currently in production or any new dolls being developed will now come with removable underwear. Because there are dolls with permanent underwear already in the market, this will be a rolling change—meaning dolls that currently have the permanent underwear design will remain as is until the inventory is sold through.

However, if you currently own an American Girl doll with the permanent underwear and are disappointed with the design, we will do a one-time, free body exchange on the doll to create one with separate underwear and return the doll to you at no cost. For details on this offer, please click here: http://bit.ly/2rKyn0n

Second, we have made the decision to return to our iconic boutique box for our 18-inch dolls. Only the new 2017 contemporary characters, as well as some of our Truly Me dolls, will come in the current packaging until inventory is sold through. In addition, none of our 18-inch doll outfits will be sewn directly into packaging, with the exception of any existing inventory for our 2017 contemporary characters.

Thank you for caring enough to share your candid and heartfelt opinions with us, and we are sorry if we disappointed you in any way. Your feedback helps us deliver on our promise to create high-quality products, services, and experiences that nourish a girl’s spirit and help develop her strength of character.

Your Friends at American Girl”

ISN’T THAT AMAZING?! Guys, I am so, so, SO happy and RELIEVED! We did this together, my friends! We emailed, we posted, we sent letters – we told AG how we felt and they listened. This is a beautiful example of a company who values their customers and makes changes according to how they feel and also how voicing our opinions really does matter. With enough people working together, we can make a BIG difference! 😀

High fives and hugs and chocolate to everyone who helped to make this happen! And an extra big THANK YOU to American Girl for listening and valuing their customers enough to make this decision! <3


P.S. Oh, boy, I miss posting on here. 🙁

40 Responses to AG Has Heard Our Voices!

  • I saw that on Facebook and I was SO EXCITED my dad actually asked my what was so exciting about AG ?? YAY I AM SO GLAD THEY ARE GOING BACK!

    • ME TOO!!! 😀

      • I’m so glad you’re posting! Has the break been helping you? 🙂 Hopefully it’s relieving stress and bringing more enjoyment to areas you really love. <3

        • Actually, I’ve been in a bit of a rut in just about everything in life, but I’m slowly but surely getting out of it and that makes me happy! 😀
          Thank you, Amelia! <3

  • WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YAYAYAYY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • YESSS! And maybe they can fix the new doll plastic the seems to scuff super easily… 🙂

    • Ooh, I haven’t heard about that! But for now let’s just be happy they are changing some things! XD

    I’m glad AG listened to their customers. It’s a big relief that the permapanties are going away! 🙂

    -Clara <3

    • *smiles super big at that*
      I am, too!! I was stressed cause I wanted to buy a last doll before the permapanties went into full effect, but I’ve been trying to save my money for other things, so I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to buy one, but now I can buy a doll (or 2…. Or 3…) whenever I want! XD
      How have you been, Clara? I miss our long random convos ;D

      • Yes! It’s quite a relief! XD
        I’ve been pretty good, thanks so much for asking! 🙂 How have you been? What’s been going on lately?

        • That’s good! Are you still doing a ton of schoolwork or are you getting ready for break?
          I’m pretty good, too! I was sick a couple weeks ago which was not fun (had to miss out on our craft fair and work with the chubs), I got my senior photos taken on Friday, and I’ve just been thinking a LOT about my future…. Even considering getting a regular job, which makes me feel weird! XD

          • We actually don’t do summer break, (*sob*) but we kinda make up for it by taking shorter vacations throughout the year. So yeah, I still have a good bit of school. XD
            Being sick is no fun. :/ Wow! What kind of job would you consider?

          • *gasp* No summer break?! How sad! 🙁
            I’m not really sure! I’d LOVE to work at The Disney Store, but those are always in malls and I don’t think I would want to work in a mall… XD

          • It is sad! I’m used to it, though. 😉
            That would be an amazing job! Yeah, working in a mall would be pretty crazy. I would love to be an animator for Disney or Pixar someday! *sigh*

          • Yeah, and creepy people go in malls, which I would like to avoid as much as possible. I wish I could just babysit, but I don’t know like ANYONE with little kids!! *sobs* XD
            Ooh!! That would be awesome!! How cool it would be to see your name in the credits of a Disney/Pixar movie! 😀

          • Babysitting is fun! (I’m basically the babysitter for my siblings XD) I hope you’ll be able to find someone who would like to hire you!
            I KNOOOW! That would be incredible. 😀

          • Sorry to but I to a conversation, but we are in very simylar places in life right Now! Have you ever thought of becoming a nanny? I like to look on indeed.com at nanny positions (although I won’t get one until I’m 18 and know how to drive)

          • Oooh, I’ve heard of that site! I’ve never thought of becoming a nanny… I’m not so sure it’s something I’d like to do.. 😉
            I hope you get to become a nanny someday! 😀

  • This is so relieving!!! (And it’s so nice to get a post from you on here, Jaclynn.) 😉 I’m glad that AG is going to stick to the quality that sets their company apart from others. 🙂


    • Amen to that!! 😀 And, awe, thanks for saying that, Lizzy! I’ve been missing this blog lately…. Maybe it’s time for a photoshoot…. 🙂

  • I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, this is awesome! Thanks for the update! 😀
    Love, IrishAG

    Most crazily, Olive

    p.s. if you miss posting, just post more…like…a lot more… *smiles inocentely*

    • Awe, you’re so sweet, Olive! I’m hoping to post a bit more over the summer, actually! 😀
      P.S. I’m SO sorry about how long it is taking for your prize! I had a few orders and got sick and all this stuff, but now that that’s all behind, I’m going to be starting on the costume very soon! 😀

  • I’M SO EXCITED! I just got back from our cottage and saw this! YAY!

  • Such wonderful news! I’m so excited! 😀

    ~Grace <3
    P.S. I sent you a TEROW email. 🙂

  • Yes!! 😀 I can’t believe it! I’m glad they’re reversing the packaging too, it makes them seem much more special! XD

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

  • Love seeing you on here, Jaclyn!! You inspired me to start working on a crochet doll project…

    And I may have bounced off the walls when I saw this on FB this morning! As an adult collector who started with AG when I was 9 (24 years ago… scary to think about that now), this makes my heart happy that they will once again have quality back.

  • Aww I don’t get high-fives or chocolate. :p I’m glad that they listened to ya’ll- that’s cool!

  • I’m so relieved! THANK YOU AG!

  • hey Jaclynn, I’m having a giveaway! would you please check it out?
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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