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American Girl Winter Release~ 2014

So how many of you went to the computer right away when you got up in the morning on the winter release date? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one! I was very pleased with this release and a LOT of the new items have made it to my AG wishlist!! 😀

Now, let’s take a look at the items!


Fair Isle PJ Collection is $64 or you can buy the doll version for $24 or the girl’s size for $40. I absolutely LOVE these PJ’s!! They are so cute and are now on my wishlist 😀


“Hit the Slopes” Collection is $76 (you can buy just the outfit for $34 or the Skis and Helmet for $42) and at first I wasn’t sure what I thought of this outfit, but it has grown on me! I really love that jacket 🙂


Sparkly Skating Set is $44…. A little on the expensive side 😛 I actually don’t like this outfit. The only thing I like are the ice skates 🙂


Pretty Pink Riding Outfit & Helmet is $66 (buy just the outfit for $42) I LOVE THIS!!! I really want this!! The pants and the coat and the boots- AAAHH! SO CUTE!! 😀


Western Plaid Outfit & Hat is $54 (Buy just the outfit for $30) and again- I LOVE IT!!! One of my favorite color combos is pink and brown!! I seriously love this outfit!! 😀


Western Plaid Dress & Belt for Girls is $54 and I think it’s really cute, but too short. 😉


Prancing Horse & Saddle Set is $136 (buy the horse for $98 or the Saddle and Award Set for $38) and OMGOSH I LOVE this horse!!! I’ve already decided that my dolls need a male horse and that they will name him Brego after a horse in LOTR, LOL 😛


Winter White Outfit is $38, when I first saw this I thought “Oh, that’s cute!” but when I looked at it more I was like “Oh. Not really.” I’ve never really liked how tights look under shorts and I really don’t think that they should’ve used shorts in this outfit… I’d say the only things I like about this outfit are the vest and the boots. Those boots are just seriously to die for! 😛


Winter White Outfit for Girls $142. I don’t really think much about this outfit 😉


Holiday Accessories are $32 and really cute! I love the little shrug and the ornament- it’s just all really cute! I wouldn’t spend over $30 on this set, though 😛


Happy Holiday Dress is $36 and I’m DYING over its beautiful-ness!!! I love the style of it and how sparkly it is and how pretty it looks on MAG #61!!!! It would be so fun to get this for her on Christmas *wink wink at my mom* LOL 😀


Happy Holiday Outfit for Girls is $132 and while it is very pretty, and I would probably wear it, it is also too short. 😕


Silver Shimmer Dress is $36 and while it looks pretty, it actually doesn’t seem all that great to me. The shape is a little weird and I think the ruffles start too high. 😉


Silver Shimmer Outfit for Girls is $80- see what I mean about the shape? It just looks way too square, huh? 😛


Sparkly Black Flats are $14 and they are really cute! They would go great with a lot of outfits! 🙂

Now let’s move on to the Bitty stuff!


Teal Tidings Dress is $28 and pretty cute. I’m not so sure what I think about that color right now… Maybe it’s just that color on that doll that I don’t like 😉


Teal Tidings Dress for Girls is $54 and just like the doll version- it’s cute 🙂


Imagine & Play Tent is $195 and SO adorable!! If this was around when I was little, I would’ve loved this!


Little Leopard Snowsuit is $28 and SO CUTE!! The baby looks so cute and cuddly, doesn’t she?? 😀


Frosty Ice-Skating Outfit is $36 and not really all that great. I really don’t like that the ice skates are felt. That looks really cheesy, AG 😕


Bitty’s Bib & Sippy is $12 and pretty cute. I think the reason I’m not so fond of it is because I already have a lot of stuff like this for my baby dolls and this just doesn’t scream “ADORABLE” to me LOL 😛


Tiny Toile Set is $40 and again, it’s pretty cute. I think I’d like it better with a headband instead of a hat 🙂


Bitty’s Bunny Sleeper is $18, I think it’s really cute! 🙂


Bitty’s Bunny Bodysuits are $18. I think these are my favorite of the new Bitty Baby stuff! They’re just so basic and practical for babies, so I guess that’s why I like them so much 🙂


Bitty’s Purple Dragon is $30. It’s really cute and makes me think of an old PBS Kids show I used to watch called Dragon Tales!

Now for the Bitty Twins new stuff!


Ballerina Nightgown is $34 and SO ADORABLE!! Doesn’t Janie look so cute in that?! And I love the snow globe, too!!


Ballerina Nightgown for Girls is $38. I can totally see myself wearing this when I was little! 🙂


Toy Soldier PJ’s are $34 and SO CUTE!! Jeremy looks so adorable!! Like a little prince!! And I love that nutcracker! It would look so cute on my doll’s mantle! Oh, my gosh! These would be so cute on Elijah! Okay, I need these now 😀

Now onto my favorite from the release…..

Pretty City Carriage and Prancing Horse $373 and I am needing money so badly right now!!! THAT CARRIAGE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Can you just imagine all the photostories this would be great for?! And just SO fun for play, too!! I LOVE the bells and that it comes with a blanket to put over the dolls while they’re taking a ride!! And that the top goes up and down!! Oh, my goodness, girls, I’m dying! How on earth am I going to save up almost $400?! :O There’s no way I can do that, considering how bad I am at saving money. But, yeah, this is my absolute favorite from the release!! 😀

Again, I think this was a really good release! All of my absolute favorites were the new horse related items 🙂

What did you think of this release? Anything new added to your wishlist?


15 Responses to American Girl Winter Release~ 2014

  • I have to agree- that carriage is amazing! I would use that every day, lol!
    A way to save up $400 is to ask for money from grandparents r they family members for Christmas. Then, maybe you can save up all of the money from your shop and maybe you’ll make $400…

  • I LOVE the blue dress! My dolls will definitely need this. I also agree that the one for girls is too short. It seems like dresses that are perfect length for dolls end up too short for girls. And that carriage! I love it so much! It is really expensive though, and I’m trying to save up for the girl of the year. I also really want the hit the slopes outfit and the skis, since I will be on alpine ski team at school this year.overall, this is a great release!

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that AG is making their girl sized clothes a lot shorter lately…. 😕
      Oh, I know! I have a lot of things on my wants list that it’s so hard to decide what to save up for next 😛

  • I think that leggings or tights would look cute with the girl sized releases, but by themselves yeah, they are WAY to short.

    I know! since I already have one AG horse and I definitely don’t have room for more, I just want the (A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E) sleigh. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! 😀 But not the price. Ugh. :-/

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • It was really interesting to hear your thoughts! I agree with you about the Winter White Outfit-tights under shorts look really weird. I also agree that the BB ice skates are really cheesy. I mean, for the price, they should be real! I also think that the Silver Shimmer Dress is strange. It seems like the one for girls is REALLY short, and the one for dolls is semi short.
    I think most girls think that the Pretty City Carriage is amazing! It is such a fun piece and I think it is so cool! 🙂 I also really like the blue Christmas dress- so pretty. 🙂

  • Hi Jaclynn!
    I love the Fair Isle PJ’s for dolls and might be ordering them soon!When I first saw the blue holiday dress I was thinking “OH My Goodness!”but now I like the silver shimmer dress better….the blue one has to many sequins for my taste,but I totally agree that the girl shimmer dress looks weird,and way,way,way too short.I’ll look around here and probably leave some more comments!P.S.I love the carriage but the price……I think I’ll pass:)

  • Okay, I love every thing that came out, including the bitty baby stuff.
    I usually don’t pay attention to their stuff, but it really caught my eye this time.
    Love love love the holiday dresses and pjs

  • Well, I take that back, I don’t love everything. I actually hate the silver dress
    And the horse carrage is cute, but for me it would be impractical. 🙁

  • ……. And the white furry outfit. Ugly, and sorta repetitive of this other outfit…..

  • Lol! 🙂 my wishlist is getting longer and longer……….. 😛

  • I wish the blue holiday dress wasn’t so expensive, because I would totally buy it. It should be maximum $60.

  • Cute release!
    My favorites:
    – The Winter White Outfit used to be one of my least favorites, but as I looked closer, I totally fell in love with it. 🙂
    -Happy Holiday Dress is really pretty. I asked for #61 for Christmas, so maybe she could wear it if I get her. 🙂
    – Silver shimmer Dress is not my favorite, but it’s really cute and some of my dolls need a Christmas dress.
    The carriage is just so beautiful, but I love #61 like she’s already a part of my doll family. What do you think I should name her? Any ideas?

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure what you should name her actually! This was my list when I was deciding on names for her:
      Jenna (The one I decided on)
      I know there was more, but I can’t remember! I really wanted her to have a really pretty name 🙂
      I hope this gives you some ideas!

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