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An Exciting Day Turned Upside Down

Monday morning, June 17th- it was the day that my new daughter, and my kid’s new sister was going to arrive! Yes, indeed- Annika was coming! Until something happened….


“Come on! We have to practice how we’re going to greet Annika when mommy picks her up from the orphanage!” Felicity said.

“Yes, we must rehearse!” Rebecca agreed.

They had just finished *rehearsing* when I (mommy) came in with some sad news.

“Girls, I’m afraid Annika won’t be arriving today.” I said sadly.

“How come?”

“What happened?”

“Is everything alright?”

Questions spinned in the air.

“Annika got a cold so she won’t be able to come until next Monday. I know you’re disappointed, but in the meantime maybe we could make something for her. And we should pray that she will heal quickly, too.” I said.

“Yes, we can do that! Let’s make her a ‘Welcome To Your New Home’ card!” Caroline suggested and everyone agreed.


Saige signed last and the card was finished.


Here’s the front-


And the inside which reads:

“Welcome Home, Annika! WE LOVE YOU!
Love, Mommy and your brothers and sisters”

And on the left is all of their signatures.


“There, now it’s ready to be handed to Annika in just one week!” Saige said.

What do you do to welcome your new dolls?

62 Responses to An Exciting Day Turned Upside Down

  • That’s so sweet that they made her a card!:)


  • Oh No!! what actually happend? is your trip late? Say I’m sorry for your dolls! Linda is convinced Annika is her long lost twin! lol I told her she is to young to have it be her LONG lost twin!! LOL!

  • Saige looks SO cute in the last photo!:)

  • Aw! That’s too bad! 🙁 So did your friend get sick?
    My dolls generally give the new doll a gift, like when Saige came, they gace her the pillow from Doll Diaries, and she got a new room, which I made from a shelf off my bookcase. And then after they get ‘settled’ my dolls show her around, and in Saige’s case, Kanani took her on a ride!

    • No, her mom 🙁
      How sweet! I usually give them a doll and maybe something to wear 😉
      So her room is on the shelf in your bookcase?
      Oh, I bet Saige LOVED that!
      P.S. Did you buy any other outfits for her or just Saige?

      • Aw! I’ll pray she gets better soon! 🙂
        Oh okay! That’s a good idea too! I might have to try that…if I have any money left…
        Yeah, I cleared out a shelf, then put some scrapbook paper on the wall to be wall paper, then cut a picture of some scenery, then put in on the wall and I added paper curtains, then put some carpet down, added a nightstand, a pillow, some bedding and a popcicle stick railing, and I was done!
        Yes she loved that, and my girls have reached the dicision to give her their other horse, which they don’t use as often, so she’s really excited about that!
        P.S. Yes I got Saige’s Starter Collection, so I got her Sweater outfit, and her Parade outfit, and I also purchased her Painting Set, so she can still paint.
        P.S.S. Did you see this weeks theme at Doll Diaries?

        • That’s sweet of you! Thanks 🙂
          LOL! Glad you like my idea! 😀
          WOW! That’s sounds great! Is she the only one who has her own room? All the others share and have a bunk bed, right?
          Awwww!! That’s so sweet of them! They sure have a big heart! 🙂
          P.S. Oh, cool! How’s her Sweater outfit? I hope to get it someday. Hehe! That’s good- someone who loves to paint should be able to 😉
          P.S.S. Yes, I did! Talent Show, right? That’s going to be fun!

          • You’re welcome! 🙂
            Yeah she really likes it! Yep, the other share bunk beds, but when another doll comes along, then she’ll sleep with her. Yeah, it was really sweet of them, and Saige has been out there about fifteen times a day just checking on the horse!
            P.S. Oh it’s too pretty for words! The sweater is really nice and soft, and so far I haven’t got got the brush bristles stuck in it when I’m brushing their hair! The tank top is really cute, and long, which I like. The leggings are so cute! They feel like actual leggings, which surprised me because I thought they actually were denim. And the sandals are so cute! They velcro in the back, and really make the outfit! I think your dolls would love it! Yeah, they should!
            P.S.S. Oh okay! Are any of your dolls preforming?

          • Yeah, that makes sense. You know my huge bunk bed I have for my dolls? Well, when I get Annika there won’t be any room for her so I’ll have to move her to the original bunk bed! LOL! But, I’m going to move someone to sleep with her because I don’t want her to be alone 😉
            LOL! If I had a horse I would, too! 😀
            P.S. Yay! Thanks for the great review! Yeah, I really like the material that’s being used for Saige’s outfits. It feels more real 😉
            P.S.S. Yes, some are going to. I would do all of them, but they need to have an audience! LOL! I’m not sure what they’re going to do yet. Marie-Grace will probably sing, Kanani dance, and Rebecca will probably want to do a little skit. She’ll have to find somebody to help her though- hehe! 😉

  • I didn’t see the hair. Is it the braid she came in?

  • oh, that’s always a really cute, but easy, hairstyle!

  • Yeah, didn’t you get that at a craft fair? Haha! Which doll will sleep with her?
    I would too! Just last night, I had a 4 H meeting, which was at the barn, where all the girls take horseback riding lessons, so after the meeting, we went into the woods, and then we headed back towards the barn, and my friend introduced me to her horse, which she couldn’t find at first, but after another girl teased her saying they sold him, she pointed to him in the field right next to us!
    P.S. You’re welcome! Yeah I do too, they’re really good quality!
    P.S.S. Oh okay! All of my dolls are entering, but when they’re not preforming, they become the audience! Really? That’s kinda funny, I was planning Kanani to dance too! I thought it would be fun to have her do the hula! Hehe! Will you do a post of your dolls at the Talent Show?

    • Uh- kind of! A guy we met at the craft made us a custom one 😉
      Probably Saige because she makes one side of the bed all squishy cause there’s 3 instead of 2. Does that make sense? It’s kind of hard to explain.. LOL!
      Oh, that’s funny! Wait- so you’re taking riding lessons now? I remember you saying you were going to, but I didn’t know you’d already started! How is it? And what is a 4 H meeting? Hehe!
      P.S. Agreed! 🙂
      P.S.S. That’s a good idea! But not all my dolls don’t have talents to do a Talent Show- you know what I mean?
      LOLOL! That is funny! She’s not gonna hula, though- at least I don’t think she is! Hehe!
      I probably will 🙂

      • Oh okay! Oh there’s three on one bunk? I see what your saying, hehe!
        No not right now, but mom just contacted the lady, so I’m going to start pretty soon I think, I’m not really sure, I’ll have to ask my mom. But most of the girls who are in the 4 H meeting, take riding lessons there, and even own their own horses! And by the way, my friend doesn’t have her own horse, I meant to say that she showed me the horse that she’s riding. Hehe! Well 4 H is a group that started back in the 20th century, and the group picks an animal, that they focus on, so like our group is focasing on horses, and that’s why we went out to the barn. And during the meeting, the leaders talk about things that will come up in the furture, that the members may want to sign up for, or go to, in our case, horse shows, and the fair, which the 4 H group volunteers at the local fair, and they get to work in the barn and show a horse if they want to.
        P.S. 🙂
        P.S.S. Thanks! Oh yeah, I see.
        Yeah, it is kinda funny! Oh okay, hehe!

        • Yeah, like I have them lie down foot to foot so on one side there’s 3 and the other side there’s 2. It makes it all squishy 😉
          Oh, ok! Well, that’s cool! 🙂
          Hehe! I get it 😀
          Oooooh! That’s cool! It sounds like fun!
          P.S. 😀 LOL!
          P.S.S. You’re welcome!

          • Oh okay! That will be better then, when Annika comes, there will be more room.
            Yeah, after going back to the stables it kinda jolted back some memories, about how much I really love to ride. But there like 25 dollars per lesson, which I think is kinda expensive, but maybe it isn’t, I haven’t looked around the Internet yet!
            Yeah, it is really fun! Not all the girls are homeschooled, in fact I’m the only one who is homeschooled! But they’re all really nice.
            P.S. Hehehehe! 😀

          • Yes, it will. I don’t know what I’ll do if I get another doll! LOL! 😀
            Aw, I know exactly what you mean. When I don’t ride for a super long time I miss it so much and even dream about it sometimes! And then when I go back I feel so happy and relieved 🙂
            Um- I don’t know about that either, but to me it sounds like a good price! But then again it also doesn’t. Because if you were to do it weekly that $25 a week!
            Oh, that’s funny! It’s like that for me at our church. I’m the only homeschooler. Hehe! I never see any of the girls that ride there. But apparently they ALL have AG dolls!!! I need to meet them!! LOLOLOL! 😀
            P.S. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! 😀 😀

  • Did this happen at camp?

    • No, they were permitted to come home that day so that they could meet their new sister 😉

  • Fun post! Saige is sooo pretty.

  • Hehe!
    Exactly! And I haven’t ridden a horse in 3 or 4 years!!!!!
    Yeah, I have a friend who’s going to start doing it twice a week because she’s entering a show sometime in the summer! So it’s about 200 dollars a week!
    Oh really? That’s funny because at our church EVERYONE homeschools! There has even been times when people have thought that if you wanted to become a member of the church, you have ot homeschool, which didn’t happen, even though everyone at our church does homeschool!
    *GAAASP* Lucky!!!!!!! All my friends at church either have one LOF doll, or don’t like dolls at all! And so I feel kinda spoiled sometimes! But most of the families at our church have 6 or more kids, so it’s kinda understandable why they don’t get AG dolls, but they do read the books and look at the catalogs.

    • Aw, that’s sad! I bet you’re so anxious to get started again, huh? 🙂
      WOW! That’s insane! Waaaay too much money! LOLOL!
      That is funny! OH my gosh! LOL! That would be kinda wierd though 😉
      I know! But I haven’t met them and the ones I have met are like 6 or 7. Where are the ones more my age? LOL!
      Yeah, I guess that’s understandable. It would be a lot of money to buy AG dolls for each of them!
      Well, that’s a good thing!

  • YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe! 🙂
    I know! I don’t think I could do that, and it takes up part of your mornings or afternoons, which I don’t like.
    Yeah, that was kinda crazy, but I don’t really know much about that stuff because my dad isn’t an elder!
    Oh, well that’s not as fun. Exactly! So are there not many girls your age?
    Yeah, it’d be a lot of money, and I only know one family who has AG dolls, but most of them lost an arm, or a leg, or both, and their hair is really frizzy. And the only ones that are in good shape are my friends dolls, who is almost ten years old, and has 4 dolls, and only 2 are in really good shape, the other 2 are older dolls, so they’re not in the best condition, but they’re still usable.
    Yeah it is good.

    • LOLOL! I knew it 😀
      Well, I would actually love to be in shows someday! Even being in a rodeo would so much fun!
      No, not really. All of my friends that have AG dolls are online! Hehe!
      Oh my goodness! That is just way too sad. I think girls who let that stuff happen to their dolls should not be allowed to have any. Don’t you agree?

      • 😀
        I don’t know if I’d want to show, because of all the traveling, practicing, and money, but I’d love to go to a rodeo!
        Oh okay. Hehe! I’ve only got one friend who has AG dolls, but she’s 9. And then everyone else who have AG dolls are online.
        Yeah, it is, but I think most of the girls where about ages 4 to 6, so they didn’t know how to care for the AG dolls, and only one (the 9 year old) really learned how to care for them properly. Yeah, I do agree that people should follow the ages 8 on up. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of 3 or 4 year old girls opening AG dolls, and it scares me, how they open the box, and how they get the doll out.

        • That’s true, but I still think it’d be so much fun and it’s a good way to get money (to buy AG stuff..lol)! 🙂

          I only have one, too! I think she just turned 12- I always forget how old people are! LOL!
          That’s true.
          Oh my gosh! I could not watch that! I’ve seen some little girls bring their dolls to Disneyland and I’m like “What are you thinking???” You can’t bring her on rides, you can’t leave her in the sun for too long, and how could you eat the food they have there next to your doll? They’re insane!

          • Hehe! That’s true!
            Really? That’s funny! I think my friend is 9 almost 10, but maybe she’s 10 almost 11…
            To Disneyland??? They are insane! I haven’t even had to courage to take a doll into the AG store, much less Disneyland! Yeah, and plus, what if you lost the doll? You’d have to pay another 110 dollars to get her, plus tax and shipping! And another girl might find it, and who knows what she would do to the doll?!

          • Hehe- one of the 3? 😛
            I know! Oh, really? I’ve brought mine to the AG Store. It’s way safer than bringing them to Disneyland!
            That would be horrible! I know, right? So sad 🙁
            My mom wants me to bring a doll to Disneyland and do a photoshoot because they have really pretty picture spots, but I’m always like- NO way!! They could get hurt or scratched, melt, their hair could get damaged, and it’s not like we’re going to go all the way over there and not go on any rides! Imagine taking a doll on Pirate’s or even the little rides! Disneyland is like death for dolls!

  • Hehe! Yep!
    Yeah, because the first time I went I didn’t know people brought their dolls in the store and the second time I went with a friend and forgot about taking a doll in and the third time was really unexpected, and I didn’t plan to go to the AGP. But next tiem I go I’m gonna bring a doll in. And I’ve heard of crimes in the AGP. Yeah, I bet it’s safer A LOT than Disneyland!
    Yeah, it would be really sad! 🙁
    I remember my mom wanted me to bring a doll when we went to Cancun, and I did, but I just made sure she was safe, and took her out to the beach when we went to see the sunrise! I got some really fun pictures of her in boats, by coconuts, lounging on a chair, and with a tropical flower in her hair! But that’s way differant that Disneyland! Any place where you can’t keep a doll safe from the sun, or can get food on her hair, or on her, is like death for dolls!

    • Oh, ok! So you would take a doll there, then? Oh I bet there are lots of crimes there!
      It really is 🙂
      That all sounds so beautiful! Oh, yeah- it definitely is! LOL!
      Exactly! Poor little innocent AG dolls 🙁 Hehe!

  • I see your Disney dolls in the picture. 🙂 So they did they go to camp?

  • Yeah I would, but I just wouldn’t let her out of my sight! Oh yeah, I watched a YouTube video about a girl who lost her bag in the AGP at Christmas, and AG didn’t really do anything about it, and a week after they left, AG called them and told them that they finally had time to look at the cameras, and they found the guy who took her bag. So what he did was he grabbed her bag put it into his bag, went outside, came back later WITHOUT the bag, with his wife and daughter to get her dolls ears pierced. So if they would have looked earlier they would have caught him. And there was enough stuff in her bag for him to go to jail for 4 years. So after I heard that I was really surprised that AG didn’t really help her.
    Yeah, they turned out really nice, especially because the sun was just at the right angle, so bounced off her hair. I’m just glad I didn’t drop her into the sand. Yeah, I had a bag in Cancun where I could keep her safe from the sun and food, so that was differant. And it was 5 in the morning, so the sun was barely out yet, and we didn’t eat til 7 in the morning!
    I know! It sounds so awful, the poor things! 🙁

    • Of course not! When I brought Caroline last time my mom held her in the little bag I brought her in- hehe!
      Oh my gosh! That’s horrible!! I can’t believe AG didn’t even like do anything! :/
      Aw, those sound so beautiful!
      Oh, yes, that’s very good! LOL!
      Yes, very, very, poor things 🙁

  • Yeah, I would NOT even put her down! That’s what I plan to do, I want to put her in a bag, and keep her in there! And the fun thing is, the next time I go to the AG store will be in September, because my parent’s decided for their anniversary, they wanted to go to Victoria Canada, and on the way there (or back), we’ll stop in Seattle to go to the AG store for my birthday!!! So my doll will get to go to the AG store, and Canada, but I’m not sure which one to bring…
    I know! It was so sad! But it was the store in NYC and the workers there were seasonal, so they weren’t fully committed to AG, but still.
    Yeah, that was good!

    • How exciting! You’ll have to tell me all about it when you get back! 😉
      Hmm.. Yuo could write their names on a piece of paper, put them in a hat (or bowl), and decide that way! I’ve done it before- But changed my mind when I got Caroline! LOL! 😀
      Oh, ok! Yeah, even if they weren’t committed to AG they still should’ve done something!

  • Yeah it is pretty exciting! I will! Though, it would be more exciting if we were to go sooner…hehe!
    Oh wow, that’s good idea! Really simple too! Lol! That might happen to me with Saige… 😀
    Yeah, they should have, it was definatly not a good excuse. But she said that the bright side was that everything in her bag was able to be replaced, so that was good. At least there wasn’t a doll in there or anyting like that. That would be really sad, especially if the doll was limited edition.

    • Hehe! I get it 😉
      Thanks! I hope it works 🙂
      Oh, that’s good! Yeah, that would’ve been awful! 🙁

      • Hehe! 🙂
        You’re welcome! It did work, and I decided to bring… Saige! But I’ve been thinking about bringing another doll, and only bringing Saige to the AGP, but I’m not sure yet.
        Yeah, that would have been awful! 🙁

        • YAY! Glad I could help 😀
          Oh, ok! LOL! Sounds like what always happens to me when I do that happened to you! LOL! 😛

  • 😀 And the best part for me is, Saige’s birthday is in October, so it’s kinda like celebrating her birthday too! Even though we’ll be a little early.
    Lol! I haven’t took a doll to the AG store, so I didn’t realize how hard it is to decide which doll to bring! But I always try to be fair about which doll goes with me on vacations, and sometimes I even make a list to make sure I’m not just bringing one doll on all my vacations.
    And by the way…did you bring a doll to the AG store when you went to get Annika?

    • Oh, yeah! That’s cool! You should bring Saige then- obviously she hasn’t been anywhere with you yet, right? 😉
      It is very hard! Yes, we must be fair with our dolls 😀
      That’s a good idea!
      No, I didn’t that time. It was easier to shop- hehe!

      • No, she hasn’t, not unless the car counts. And I have taken her to my friend’s house a few times.
        Yes we must! 😀
        Oh yeah, I can definatly see that! Hehe!

        • Hmm… That sorta counts- LOL!
          You’re welcome!
          Yeah, even though my mom would’ve been holding the doll I brought- LOLOL! 😀 😀

  • That is so cute and sweet!

    I am planing on purchasing Molly before she retires this summer!
    I plan on buying her soon.. I have JUUUUST enough money to get her!!

    • Hehe- thank you 🙂
      Well, she’s not retiring this summer they’re just announcing it this summer. It will be her last Christmas though 🙁
      Congratulations!! I hope you love her 😀

  • Hey, this last picture is the picture you used to announce the doll pals winner Zoe thingie! lol just realized that!

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