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An Unexpected Gift~ Part 2

It was my mom’s birthday, just a couple days after we had been offered the puppy and Mom and I were getting anxious for my dad’s reply. We wondered if maybe he would say yes today, since it’s my mom’s birthday…


My mom was sitting at the dining table, scrolling through Facebook on her phone and drinking her caramel coffee.


I walked in after catching up on some blogs I follow on the computer and said, “I wonder if daddy’s gonna say yes today…”


Mom looked at me and lightly shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” She replied. We chatted a while longer and a text message popped up on my mom’s phone from my dad. My heart started to race. He was never on his phone at work, only when he called my mom at lunch. Maybe he was just saying “Happy Birthday”, but my hopes were raised.


I watched anxiously as my mom read her text and a smile spread across her face and her fingers began typing back.


“What did he say?” I asked with a heart full of hope.


My mom smiled at me and said, “He said ‘Have decided to let you have the puppy. Happy Birthday, I love you!'”


I started to cry and squealed and I gave my mom a huge hug. I couldn’t believe he actually said yes! And that this was even real! We were getting a puppy!!


“Are you going to tell everybody today?” I inquired. “Yeah, I think so! Probably at dinner.” She replied. “I wonder how Dallas will take it…” I said, thinking about my brother who had just lost his dog almost a year ago. I know it still hurt him, so I wondered how he would feel about having another dog around.


“He’ll probably be how I was. Maybe a little sad at first, but then happy to have a puppy around again.” Mom replied.


I nodded my head and smiled broadly. “I can’t believe we’re getting a puppy!!”

This concludes part 2! Look for part 3 coming soon! πŸ™‚

P.S. The next photostory to be up will be the next part of Sadie’s Hope! πŸ™‚

10 Responses to An Unexpected Gift~ Part 2

  • You get to pickup your puppy soon right?


    I found three Disney Toddler dolls at a thrift store for .50 each. They are my first and I was wondering if I got a good deal.

    • Just a few more weeks! πŸ˜€
      P.S. Oh, my goodness!! YES that is a GREAT deal!! Congrats!! πŸ˜€

  • Nice! Glad it worked out. Looking forward to more.

  • Great photostory.
    Hi Jaclynn and everyone. My grandmother passed away just this morning. She was an incredibly faithful, inspirational woman. She was born in and grew up in Cuba. When Castro came and told everyone to renounce their faith, she did not. In fact, she got in the official’s faces and told them she wouldn’t! When she was about 19, her parents sent her away from her lavish life in Cuba (they had housekeepers, horses, the works πŸ˜‰ ), for fear of her being killed. She went and lived in New York on her own. She struggled with sicknesses and injuries for much of her adult life. She married and had 3 children, one of them my dad. She has 11 grandchildren. She is now with Jesus, watching over us. We are going to go to NJ now (we live in OH) for her wake and funeral. Please pray for Elena Hevia McCarron, and our families, and the people whose lives she has touched as we grieve her loss. Thank you, and I apologize for the long comment.
    -Katie M.
    P.S. She loved dolls, too!

    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, Katie. πŸ™ She sounds like she was an amazing person and I’m sure she loved you very much! You and your family and your grandmother’s friends will definitely be in my prayers. πŸ™‚

      • Oh Jaclynn thank you so much. You are so thoughtful and kind and I feel as if we have met in person. Your comment brought tears to my eyes :’). I will pray for you in return.

  • This was great! Can’t wait for part 3! πŸ˜€

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