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Rest Assured – I’m Still Here!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while again…

My friend, Julia has been telling me lately how much she misses me posting here and how much she loves LHOAG. So this post is dedicated to her and to all of you. I miss and love you guys, so just rest assured that even though I’m not around nearly as much as I used to be – I’m still here even after 5 years. 🙂 <3

*happy sigh* I had so much fun taking these pictures. Amy is soooo pretty and photogenic! <3 Aren’t her curls amazing? And her freckles are just adorbs!! XD

How are you all doing? Anything exciting happening lately? How can I pray for you? 🙂

… I just realized I never announced something… O_O

Um, so for those of you who don’t know already….. I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!! :O *screams cause I still can’t get over it* We found out on Christmas Eve, but I couldn’t say anything because my brother and sister in-law took a while to announce it to the world and I haven’t posted in a while, so… *nervous laughter* Sowwy! XD But I am out of this world excited!!! 😀

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! Talk to you soon! ;D


Jaclynn Marie Blog Launch!

Hello, my friends!! *waves enthusiastically*

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my professional author blog – Jaclynn Marie!

If you enjoy my stories, you definitely won’t want to miss checking out Jaclynn Marie. I’ll be sharing snippets of my work, short stories, my writing journey, writing advice, and more! Be sure to head over and drop me a “Hello!” I look forward to seeing you there! 😀


Mystery Revealed! :D (Plus an announcement)

Oh, I had so much fun seeing all your guesses about what I bought!! Now are you ready to see who guessed correctly? 🙂

The only one who guessed correctly was Morgan! Congratulations! 😀


Seriously, they’re the cutest things. ever. EV-ER. (Jaclynn, you’re forgetting about BB-8 and Baymax and…)

I have loved these two ever since they came out and for a while I was planning to buy Tenney. Then I was planning on just getting Logan. Then I wanted both of them. Then just Tenney again. And then I was like – no, I don’t need anymore dolls.

And that was it for several months, but then Dara really reawakens my love for dolls and she’s practically the reason I bought these two. And I have NO REGRETS. They are so cute and arrived in such perfect condition. Most of the ones I’ve seen in person have had messed up hair, so I felt concerned about ordering them online, but I thought I’d chance it. I’m so glad I did. I couldn’t have asked for two dolls in better condition! <3

So, something you should know. I am renaming them to Amy and Ty because I need a pair of dolls that are named after one of my favorite couples. XD

They can hold each other’s hands. Stop it right now. *heart eyes*


I love her hair <3

<3 <3 <3



His hair is perfection.

(I’m sorry, I really can’t get over his hair. XD )


So, I may be slightly more in love with Logan than I am with Tenney, but it’s exciting having an official boy doll from AG. He’s just so cute, I can’t handle it. XD

Also, we all know AG dolls have an amazing smell. I hadn’t smelled that in such a long time, so opening these two and smelling the top of their heads was just pure heaven. <3 (my mom bent down and sniffed Tenney’s head before I even had her out of the box. She’s the best. XD )

Are you guys surprised? Because honestly, I am! I didn’t expect to do this, but again, I don’t have any regrets. So, thank you Hershey, for inspiring me to buy these two. ;D

I’m 99% sure these are my last dolls. But ya know, AG can be irresistible sometimes… 😛

As for the announcement, I am currently designing a brand new author website for myself and am in need of some more subscribers to my email list! So if you enjoy my stories and want to see more of what I’m writing, subscribe to my email list using the form below. You’ll get exclusive content sent directly to your inbox and will also be the first to know when my author website launches!

Thanks in advance if you do sign up! 😀

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I May Be A Little Crazy…

  • This is just a quick post because I’m basically surprised with myself, but SO excited!!




I kinda bought something… or maybe a few things. Or, maybe someone. Or maybe even more than one someone. It shall remain a mystery until the package arrives. ?


Post your guesses in the comments and we’ll see who’s right! ?



Heartland ~ A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!! 😀

Wow, it feels like every time when I’m just about ready to officially stop posting, I suddenly get a burst of inspiration and just NEED to post something! XD

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve been binge watching the show Heartland lately and I basically adore Ty and Amy. So much so that I just had to do a photoshoot inspired by them. and this also might be a thing I start doing. And I’m also gonna buy a DSLR. Also why aren’t there people on Etsy who make epic doll costume replicas. #rude.


Let’s get on with the photoshoot! 😀


(yes this is Weston in a different wig. I’ve also put girl wigs on him. I love not gluing wigs down. XD )















That’s the sound of me dying of shippy feels. XD

It felt so strange getting my dolls and gear together and heading out back to take pictures. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was in my backyard… XD But it made me really happy doing this again and I just feel all inspired like I wanna TAKE ON THE WORLD!!! But really, that means I just wanna take a ton of photos. XD

I had trouble thinking of how to do poses. I don’t know if it’s cause I was using a guy and a girl or if I’m just out of practice… but I’m hoping to fix that. 😉

Anyway, how have you all been? It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve talked to you guys! I miss you. <3

What characters do you ship? Do you like Weston better with the brown or blonde hair better? Do you watch Heartland? What’s the weather like where you live?

Have a great day, guys!


Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts ~ How Long Can We Stare At Each Other Without Laughing?

WHOOO!! We FINALLY have a new Q&A up to share with you! YAY US! XD

Cookie (Emma) edited the video (which is why this up so quickly…heh) and she did a great job! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it! 😀

I’m not sure when we will post a new one, but you can leave some new questions in the comments down below and we will choose some to answer next time! 🙂

Thanks for watching! 😀




Today I’ll be at Emma’s house and we are going to make a Q&A video (ha, remember those? XD ) so I just wanted to make a quick post asking you to please leave some questions for us down below! It’s been such a long time since our last video so I’m sure a lot of the questions will be out of date, but we will likely choose some old ones and some new ones 🙂

*looks for a decent pic of me and Emma to insert into post* *fails because we look psycho in all our selfies* *decides not to insert picture* 

We are both so excited to make another video and hope you are, too! We can’t do it without questions, though, so ask away! ;D

“See” you soon!


American Girl Create Your Own Doll!

Have you all seen the brand new create your own section on the American Girl website? Now you can create your very own doll for $200, which, yes, is expensive, but AWESOME! XD You have the ability to choose the face mold, skin tone, eye color (your doll can even have 2 different eye colors!!), hair color, hair cut/style, and MORE! It’s seriously the greatest thing ever and I’ve made a ton of dolls (I’m dying, guys) so I thought it would be fun to share them with you! 🙂


Here’s the first one I made! SHE IS SO CUTE AGH!! XD


This is the newest one I made – I wanted to make one that looked like a princess which I think I succeeded. *heart eyes*

This one I made to look like my sister. It’s not totally accurate, but I think it resembles her enough 🙂


This is my mom – or rather the closest I could get it to looking like her. She actually has blonde and brown hair and gold eyes, but… THIS WORKS! XD








This is Regina from Once Upon a Time 🙂


And this is Snow White – also from Once Upon a Time. I wish there was a lighter skin with redder lips… Hm… XD


This is Mary Margaret which is Snow White in our world XD

This is Emma Swan – also from Once Upon a Time! XD


AND AN ADORABLE IRISH GIRL!! XD (that hair, right?!)


I think this one is my least favorite, but she’s cute 🙂


I really like this one, toooo… :O XD

So that’s all I’ve made so far! I’m probably gonna go make some more right now while I watch Moana with my parents. I’m addicted, girls. I need more money so I can feel okay with spending $200 on a doll. O_O XD

Also, just wanna apologize for not posting the next part of Fate of the Unborn yet… I’ll try to get around to that soon. 😉

What do you think of the Create Your Own? Have you made a lot of dolls? Do you think you’ll buy one or have you already?


Fate of The Unborn ~ Part 1

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, fangirls and all, it is my great pleasure to present to you….

…..a sequel to the beloved photostory series…..


…..an all new epic series….

….following the story of Liesel and Edmund (#liesmund)….


Fellow friends, I give you:

As the moon rises against the sun,
So does man rise against man.
In 20 year’s time,
When the young bird flees from its nest,
It will fly into a storm and be struck down.
After it has lingered in the shadows a while to sprout its wings,
It will return a strong griffin ready to attack it’s prey.
And the griffin now full of hatred and strength,
Will devour the prey of its wellspring.
For as the moon rises against the sun,
So does man rise against man.

Eight years in prison. Eight years trapped behind bars. Eight years feeding on darkness.

Seven months fearing what would come to be. When Liesel became pregnant for the second time, it didn’t take long for the prophecy to reach Frederic’s ears, even in a place so isolated as a dungeon. But he had made an ally among the prince’s men. One who was very obliging to aid Frederic in any way he could and today was the day that he would prove his loyalty. Today was the day Frederic would put his plan into action…



Looking out the window toward our palace garden, I took in a deep breath and let the air from outside fill my lungs. My life had turned out quite differently than I had expected it to. Ten years ago I never imagined that I would be a princess, married to the love of my life, and blessed with a beautiful little girl.


It was truly a miracle that my life had turned out so amazing and soon another little blessing would be added to it.


“Mommy, have you seen Daddy? I can’t find him anywhere!” My sweet daughter asked as she bounded up to me.

“I haven’t seen him all morning. Let’s see if we can find him together.”

Elsie and I stumbled upon Edmund walking toward us, his eyes fixed on the ground as though something was weighing heavy on his mind.

“Edmund, are you alright?” I asked when he didn’t even stop to look up at us.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I was lost in thought,” he said with a smile, but I knew something was bothering him.
“Daddy, can you walk with me in the garden?” Elsie asked, eyes full of hope.


“I’m sorry, not right now, sweetie,” Edmund said. It wasn’t like him to turn down time spent with his daughter. Something was definitely wrong.


Edmund must have sensed that I knew he was hiding something because he asked Elsie to leave us alone for a moment. “It won’t be for long,” he assured her.


“Go on, Elsie. I’ll walk with you later,” I said.
“Okay, Mommy,” she said right before skipping away.

“Edmund what is it?” I asked as I reached for his hand. Edmund closed his eyes and touched my belly. “It’s a dream I had last night…,” he began.

“I’m afraid to tell you about it,” he said, not even daring to look into my eyes.

“Edmund, I’ve never seen you like this. What is it?” I pressed. He was unsettling me more and more with each word he spoke.


“I dreamed something happened to our child… Someone was after it… and-” Edmund paused. “I can’t bring myself to tell you the rest. It was too real and I don’t want to frighten you unnecessarily if it turns out to be nothing more than a silly nightmare.”

“Edmund, tell me wha-” I stopped my sentence when I heard a familiar sound in the distance…


The alarm bells were ringing for all the kingdom to hear. They meant something bad or even dangerous had occurred. But what frightened me most was when Edmund spoke…

“My dream….it’s happening.”



What is happening?! :O Yes, I know that I know, but it’s still fun to say. *innocent grin* XD

I don’t know when the next part will be up cause I have VBS all week, but I will get it up just as soon as I can! 😀

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of Fate of The Unborn! 😀


This Just In – Masquerade Returns In An ALL NEW SEQUEL

According to a very reliable source aka me we have heard that the creator me again of famous photostory series Masquerade has plans to release a sequel to the beloved story this summer!

Though the creator is always quite discreet regarding her work, she does have a poster which she has been so kind as to share with us.


The series is titled Fate of the Unborn and the original cast will be returning to deliver another stunning performance.

As we can recall in the final episode of Masquerade, we see Liesel is pregnant and she has a daughter who is about 7 years old. Fate of the Unborn obviously will be focusing on Liesel and Edmund’s unborn child. The creator of the series has not informed us of exactly what the fate is of the child, but it appears to be rather ominous.

When will Fate of the Unborn be airing? We do not know. The creator is quite fond of surprises, so we think it could be any day now as she usually reveals posters close to the release date. Whenever it releases, we will be ready!

Article by Jaclynn

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