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Best Friend Dolls Retiring

It’s true. AG just announced on their Facebook page that Marie-Grace and Cecile, Ivy, and Ruthie are all retiring this fall.


Here’s what they said:
“Soon, we’ll say farewell to Marie-Grace, Cécile, Ruthie, and Ivy: http://bit.ly/1nkMb9w Complete your collection while supplies last—quantities are extremely limited. This fall, the rest of the historical characters become BeForever, a fresh approach to these American Girl favorites that we’ll reveal in the coming months!”

I am SO sad!! Marie-Grace and Cecile haven’t even been around for 3 years! I can’t believe they are all retiring. I’m not happy with the changes American Girl is making. 🙁

How do you feel about these dolls retiring? What do you think of the new name “BeForever”?

38 Responses to Best Friend Dolls Retiring

  • I did see this on AG’s Facebook page. I don’t really like AG retiring dolls like this(like, all the time, and so many), but it was getting obvious that Marie-Grace & Cecile were going to be retired, so I wasn’t surprised. Personally, I didn’t really like them that much. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cecile is beautiful and Marie-Grace is really cute, but as a whole….not so much. I do really like Ivy, though, and I will kind of miss her. It is really too bad they never gave her much of a collection. I do NOT like Beforever. I, for one, will always call them Historical Characters.

  • I can not believe AG. I really wanted to get Ivy and Ruthie before they retired and now I probably won’t be able to 🙁 I wish they wouldn’t change up things so much. I don’t understand why they have to retire any dolls at all — why can’t they just add new ones? I’m soooooooo sad!

  • I wish they weren’t retiring.:( I really want Cecile, and at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to get her, but my parents say I can probably have her for Christmas!:)


    No offense anyone who likes this new Beforever thing. I actually have Mckenna myself! 😉

  • I too am sad that they are retiring these doll. However, they did bring back Samantha…so there is hope for the future.

    With regards to the new logo BeForever, I am not happy with that at all. I saw a YouTube video explaining it on Living A Dolls Life, but it isn’t a real word and I think it will confuse a lot of people who are just learning how to spell. I’m not big fan of smashing together words just for fun.

  • this sounds awful!

  • Oh my gosh! AG I AM SO MAD! Well, not as mad as I look;) but still MAD!:) I can’t believe they are retiring so many dolls at the same time! I need Ruthie before she retires!


    I know I was **AM** so outraged. I said Ag was cra-cra-cra-cra-zy…of course I was very mad at the time. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • I know we were expecting this, but now that it’s here, it’s just weird! I’m trying to decide if I want Ivy or Ruthie, I’m not positive, since I just got Jess and all, but I definitely want some of their stuff.
    I’m not against the BeForever thing, but I’m not exactly all for it either. It’ll be a change, but who knows, maybe it will benefit everyone, it’s still kinda sad though 🙁

  • Hey Jaclynn!!!!! Do you think you could check out this youtube channel? It is my friend’s (and kinda mine). It is ALL American Girl. Absolutely NOTHING else. 🙂


    Also, we are doing this thing on Friday that we will answer questions that people ask us. So far we haven’t gotten any. This is the link for that.

    If you did that or asked a question you would REALLY make my friends day!!!

    I understand if you don’t want to do it. 🙂

    • Hi Annie!
      I’m really sorry, but I’m actually not allowed to go on YouTube. Sorry 🙁

  • I…I…*cries* I can’t believe this! I was going to get Cecile, too! I really, really, really, really, (etc.) wanted her! Now I probably won’t get her! Because I’m getting Rebecca in NYC in July, after I get her saving for Samantha, and asking for MYAG F1215 for Christmas. 🙁 Plus, I just had this little hope inside me to get Ruthie! (My friend Isabelle has her, though. So I can still see her.) What should I do, girls? Any ideas? P.S. I. Am. So. Mad. At. AG.

    • Hi Kelly!
      I have an idea. How about you buy Rebecca in July, then save for Cecile, and then get Samantha and MYAG F1215? Of course it depends on how much you want these dolls, but I think you could wait on getting Samantha since she is just coming out 😉
      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks, Jaclynn! I think I’ll do that! 🙂 I’m just a little worried on how much Cecile is going to sell out. Like, right before Christmas, Molly was sold out. So, I don’t know if that’ll repeat with Cece. But, I can do it! Thanks again!

    • I would get CeCe first, and afterwards get the other dolls. Rebecca isn’t going anywhere, to my knowledge she’ll just have a new meet outfit after they launch BeForever. Sorry about the weird capitals, but my doll Lorie fell on my keyboard and messed it up, so some letters, I can only do in caps.
      (If you can understand this, Jaclynn, you have my permission to turn the wrong caps lowercase.)

  • I,for one, will write an email, pleading for either the release of Felicity, or keep Marie Grace and Cecile. I will NOT buy from AG if they just keep taking dolls away. And 4 at a time too! I don’t really like Ruthie or Ivy, but I love Cecile and Marie Grace. I want my nieces to be able to enjoy Marie Grace. But NOOOOOOOO they have to take the cutest doll of all and “retire” it. It’s all for the sales. Don’t get me wrong, they have pretty good dolls and products. But if they keep taking dolls away just for sales, I consider them greedy. Sorry for the rant 😛

  • D:
    I feel the same way about it 😕
    I’ve always loved Ruthie and Ivy but they’ve been around longer…
    BeForever…hmm I think it’s just another name 😀
    What do you think about BeForever?

    • I don’t like BeForever. For a couple of reasons:
      1. It’s a new name (I know ridiculous reason 😛 )
      2. I don’t think it matches with all the other names/titles they have, “My American Girl, Girl of the Year, BeForever” It’s just weird!
      3. I don’t like AG changing things 🙁
      P.S. Okay, so that was few reasons, not a couple LOL 😛

      • Jaclynn, I totally agree with you reasons. Their great! I don’t like AG changing stuff either!
        ~Christian Homeschooler
        P.S. Did you see that AG released a couple of MY AG things and some Bitty Baby stuff? I was kind of wondering if that was the summer release? Not really much, in my opinion. 😛

      • I completely agree! American Girl is AMERICAN GIRL not Be Forever! And pretty soon there isn’t even going to be that!

  • I don’t think they should. I agree with Abigail, that they should just add new ones. I’m not super attached to any of the bf dolls, but it’s kind of wrong to just get rid of them all together. Are the characters supposed to “be forever” without any friends?


  • Here is how I feel:
    Even angrier
    And so on…..
    I hope you get it!

  • I am sooooooo SAD about this. Cecile and Marie Grace just got there a couple of years ago. Why are they doing this?

  • Please go to this doll blog, I love it and hardly anyone comments on it. 🙁 justforgirls.me thanks! ~Leah

  • Jaclynn, my computer keys are working right again! Phewfy! I was afraid I’d get in trouble, but they are working just fine now.


  • I’ve been so sad becuase of this! 4 dolls at once! 4!!!!!!!! I don’t have any of them and i was hoping to buy Ruthie and then Marie-Grace and Cecile for Christmas 🙁 :_( I have no clue what to do to earn money to get them. Does anyone have any ideas for that? 🙂 Also, does anyone have an idea of how long they will probable be available until?

  • Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please do a review/comparison of MG and Cecile! I don’t know who to buy first now!

    • Awww! Okay, I’ll do my best! It probably won’t be up until next week because we’re gonna be busy all weekend. 😉

  • WHY AMERICAN GIRL?!?!?WHY!?!?!?I was trying to save up for Ivy. By the time I have enough money,there going to be retired!!!???!!!???

    • Awww, I’m so sorry 🙁
      Maybe you could ask for her for Christmas? Or once she’s retired you can find one on eBay that needs some TLC 🙂

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