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AG Reviews

New AG Spring Release!

AAAAAAH!!! Okay, I just had to let out that excitement 😛
AG just came out with a whole new release and I am obsessing over everything! I’m going to show you a few of my favorite items, starting with Historical Characters 🙂


Kit’s Candy-Making Set- Oh, my gosh! That is one of the cutest sets AG has ever done! If it wasn’t $64, I would buy that!


Rebecca’s School Play Set- This is such a pretty costume! The colors are great on Rebecca! But, seriously, AG? Why is your favorite price $64 right now? 😕


Kaya’s Jingle Dress of Today- It’s. PINK! I love pink!! I am SOO happy to see new items for the Historicals! Especially for Kaya, since her collection is so small. And sadly, this is $64, too…


Caroline’s Hairstyling Set- SO CUTE!! If you go on the site and see this piece in her hair you will love it!! It’s $18 and I really think I’m going to buy it 🙂


Rebecca’s Hairstyling Set- A curling iron!! I really want this set, too! It’s $20, so I’ll have to think if I’m going to buy this or not 😉
Now on to the My American Girl stuff!


Rainy Day Outfit for Dolls- Well, the entire set is $58, which is just too much. So, I will probably buy the coat by itself for $24. The coat would probably be the thing I use most from this set anyways 😉


Happy Birthday Outfit and Accessories for Dolls- SO CUTE! I love the little present and the tiara! And since it’s almost my birthday, I think I should buy this, Hehe! The whole set is $48.


Dining Table and Accessories- This is actually really cute, but I like the chairs better without the cushions. The table and chairs are $95 and the accessories are $34.


Egg Decorating Set- OOOOH, my gosh!! How much cuter could this be?!? It’s $32, but it is SO cute that I think I might be buying this! I probably won’t have enough money to buy everything, but it’s still fun to dream, LOL! 🙂
Now let’s move on to the Bittys!


Twirly Tiered Dress for Dolls- This is such a sweet outfit! I really like the silver with the pink 🙂 This is $28.


Beach Chair- This is for the Bitty Twins, but I wonder if it would work with the 18″? It is really cute! This is $26.


Sun and Sand Play Set- This is absolutely adorable!! I LOVE the little floaties (or water wings, hehe!)!!! This set is $28.

Now there also a few new books that I like!

F8242_main_2 F8299_main_2

The Traveler’s Tricks: A Caroline Mystery and A Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery- These both sound really good! Don’t know if I’ll buy them, but I definitely wanna read them someday 🙂 They are each $6.95


Doll Photo Shoot- This is such a cute kit!!! I REALLY want this!! This is $21.99.

Be sure to check out everything new from AG  HERE! And be sure to explore the site a little because not everything new is under the “New” tab 😉

What do you think of the new release?

A Special Photoshoot For Saige

Today marks the beginning of a new year and for AG fans such as ourselves, that means one GOTY leaves and a new one takes her place.  I originally planned for this to be an ordinary photoshoot, but I think it can be more than that. This is a special photoshoot just for Saige. To tell her that we will always love her 🙂


Saige looks absolutely stunning in her Sparkle Dress. This outfit is so much better in person. The pictures do not do it justice.


These boots are just the cutest little things! The detail is amazing!


Here you can see the detail of the necklace and the dress. Both are so gorgeous!


And of course, the hairstyle adds to the outfit. Saige’s hair is curled and pulled back with tiny black clips. A cute style for any day!


Being the horse-lover that she is, Saige wanted Penny to be in the last couple of pictures 🙂


Saige giving Penny a kiss, aww!! <3

Do you have Saige?

Welcome, Isabelle Palmer!

Happy New Year and Welcome, Isabelle! Although we are very excited about the new Girl of the Year, we are also very sad to see Molly, Emily, and Saige be moved to the archives. They will always be missed 🙁
Anyways, I spent a long time looking through everything in Isabelle’s collection this morning and I finally chose a few things that I like.


Isabelle is a very cute doll and I like her a lot, but I am not planning on purchasing her.


Although in some pictures (like this one) she just looks so pretty and I can’t help imagining her with my dolls! But, no! I need to control myself. I don’t want her, I just think she’s really cute. 😀


Isabelle’s Accessories are very adorable. I love the purse and the arm warmers, but my favorites are the hairpin and the jacket!! The Jacket is SOOO CUTE!! Too bad the girls size is $44 😕


Isabelle’s Metallic Dress is so pretty and cute! I think my “girls” would love this 😀


Isabelle’s Coral Sweater is very cute, too. I love the color and style. I think my “girls” want this, too! But eeks! It’s very see-through, so they would have to wear something under it 😉


Isabelle’s Mix and Match Outfit #4 is so pretty and pink! Pink is my favorite color, so this is kind of perfect for me 😀


Isabelle’s Mix and Match Outfit #15 is cute, but without the Practice Top underneath. I just like the Sweater and Scrunch Pants together 😉


Isabelle’s Dance Barre is really cool! If one of my “girls” was a ballerina they would definitely need this!


WOW! Isabelle’s Studio is absolutely amazing!! I wish they sold the sewing machine and the mannequin by themselves. Hehe! 😛

Be sure to check out everything on American Girl!

Do you plan on buying Isabelle? What do you love most from her collection?

Opening A Very Special Package :)



Awwww!! Look at that beautiful girl!!


I am SO happy to finally have her! Her arms are super soft, she smells amazing, her curls are beautiful and soft, and she’s just an AMAZING doll!!! 😀 😀


Opening her Nightwear 🙂


The Nightgown is flannel and I love the pink trimmings! The robe is satin and oh, so cute! And the booties/slippers are adorable!!


The package also included this new Holiday 2013 catalog! I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure it will be great!


Now, back to Cece 😉
Her curls are absolutely amazing! I expected them to be kinda crunchy, but they’re actually very soft! 🙂


I am so excited to play with her, dress her up, and most importantly- introduce her to all of her new brothers and sisters!

Bye for now!

Felicity Takes A Stroll Through The Park- A Photoshoot


It wasn’t too hot out today, so I took my kids to the park. Felicity wanted a little photoshoot 🙂


I LOVE Felicity’s Summer Outfit! The colors, style, hat, and everything is absolutely amazing!


That’s a BIG bow! 😀


The sleeves are so cute! I just love lace and ruffles!


“Whew, it’s getting hot! I’m gonna go sit in the shade.”


“Bye everyone! I hope you like my pictures!” 🙂


My mom recently bought me the Sunny Park Scene from American Girl and I was SO excited to use it! I highly recommend this product! It’s easy to store, is great quality, and a remarkable price! If you buy it, you will NOT be disappointed!

Do you plan on purchasing one of the scenes from American Girl?

New AG Holiday Release 2013!

So, I wasn’t going to go on the computer this morning (cause I got up late), but then my mom said “Oh, yeah AG just announced all of the new Bitty Babies” And I ran to my computer to turn it on! I was so excited!! And when I was on the site I saw that they also released tons of new items for MAG and a few for the Bitty Twins, too! This has got to be one of the best days ever this year!! 😀


I think the Purple Posies Outfit is just so cute! I love those colors together and I think my Beth would look so sweet in it 🙂


Oh, my word! Just look at the face! I am in love with this Polar Bear, but I think that $30 is WAY too much money for it…


Aaah!! I’ve always wanted a Travel Seat for my babies and I think that I MUST get this one! Once again, I LOVE the colors!!


The Bitty Twins have a few new things, too! I love this Cookie Baking Set! I really would like to have this someday 🙂


Oooooh, man! Annika looks too cute in the new Polar Bear PJ’s! I really want to get these! 😀


Awww!!! I love the Fair Isle Set and Puffy Jacket! I think I’d rather get the Fair Isle Set and not the Puffy Jacket, though 😉


I think this Snow Much Fun Set is really cute! I probably won’t get this set, though- I just really like that snowman! Hehe! 😀


OK, I really like the style of the Sparkle Sequin Outfit! Look at that skirt! Isn’t that just adorable??


Look at this gorgeous dress! This is the Brocade Holiday Dress and I think it is so pretty! I think my dolls want this one… 😀


The new Salon Stylist Set is adorable! I think my girls would have so much fun with this 🙂


Now, the last thing- the Spa Chair!! This is absolutely amazing! I would really like to get this someday (as I love to do my doll’s hair)! But knowing that it’s $110 I think I’ll have to pass on this one 😉

Be sure to check out everything new at americangirl.com!

What do you think of the new release? Do you like the new Bitty Baby line? I’d love to know your opinions on everything!

I Got An American Girl Outfit!

You all know about the sale going on at AG, right? You can save up to 70% OFF on everything!
So, I think it was the day the sale was put up that my mom (she’s so awesome) bought me the Fashion Tee and Pants (for dolls) and Coconut PJ’s (for me)!
The package came sometime last week and I put the Fashion outfit on Annika right away! She looks so adorable and I just have to share some pictures!


This outfit is just TOO CUTE! It comes with some pink capris and a white t-shirt with a design at the chest.


Close up of the design. I think it looks like a flower made out of stars- LOL!


On the right leg there’s a pocket and a little star graphic.


The left sleeve has a little tag-ish thing that says: “American Girl Fashion Show”
I wonder if it’s from some special event?


Annika wanted to pose for one last silly picture- Hehe! 😀

What do you think of the outfit? Did you buy anything from their sale?

P.S. If you’re interested in buying something from their sale section- it’s still going on! Just follow the link:

Saige’s Movie Trailer!

I’m SO excited! Saige’s movie trailer is out on americangirl.com!
Here’s the link:

[It’s on that page near the bottom!]

Also I found out on http://www.americangirlfan.com that the release date is July 2nd! That’s just 3 months away!!!

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for her movie? Do you think you’ll buy it when it’s released?
I’m definitely excited for it! I love it when AG makes movies for the dolls!

Review of Saige’s Painting Set!!

Hello! I hope you’re all having a great day so far! I think it’s time for another review! A review of Saige’s Painting Set!! Here we go!


Here’s a picture of all the wonderful items included in this set.


The easel is so amazing! It’s plastic that looks like wood and is great quality. The little gap pictured is to attach the cup which holds the paint brushes. And that little tab looking-thing is another gap to put the paintings in!


The easel easel-y (hehe- get it?) latches open and closed.


Here are the 5 tubes of paint! I love how they’re all squeezed differently! Hmm.. Saige must really like the yellow!


The set comes with 4 paint brushes in different sizes. I love the brushes because they’re just like REAL mini brushes! They’re so soft!!


Here’s the little cup that holds the brushes. See the little ball? That’s how it hooks on to the easel!


The painting palette is so cute! The little hole is where Saige’s thumb goes to hold it, but I have her hold it in that gap cause it looks more realistic. If she holds it in the hole (thinking realistically) all the paint would be spilling on the floor! If it’s in the gap- not so much 😉 Hmm.. The yellow paint tube is squeezed more- yet I see more black on there, don’t you?


The set comes with a little drawing pad. It has pages of real paper so you COULD draw on it- but don’t.  If you did then Saige wouldn’t be able to “draw” anything else 😉


The art portfolio is so cute! The black elastic just slips over the front so you can get the drawings out.


All the beautiful drawings inside! They’re all so beautiful!


This has to be my favorite one! Look at that detail! I wonder if these are drawings of what the REAL Saige drew?


All 5 paintings on real canvas!! The quality and the detail just blows me away! AG did a great job with these!


These are my 2 favorite paintings! SO PRETTY!


And at a corner of each painting is Saige’s initials and the year. So cool!

That’s the end of our review! Everything in this is just AMAZING! Yes, it may be expensive for a little set like this BUT- you’re paying for the quality! I say that about alot of their products and it’s so true! All the drawings and paintings are so beautiful! My Saige is so happy to have this set!
If you’ve been struggling on whether or not to buy this, I hope I helped you decide!
Have a great rest of your day!

Baking Table And Accessories Review!

I had a request from my friend Emma to do another review- so I thought about what I had and thought it’d be so cool to review the Baking Table & Treats Set and Baking Accessories!!

IMG_7839 - Copy

Here’s our first picture! The Baking Table is super good quality! Very sturdy and heavy.


Here is the door (or your doll might call it a cupboard) that holds all of the supplies and food! It holds everything from the Baking Table Set and the Baking Accessories with room to spare!


Look how deep that is! Crazy, huh?


The other end has the little towel rack and 2 pegs to hold the oven mitt and hot pad.


IMG_7840 - Copy

Here’s a picture of everything all set up and ready to be reviewed!


The table runner is very pretty but I could do without.


AG <3


Pretty flowers embroidered on 🙂


The Mitt and Hot Pad are amazing! AG made these great! They slip on your dolls hands perfectly and they’re super cute!


Here’s the towel- another great quality item. It’s just like a real towel!


Look at that- so real!


The Cupcake Mix box has something in it to make it a little heavy as if there’s stuff inside! Love it!


The icing bag…


has to be one of my favorites! I love how it’s squishy!


The sprinkles are really cute! The cap doesn’t come off which is a good thing since the sprinkles are like little sequins!

IMG_7856 - Copy

The wooden spoon is amazing! It has such a real wood look and is so cute and tiny!


The Mixing Bowl is great but I wish the dolls could really hold on to it while they’re baking.

IMG_7852 - Copy

Here’s the Muffin Pan! It’s plastic but looks like metal! It’s super cute! And the dolls can sorta hold it!

IMG_7841 - Copy

On to the food! There are 2 Rice Krispy Treats but looks like 4 because they’re attached together. And there are 2 cookies and plates.

IMG_7843 - Copy

The cookies look SO REAL!! The jelly is amazing and I love the powdered sugar on top! (at least- I think it’s powdered sugar :P) These are my favorite!!!

IMG_7845 - Copy

Close up of the Rice Krispy Treats. See how they’re attached? These look so real too! I wanna eat them every time I look at them! 

IMG_7853 - Copy

Truffles!! They’re so tiny and cute and look good enough to eat as well!

IMG_7854 - Copy

Out of the box. They’re all attached too for choking hazard.

IMG_7847 - Copy

Ok, now I don’t like cupcakes anymore but these make me want to eat some SOOOO BAD! They look so delicious! These have to be my favorite out of the whole set! (I think- LOL!)

IMG_7849 - Copy

The Cupcake Stand is so cute! It looks so elegant! I think my dolls are gonna have to open a bakery sometime 😉


LAST THING! The Apron! The apron is absolutely adorable! I love the colors of it! It has 2 pockets and velcros in back so it’s super easy to slip on and off.

Well, thus ends our review! (LOL)

It’s all amazing and I’m so grateful to finally have it! I love the colors, I love the realistic-ness of it, and everything! It may be a lot of money but you get SO much and the quality is incredible! This is something I would rate AG 5 stars for! And this will provide years of playtime since you can use the food and the table for so many different things. If you’ve been considering  buying this- I wouldn’t hesitate! Go buy it cause it’s AMAZING!!! If you just want the Baking Table that’s fine but I highly recommend getting the accessories too! It adds so much more and I’m so glad I bought it too!

Do you have the Baking Table? What are your thoughts about it?

Have a great day!

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