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Christmas Pictures!

Today I took the girls to get their Christmas photos taken! I think they turned out SO cute!


Here are my 4 oldest girls, Annika, Addy, Josefina, and Felicity.


My 3 middle girls, Kirsten, Saige, and Kanani.


And my four youngest, Caroline, Cecile, Marie-Grace, and Rebecca. I also had a few more pictures taken as well.


Annika looking at the giant silver ornament  (I think she looks SO pretty here, don’t you?)


Felicity and Kirsten 🙂



And last, but not least…


ALL of my girls together!! I absolutely LOVE this! I think I’m going to have it framed, hehe! 😀

Are you going to *take* your dolls to have Christmas photos taken? 

My Christmas List Typed Out

Tonight I typed up my Christmas Wishlist. I went through EVERY PAGE (except for some of the book pages) and typed the item I wanted and the price. I thought it would be fun to share it with you 🙂

1. Samantha
2. Nellie
3. Kaya- $110

HC and GOTY stuff:

Caroline’s Travel Outfit- $28

Caroline’s Spencer and Hat- $24

Cecile’s Accessories- $24

Cecile’s Special Dress- $28

Marie-Grace’s Party Outfit- $34

Cecile’s Parlor Outfit- $28

Rebecca’s Robe and Slipper’s- $24

Rebecca’s Movie Dress- $32

Rebecca’s Lace Dress- $32

Saige’s Tunic Outfit- $28

Saige’s Horse- $94

Saige’s Sparkle Dress- $30

MAG Stuff:

Fair Isle Set- $30

Cozy Sweater Outfit- $28

Tropical Bloom Outfit- $28

Weekend Fun Outfit- $30

Easy Breezy Outfit- $28

Western Riding Outfit- $30

Brocade Holiday Dress- $36

Plaid Party Dress- $30

Delicious Breakfast- $58

Paint Filly- $48

Styling Chair- $60

Hair Care Kit- $20

Pepper Pet Set- $22

Doll Boutique- $21.99

Marie-Grace Makes a Difference- $6.95

Cecile’s Gift- $6.95

So, tell me what you think 🙂

Trunk or Treat~ Part 2

Oh, my! I am so silly! I didn’t seperate the parts right, so now there are only three pictures in this post. Sorry about that! 😛


Felicity was having so much fun with her little brother and sister. Jeremy was doing the Ring Toss, but wasn’t having much luck. Janie and Lissie were cheering him on!


“Yay! Good job, Owmie (Jeremy’s nickname)! You won some candy!” Lissie said.


Josefina and Merida had fun playing the Fishing Game together. And Kirsten helped Bella with the Ball Toss while Addy, Mickey, and Minnie watched Rebecca do the Ring Toss. It was such a fun night and we have a huge bowl full of candy!
Now that Halloween is over, me and the girls are getting extremely excited for Christmas!! Aren’t you? 😀

Trunk or Treat~ Part 1


Halloween day I was super busy getting ALL of my kids in their costumes, doing their hair, etc. Then finally it was time to go the Trunk or Treat at our church!

When we arrived I had a little talk with my girls:
“You may all go off and enjoy the games. And Whoever takes any of the toddlers with them, be sure to hold their hands and keep a good eye on them. Oh! And one last thing, stay where I can see you.”

Caroline and Cecile took Rapunzel, Ellie, and Snow with them to play some games.
“Hey, look! That fishing game looks like fun!” Cecile said.


“Make a wish for a candy flavor NOT an actual candy” Caroline read. “So, make a wish for a candy flavor you like, Cece!”

“Hmm.. I wish for a peanut butter candy!” Cecile said aloud.


“Yum!! It’s a peanut butter snickers!!” Cecile was very excited!


Meanwhile, Annika had her hands full with Caleb and Kendra…

“Now, Caleb, you have to throw the ball through those holes, okay?” Annika tried to explain the game to him.

“No! I kick!” Caleb yelled.

“Heow, Caweb. I do it!” Kendra offered to show Caleb how to do it.

“No, NO! I KICK!” Caleb yelled back.

“No, no, Caweb! THWO! Kendra yelled, she was getting annoyed.


“Kendra, why don’t we let Caleb try the game first, okay?” Annika suggested.

“Yeah! No, Kenwa pway!” Caleb yelled.


“NOOOO, NOOO!!” Kendra screamed as she tackled Caleb.



“NOOO, CAWEB!!” Caleb and Kendra were screaming like crazy!


“CALEB! Get off of her!” Annika said, pulling Caleb off of Kendra.


“Kendra, what were you doing? Why did you start hitting Caleb?” Annika asked firmly and Kendra started to cry. Caleb just stood there, his cheeks red from anger and his hair a mess from fighting.


Annika took Kendra in her arms and calmed her down.
“Now, Kendra all you did was make Caleb angry. And Caleb all you did was make Kendra cry. Can you both say sorry?” Annika asked.


“Owwy, Kenwa..” Caleb said even though he was still mad.


“Owwy, Caweb…” Kendra said, although she was still very upset.


Annika fixed up Caleb’s hair and put on his hat. Then as she was putting on Kendra’s shoe, Kanani, Saige, and Marie-Grace showed up.

“Annika, what happened?” Saige asked.

“Can’t you guess?” Annika joked.

“Caleb and Kendra had a fight?” Kanani guessed.

“Yep!” Annika answered.

“Oh, goodness! Can’t they EVER get along?” Marie-Grace said.

“No, I don’t think so!” Kanani said and they all laughed.

“We’re gonna do the ball toss, you wanna come?” Saige asked.

“No, I don’t think so. That’s what they just fought about.” Annika laughed, “Thanks anyways!”


Saige threw two balls through the holes and won 2 pieces of candy!


“We have SO much candy!” Marie-Grace said.

“I can’t wait to eat it all when we get home!” Kanani joked and the girls giggled.

This is where we’re gonna end Part 1! Look for Part 2 coming tomorrow!



I brought out ALL of my dolls (except for the babies) today. It took me 5 trips to bring them all out! 😀
It also probably took me a total of 5 hours to get this photostory (including the other parts) made. I hope you all like it so far! 🙂

New AG Holiday Release 2013!

So, I wasn’t going to go on the computer this morning (cause I got up late), but then my mom said “Oh, yeah AG just announced all of the new Bitty Babies” And I ran to my computer to turn it on! I was so excited!! And when I was on the site I saw that they also released tons of new items for MAG and a few for the Bitty Twins, too! This has got to be one of the best days ever this year!! 😀


I think the Purple Posies Outfit is just so cute! I love those colors together and I think my Beth would look so sweet in it 🙂


Oh, my word! Just look at the face! I am in love with this Polar Bear, but I think that $30 is WAY too much money for it…


Aaah!! I’ve always wanted a Travel Seat for my babies and I think that I MUST get this one! Once again, I LOVE the colors!!


The Bitty Twins have a few new things, too! I love this Cookie Baking Set! I really would like to have this someday 🙂


Oooooh, man! Annika looks too cute in the new Polar Bear PJ’s! I really want to get these! 😀


Awww!!! I love the Fair Isle Set and Puffy Jacket! I think I’d rather get the Fair Isle Set and not the Puffy Jacket, though 😉


I think this Snow Much Fun Set is really cute! I probably won’t get this set, though- I just really like that snowman! Hehe! 😀


OK, I really like the style of the Sparkle Sequin Outfit! Look at that skirt! Isn’t that just adorable??


Look at this gorgeous dress! This is the Brocade Holiday Dress and I think it is so pretty! I think my dolls want this one… 😀


The new Salon Stylist Set is adorable! I think my girls would have so much fun with this 🙂


Now, the last thing- the Spa Chair!! This is absolutely amazing! I would really like to get this someday (as I love to do my doll’s hair)! But knowing that it’s $110 I think I’ll have to pass on this one 😉

Be sure to check out everything new at americangirl.com!

What do you think of the new release? Do you like the new Bitty Baby line? I’d love to know your opinions on everything!

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all had a great day! 🙂


Rebecca- “Hello everybody! Happy 4th of July! I had a nice day today- our entire family went swimming and we had relay races, regular races, and played other fun games! And mommy even made me a special outfit to wear!” 😀


Here are the sandals that I made this morning for Rebecca. I think the red button gives a cute extra *pop* 🙂


I crocheted this Halter Top and a pair of Shorts for Rebecca to wear, as well.


When I saw how the outfit was coming together- I just had to make a headband to match!


I also made her an American Flag to hold! I’ll be showing you how to make  one soon 🙂


Behind the Scenes pic!

My mom secretly took this picture of me setting up Rebecca. There was a breeze so I was trying to keep her from falling over 😛

Well, that’s all for now! Rebecca and I hope you all had a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate?

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! To celebrate I am having a discount on my Etsy shop!


Use coupon code MEMORIAL13 at checkout to receive 10% OFF your purchase of $20 or more!

Enjoy! And I hope you all have a fantastic day! 🙂

What do you do to celebrate on Memorial Day?


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! And you know, us kids who have AG dolls and pretend that we’re their mom- we’re mom’s too! So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you AG owners, too! Hehe!

Moms are so amazing! My mom has always been there for us and if there was a sport or something, that we wanted to do- she’d make it happen! Thanks to her I get to go horse back riding and thanks to her I have this blog! She is the greatest mom ever and I love her so much! Thank You, God for giving me such an amazing, talented, creative,  funny, and caring mommy 🙂 

Now go spend time with your mom! Cherish each and every day with her 🙂
What is something very special to you about your mom?

Good Friday Photostory

Happy Good Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for Easter and it’s just in 2 days! Yay!
My dolls are having fun preparing for Easter in a bunch of different ways. Take a look!

Saige and Caroline are going through the outfits trying to figure out who’s gonna wear what on Sunday. Felicity is helping them decide.


Kanani and Marie-Grace getting the plates out for all the desserts and fun foods we’re going to have!


Josefina ready to pop the last batch of cupcakes in the oven.


Rebecca frosting the cupcakes! Don’t they look SO good?


Kirsten making Rice Krispy Treats! I love those!


“Josefina! You don’t have an apron on! You’re gonna ruin Rebecca’s dress!” Addy said, in her “older” tone.
“Oh, Addy! I’m fine! I’m putting the last batch in right now and then I’m done! I don’t need to put an  apron on just for that!” Josefina replied, a little annoyed.
“Well, still. Next time put it on, ok?”
“Aye, yi, yi! Alright! Josefina replied once again- annoyed.


“I’m so excited for the egg hunt! I wonder what kind of candy we’ll get?” Kirsten wondered trying to change the subject.


“I don’t know, but I hope we get lots and lots! I hope it’s a beautiful day on Sunday!” Josefina said, getting very excited herself.

“Girls! Come on, gather round! I have something to tell you.” I said.
So they all gathered round and I made my announcement.


“Girls, I know you’ve been looking forward to Easter and the egg hunt, but it’s supposed to rain. So I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel the egg hunt.” I said feeling so sorry for my girls.


” Oh no! What will we do?”
“Will we still get candy?”
“I’ve been looking forward to it for so long!”
“My first Easter here and I can’t have an Egg hunt.” They all said and questioned. Then Rebecca spoke,


“I have an idea! Since we can’t have an egg hunt outside doesn’t mean we can’t have an egg hunt inside! There’s enough room so, why not?” She said trying to cheer up her sisters.


“Rebecca, that’s a wonderful idea!”
“We get to have an egg hunt after all!”
“You’re the best, Rebecca!”
Many hugs were passed to her that day! They were all so happy to get to have their egg hunt after all!


“It IS a wonderful idea, Rebecca! So now that that’s all settled- can we eat some cookies?” Josefina said in her silly mood. And everyone laughed and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Are your dolls doing any preparing for Easter today? Have you ever had an indoor egg hunt?
Have a great day everyone!!

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