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Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts

Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts ~ How Long Can We Stare At Each Other Without Laughing?

WHOOO!! We FINALLY have a new Q&A up to share with you! YAY US! XD

Cookie (Emma) edited the video (which is why this up so quickly…heh) and she did a great job! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it! 😀

I’m not sure when we will post a new one, but you can leave some new questions in the comments down below and we will choose some to answer next time! 🙂

Thanks for watching! 😀




Today I’ll be at Emma’s house and we are going to make a Q&A video (ha, remember those? XD ) so I just wanted to make a quick post asking you to please leave some questions for us down below! It’s been such a long time since our last video so I’m sure a lot of the questions will be out of date, but we will likely choose some old ones and some new ones 🙂

*looks for a decent pic of me and Emma to insert into post* *fails because we look psycho in all our selfies* *decides not to insert picture* 

We are both so excited to make another video and hope you are, too! We can’t do it without questions, though, so ask away! ;D

“See” you soon!


Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts ~ Star Wars is Awesome

Hi everyone! You read that title correctly – after over a year (Ugh, so, so sorry!), Emma and I finally have another Q&A video for all of you! HOORAY!! 😀

Just a warning, at the end we start screaming, so you may have to turn down your volume when you near the end….. XD

I hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to leave more questions in the comments down below. We’ll try our best not to make you wait nearly as long for the next one 😉
Oh! Did you like the commercial break? We thought it would be funny, so be sure to leave us some feedback on that. If you want more of those, we’ll definitely see what we can do 🙂

Also, Masquerade will most likely be up on Saturday! 😀

Bye for now!


Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts~ Dreaming of Custom Dolls

YES! My Q&A with Emma is here at last!! You can watch below or on my YouTube channel. Link to my YouTube is on the left sidebar 🙂

Please remember to leave more questions down below! We are so excited to answer them! 😀


A Little Change

As you all may know, I posted a while back about starting “Jaclynn’s Q&A” and I had some troubles with getting it started. Then just recently they got fixed 🙂


But then I had been thinking a lot about how fun it would be to do the Q&A with my friend, Emma, that way you could get to know both of us a little more! And I really thought it was meant to be when Emma talked about doing a Q&A together. So we have officially decided to do a Q&A together!!! YAY!! 😀

We will be doing it at least once a month and we will be choosing questions from my post “Jaclynn’s Q&A”, but if you have some more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments on this post! We are both really excited to answer your questions! 😀

Have a nice day!

~Jaclynn’s Q&A~

Hi girls!!

I have been thinking about doing a Q&A for a long time now and I have finally decided to do it!!! Isn’t that exciting? 😀

So here’s how it works:
1. In the comments you ask me any question you’d like, but please do not asking anything too personal like “Where do you live?” and please don’t ask anything bad or inappropriate. If anyone asks a question like that, the comment will not be published.

2. On Saturday I will pick some questions to answer and will post them along with my answers.

It’s as simple as that! I can’t wait to see your questions and to answer them at the end of the week!! 🙂

Have fun!!

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