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Photo Shoots

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I Got An American Girl Outfit!

You all know about the sale going on at AG, right? You can save up to 70% OFF on everything!
So, I think it was the day the sale was put up that my mom (she’s so awesome) bought me the Fashion Tee and Pants (for dolls) and Coconut PJ’s (for me)!
The package came sometime last week and I put the Fashion outfit on Annika right away! She looks so adorable and I just have to share some pictures!


This outfit is just TOO CUTE! It comes with some pink capris and a white t-shirt with a design at the chest.


Close up of the design. I think it looks like a flower made out of stars- LOL!


On the right leg there’s a pocket and a little star graphic.


The left sleeve has a little tag-ish thing that says: “American Girl Fashion Show”
I wonder if it’s from some special event?


Annika wanted to pose for one last silly picture- Hehe! 😀

What do you think of the outfit? Did you buy anything from their sale?

P.S. If you’re interested in buying something from their sale section- it’s still going on! Just follow the link:

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all had a great day! :)


Rebecca- “Hello everybody! Happy 4th of July! I had a nice day today- our entire family went swimming and we had relay races, regular races, and played other fun games! And mommy even made me a special outfit to wear!” 😀


Here are the sandals that I made this morning for Rebecca. I think the red button gives a cute extra *pop* :)


I crocheted this Halter Top and a pair of Shorts for Rebecca to wear, as well.


When I saw how the outfit was coming together- I just had to make a headband to match!


I also made her an American Flag to hold! I’ll be showing you how to make  one soon :)


Behind the Scenes pic!

My mom secretly took this picture of me setting up Rebecca. There was a breeze so I was trying to keep her from falling over 😛

Well, that’s all for now! Rebecca and I hope you all had a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate?

Photoshoot of Annika & Her Friend Cecile

The day I got Annika I went straight to my friends house to play with our new dolls. When we were leaving I noticed how beautiful their front yard was for picture taking. I just had to take some pictures!


I love this one! She looks so beautiful :)


Taking a walk through the yard.


Looks like she’s day dreaming- “Annika, can you look at me, please?”


“Thank you, sweetie.” :)


Picking some flowers.


She posed for a picture-


– And Cecile joined, too!


On their way to check the mail Cecile got a bit distracted, “WOW! What’s that?!?” Cecile exclaimed.


“Oh, it’s a basketball hoop!” Annika answered.

“It’s SO BIG!!” Cecile exclaimed again.


Cecile checking the mail :)


“It’s just my size!!” Annika exclaimed. She says she want to watch Narnia- Hehe!


“Cece! Get down! You could fall and hurt yourself!” Annika said.


They posed for their final picture. I think it’s so sweet :)

*Note- I am so shocked that I took my brand new doll outside and placed her on the ground!! I don’t know what came over me!! I must be coming out of my shell- Hehe!* 😀


Country Saige Photo Shoot!

Howdy! So, I’ve been playing country/prairie (or whatever you wanna call it), with my dolls today. It was the first time I’d played this with Saige and I have to show you some pictures of how ADORABLE she looks!


Isn’t she SO CUTE?!?!? She is wearing a retired outfit of Addy’s (I don’t know the name-hehe), Saige’s Meet Boots, and her Parade Hat!


Beautiful girl :)


I love her curls! I’m obsessed with them- LOL!


“Could you please gather the eggs for me?” Asked Ma.
“Yes’m!” Answered Saige.


“Now that I’ve gathered the eggs, I have to bring them back to the house for Ma. Bye ya’ll!”

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Have you ever played country with your doll(s) before? What do you like to play with your doll(s)?

American Girl Doll Fashion Show!

Hello everyone and welcome to our first American Girl Fashion Show! I’m you’re host, Jaclynn here with 4 beautiful contestants. Now, to carry on- here is out first contestant, all the way from New Mexico- Miss Josefina Montoya!


Miss Montoya is wearing a royal blue skirt with a white top underneath. It has ruffles on the sleeves and at at the neck. She is also wearing a jean vest- also with some ruffles.


This is a beautiful outfit for Spring or Summer :)

Now onto our next contestant, all the way way from- oh! That’s funny! She’s from New Mexico, too! Well, please welcome- Miss Saige Copeland!


What a gorgeous outfit! Miss Copeland is wearing a black and plum purple dress with a royal blue cape/coat. There is alot of detail on this outfit!


The cape is very long, going all the way down to the floor. Miss Copeland looks ready to go to a Christmas Ball!

Now please welcome, all the way from New Orleans- Miss Marie-Grace Gardner!


Miss Gardner is a wearing a short dress with beautiful flower designs. With this dress she is wearing white tights and silver, glittery shoes.


This outfit is perfect for Summer or Spring!

Now for our last contestant! Please welcome, all the way from Hawai’i, Miss Kanani Akina!


Miss Akina is wearing a warm, fluffy, white dress with snow flakes. She is also wearing some knitted striped tights, off white boots, and a matching beret!


She looks ready to go in the snow!


Now it is up to our judges to decide who is the Grand Prize Winner of our First American Girl Fashion Show. Do you know who our judges are? That’s right! YOU get to vote on who YOU liked the best- just comment below with the name of who you wish to vote for. Will it be:
The Charming Miss Montoya
The Elegant Miss Copeland
The Lovely Miss Gardner
Or The Radiant Miss Akina?
The voting will end on Friday, April 19th at 10:00AM PST. (If you don’t know what time that would be at for you- just ask your parents ;))
Have FUN!

Happy Birthday, Addy!

Today is Addy’s birthday! I want to wish a very happy birthday to my Addy- and to all of the other wonderful Addy’s out there!

Pretty birthday girl <3


Smelling one of her birthday flowers…



Do you have Addy? How did you celebrate today?

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