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Photo Shoots

Finally Some Bokeh~ A Photoshoot

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share with you the photoshoot I did on Christmas with my new camera! YAY! 😀

Oh, also, sorry the title seems so wacko. I was completely clueless on what to name this post XD


You may notice that Riven-Delle is wearing Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit! Well, my mom had bought it for me for Christmas, but then she realized she had spent too much money on me (with the camera 😉 ) and so I bought it from her! :)

My camera really captures the natural colors so well! It amazes me!

B-b-bokeh…? :O

I am so happy with how these pictures turned out! I can’t wait to take more pictures with my camera! 😀

Can you see a difference in my pictures?


Hi-Yah!~ A Photoshoot

Hiiii!! Wow, I’m so happy to be posting on here again! Thank you all SO much for your prayers while I was sick! It really helped and I am completely well now! 😀

Anyway, right before I got sick, I got a new doll! Are you ready to meet her? Okay, then here she is!

Hehehehehe! I’m horrible, I know. You’re probably like, SHOW HER FACE!! XD

Here she is! Meet Mulan! 😀

I have wanted Mulan for a long time, so I was so happy when she went on sale and I was able to buy her! Isn’t she so cute? 😀

I think she will be very reserved. She looks like that kind of girl, huh?


Look at LITTLE BROTHER!!! AGH! I just adore him!! 😀


Here is an overview of her outfit. I like it all except for the pants… There’s just something about the way they lay 😉

The details on her shirt are amazing! I love all the blossoms and branches! Can’t you just hear the beginning music of Mulan and see the branches and blossoms taking form? Oh gosh, now I wanna watch that movie XD



I think that this is one my favorite pics of her! She looks so adorable :)
Alrighty, well that’s the end of this photoshoot! And also, I’m sorry I haven’t posted a photostory for a while. Things have just been so busy and photoshoots are the easiest post for me to make during a busy time like this. When things calm down I’ll try to get a photostory up :)

Also, my craft fair is this Friday! Eek! I have so much left to do… At least I’ll have a couple new outfits to show :)

What are your thoughts on Mulan?

I hope you all have a great day!


Freckled Beauty~ A Photoshoot

Hey everyone! I hope you all aren’t tired of photoshoots cause I’ve got another one for you! 😉

Shelby-Grace requested a photoshoot of Trulyme #55, in other words, my Annika, so since I had been feeling like taking pics of her already, I decided to do a photoshoot of Annika today! 😀


Her beautiful hazel eyes :) 

So, I had taken a full body picture, but it didn’t look good, so I’m sorry to say that there is no full body pic… But she is wearing the sandals from Grace’s Opening Night Outfit :)



This might be my favorite picture… 😀




Isn’t Annika so pretty? I feel like she may be one of the most popular TM dolls! I just feel like so many people have or want her! It’s quite understandable though. She is so beautiful and her coloring and- AGH! She’s just so pretty! 😀

I hope you enjoyed the photos!  

Who’s your favorite Trulyme doll?


GOTY Swap~ A Photoshoot

So the other day when I posted the photoshoot of Julie, I asked for suggestions of who I should take a photoshoot of. Julia suggested Jess and Peace suggested Kanani, and also using Lizzy’s suggestion for using more than one doll in a photoshoot again, I bring to you GOTY Swap! 😀

I always loved shots like these. I think they’re just so cute! :) And do you see now why I called this photoshoot GOTY Swap? 😉

I think they look so adorable in each other’s meet outfits!! Kanani in Orange, Jess in blue- agh! 😀

Kanani is so beautiful! <3

Jess is so adorable!!!

I didn’t realize I took so many of Jess… Oopsie! 😉


Yes, they’re both barefoot. I thought it matched their look 😉

Aren’t they adorable?! 😀

I hope you liked the photoshoot! :)

Psst! Emma posted the next part up Sadie’s Hope last night! Be sure to check it out by clicking here :)

Ruby Red~ A Photoshoot

Hey everyone! So today it was kinda cool out and I decided to go out back and take some pictures of Julie who has been requiring some much needed attention 😉

I really love this picture for some reason! The angle and the lighting are just so cool in a way :)

I love this one, too! She just looks so pretty! :)

You’ll probably notice that all the long grass is gone. It’s sort of bittersweet for me, as I’ll miss the long beautiful grass to take pics in front of, but it’s also nice to have a change :)

Oh my gosh, Julie, you’re killing me! XD

And here is when she fell over…

O.o Is it just me or is she like an amazingly beautiful doll?! Maybe I’m just realizing how beautiful she is once again XD



I love this one cause her hair is blowing! 😀

*said in a super dramatic commercial voice* Thus ends this photoshoot entitled Ruby Red featuring the lovely model Julie Albright.
I don’t know where that came from… I’m so tired LOL! I hope you enjoyed the photoshoot! Be sure to let me know which one was your favorite, too! :)

Who would you like to see a photoshoot of next?


Maryellen’s Birthday Dress~ Another Photoshoot

I’m really sorry about all the photoshoots lately, but I am really planning to put the next part of Masquerade up tomorrow :)

Anyways, you might have heard that I won Maryellen’s Birthday Dress in Madison’s giveaway! Well, it arrived today and it is SO STINKIN’ GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much again, Madi!! I love it SOOO much!!! 😀

On with the photoshoot!

The colors of the dress and shoes and just everything is so pretty! And it looks just fabulous on Maryellen! 😀

Oh, just an FYI- this is a long photoshoot and I got kinda experimantal with angles and whatnot so just be prepared for that 😉

Doesn’t her hair look amazing up against the green?! AAAAH!


I love how cute and simple the headband is! Of course there was a ginormous tag on it that had to be removed… Why AG? LOL!


The contrast of pink in this outfit is so pretty! The little rose adds just the perfect touch :)

And all the tulle is just gorgeous as well!

Okay, these shoes are adorable!!! I love the white bows 😀

Maryellen and I love this outfit to pieces and we recommend it 100%! I have no complaints about this outfit whatsoever! It’s gorgeous (as I’ve probably stated a gazillion times by now XD ) and is made of a great quality! I can see the Velcro snagging the dress, though, so I’d just be careful with that if I were you 😉











Well’p, that’s all for today! I think Maryellen is definitely getting a new profile picture. She just looks so beautiful, doesn’t she? 😀

Thanks again, Madi! I can’t tell you how much I love this outfit! :)

Which picture was your favorite?


Think Tink

Along with my Periwinkle Barbie sized doll, I also got the Disney Animator’s Collection Tinkerbell Toddler Doll! She is so stinkin’ adorable and so fun to take pictures of! Prepare for a kinda long photoshoot of adorableness 😉

Isn’t she just so cute?! You may be thinking that her bangs are weird and I thought they were a little weird, too, but now I’ve gotten used to them :) Oh, and a quick story, when I first opened up Tinkerbell and was taking her out of the box- her head popped off and rolled onto the floor! It was the saddest thing ever! But Disney sent us a replacement so now I sorta have two Tinkerbell’s. I’m not sure what we’re doing with the broken one yet LOL!

Agh! Her face!!


As if Tink wasn’t cute enough, look at her cute little Croccy plush!!! AAAAH!!! :O

I love the little pom poms!

I love how the Animator doll’s heads are so poseable! It makes for great pictures! :)

Aren’t the wings just too cute?! They are plastic and attached to the dress, in case you were wondering :)

EEE! Her little ears!!

Tink + Croccy = <3

That’s all for this photoshoot! I’ll try to get her added to the “Meet My Non-AG Dolls” page soon! 😀

What are your thoughts on the Disney Animator’s Collection Dolls?


Beautiful In Blue~ A Photoshoot of Cecile

Hi there! How have you all been lately? I’ve been pretty good, but feeling kinda meh today, but I’m not gonna let that stop me from making a post for you :)

I took these pictures of Cecile a week or two ago and I just have to say, I love how they turned out! She looks so adorable 😀




Isn’t is so sad that Cecile is retired now? I mean, she is such a gorgeous doll :(


She looks so great in Grace’s Travel Coat! I can’t even handle it LOL!






Just wondering, do any of your dolls have this weird eye problem? I think her eyes are too far back or something, cause there’s like some weird green plastic-y thing showing…


Well, that’s all for now! I’ll get another post up soon :)

What are your thoughts on Cecile? Do you wish she was still available?


Here’s a bonus picture!


I thought this looked too beautiful not to take picture! :)

Introducing Periwinkle!

Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I had to take pictures for new business cards and it took FOREVER :(

Anyways, here’s a photoshoot of my new Periwinkle Disney doll! 😀


She’s so cute and looks so much like Periwinkle from the Tinkerbell movies! 😀





I love the shoes!!! 😀




I really like this one! :)



Well, that’s all for this photoshoot! These were the first pictures I took with my iPhone and I just love how they came out! 😀

I hope ya’ll (LOL! Where did that come from? XD) didn’t mind having a photoshoot of a non-AG doll, but I’ve got one of Cecile coming up soon! :)

Do you like the Tinkerbell movies?

Have a great day!


Deception~ A Photoshoot of Jake & Victoria

Ahoy! T’day be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Can ye believe that this here be the third anniversary of when I made me first swashbuckler photostory series?! Wish I’d known that TLAPD were comin’ up so soon. I had wanted t’start me next pirate series, but now it’ll have t’wait 😉

Okay, I’ll stop talking like a pirate now LOL! So today I have a lyrics photoshoot featuring Victoria and Jake! The song is “One Of Us” from The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. :)






Evil as plain as the scowl on his face (I added in scowl 😉 )


Deception (an outrage!)


Disgrace (For shame!)


He asked for trouble the moment he came


And he is not one of us


He has never been one of us


He is not part of us. Not our kind.


Someone once lied to us. 


Now we’re not so blind


For we knew he would do what he’s done and we know that he’ll never be one of us


He is not one of us







*sighs* So sad. Isn’t Jake horrible?! And awesome?! XD Well, you know, horrible then, awesome now LOL! 😀

Oh! So I got some new glasses yesterday!!! I’m really excited!! I’ve been wearing them pretty much since I got them! I don’t have to, but I do because I like them LOL! 😀

And also, I’m sorry about leaving you postless all week. There was just so much going on that I didn’t really have a chance to post. I will get the next part of Masquerade up this upcoming week! :)

TTFN! Ta-ta for now! 😉


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