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Summer Camp 2013

We’re Ready For Camp Doll Diaries!!!

Whew! Me and my mom (mostly my mom) have been working for over 2 hours making crafts for Camp Doll Diaries which starts tomorrow for me and my dolls!!! Here is a picture of all that we made:


We had to make 9 of EACH THING!!! It is so much work, but so worth it!

Have your dolls started camp yet? How are they liking it? How many dolls are at your camp?

My Cabin!

Ok, now I am not one to start doing a big cleaning job on my room at 2:00PM, but I was so excited about making the cabin, and the camp that I cleaned my room and made my cabin!!


Here’s a picture of the “relaxing corner.” Here the girls can watch TV, play checkers, or just chat!


And of course- the bunk beds! Luckily I didn’t have to set this up because it’s my dolls regualr bed. LOL! But I did have to straighten it up a bit 😉

Well, there you are! Those are 2 basic pictures of my cabin! I couldn’t get a good full shot so, sorry about that!

I’m so excited about camp and so are my girls! But they’re a little nervous about staying away from home. 
How do your girls feel about it? Are they nervous, too? Or are they all around excited? 😀

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