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Country Saige Photo Shoot!

Howdy! So, I’ve been playing country/prairie (or whatever you wanna call it), with my dolls today. It was the first time I’d played this with Saige and I have to show you some pictures of how ADORABLE she looks!


Isn’t she SO CUTE?!?!? She is wearing a retired outfit of Addy’s (I don’t know the name-hehe), Saige’s Meet Boots, and her Parade Hat!


Beautiful girl 🙂


I love her curls! I’m obsessed with them- LOL!


“Could you please gather the eggs for me?” Asked Ma.
“Yes’m!” Answered Saige.


“Now that I’ve gathered the eggs, I have to bring them back to the house for Ma. Bye ya’ll!”

I hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

Have you ever played country with your doll(s) before? What do you like to play with your doll(s)?

61 Responses to Country Saige Photo Shoot!

  • Great post! I love all of them. 🙂 Saige is SOO pretty. And so cute! I have never played country with my dolls, but well, today I did different hairstyles on Josefina. That was because I got some barrettes for my dolls today. 🙂 I love to make stuff for my dolls too! Usually what I play with my dolls is their regular life. Sometimes I make them eat dinner. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Thank you!
      I know! She’s so cute! 😀
      Really? I thought for sure you had! 😉
      Oh, cool! I did a new hairstyle on Kanani and Rebecca! I tried filming a video of hoow to do one of them but it wasn’t coming out good. I need my mom to help!
      Yeah, me too. I don’t play country with them a lot because it’s too much set up. LOL!

      • Why would you think that? Or were you joking? 😉
        I’ve played things like that with playmobil people ,though. Like, a lot
        Yeah, some things take too long to set up. And then when you do, it is time to go to bed or something. And so then you have to clean it up. All that hard work wasted. 😀

        • I don’t know- I guess because you have woods in the back of your house so it sounds your place is all country-ish! LOLOL! 😀
          I know! UGH! That’s what happened when I set up AG Store! It got too late and I couldn’t even finish. LOL!
          Also my sister would spend the night sometimes on short notice- I would be playing like country or diner or something big like that- then my mom comes and tells me my sister is spending the night- THAT night! She sleeps in my room, so that’s why there’s a problem.. LOL! 😀

          • Oh. Well, we do a lot of that stuff outside. Like we pretend it with ourselves. 😀 We have a fort outside, so that helps. 😉
            That is a problem! LOL! Well, if it isn’t the cleanest thing, I’m sure your sister would understand. 😉 When my sister comes home, she makes the hugest mess on the floor with all of her stuff. 😀

          • How fun! Our dog is in the backyard and we don’t have anything like that in any of our yards so I couldn’t really play that :/
            Weeeeeelll… You don’t know my sister! LOLOLOL! She’s super clean- so she gets super mad when my room is a mess! Hehe!
            That’s funny! My sister is nothing like that- hehe! 😛

  • Aw, Saige loks adorable! Hehe! I think I’ll be obsessed with her curls when I get her! YAY! Only 12 more days until I order her! TOO EXCITED!!!!!! Must. Remain. Calm. Hehe! 😀
    I haven’t played Country/Prarie, because I don’t have any Country/Prarie outfits! But as soon as I get some, I’m gonna try that!
    Well it depends what doll I’m using! If I’m using Abbie, then I pretend she’s doing a gymnastics routine or something sporty. If I’m using Cece, then I pretend she’s practicing playing her violin or something ladylike. If I’m using them all, I play a farm game, or a ranch game!

    • Thank you! I think she does, too!
      YAY! Oh, you will be! LOLOL!
      Aw, that’s sad! Well you could do like modern day ranchers or something 😉
      Hehe! You have dolls with opposite interests then? Wait, you have more than two! Don’t you have like five?
      What do you mean by a farm or ranch game? So you do play that with them! Hehe! 😀

  • You’re welcome!
    Yeah, I can’t wait! YAY! Hehe!
    Yeah, that’s what I like to play with them.
    Yes, there personalities are all differant. Yes I have six. I use all of them, but I just pretend that the other dolls are doing something else while the doll I’m using is doing whatever.
    I mean like a modern day farm/ranch. So they collect the eggs, excersize the horses, etc. Yes I do play with them 😀

    • I thought so! The only ones I can remember that you have (if I’m right, lol) are Kit, Julie, and Cecile. Is that right?
      Well, that’s fun! I play that with them sometimes, too 🙂

  • Cute! I’ve never played this with my dolls before but now I have to try! It looks so fun. 🙂 I usually do fashion shows with my dolls and play school and sometimes pretend they’re movie stars and do interviews with them. lol! 🙂

    ~ Theresa

    • Thank you! Hehe! It is fun 🙂
      Oh, so your dolls are celebrities! That sounds like fun! 😀

      • Hey, I saw you guys talking about the Saige contest. I entered in that. 🙂 I hope I win because I really want Saige and my mom said I can’t have more than two dolls unless I got one free or something so this is my only chance to get her really. 🙁 Anyway so thats why I really hope I win. 🙂

        ~ Theresa

        • Aw, that’s sad! Well, what if you saved up for her yourself? Like if you did extra chores- then you’d be helping around the house and getting an AG doll for doing it! 😉
          I can understand you really wanting to win. I’ve been in that spot before 🙂

  • Cute! have you entered the Saige contest? I did! I really hope I win!!! I will find out june 4!!! soooooo excited!!! anyway I really like your photo-shoot it was soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks!
      No, I was going to try and win her but I just decided to buy her for my birthday. I don’t really care for coloring anyways- hehe! 🙂
      Hehe! If you don’t win will you buy her?
      Thank you, very much 🙂

      • Actually, I don’t think you could have entered anyway. Because you have to be between the ages of 8 and 13. Or maybe you can be 8 or 13 to enter. I don’t know. But I do know, that I couldn’t enter because I am too old. 🙁

        • Yeah, I would’ve had to be 13. But I could’ve entered before my birthday in February because I would’ve been 13- hehe!
          Aw, that’s sad 🙁

  • Hi!

    I have never played country or farm with them, but I would love to try that!! <3 I am going to try it right when I'm finished with the this comment. 😉

    I play a lot of different things with my dolls! My two main things that I am playing right now are doll school, and Camp Doll Diaries (I made a cabin, and an activity center for them so I can play Summer camp! 🙂 )

    Love <3,


    • Hehe! Well, I hope you enjoy it 🙂
      That’s so cute! I want to try that! LOL! 😛
      How did yo umake the cabin? It sounds so adorable! 🙂

  • Jaclynn:
    Oh. Well we have 20 acres of land, and a lot of it is woods. So we go around in the woods, too.
    Oh wow! My sister isn’t the messiest person in the world, but she sure does make in my room when she comes home! 😀

    • That’s SO cool! I want to have acres of land! LOL!
      Hehe! That’s funny 😀

      • Yeah, well, it is pretty nice. Except for when there is poison ivy or pricker bushes-we have a lot of those things in our woods. But we also have black raspberry bushes around our property. So we pick them around this time of year. 🙂

        • Oh, yeah! That’s not good! Hehe 😉
          That’s so cool that you get to go berry picking! I would love to do that someday 🙂

          • It sure isn’t! But don’t worry, I get more bug bites than poison ivy! 😛
            Yes, it is kind of fun-for a time. Sometimes it just gets so hot! Even though we always do it in the morning. But the reward is great-berry pies! YUM!

          • LOL! I would hope that you don’t get poison ivy! Hehe!
            Oh, I bet! That’s so amazing! I want to live where you do and have all that countryness! LOL! 😀

  • well maybe… I would have to save up all of my money for a long time and we live in the country so there is no way I can have a yard sale or a lemonade stand…

  • P.S: I have chickens! we have ones that are not even a year old yet! ( not old enough to lay eggs)

    • That’s awesome! Are they still like little chicks- all cute and fluffy?
      Oh! Are you going to sell the eggs?

  • I just took some cardboard and then drew some lines on it, (to make it look like logs) and then I took some fabric sheets and pillows, and made some beds and made a table into the nightstand!

    Since the school year is over for the dolls, I turned the school building into the activity center. 🙂


    • Wow! Very creative! That sounds like so much fun! I have to do that sometime 🙂
      Thank you for the idea! Hehe! 😀

  • Your welcome!


  • My daughter is obsessed with Little House on the Prairie right now. She loves this post so much. The dress on Saige is so pretty. She plays “Little House” with all her dolls a lot too. Just had to let you know how much she enjoyed this post.

    • Oh, this makes me so happy to hear! I’m glad she enjoyed this post so much 🙂
      Thank you for telling me!

  • Is there anywhere you can find that retired Addy outfit now? I love it!
    An american girl fan forever,

    • Hmmm- the only place I would think would have it is ebay. They have a lot of awesome AG stuff on there!
      Hope this helps!

  • Yes it does! Thanks! I will look there! I am saving up for Addy right now!
    An american girl fan forever,

    I play everything with my dolls! Whether it’s putting Jasmine in time-out (she’s so naughty) or being a mother to Molly, Josefina and Cecile, or making stopmotions with Emilie, Or even making crafts, or movies, fitting clothes on them, doing their hair, doing their morning routine….I do everything under the sun with them! Except of course go on a roller coaster ride with them. XD


    • LOLOL! Thanks! She really is 😀
      Yes, you do so much with your dolls! It’s amazing 🙂
      LOLOL! Yeah, I wouldn’t do that with them- hehe! 😛

  • Sorry, can you delete the last one? typo’s. I MEANT:
    I just wanted to say, this post inspired me to do my “The Cheaters – A Prairie Photostory” post!

  • I was looking at old posts, and I saw this one, and I just wanted to tell you that the outfit is Addy’s Stilting Outfit. Here is the link to it on AG Wiki: http://americangirl.wikia.com/wiki/Addy%27s_Stilting_Outfit
    Just wanted to let you know!!

  • Looking through old posts! Love it….so….cute…..

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