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I’ve been feeling crafty lately- which is quite rare! First, a couple of days ago I made some cards and envelopes with the help of AmericanGirlFan.


Now today I bought and found some craft supplies! See if you can tell me what I’m going to make by looking at the picture below-


Hmm.. I see felt and rocks. What am I going to make? Here’s a little tip for you-
“I’m going to be making 2 different things.”
The colors of felt that I bought are:

Good luck guessing and have FUN!

54 Responses to Crafty-ness!

  • What r u making? A card? A pond?

  • I have no idea! I can’t wait to see what it is though!

  • Are you making a campfire? A Flower? WHAT???? I love that you are crafty! Hehehehehe!

    P.S. Did you see the new post on doll diaries? About american girl’s new stuff that will be coming out? I LOVE it!

    • YES! I am making a campfire! Not a flower though 😉
      LOLOL! Thanks! 🙂
      P.S. YES! Go read my comment on it and see how obssessed I am! I can’t stop thinking about it! LOLOL! 😀

      • Yeah I went and read your coment! My WORD I LOVE ALL OF IT! Here is what is on my wish list:
        1. Saige’s new outfit
        2. Saige’s new picnic thing
        3. The new food thing
        4. The new hair stuff
        5. the new outfits without the one with the orange pants
        An american girl fan forever,

        • LOLOL!! I love it all except for the outfit with the orange pants and the science set.
          Great wish list! Yeah, get those orange pants out of the way! No likey those! LOLOL!

          • Yeah the science set is not really something that I LOVE! And Orange pants NOT REALLY MY THING!!!! I do not Likey those either!!! LOL! HAHA! Thanks! You and I just about have the same wish list! Hahaha! I cannot wait for the catalogue to come so I can see all the new pictures of them! I always get sooooooooo excited when AG has an update, Don’t you?
            An american girl fan forever,

          • Exactly! Both of those are just NOT me! LOL!
            We do, don’t we? That’s cool!
            I know what you mean! Whenever a new catalog or new items are released- I die. LOLOL! I get SOO EXCITED!!

  • When I saw the rocks I thought Rock Garden! but I don’t now why… And are you going to post what your making today? Thanks!
    Grace AG Lover <3

    P.S: Oh my gosh I forgot to add the heart to my name! Just did it.

    • No, not a rock garden- but that is a good guess!
      Yes, I will post what I made, but I’m not sure if it will be today. I hope it will be!
      P.S. LOLOLOL! 😀

  • A fire?

  • A camp fire (I saw tutorial on Doll Diaries)?

  • YES! Uh now are the rocks with the campfire? Or the other thing?

  • Is the other thing….. Does this have to b with doll diaries camp?

  • I love your blog, and your crafts! 😀
    Oh, and there’s a giveaway at my blog open till June 25th:

  • give me a hint!:)

  • A lollipop? A watermelon?

    • YEEESS!! You got it! It’s a watermelon flavored lollipop! Wow, Emma! You guessed both of them first! Congratulations!! 😀

  • Hello! I forgot to ask this in the an exciting day turned upside-down post so here it goes: Do you know when your going? And are you going to be posting anything when you are there? Thanks much!
    Grace AG Lover <3
    P.S this is attempt two to putting a heart on my name! LOL!

    • Yes, I am going this Monday! Just 4 more days!! YAAAAAY!!!
      And Yes, I will be posting about my trip there and taking lots of pics! 😀
      P.S. LOL! 😛

  • Yay!!!!! I got it right!!!!!:)

  • The computer does not like me it won’t let me put a heart on my name… I had one before… Anyway CONGRATS!! I went to the AG store last summer I took my molly because she was the only AG doll I had it was fun!!

    • LOL! That’s wierd! So like those keys aren’t working?
      Thanks! 😀
      Yes, I love going there! It’s always so much fun!!


  • Wait-Watermelon isn’t blue.

  • Right now I am feeling american girl obsessed EXAMPLE:
    Okay right now I am thinking “Why didn’t they post new items at least a month away from my birthday!!!! Well I guess another thing to save up for. Oh well! At least I will be excited when I get it and I will have lots of time to save… not lots per-say oh well…
    LOL still love AG though
    OH OH OH!!! I just learned how to crochet I am “Catching up” ( not really…) to you!
    Better at knitting though I have been doing that for at least 5 years!

    • LOLOLOL! You’re funny 🙂
      Oh, of course! Who could ever stop loving AG once you’ve started? LOL!
      Oh, cool! Congrats!

  • thanks! I Know right! I got molly at least five years ago to… I got her at a relatives house because his daughter didn’t play with her any more. I got a choice between kirsten and molly. I did not know thier names back then seeing as I just got to know to AG. She had a pleasant company mark intil I re-placed her head.

  • beacause her hair was cut…

  • Well for my birthday a year after I got her my grandma and I “split” (she payed more)the charge and she is new… wait her hair is a mess… I tried shampooing and conditioning her hair and it worked but her hair is messy because I had her since I was really little! ( 4 years now almost 5 I got her the summer of 2008 )

    • Oh, ok! And this is Kirsten, right?
      That’s good that you were able to fix her hair! 🙂

  • no molly… My sister has kirsten (I was older so I got fisrt pick)And her hair was cut down the middle… we are getting it replaced soon-ish

  • I really have no idea! Kirsten I think was with the younger one of them all I’m not so sure. they have had them since they each turned 10.She didn’t cut it though!
    How do you do all of the smiley faces!! Is it a computer app thing?

    • Hmm- that’s wierd and sad! 🙁
      No, you just use the keyboard. Like to make just a basic smiley face you put the symbol of the two dots above each other and then space and then the parenthesis that looks like a smile 🙂

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