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Day 24

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would I do with my remaining time on earth?

This is such a hard question for me to even answer, but I’ll do my best. I know I definitely wouldn’t waste my time sitting around the house and watching movies that I love. I’d want to spend some good quality time with my family. I’d tell each of them how much I love and care about them and give them all a gazillion hugs! People that I know I wouldn’t be able to see before the end, I’d definitely try to get in contact with. Like friends and other family members. I’d also probably make a post on my blog and tell you all how much you mean to me and maybe just post all my pirate stories without pictures, so you could read them before the end 🙂

I don’t know if there’s anything else I’d want to do. It’s not like I’d wanna go shopping cause that would just be a waste. I wouldn’t wanna watch movies or read or really anything like that. All that would be important to me, is spending time with my family and friends (if possible) and making sure they truly know how much they mean to me. And if spending time with them means watching a movie one last time together or going on a bunch of rides at Disneyland, then that’s fine by me! OH! I think I’d wanna go to Six Flags with my brother, too 🙂

So there ya go! Questions like these are always so interesting to think about and are usually hard for me to answer LOL!

Have a nice rest of your day everyone! 😀


11 Responses to Day 24

  • Me too- I would give my family TWOgazzilloin hugs!
    I would hang out with my dog, and spend all day outside in a (hopefully) beautiful day. And I would read. And I would eat the yummiest food I could find. 🙂 this is a tough question, huh?

  • I would go to magic kingdom is disney world with my favorite cousins, family, and friends! I would have a sleepover with my best friends and eat my favorite food!

  • You definitely should go to Six Flags, especially X2 and Lex Luther: Drop of Doom. They are the best!

    • LOL! I definitely plan to go someday, but I just gotta prepare myself and make sure I’m absolutely ready for it ;D

      • I was terrified at first, and every time I go on either I start regretting it and believe I’m gonna die and then pray to God LET ME LIVE and that probably doesn’t help you…but it’s really fun! X2 is less scary in my opinion because on the way up Lex Luther you regret it so much…

        • LOLOLOL! That literally sounds like me! I always pray when I’m going up on a roller-coaster LOL! XD
          Oh, gosh, Lex Luther is the one that takes you WAAAY up and then drops you down, right? Like, I LOVE Tower of Terror, but I don’t know if I can do any bigger than that LOL!

          • LOL, I am terrified of coasters but I go on them anyway and then my brother isn’t like that…so my siblings bribe him into going and sometimes my mom and I’m just like YOU DIDN”T DO THIS FOR ME?

            Yup. And everytime I make it to the top I think we’re stuck. Oh man then Lex starts talking and laughing and you drop and it’s fun, then we get back in line and get on the ride and WHY DID WE DO THIS? That might not make sense but that’s what goes on.

          • Oh, my gosh!! That ride sounds insane! And actually that makes perfect sense LOL! 😀

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