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Doll Pals!

Oh, my gosh!! I’m SO excited to share this with you all!!!

I am starting a fun thing called Doll Pals! My dolls will send your dolls a letter once a month and they can be little Pen- er, Doll Pals!! I just know my girls would love to have some friends to write to once in a while 🙂

If your dolls are interested in participating in this, all you have to do is email me through the contact page and give me yours and your doll’s names and home address.
Also, be sure to get your parent’s permission before giving out your information. 😉

The last day to sign up to get a letter this month is on the 16th.

I hope you and your dolls like this idea! Me and my dolls can’t wait to get started! 😀

41 Responses to Doll Pals!

  • That’s really cool!!! Great idea!

  • Oh my gosh! This looks like SOOOOOOOOO much fun! Can I sign more than one doll up for this? If so, I’m totally doing this!!!!! So excited!!!! 😀 😀

    • Thank you!!
      Oh, absolutely! All of your dolls can sign up if they want to 😀
      And another thing, you can write to all of my dolls, or it could be a one on one doll pal 😉

      • You’re welcome!!
        Alright, then I’ll send you an email today, saying what dolls want to do it 😀

  • Oh, I’d LOVE to do this, but my mom would freak out if i even told you what TOWN I live in.:( It would be really cool, because me and my dolls are in England, so they’d have an international pen pal. I have one in California, and my dolls would love to talk to other dolls in America – after all, that’s where they’re from.;)

  • Okay, I have two questions:
    one, can I do this by email, and two, can my dolls pick which dolls they want to correspond with. It seems like fun!

    • You could do it by email if you’re not allowed to give out your home address. I would rather stick to doing it by mail 😉
      And yes, they can!

      • Well, it is not exactly that I am not allowed, but I would just rather email. It just seems a little weird if my Dad asked me what was in a letter, and I said it was a letter from someone’s dolls to my dolls. Know what I mean? But I still want to do it!

  • i will definatly do this!!!!! i loveeeeee writing letters. i write to 7 different friends.

  • Sounds cool, but I can’t give out my information. Email pals would be fun though.
    Have fun everyone!!!!!:)

  • Both my mom and my dad aid YES! but my mom has to talk to my dad about it. so…in a couple of days you will be getting an email.
    BTW, when’s your birthday?

  • Happy early birthday!

  • Jaclynn, Do you think they (or we : D) could be email pals?
    I’m not sure I’ll stick on top of the letter thing : / lol not good at that : (
    So maybe we can me email pen pals!
    Let me know! Either answer is perfectly fine!

    • I would rather stick to doing it by mail. I am only making exceptions for those who aren’t allowed to give out their home address. Sorry 🙁
      Oh, and you (or, they, LOL!) would only have to write once a month. That shouldn’t be too difficult 😉

  • gosh, jaclynn, so many people want to do e-mail! don’t worry, i still really want to write. (:

  • i sent my adress! are you going to write first or should i ?!

    • Great, thank you!! I was planning on having my dolls write first and then yours reply, but if you want to write first, you can 🙂

  • That sounds really cool! I would do it, but my parents don’t let me give out that info. 🙁

    • If you’re not allowed to give out personal information, we could do it through email 🙂

      • That sounds great. I’ll have to ask my parents, first, but they are usually fine with me emailing people. So, do I just go to the contacts page and instead of my address I give you my email? I’m sorry I can’t give you my address, I know you would rather write than email. Now, I just have to think which of my daughters will write! 😀

        • Okay, great!
          I will have your email when you email me, so all I need is the name(s) of your daughter(s) who want to write 😉
          That’s fine, I understand not being able to give out personal information 🙂
          Hehe! 😀

  • Thanks so much! I’m so excited!! 😀

  • AHHH! I just sent the email! both my parents said yes and I am so happy!
    I know you never share my home address and I really appreciate the things you keep private. My parents really trust you and this site. SO EXCITED! 😀

    I do have a question, once you send my dolls a letter, do they write back and then you write back the next month?


  • let me ask my mom………. Wait, in the comment, we put our email. so… shouldn’t you have it?

  • Ahh! I am so excited, you are going to have a lot of letters to write probably! Can’t wait to receive my first letter, or should I say, my dolls are! lol! 🙂
    I love hand writing letters, it’s cooler than email, I think! 🙂


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