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Dolly Delights- Let’s Make Some Wafer Cookies!

Today I was feeling super crafty and I just HAD to make something! I went through some ideas on AGFan, but nothing stood out to me today. Then I got out a TON of craft supplies and wanted to make some cookies! So I’m going to show you how to make some Wafer Cookies!


They’re pretty fast and easy to make, so I think you’ll like making them!


First you’ll need some supplies:

1. Some Fun Foam in tan, light pink, and medium brown.

2. A Ruler

3. Some Scissors

4. A Pen

5. A Hot Glue Gun (regular glue will work, too, but it will take longer)

6. A Parent or Guardian to help you. (You may not need it, but you may want some help when using the Hot Glue Gun)

Now let’s get busy!


First measure and mark 7/8″ wide-


-And 1 3/4″ tall.


Make a bunch of tracings together and cut all at the same time.
*Note: You will need one strip of medium brown or pink to be the filling*


When you’ve cut out 2 strips of tan and 1 strip for the middle you can start gluing. If you’re using Hot Glue just make one line down the middle and push together.
*Note: I made a line of glue on one side of the tan and pushed the filling to it, and then I put a line on the filling and pushed the bottom of the cookie to that.*


Now you’re done! Isn’t it adorable?!?


My dolls can’t wait to eat these tomorrow when their new sister comes!

I hope you had fun making these fast and easy cookies 🙂

What is your favorite cookie?

36 Responses to Dolly Delights- Let’s Make Some Wafer Cookies!

  • Those are so cute! After I go to the craft store, I’m definatly goin to make those!
    Well I have a lot of favorites, but to name a few I really like Peanut Butter cookies, homemade Chocolate Chip cookies, and Oatmeal cookies!
    What’s you favorite Jaclynn?
    Oh you’re getting Annika tomorrow! I can’t wait to see her! 😀 Are you going to post your trip to the AG store?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like them 🙂
      Those are all great choices!
      Well, I like oreos, oatmeal, and funfetti. There are more too, but that’s all I can think of right now 😉
      I know! It’s so exciting!
      Oh, yes- definitely! I will be taking pictures galore! 😀

  • Cute! I really like brownies, and most cookies with chocolate. 😉
    I probably won’t make them because we never have craft foam around, and we probably never will. 😛
    You are going to an AG store!? That is so exciting for you! I SO wish I could go to and AG store.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Oh, yes! I remember that you love chocolate! Hehe 🙂 And brownies are really good!
      Really? I thought you had every type of craft supplies! LOL! Ok, it’s fine 😉
      Yes, I am! This morning and I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! I’M FINALLY GOING TO BUY ANNIKA!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
      Aw, I’m sure you’ll be able to someday 🙂

      • Hehe!
        Well, not really. I just substitute if I need to make something. We do keep a lot of stuff that most people would throw away, though. 😉
        That is so great! What is her middle name? You’ll have to make a special post about her when you get her.
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • Well, that’s good! We do that with some things, but not a lot 😉
          Her middle name is Noelle. And yes, I have some pictures taken already! Hehe! 😀


  • P.S OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHH I would be bouncing of of the walls if I were you!!!!!
    I love chocolate chip cookies wafers and Totally of topic CREAM PUFFS!!!

    • I think I’ve had those! If I haven’t they sound SUPER YUMMY!!
      Cream puffs? I’ve never tried those. I don’t think I would like them- hehe! 😉

  • Cute! and oh yes! Annika comes tomorrow! i’ll bet your excited!

    Jaclyn. your are also of the three winners of the doll diaries week 3 photo contest!

    • Thank you!
      Oh, you bet I am! I can’t wait to leave! Hehe! 🙂
      Oh, I know! Char emailed me last night! I’m so excited!!! 😀

  • oops i meant your are ONE of the three contest winners! sorry about that one litle mastake

  • Not that I wouldn’t want to make them. 🙂

    • Hehe! I know! I understand that. Liz posts some crafts that I would love to make, but I never have all of the materials 🙁

      • Yes, I don’t really do any of the crafts just because I don’t have the stuff. A lot of those crafts include felt, but I don’t have felt. 🙁

  • You’re welcome! 🙂
    Oh I LOVE oreos! We just don’t get them very often. I think I’ve had funfetti cupcakes, and I love those, but I don’t think I’ve had funfetti cookies. I might have to try those!
    It is exciting! My dolls and I can’t wait to meet her!!!!!
    Yay! I can’t wait to see them!

    • Yeah, we never buy those either. Pretty much the only time I can have them is when we buy Lunchables! I also choose the ones with the oreos! LOL! 🙂
      Funfetti cookies are so good! Whenever I make them one of my brothers eats like 6-8 in a day and I always say “You can only have 4 cookies a day! That way they’ll last longer.” But they never listen. Hehe!
      Well, how do you think my dolls are feeling?? They are so anxious! LOL!
      Hehe! I’m going to take a picture of the outside of it, too! That way you can see what it looks like 🙂

      • Oh okay! My parent’s aren’t too big on sweets, so we never get oreos, unless I’m at a friends house and I come at just the right time to snatch the last oreo, or whatever sweet they’re eating! Hehe! 🙂
        Then they’re probably really good if your brothers eats 6-8 a day! Hehe!
        Let me guess…extremely EXCITED!!!! Are you going to get any outfits?
        Oh okay! I hope you have a good trip!

        • Oh, that’s sad. My parent’s love junk food, but we don’t buy very much 🙁
          Hehe! Well, lucky you! LOL!
          They are! I love them! 😀
          No, just her and some pj’s. I don’t have enough money to buy an outfit 🙁
          Thank you! 🙂

          • Well my parent’s like it, but it’s mainly my dad’s diet, he can’t have a lot of junk food, so when he goes shopping, he doesn’t buy junk food, because it temps him 🙁
            I’ll have to see if I can find them on the Internet, and maybe my mom can make some pretty soon here 😀
            Lol! They sound like my dolls! When my dolls heard that Saige was coming, they started jumping up and down and cleaning their room until it was spotless!!!
            Aw, that sad! 🙁 What pj’s are you getting?
            You’re welcome! 🙂

          • Oh, ok- I get that 😉
            Yes, indeed! 🙂
            LOLOL! Yep- that’s how mine are alright! LOL! 😀
            I got the store exclusive ones. They’re pink and the top is spaghetti strap. They’re really cute!

  • oh not chocolate chip cookie wafers just chocolate chip cookies and wafer cookies
    cream puffs ( well my favorite kind) is kind of like a pastry with ice cream inside the other kind has custard
    P.S I love how your feeling so creative! I like crafting but I cant think of anything!
    P.P.S sorry for the caps earlier!
    P.P.S.S Congrats on winning! post what you won soon please!!

    • ooooh! Got it! LOL! 😀
      Hmm- yeah I don’t think I would really care for cream puffs 😉
      P.S. Thanks! Well, this is actually rare for me! I’m usually like you- hehe!
      P.P.S. That’s ok! LOL! 🙂
      P.P.P.S. Thank you! I will once I have it 😉

  • Yeah if it weren’t for that, he might buy a little more sweets.
    Oh okay! They sound adorable! Did you buy those just for Annika? And how is Annika?

    • They are adorable! They look much better on the doll 😉
      Annika is doing really good! She’s the oldest now (12) so now Addy is the second oldest (11). That will be an adjustment for Addy, I’m sure. All in all she’s doing great! I’ll be posting about my trip today 😀

  • Oh that’s good! Yeah, that was how it was for a lot of my dolls when older dolls came in the house. Like when Julie came, she was then the oldest doll, and Molly had to adjust to that, but I’m sure Annika will love her new home! 😀

  • Hi! These are adorable! My favorite cookies are ice cream cream puffs, Chocolate chip when they are a little under baked:) and store bought chips ahoy and mint oreos. I <3 cookies!

    *Not to be snarky, but please do not use the e-mail address for anything. I only put it up because it was required. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      Thank you very much! 🙂
      Those all sound like great choices! I haven’t tried the mint oreos, but I would like to 😀
      Hehe! I love cookies, too!

      Oh, ok! I understand 😉

  • I just had to comment and tell you this – I have the EXACT same hot glue gun!

  • they look so real! i thought you could eat it!

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