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Emma’s Trip to The AG Store in Seattle

Around Christmas time my friend, Emma went to the AG store with her BFF to get Saige and she was kind enough to send in pictures from her trip! So, here is Emma:

Emma camera 008

Saige’s adorable painting set, and her sweater outfit which I got.

Emma camera 011

Cute scene, but her pigtails look really funky!

Emma camera 027

I love these!:(

Emma camera 028

Her skates and muffs are sooo cute! I got them and they are well worth the money. Actually, I think they aren’t very pricy for  all that it has.  (Jaclynn here! This is a very cute set! Much better in person 🙂 )

Emma camera 024

  Sorry that it’s blurry! They look so sweet, though!  (Oh, I LOVE this pic!)

Emma camera 023

I LOVE Caroline’s coat!

Emma camera 069

I love this scene. (Me TOO! 😀 )

Emma camera 052

Sooooo sweet!

Emma camera 037


Emma camera 138

I lovelovelove this! (So CUTE!)

Emma camera 088

I want one in ME size!

Emma camera 090

Oh my gosh. This is too cute for words. (Awww!!)

Hope you liked them! We had a great time…and I got my beee-utiful Saige!

Thank you SO much for sharing with us, Emma! Your pictures were great! 🙂

Look out for another guest post coming soon!

Have you ever been to an AG store?

16 Responses to Emma’s Trip to The AG Store in Seattle

  • Yes, I’ve been to AGP Miami. BTW have you heard of AG Fun & Games? (Click on my name to go to their website!) The last picture is really cute! 🙂

  • Thank you Emma and Jaclynn! Cute pics.
    The photo with Saiges funky pigtails…well, I know the reason for that. When people walk by they play with her hair, and it all adds up…to that! 😛 LOL
    I love the BB pic, too cute.

  • Great pictures!!! I know it is hard to get good pictures at AG stores because of the lighting. 😉 I’ve only been to the Columbus AG store, though.

  • oh my gosh the pictures are so cute. i love Caroline and am planning to get her soon. 🙂 I’m also sad that Molly and Emily got expired. 🙁
    the bitty babies are adorable in the photos.

  • I’ve been to AG place NYC 2 times. But For my birthday I’m going to AG place DC!!!

  • Cute!!!! <3 ~Leah

  • Oh gosh, I didn’t realize you went to the Seattle store Emma! It for some reason didn’t look familiar… 😛

  • Hi Carli! Yah, it was in November. You live here, right? I’ve heard you talk about the Seattle store. Me and my Grandma are going to the AG store today!!!!! YAY!!!!! They re having a 50% off sale for select items only instore, probably mostly winter stuff. We live like 15 minutes away!

  • And we just made reservations for the bistro! AHHH! It’s gonna be sooo much fun; I’ll take more pics for sure:)

    • Oh, cool! Have fun! 😀

      • Yay! It was soooooo much fun! I got Isabelle’s coral sweater, scrunch pants, and white leotard, and the gold brocade dress on sale for $22! I also had a cookies and cream milkshake, and our waitress was AMAZING! She was sooooo sweet, and she gave me two of those doll cups and saucers for FREE!!!!! SECRETLY!!!! Like, she wasn’t doing this with everybody else:)

  • Hey! I have been to an AG store twice- the Atlanta one. While I was there I got:
    Kira Maggie Anderson(MAG 55)
    Rebecca’s Kittens
    Marie-Grace’s Summer Outfit
    True Spirit Accessories
    the Hiking Outfit
    Pet Hiking Accessories
    Licorice cat
    Pasta and fondue from the cafe 🙂

    I ordered the Weekend Fun Outfit and the Ruffled Hoodie outfit recently. Could you do a post sometime to review these outfits? Thanks so much. 🙂

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