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Fire Cove Has Undertaken Some Bad Weather

Hey everyone!

I am SO happy that you are all enjoying Fire Cove so much!! I am having so much fun making it!
I’m afraid I will have to apologize, though as the next part will not be posted for a couple more days. I have to go somewhere to take the pictures for the next two parts. I want it all to be as realistic as I can make it 🙂

But while you are in suspense of waiting for the next part, let’s have a little fun!
Feel free to ask questions about this photostory series! I will answer a few, that I don’t feel are spoiler-ish, but I will leave ones unanswered that I feel would reveal too much or give something away 😉
Oh, and also, feel free to share your own theories with each other of how you think this is going to turn out 🙂

Have Fun!

29 Responses to Fire Cove Has Undertaken Some Bad Weather

  • I like your title! It fits well with the story. 🙂 Well, I think that Victoria will get back the cube of light, and Jake will ask for forgiveness, and maybe Victoria and Jake will marry! How many more new characters are you going to introduce? Are you only using crocheted outfits for the series? That’s all for now! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Hehe! Why, thank you 🙂
      Nice theory! Now the answers to your questions:
      1. During the rest of this series, I am not sure if there will be anymore new characters. But the next sequel will introduce a few more 🙂
      2. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m only using crocheted outfits, but I guess I mostly am 😀

  • NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying!!!!;)
    I think that they will catch Elijah and bury the cube of light, or destroy it. And maybe, (my thoughts have changed since the last part of fire cove) Jake and Victoria (possibly) might end up together, since you said that there will be a sequel sequel.;)

  • That’s really cool!!! Can’t wait to see where you went!!!
    I think that Jake is going to still be good……..lol…maybe…

    Hmm…as for questions…are we going to see Blackheart and if we are,What doll will she be played out by?

    • LOL! You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

      No, you will not be seeing Blackheart just yet, but she should be making a special appearance in the sequel 🙂

  • This is SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!I love it!Capt.Jake is so bad!!!:(,lying like that!!Well,can’t wait 2 see what happens next.

    Emily X.M.

  • It is so good!
    I have a suggestion.
    Maybe you could interview your “kids” on what the think of the story and their characters?

  • No! Wait……Questions! *evil grin* What is James alibi? Why would he do such a thing? Why is your room not good enough for Fire Cove? What is the next photoseries about? Why not post the next one now? How is that doll you rescued in the “Doll Rescues” catagory? When’s the next name that doll? Why aren’t you answering my questions?

    Okay, that was a lot of fun to write down! (Jaclynn, you do not have to answer any questions. It might be better if you don’t :D.)

    • 1. I’m afraid I can’t answer 😉
      2. Weeeell… He is a pirate 🙂
      3. Because there has to be rocks in the next part.
      4. Can’t tell 😀
      5. Can’t tell that either!
      6. She’s doing good, but she’s not fully recovered 😉
      7. I’m not sure… Hopefully soon!


  • I think Jake and Victoria would look good together. Is Blackheart the pirates real name,or is it just a nickname?

    • It’s a nickname, but nobody knows her real name because that is what she is known as 🙂

  • Hey Jaclynn,the comment I posted on Part 4 was supposed to be here:(:(:(:(

    • Hi Em!
      I just posted a comment of yours on Part 4 😉 Did you leave another one?

  • 1. Where will you be making the next part?
    2. Can you give any hints about the sequel sequel?
    3. Will Blackheart ever appear in the series?

    • 1. The next part will be made at a park.
      2. Hmmm… No, not really 😀
      3. Blackheart I am 99% positive will not be making an appearance in this series. However she will be in the next one 🙂

      • Cool, I knew she wasn’t going to appear in this series, but I meant like the all around series, like not this sequel, but in the BIG series;)

  • Firstly, OMGumdrops. (I found OMGumdrops on this random add and was like why not? 😛 ) I want compliment you for this amazing series! Sooo creative. 😀
    1. Will these photo-stories be like books series?
    3. Are you still doing the one based off a movie? If so will it be part of the sequel sequel?
    4. Does Blackheart look creepy?

    ~Lydia~ <3

    • LOL! Thank you very much!! 😀
      1. Hmmm… I’m not sure! As of right now I am only planning on one more sequel, but you never know 🙂
      2. Hehe! Let’s just say it’s dangerous 😉
      3. Yes, I am still planning to do that, but I don’t know when. I have several ideas for photostories so it just depends on when I feel like making that one 😉
      4. LOL! No, I won’t be making her look creepy. She isn’t feared for how she looks, so you don’t have to worry about that!
      5. LOLOL!

  • Jaclynn, I am loving your story! It’s very creative and entertaining. I am also looking forward to the next installment. Best wishes for taking the pictures you need to continue.

    • Thank you, so much! We weren’t able to go to the park this week, so I am hoping to go on Monday to take the pictures. So sorry for the wait 🙁

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