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Fire Cove~ Part 4


“Victoria! Victoria, wake up!” Jake was waking me up from a sound sleep. “Jake? What is it?” I asked with a yawn.


“Blackheart just contacted me. She said that we need to bring her The Cube of Light tomorrow!” Jake said very distressed.


“Oh, no, but Elinor doesn’t have it.” I replied, though I knew I was lying.


“Victoria, her sister’s life could be at stake! If you know something, you have to tell me.” Jake said, but I didn’t answer.


“It’s okay, Victoria. You can trust me.” He said with a smile.


I sighed, “Alright. Come with me.” I said quietly.
I led him into Elinor’s office. I knew I was doing something wrong, but I couldn’t let anything happen to Elena! Elinor would be so thankful if she knew I helped save her.


“Jake, why didn’t you tell Elinor what Blackheart said?” I asked. “Because I know that she would not have given it to her. But I know that you wouldn’t let anything happen to Elena.” Jake explained. Well, that made sense.


I opened a secret drawer in her desk and took out the Cube of Light. I glanced at Jake and saw his mouth wide open. He was definitely in awe!


“Whoa! I can’t believe this is it!” Jake said in a whisper.


“Now, you promise that Elena will be safe?” I asked him with a look of worry.


A sinister grin spread across his face. “Thank you for giving me The Cube of Light, Victoria. I’ve been after this for a long time. Without you, I would never have gotten it.”


“Jake! What about Blackheart? And Elena?” I asked, raising my voice.


“That was all a lie! Blackheart has nothing to do with this.” Jake said. “Then what about Elena?” I asked, my eyes welling with tears. “Oh, that. I’m the one who took her captive. I had to have something to make Elinor give me The Cube! Oh, wait. She didn’t give it to me-you did.” Jake said. “B-but why? Why are you doing this?” I stammered.
“I need power, Victoria. I don’t want to be known as the ‘Weakest Pirate’ anymore. Every pirate I ever encountered called me that when they heard about my old life. But no more. Now that I have The Cube of Light, everyone will fear me.” Jake explained.


He looked down at me crying on the floor and said, “Don’t worry. Elena will be safe.” He said it with the deepest sincerity. I looked up at him and he looked sad, but happy. It was as if he lost something and gained something.


I stayed on the floor crying for a long while after he left. I had been deceived by his kindness.


After I had cried all of my tears I went to speak with Elinor.
“Elinor, I need to tell you something.” I said sadly. Elinor looked at me closely, “What is it?” She asked.


“Oh, Elinor! I did something horrible!! Jake tricked me into giving him The Cube of Light! He said that Blackheart wanted it by tomorrow! But it was really him who wanted it! He’s gone now and it’s all my fault!” I cried. Elinor was heartbroken and so disappointed in me.


“Victoria, I think you know that you have to do whatever it takes now to get The Cube of Light back, don’t you?” Elinor asked.


“Yes. I’ll do whatever I can.” I replied.


Elinor shouted, “Jake will pay for what he has done to us!!”

That’s the end of Part 4! Look for Part 5 coming tomorrow! πŸ˜€

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