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Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 1

In case you have forgotten what last happened, please read the last part by clicking here 🙂


Jake and I sat still for a moment and we could hear footsteps constantly.


“Victoria, we need to get out of here. If we stay in this cave forever Blackheart will surely find us.” Jake stated.


“But, Jake, Blackheart and her crew are searching everywhere for us. If we leave the cave we will definitely get caught!” I said discouraged.  “Well, either way we’ll be found, so the question really should be, where would we rather be discovered?” Jake said jokingly. “Oh, Jake, this isn’t a time for jokes!” I said very upset.


“Really, Captain Turner, ye should listen to yer wife. You see, the joke is all on you. Because thanks to me, you won’t ever be together again!” Blackheart said with a grin. “Now, put your hands up!” She ordered with a point of her sword.


We put our hands up, but I really wish Jake would’ve fought her! Although he didn’t have his sword.. “Jake, are we doing the right thing?” I whispered. “Yes, just do as Blackheart says.” He replied.


“Well, someone knows what they’re doing. Listen to yer ‘HUSBAND’, Missy, while ye can.” Blackheart ordered. Something in the way she said “Husband” made me sick. Like she really despised us being together. And what was all this “Never be together again” and “While you can” business? Was she threatening to kill us?


“Now, walk out of here and go to the ship. And remember, I have a sword and ye don’t, so no funny business, ye hear?” Blackheart said.


“What is Blackheart going to do to us? We’re captives now. If only Elinor knew where we were.”

To be continued in Part 2!! 😀

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