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Fire Cove

~Part One~

My name is Victoria Farnsworth. About a year ago I was a normal girl living in a mansion with my mother and father in the town of Aztec. All that changed when a pirate captain came to our door looking for a key to unlock a chest. I had found the key just the day before and before I knew it, I had volunteered to go on some crazy treasure hunt with the captain. I never imagined this would happen, but now I am a pirate, sailing the seas with my captain, Elinor McGovern and her crew mates Celeste and Juliet. I really couldn’t be happier! But then, someone showed up and I soon discovered that, yes, I could be so much happier…


“Captain, I see a ship headin’ our way!” Juliet called from the crow’s nest.


Captain Elinor turned her gaze toward the ship and said, “Aye, I can see it. If it seems to be goin’ right past us, just ignore it.”


“But, if it seems to be followin’ us we’ll have to make contact.” Captain Elinor ordered.

As the ship drew nearer we could tell that whoever was on that ship wanted to talk. Pretty soon we were right next to each other and someone from the other ship called, “Ahoy, thar! I wish to speak to the captain of yer ship!”  It was a man’s voice and something about it sounded familiar. Like a voice I had heard a long time ago.
Elinor replied, “I’m the captain of this ship! What do ye want?”
“May I come aboard? Indeed I mean you no harm, only to talk.” The man said. Elinor thought for a moment then she said, “Aye, you may. But ye must come weaponless!”
“So be it.” The man replied and swung over on a rope.


“Are you Captain Elinor McGovern?” He asked with a look of worry.


As soon as I saw his face I knew I had seen him before. “Who is this man? Surely I do not know him as a pirate. I’m sure I’ve seen his face before when I was younger!” I said to myself.


“Aye, I am. And who might you be?” Elinor asked.


“I am Captain Ja-” He paused as he noticed me. “Victoria? Is that you?” He asked.


“That depends on who is asking.” I replied. Since he obviously knew who I was, I knew I must know him as well. But still, I never gave out my name to anybody until I knew who they were.


“It’s me, Jake.” He said.


“Jake Turner? It can’t be you! You can’t be the same Jake who went off to medical school. That was six years ago!” I said.


“I didn’t go to medical school. I left so I could be who I am now, a pirate captain. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I know I shouldn’t have lied to everyone, but the past is in the past. And I have to say,  it is certainly good to see a familiar face.” He said. I was in such a state of shock that all I could do was smile.


“Well, Captain Turner, what is it ye need?” Jake almost forgot what he was doing here.


“Ah, yes. I-I bring bad tidings.” He stammered. It seemed hard for him to get out the words. “Your sister, Elena, is being held captive by the evil Blackheart Jones. She tracked me down and sent me to find you and tell you.” He said. Captain Elinor looked down at her feet. For years Elinor hadn’t gotten along with her sister. It wasn’t until last year that they finally made amends. I thought that it must’ve been hard for Elinor to hear that Elena was a captive. “What must I do?” Elinor asked.
“Blackheart says yer to bring her the Cube of Light which you stole. Only then will she let your sister go free.” Jake explained.
“The Cube of Light? What makes her think I stole it? I’ve never had it in my hands before!” Elinor said. Jake thought for a moment before replying. “I don’t know what her plans are, but if you don’t return it to her within a fortnight, there will be major consequences.” He said quickly. “I will take my leave now.”


He was just about to reach for a rope to swing back to his ship on when Elinor said, “Stop! You delivered this message. You know what I need to do! You will help me find the Cube of Light and free my sister, or else.”


Jake sighed, “Very well. We set our course for Fire Cove.”

~Part Two~


As I lay asleep that night I felt something poking my shoulder. “Hm, what’s wrong?” I asked. It was Elinor trying to wake me up.


“We need to talk.” She said.


“Captain Turner is up to something. I have a feelin’ that he’s working with Blackheart.” I looked at Elinor with surprise. “Elinor, Jake wouldn’t do anything like that. I’ve known him for a long time and he has always been a man of good form. Anyways, why would he want your sister?” I asked.


“That I haven’t figured out yet. All I know is that he’s up to no good. He can’t be trusted.” Elinor said. I sighed, “Well you can be cautious of him if you want, but I happen to know that he can be trusted. He was fine man back in Aztec.”


Elinor studied me for a moment. “You don’t love him do you?” Elinor asked with concern.


“Of course not! I could never love Jake, I only consider him a friend and that is all. Anyways, you know that pirates can’t be married. It’s part of the Code and it’s something we all agree to when we become pirates. I am very shocked you even said such a thing.” I replied.


I said goodnight and went back to bed. I wanted to try getting a little sleep before the break of dawn.



Our day started out pretty good. Jake and Elinor talked over what needed to be done and Celeste, Juliet, and I talked with each other. “What do ye think of Captain Turner?” Juliet asked.
“I think he’s suspicious. He pauses too much when you ask him a question.” Celeste replied.


“I think he’s just shy. He probably doesn’t talk to a lot of people now.” I said. I guess I was trying to defend him. He was my friend, after all.


“V-v-victoria..” Juliet stammered.
“Juliet, what’s wron-?” I was cut off when Jake yelled,


“Victoria, watch out!”


I spun around and could not believe my eyes!


There right in front of me was the vicious Leviathan! I had heard so many tales and songs about it that seeing it was almost amazing! But still, I was absolutely frozen in fear!


I could not move. I could hardly hear Juliet and Celeste who were trying to tell me what to do and to get away slowly.
The Leviathan had it’s mouth wide open and was  just about to get me when, “Victoria!!”


Jake came running towards me with his sword. As he pushed me to the ground with his left hand he killed the Leviathan with his right.


Within a second after Jake killed it, he was helping me up.


“Are you alright?” Jake asked with concern. “Y-yes, I’m fine.” I said, although I was a bit shaken.
“Good. I’m gonna clean my sword now.” He said.


“Jake, wait! Why did you do that? You could’ve been seriously injured- or worse!” I said.


Jake looked at me with a grin. “I know, but I couldn’t let anything happen to you.”

~Part Three~


I went below deck where Jake was cleaning his sword. I had something I wanted to ask him. “Jake, can I ask you something?” He looked up from his work. “Aye, you can.” He replied.


I sat down with a sigh and asked, “Why did you want to be a pirate?” Jake looked at me with a grin. “I’ve been wonderin’ when you were gonna ask that. You’ve always been the curious type.” He said. I looked down feeling a little bad for asking. Then he said,


“My father was never really there for me. He went to work early in the morning and came home late at night. As soon as he would sit down on his favorite chair he would tell me he wanted me to be a doctor. He’d scold me if I missed one problem in my school work. So when I was of age I decided it was finally time to get out of here. I made everyone believe I was going to medical school so that leaving would be easy. I planned to be a pirate for about two years. I was so thrilled when I was finally able to live my dream.” He sounded so proud of himself, but I didn’t understand why.


“But that still doesn’t answer my question. Why did you want to be a pirate?” I asked again.


“Because I could do whatever I pleased! I could go anywhere I wanted to go and have anything I wanted. A pirate’s life is the best life for me.” Jake finished with a smile. Then he asked, “So what about you? Why’d you leave your luxurious life to be a pirate?”


I giggled. “Well, believe me, I hadn’t planned it all out like you did. Captain Elinor came to my door one evening looking for a key which I had found the day before. So she told us what she was doing and soon enough I volunteered to join her on her adventure. After the chest was found I had a feeling inside that was telling me that this is where I belonged. I’ve been on this ship for about a year now.” I explained. Jake looked at me as if he was interested in my story.IMG_6228

“And what was in the chest?” He asked.
“Oh, it was treasure that belonged to Elinor’s parents.” I said.
“What were her parent’s names?” Jake asked. He looked very anxious to find out.


“Uh- I believe they were Alice and Elliot McGovern.” I said. He looked away as if he was thinking of something. “Why did you want to know?” I asked.


“Nothing- it was-uh-nothing. I was just wondering.” He said quickly. “I’d better see where we are.” He said and went on deck. “He’s acting rather peculiar.” I said to myself. “Oh, it’s probably nothing.”


As I stood up I saw Elinor standing in a corner. She was spying on us!
“Elinor, is there something you needed?” I asked. She just stared at me and then she said harshly, “What have I told ye about mentioning my parent’s names and their treasure chest to people?”
“But Jake is my friend! He would never think of stealing from you!” I said.


“Listen, Victoria, I know he’s yer friend, but you haven’t seen him in six years. We don’t know that we can trust him!” Elinor explained.
“What is so dangerous of others knowing about your parent’s treasure anyways?” I asked.


Elinor came close to my ear and whispered, “The Cube of Light belongs to them.” I gasped. “Then why don’t you-” I blurted out, but Elinor covered my mouth and hushed me.


I whispered, “Then why don’t you give it to Blackheart and save Elena?” Elinor looked at me worriedly. “Because the Cube of Light is powerful and it could be used to destroy an entire city. If Blackheart had control of it she would destroy every city that threatens her. That is why she wants to trade for it!” Elinor said.


“I understand. But why did Blackheart say you stole it from her?” I asked.
“Because she stole it from my parents and they got it back from her! They paid for it with their lives…” Elinor’s voice trailed off. She cleared her throat, “Come, let’s go on deck.” She said.


I felt sorry for Elinor and I hoped I was right about Jake.

~Part Four~


“Victoria! Victoria, wake up!” Jake was waking me up from a sound sleep. “Jake? What is it?” I asked with a yawn.


“Blackheart just contacted me. She said that we need to bring her The Cube of Light tomorrow!” Jake said very distressed.


“Oh, no, but Elinor doesn’t have it.” I replied, though I knew I was lying.


“Victoria, her sister’s life could be at stake! If you know something, you have to tell me.” Jake said, but I didn’t answer.


“It’s okay, Victoria. You can trust me.” He said with a smile.


I sighed, “Alright. Come with me.” I said quietly.
I led him into Elinor’s office. I knew I was doing something wrong, but I couldn’t let anything happen to Elena! Elinor would be so thankful if she knew I helped save her.


“Jake, why didn’t you tell Elinor what Blackheart said?” I asked. “Because I know that she would not have given it to her. But I know that you wouldn’t let anything happen to Elena.” Jake explained. Well, that made sense.


I opened a secret drawer in her desk and took out the Cube of Light. I glanced at Jake and saw his mouth wide open. He was definitely in awe!


“Whoa! I can’t believe this is it!” Jake said in a whisper.


“Now, you promise that Elena will be safe?” I asked him with a look of worry.


A sinister grin spread across his face. “Thank you for giving me The Cube of Light, Victoria. I’ve been after this for a long time. Without you, I would never have gotten it.”


“Jake! What about Blackheart? And Elena?” I asked, raising my voice.


“That was all a lie! Blackheart has nothing to do with this.” Jake said. “Then what about Elena?” I asked, my eyes welling with tears. “Oh, that. I’m the one who took her captive. I had to have something to make Elinor give me The Cube! Oh, wait. She didn’t give it to me-you did.” Jake said. “B-but why? Why are you doing this?” I stammered.
“I need power, Victoria. I don’t want to be known as the ‘Weakest Pirate’ anymore. Every pirate I ever encountered called me that when they heard about my old life. But no more. Now that I have The Cube of Light, everyone will fear me.” Jake explained.


He looked down at me crying on the floor and said, “Don’t worry. Elena will be safe.” He said it with the deepest sincerity. I looked up at him and he looked sad, but happy. It was as if he lost something and gained something.


I stayed on the floor crying for a long while after he left. I had been deceived by his kindness.


After I had cried all of my tears I went to speak with Elinor.
“Elinor, I need to tell you something.” I said sadly. Elinor looked at me closely, “What is it?” She asked.


“Oh, Elinor! I did something horrible!! Jake tricked me into giving him The Cube of Light! He said that Blackheart wanted it by tomorrow! But it was really him who wanted it! He’s gone now and it’s all my fault!” I cried. Elinor was heartbroken and so disappointed in me.


“Victoria, I think you know that you have to do whatever it takes now to get The Cube of Light back, don’t you?” Elinor asked.


“Yes. I’ll do whatever I can.” I replied.


Elinor shouted, “Jake will pay for what he has done to us!!”

~Part Five~

We got to Fire Cove, where Jake’s hideout was, in one day. We were going to free Elena and fight for The Cube of Light!
Captain Elinor and I entered the cave and started on our hunt for Elena and for Jake.


And then there, lurking in the shadows, was Jake!
“Captain, Victoria, I thought ye might show up.” Jake began. “If you’re looking for Elena she’s right down that passage way. You can go get her, Victoria.” Jake finished kindly. After what he’d done I did not even want to see him or talk to him, but I obviously had no choice. “Go on, Victoria, but be careful.” Elinor warned.


Jake laughed, “There’s nothing to be worried about. I told you she’d be safe.” He said.


“Yes, and how many other things did you tell me, Jake? How many times did you lie to me?” I asked my eyes welling up with tears.


Jake looked at me with guilt. “I promise, Victoria, she is safe and unharmed.” He said and I went to Elena’s aid.


“Jake, give me The Cube!” Elinor demanded, pointing her sword. “Why should I do that?” Jake asked.


Elinor studied Jake. “Because you love Victoria. Do this to make her happy and get her back.” Elinor said.


Jake turned away from Elinor. “She doesn’t love me. And she never would. Even if I did give it back, she wouldn’t trust me.” Jake said quietly.


“I think if you were to let Elena free, give back The Cube of Light, and apologize to Victoria, she would forgive you.” Elinor said.


Jake turned to face Elinor and took The Cube out of his coat pocket. “I’m not doing this for Victoria, I’m doing it to be a good man.” And with that The Cube of Light was back in Elinor’s hands.

Finding Elena was a bit difficult, but soon enough I saw her.


She was locked up in some sort of a jail cell. “Elena! It’s me, Victoria!” I whispered. Elena looked at me and she could not believe her eyes. “Victoria, what are ye doin’ here? Where’s Elinor?” Elena asked quickly.


“Everything’s fine, Elena! Elinor is here, but she sent me to rescue you! Come now, we have to move quickly. Jake promised you would be safe, but I don’t know if he told his crew about that. Do you know where the keys are?” I asked.


Elena moved her head to point, “Over thar! But be careful there’s a tra-” Elena was cut off by the sound of rocks rumbling overhead.


“What is that?” I yelled.” Elena shouted, “A trap! You have to hurry!” I started running to the keys on the hook, but was tackled to the ground by Jake,


“WATCH OUT!” He yelled just before he was buried by rocks. “No. Jake!!” I yelled.


I started moving the rocks to save him. It took some time, but I finally got them off of him.


And there he was, just lying there all dirty and injured. “Jake, why did you do that?” I sobbed.


He looked up at me with a weak smile. “Just as before. I-I couldn’t let anything happen to you. I love you.” He said with tears in his eyes.


“I love you, too, Jake.” I cried.


Six weeks passed and Jake was almost fully recovered. But news that is much greater than that-


Jake and I were married, but in secret, so that no other pirates would know.

“We’re coming up to the city of Dale. We’ll stop there for some supplies.” Jake said.
“Isn’t that kinda dangerous? I mean, since we’re pirates and we are married.” I asked, but Jake didn’t reply right away.


“We should be fine. As long as Blackheart isn’t making port there right now…”

~Part Six~


It was a sunny afternoon and we were coming upon the city of Dale. Ever since Jake mentioned about Blackheart being there I hadn’t been able to keep my mind off it. So I went to go talk to Jake about it.


“Jake, I’ve been thinking a lot about Blackheart. If she is at Dale and if she sees us, what will happen?” I asked. Jake looked at me closely and could tell I was worried. “Don’t worry, Victoria. We’ll be okay.” He replied, but I knew he was just trying to make me feel better.


“Jake, what would happen?” I asked a little more demanding this time.


“It’s difficult to say. Maybe nothing if she doesn’t really notice us, or….” His voice trailed off. “Or what?” I asked. “Or she might bring us to the keeper of the Code. She is dangerous. If she sees someone not following the Code, she’ll do something about it. And well, we’ve been broken just about the biggest code.” Jake said with a sigh. He looked at me again and said, “I’m going to Dale alone. It’ll be safer if you stay here on the ship. Savvy?” He asked. “Alright.” I replied sadly.


Jake bought our supplies and started to head back for the ship. But something wasn’t right…


Jake turned his head to the side, so he could see in back of himself.


He was being followed!


Realizing who it was Jake began to run as fast as he could!


But then the woman began chasing after him!


When Jake reached the ship he threw the bag of supplies to the floor and ran for the wheel.
“Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked in a panic.


“Jake!!” I yelled. He was beginning to stress me out!


“I was being followed, Victoria. By Blackheart! She was wearing a disguise.” Jake said quickly.


“That means-” I began, but Jake interrupted me.


“-We’ve been discovered.” He finished my sentence with a look of worry.


I looked over the rail and called Jake over. “She’s following us.” I said as I spotted a ship.


“I know. We’ll have to abandon ship and take the row boat to the nearest island. If she finds us, it will not be good.” Jake explained. I was sad to leave our beautiful ship, but I knew there was no other alternative.


We reached an island at last and hid our boat under some palm leaves. Then we spotted a cave and knew it would be perfect for us to hide in.


“Oh, Jake! What are we going to do?” I asked. “We’ll wait here. And hopefully we’ll be able to leave by morning.” Jake replied. My mind couldn’t help but wonder what would become of us. Then suddenly, I heard a voice…


“Jake, did you hear that?” I asked. We listened for a moment and then heard a woman’s voice saying, “Find Captain Turner and his wife! When you find them, bring them to me. They must pay for breaking the Code!”


Jake put his arm around me and said, “Blackheart…. She’s found us.”



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