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Good Friday Photostory

Happy Good Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for Easter and it’s just in 2 days! Yay!
My dolls are having fun preparing for Easter in a bunch of different ways. Take a look!

Saige and Caroline are going through the outfits trying to figure out who’s gonna wear what on Sunday. Felicity is helping them decide.


Kanani and Marie-Grace getting the plates out for all the desserts and fun foods we’re going to have!


Josefina ready to pop the last batch of cupcakes in the oven.


Rebecca frosting the cupcakes! Don’t they look SO good?


Kirsten making Rice Krispy Treats! I love those!


“Josefina! You don’t have an apron on! You’re gonna ruin Rebecca’s dress!” Addy said, in her “older” tone.
“Oh, Addy! I’m fine! I’m putting the last batch in right now and then I’m done! I don’t need to put an  apron on just for that!” Josefina replied, a little annoyed.
“Well, still. Next time put it on, ok?”
“Aye, yi, yi! Alright! Josefina replied once again- annoyed.


“I’m so excited for the egg hunt! I wonder what kind of candy we’ll get?” Kirsten wondered trying to change the subject.


“I don’t know, but I hope we get lots and lots! I hope it’s a beautiful day on Sunday!” Josefina said, getting very excited herself.

“Girls! Come on, gather round! I have something to tell you.” I said.
So they all gathered round and I made my announcement.


“Girls, I know you’ve been looking forward to Easter and the egg hunt, but it’s supposed to rain. So I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel the egg hunt.” I said feeling so sorry for my girls.


” Oh no! What will we do?”
“Will we still get candy?”
“I’ve been looking forward to it for so long!”
“My first Easter here and I can’t have an Egg hunt.” They all said and questioned. Then Rebecca spoke,


“I have an idea! Since we can’t have an egg hunt outside doesn’t mean we can’t have an egg hunt inside! There’s enough room so, why not?” She said trying to cheer up her sisters.


“Rebecca, that’s a wonderful idea!”
“We get to have an egg hunt after all!”
“You’re the best, Rebecca!”
Many hugs were passed to her that day! They were all so happy to get to have their egg hunt after all!


“It IS a wonderful idea, Rebecca! So now that that’s all settled- can we eat some cookies?” Josefina said in her silly mood. And everyone laughed and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Are your dolls doing any preparing for Easter today? Have you ever had an indoor egg hunt?
Have a great day everyone!!

26 Responses to Good Friday Photostory

  • Cute! Great idea Rebecca! I can’t wait for an egg hunt photo story. Nice!

    OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  • We have had a indoor Easter egg hunt before. I think it is a fine thing to do if the weather isn’t good. My dolls don’t color eggs, but we are going to tonight! 🙂 Hopefully your weather on Easter IS nice, though. We are probably going to get rain too. 🙁

    • Really? Is it just as fun?
      How fun! I love doing that but we’re not going to this year.
      That’s funny! I like it better when the weather is nice. It feels more holiday-ish! LOL! I hope your weather is good too!

      • Well doing a Easter egg hunt inside may not be just as fun, but I think it is better than nothing. It is still fun! 🙂 It would be funner than doing it outside in the rain! LOL
        ~Christian Homeschooler

  • I used to do indoor and outdoor egg hunts. That made it harder!

  • SO CUTE! aw its sad they can’t have an outdoor egg hunt! but thanks to super creative Rebecca they can still have an egg hunt!!

    my doll is deciding what to wear for Easter and for our egg hunt tomorrow!she will probalbly were a fancy dress for Easter!

    By the way. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. its just so awesome!!!!!!!!!!.

    I love that every time i check it thers a new awesome post! i;ve seen yor comments and pictures on other people’s blogs and ive always hoped that you would start a blog because your so creative and nice

    • Hi Hannah M!
      I know! Yes, Rebecca saved the day! LOL!
      I’m trying to decide what my dolls are gonna wear too. I picked out enough outfits but I don’t know who’s gonna wear what! It’s so hard!
      Aw, thank you SO MUCH! Yes, right now I want to do a post every day! I guess cause it’s new and I want people to wanna come back and visit 😉
      You are so sweet!!!! Thank you very much!!!

  • I picked out the clothes that my dolls are going to wear on Easter! 🙂 It is so fun!
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Christian Homeshcooler:
      That’s awesome!! How many dolls do you have? I still haven’t decided 😛

  • I have one American Girl doll, Josefina, a Life of Faith doll, and two baby dolls, one that I play isn’t a baby doll and one that I play is a baby doll. So I have four dolls. I got Josefina last Christmas! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Yes, she is a really good doll-but you would know, ’cause you have her. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Happy Good Friday! Today Jesus died for us..except it was 2,000 years ago…haha! Awesome photo-story, Jaclynn! I love how the girls are going to have an Easter egg hunt after all!

    My BFF’s birthday was Good Friday! No, no, not the same year, or she’d be much older than she looks! LOL!

    • Hi Madison!
      Sorry, I didn’t see this until now!
      LOL! Yes He did!
      Hehe! Thank you 🙂
      LOLOLOL! You are so funny!!! 😀

  • Cute photostory! My dolls and I had an inside Easter egg hunt, but I had three egg hunts, 1 inside, and 2 outside! One at my house, one at my Aunts, and an unexpected one at my friends house! I’m up to my chest in candy! Well, not quite. I’ve eaten a little bit of it hehe.

    • Thank you! Oh my gosh! How exciting and fun!
      LOLOL! I love candy! I got some from my sister and from my mom. I just have a little bit but I’m totally fine with what I got! I LOVE the candy they gave me too! 😛
      I hope you had a good Easter! And it’s nice to see you online again 🙂

  • You’re welcome! Thanks! Hehe! I think everyone does! Yeah, I think I did too, it tastes good, but there might be a trip to the dentist pretty soon here. Thanks! I’m glad too.

  • Wow! I love your blog! I see you were able to buy Saige? I want her so badly! I am on the AG Fan message board, are you on there too? My username is Ari9581. I have read your posts over and over again!!

    • Ari-
      Aw, thank you! Yes, I got her on my birthday in February! She’s an amazing doll! You’ll LOVE her if you get her!
      I have an account but I don’t go on there. I actually don’t even remember my log in stuff! LOL!
      That’s great to hear! Thanks again!

  • I won’t! I hate it too. But I’ve lost all my teeth, so I’m really excited about that! I’ve had some bad experiances at the dentist office, getting a tooth pulled, and even going in for a cleaning.

  • Thanks, its nice not having ot get a tooth pulled. I know! The lady was kinda rough so it wasn’t that fun.

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