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Happy Birthday, Jordan!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an AMAZING brother! Today my brother Jordan is 20 years old! That just seems so wierd that all of my siblings are now in their twenties 😛

Jordan is so awesome and I love him so much! He’s always there for me- whether to make me laugh, or to give me a hug, or anything at all! He’s so funny, caring, and loving. I am so blessed to have such a good relationship with him 🙂

I hope you have a great day, Jub!

40 Responses to Happy Birthday, Jordan!

  • WOW!! Happy Birthday Jodan! Jaclynn, how many siblings do you have?
    An american girl fan forever,

    • I have 3! 2 older brothers and an older sister. I’m the youngest 🙂
      I also have a brother-in-law, too! He’s awesome 🙂

  • I hope he has a great day! What are you doing to celebrate? I have two siblings in their twenties. They are kind of old! 😛
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • We’re not really doing anything. He went to Six Flags yesterday with some friends and our brother to celebrate, but today we’re not really doing anything. My mom made egg mcmuffins for breakfast, we ate lunch, we did presents just a bit ago. And then we’re going to dinner 🙂
      LOL! Twenties is still young! I’d say 40’s is when you can say they’re kinda old 😛

      • So you are not having any cake?
        Well, it is kind of old in way. Since I’m younger than that and all. 😉
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • Oh, no we did! We had to have it early because my other brother works 5:30-9:30 and my brother Jordan has to go to bed at 9:30 cause he works at at 5:00 in the morning 😉
          LOL! That’s true 😛

  • Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!! I hope he had a great day! How did you celebrate?

    • He’s having a very good day 🙂
      We just basically hung around all day. We’re going to get Applebee’s for dinner! Yum!
      Yesterday was the big celebration though, because he went to Six Flags with some friends and our brother 😉

      • That’s good!
        Well that’s a good way to celebrate! Did he pick out the restrant?
        Oh okay. But, what is Six Flags?

        • Yes, it is 🙂 Yep- he did! He said he felt like having their riblets- hehe! 😛
          Oh- I didn’t know you didn’t know what it was! It’s really called Six Flags Magic Mountain. Some people just call it Six Flags, others Magic Mountain. It’s a theme park with really BIG rollercoasters and other big scary rides like that! LOL! I’m too scared to go right now, but I plan on going next year 😉

          • Hehe!
            Oh okay! It’s okay, I don’t think we have one up here, so I wanted to ask 🙂
            Hehe! You make me look like a total fraidy cat, I have never even been on a rollarcoaster! Never have, and probably never will. But I’m gonna be working at the fair in August, and during breaks, the group I’m working with might go on a rollarcoaster, or the Ring Of Fire or something like that. But I think most of them would rather watch people show their horses…I hope!

          • That’s understandable! I’m sure you have stuff where you live that we don’t have 🙂
            LOL! Oh, really? I LOVE rollercoasters and big rides but all the rides at Six Flags are HUGE! Like some of them go as high as 400 feet! I don’t think I’m ready to go yet, but I plan to go next year. My brother knows I’ll love it and he’s been right about every ride I’ve tried so I think I will, too- hehe! 😀

            Well, that’s cool! It sounds like a lot of fun!
            Hehe! You’d much rather see horses then go on a rollercoaster- I can tell 😉

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAAYYYY TO YOU! cha cha cha! Happy birthday to you! Chachacha! Happy birthday dear JORDAN, happy birthday to youu!! CHA CHA CHA! XD

  • Jaclynn:
    Why not?!

    • LOLOL! I don’t know! We just don’t want to DO anything. We’re just gonna have basic jobs. Just because tons of people go to college doesn’t mean everyone has to 😉
      Besides- it’s A LOT of money! And I’ve heard a lot of things that it just throws your money away.
      P.S. We also all hate school! LOLOLOL!

  • My older brother Michael is turning 20 tommorow! I like your blog Jaclynn! It’s really cute and fun! 🙂


    • Hi Kelley! I’m glad you found my blog 🙂
      Oh, cool! Happy Birthday!
      Thank you! I’m going to try to do a psot when I get back home today 😉

  • I’ve never been on a roller coaster either!

    • Really? I LOVE them! Hehe!

      • I have a hunch that I wouldn’t like a roller coaster. But I really don’t know. I haven’t been to many fairs or amusement parks in my life…

        • If you have a hunch you would- then you might! Come on down and I’ll take you to Dsineyland! LOLOL! 😛 😀

          • LOL! I haven’t even gone to Disney world, and we went to Florida once!

          • I would LOVE to go to Disney World! I really hope to someday 🙂

  • Oh you do? Well good for you! 400 FEET?! Oh, you mean REALLY big rollarcoasters. Do they have any loops? We have a few rollarcoasters up here, but I haven’t seen any recently. I have an insane fear of heighs, so I’ve never been on a rollarcoaster. But it kinda depends what kind of height. Like I have been in the Space Needle before, and that didn’t bother me, except when we were going on the elevatar to get to the top, that kinda disturbed me. That’s good, he’ll probably be right.
    It will be fun! Yeah, that’s me. THe kind of girl who will be around huge animals that can kill people, like elphants, draft horses, and lions, but won’t go on a rollarcoaster! But that’s okay, it’s just not one of my favorite things to do 🙂

    • Yes, they’re SUPER big! LOLOL! Yes- I think ym brother said almost everyone does! And some do spirals and yeah. It’s crazy!
      Oh, then I wouldn’t reccomend going to Six Flags! LOL!
      I don’t know what Space Needle is- hehe!
      LOL! Well, I think rollercoasters are far more scary and dangerous than animals- hehe 🙂
      Yes, it is ok. My mom and sister won’t go on any of those rides! But I love them! Hehe!

      • Yeah, I don’t think I’d enjoy being 400 feet off the ground. Wow, that is crazy!
        Hehe! Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.
        Oh, I’m sorry, it’s a big building in Seattle, it kinda looks like a really tall, thick needle, and the top kinda looks like a space object that you would see on the Jetsons. It’s kinda hard to explain, you can find pictures of it on the Internet. We went there a few years ago, and it was really fun!
        Hehe! Yeah, I think so- that is unless the animal isn’t caged, that’d be scary.
        Hehe! That sounds like my Mom! She doesn’t like anything higher than 30 feet, unless it’s a building will solid walls around it. Hehe!

        • I know! And there’s a ride where it’s like you’re flying- literally! You like hang as if you’re lying on your stomach! That ride I refuse to go on! Hehe!
          Ooooh- ok! Hehe- it’s alright! That’s bound to happen sometimes, right? 😉
          LOL! Right!
          Hehehehe! That’s funny! 😛

          • Wow, that’s really crazy! There’s this ride that’s at the fair, it’s called the Ring Of Fire, and it’s basically a big ring, that’s decorated with fire around it and you go around and around and around in a rollercoaster car then you stop upside down, then eventually you make your way on down to the bottom. It’s always made me sick just thinking about it! But it’s fun for some people, I just don’t like it.
            Yeah it probably will.
            P.S. Are you still sick?

          • OH MY GOSH! That sounds insane! I would feel so awful if I went on that ride! I get headaches really easy if I spin a lot.. 🙁
            No, I’m not. I just have that cough that takes forever to go away! Ugh! LOL! 😛
            Thanks for asking!

  • I know! It’d be awful! Aw, that’s sad! 🙁
    Oh okay! Hehe!
    You’re welcome!


  • Borthday really… I meant BIRTHDAY

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