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Happy Birthday To An Awesome Brother!

Today is my older brother, Jordan’s 22nd birthday!! πŸ˜€


Jordan is seriously awesome! I’m so thankful for the great relationship we have and I pray that it will never weaken! Jordan is super crazy, absolutely hilarious, and makes the best faces. He is also so sweet, loving, and caring. He also gives awesome “Jub hugs” as me and my mom call them!

I have so many great memories with Jordan. From being so bored that we are just lying around in the living room watching weird PBS Kids shows, just waiting for Word Girl to come on (we loved that show!), also me wanting to play with him and he drops on the floor saying “I am paralyzed” and me having to drag him (literally!) Β around the house. We have chased each other around the house, slamming doors to get away, and played several LEGO video games together. Jordan has always made me die laughing. He sleeps in the craziest positions on the couch and lip sings to songs so dramatically! XD

Aside from being super crazy and hilarious, Jordan is also super caring. He loves to give hugs and he’s always there to make me smile (even when I’ve been mad at him. I can never be mad at him any longer than a minute cause he just makes me laugh!). He’s always been himself everywhere he goes and he loves the Lord!

Thank you, Jordan, for being such an amazing brother! Happy Birthday!! πŸ˜€


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