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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! To celebrate I am having a discount on my Etsy shop!


Use coupon code MEMORIAL13 at checkout to receive 10% OFF your purchase of $20 or more!

Enjoy! And I hope you all have a fantastic day! 🙂

What do you do to celebrate on Memorial Day?

20 Responses to Happy Memorial Day!

  • Happy Memorial day! I am guessing that your discount is great, but I don’t have money to spend on that sort of thing.
    My dolls are going to have a Memorial day picnic! 🙂

    • Oh, I understand that 😉
      That’s sounds like a lot of fun! I hope they have a good time! 🙂

      • I am glad you do. 🙂
        I am sure they will. Do you have good weather where you live? Earlier today, it was cloudy and cold, but I think it has got warmer and sunnier. 🙂 I heard some people got snow! That’s terrible weather for Memorial day! 😛 What do you think?

        • Yeah, it’s a great day! All blue sky and sunny and it feels great outside! It is a tad hot though.
          Oh, wow! Snow? That’s crazy! Yeah, that’s not good weather for today- LOL! 😀

          • We had a really nice spring day for Memorial day. It was a little cool, like a spring day should be. 🙂
            Yeah! I think it is terrible!

          • That’s good! 🙂

  • Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!
    Wow, that’s a great sale! I hope you get some money today!
    Well, my dolls and I are going to have a Memorial day lesson, like I’ll teach the the meaning of Memorial day, and afterwards we’ll do something fun, like going to the park or something like that 🙂
    What are you and your dolls doing Jaclynn?

    • Thanks! I hope I do, too! So far there’s nothing, though.
      That sounds awesome! I hope you guys have fun today 🙂
      Nothing really. Christian Homeschooler made me want to take them for a picnic but I don’t want to copy her- hehe!
      We’re having watermelon later, though! Eeeek! LOVE watermelon!!! 😀

      • I wouldn’t have minded if you made your dolls go on a picnic! Hey, people should think that instead of “they are copying me,” they should think, “my idea was really good!” Now I might not follow that rule, but… 😉
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • Oh, well I didn’t want to feel like I stole your idea 😉
          LOLOLOL! That’s true! Hehe! 😀

          • OH, it would have been all right. 🙂

          • Oh. well maybe I’ll just do a regular picnic post tomorrow or the next day then! Hehehehe!!! 😀

  • You’re welcome!
    It’ll be fun! Thanks! We will 🙂
    Oh okay. Yum! That sounds really good! I love watermeolon too! Hehe! 😀

  • Oops! I forgot to sign my name! Hehe!

  • Happy LATE Memorial Day!:) um I know u probably already know this but it’s almost June and u haven’t posted a new pic if the month since march…. Not trying to be all like “Get A NEW PIC!!!!” Or anything it’s just I wanna see what you’ll think up!:)

    • Hehe! Happy late Memorial Day to you, too! 🙂
      Oh, yeah- I always forget about that thing! LOL! I’ll try to do it soon 😉
      P.S. Yep! It’s almost June!! Are you excited?? 😀

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