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House Cleaning! 

*This post will be updated throughout the day to show my progress of cleaning out my dollhouse, so keep checking back!*


Hi guys! Today I thought I’d clean out my dollhouse so it doesn’t look like a disaster and I thought it would be fun to show you my progress throughout the day! 😀

This is what it looks like currently. Disaster, right? I’m so tired of it being like this, but alas I have been too lazy to dedicate a full day to cleaning it out. BUT TODAY IS THE DAY!! XD 

I have the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing right now, so I am all set to get started on this! Bye for now! ;D


I removed all my dolls from my dollhouse…

I decided to work on the bottom floor first, so here is what the living room looked like…

And now it looks like this! I dusted the furniture and I’m trying to make the room look lived in with toys on the floor, a messy desk, etc. What do you think? 🙂

And here is what the bedroom looked like…

And what it looks like now! I’m not done with this room yet, but I’m starving and breaking for lunch! TTFN – Tata for now! ;D


Sooo, I ate spaghetti for lunch and then straight to work on the kitchen and – um – diner room? XD AND IM DONE! 

Oh! And I added the finishing touches to this room, too! 😀

Now I just need to get some dolls changed, hair brushed, and arrange them in the dollhouse. Oh boy… XD


Currently FaceTime-ing Emma and dressing my dolls. Actually, I’m on an ice cream break. I’m going crazy. I just wanna be done already. *cries* 


I AM DONE! It doesn’t look super nice, I know, but when you have like 40 dolls to place in 4 rooms it’s not gonna look as amazing as it did empty XD

I hope this was interesting for you to read! Let me know if you’d like to see some more posts like this in the future! 😀

*plops on bed*


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