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I Am Writing Up A Storm!

Whew! I have been writing SO much lately! I wrote two whole stories plus I finished a couple, and now my brain is already thinking, “What next?!” 😀 I made a list of all of the series that I have in the works and there are 15 total!! Three of them are a trilogy that I’m making with Emma and we’ll be starting the first one REALLY soon! 😀


Speaking of series, above is a poster for The Disappearing Heirs Season 2: The Crown Reclaimed, so please feel free to print it out and hang it up in your (or your doll’s) bedroom! :)

I finished typing up the last few parts of The Disappearing Heirs today, and I hope you’ll join me on Saturday, March 21st to see the series finished!! I’ll be posting one part every hour and once it’s done, there will be a couple other TDH related posts! 😀

I’m so excited for all the photostory series I’ll be posting this year! It’s gonna be so much fun!! 😀
Well, I’m gonna get back to my writing. Bye for now! :)


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