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Interview With The Stars Of “Fire Cove”

Hello everyone! Today I got a request to do an interview with my “kids” of what they think of the story and their characters. So, I decided to do it! Annika’s answers will be in purple and Elijah’s will be in green šŸ™‚

First question:

How do you like being a pirate?


“I really enjoy acting as a pirate! I would never have thought that I would like being one, but it is just really fun! I know a lot of people think that pirates are bad, but you know there are also some really good ones! Like, they’re not entirely good because they pilfer and sometimes- harm people, but there are some good ones like Victoria and Elinor, who mostly look for buried treasure.”


“I love it. It’s awesome! I really love my character because Jake is so cool and good, but he’s also bad, and he’s just awesome! I mean seriously, I can use a sword and swing on ropes! PLUS I get to wear an awesome black coat!”

Second question:

How do you like your character?


“That is a really good question! I really like Victoria. She is so nice and caring and always wants to do the right thing. Something I really like about her is that she was a super, and I mean super rich girl and she gave up that life to be a pirate. Like if she had stayed in her rich life she would never have a care in the world, but since she chose the life of a pirate, I’m sure that she definitely worries about a lot of things.”


“Aw, man! I don’t even know where to start! Jake is so cool! He’s brave and cool and just- I don’t know! Like I said earlier he’s good and bad. I think the best way to put it is that he’s a bad guy, but he has a good heart. Well, yeah there’s some bad in his heart of course, but deep down he is really a great guy. Like the only reason he is bad is because his dad and other pirates made him that way. His dad made him wanna leave and be a pirate and after being one for six years and other pirates saying he was the ‘Weakest Pirate’ that just really hurt him. So yeah, I think he’s a good guy.”

Third question:

How are Jake and Victoria doing right now?


“Victoria is of course, very heartbroken. I mean she loved Jake and he tricked her and lied to her, so Victoria is in a rough spot right now.”

“Well, I’d say Jake is pretty happy and content right now. He has The Cube of Light, power and, yeah. He’s doing alright. But he feels a little bad for lying to Victoria which is why I think he promised that Elena would be okay.”

Fourth question:

What does the rest of this series hold in store for us?


“Oh, that’s a really hard one! I guess to sum it all up I’d say it’s going to have excitement, sorrow, and-”


“Yeah, pretty much. As well as, hmmm.. How do I put this? Stress. I believe some of the audience will be stressed and there may also be some anger…”

“I don’t think there’s anger.”

“Yeah, maybe not…”

Moving on!

Fifth question:

Many people are wondering if there is still hope that Jake and Victoria will get together?


“Well, you never know. If Jake apologizes to Victoria and turns from the ‘dark side’, then who knows?”

“I find it very unlikely. Jake has power now and that’s all that’s important to him. Why would he give that up, right?”

Last question:

Why can’t pirates be married?


“Well, before you become a pirate there are several things you must agree to. There’s a big book and all pirates call it ‘The Code’. In that book are several rules or terms that you have to live by as a pirate. And sadly one of them is that you can’t marry. The reason is because if a pirate were to be married they would constantly be looking out for their husband or wife and protecting them from harm. They’d be putting each other first, but according to another ‘Code’ it clearly says ‘Every man for himself’ and ‘Any pirate who falls behind gets left behind’. So, that is why pirates are not allowed to marry.”

Thank you Annika and Elijah for joining us today! We hope to do this again soon!


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