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Josefina’s Photoshoot

As many of you may know, Josefina is my sister’s doll, but she lets me play with her and take care of her. I think that Josefina is such a pretty doll and she definitely needs some attention 🙂


I took Josefina to the park across the street where I knew I could get some good pictures of her.


Looking pretty under the tree 🙂


I love this one! She looks so pretty and sweet!


Josefina plopped down on the grass. Silly girl!


I just had to get a picture of her gorgeous long hair!


Josefina sits down and waves. “Adios for now!”

What do you think of Josefina?

30 Responses to Josefina’s Photoshoot

  • She has to be one of the prettiest ag dolls! I would be so sad if they discontinued her.

  • Josefina looks so cute.she’s a very pretty doll. i like the pic of her lying on the grass, but all the pics are cute. 🙂

  • She is so pretty! Well, I should think so, since I have her! 😀 I have a problem with keeping her hair nice, though. She has a lot of fly-aways. 😛

    • LOL! Yes, I would hope that you think she’s pretty! 😛
      Oh, yeah, so does mine. And all of the fly-aways are short hairs which I wanna pluck out, but it’s my sister’s doll, so I don’t do those sort of things to her 😉

      • That’s exactly the same as mine! There are so many short hairs that I can’t catch in a braid! 😛

        • Is yours a Pleasant Company Josefina? Mine is, so I wonder if that’s why…?
          Most of her short hairs are on the top of her head, though. It was kind of hard to take pics of her without the hairs showing, LOL! 😛

          • There’s a really easy solution to that! I use it all the time to neaten my doll’s fly-aways when I put there hair in a down-wards hairstyle like a ponytail or braids or somethign like that, especially Josefina. Use a CLEAN toothbrush and wet it. Start at the beginning of the wig, right above the forehead, and brush the toothbrush down until you reach the ponytail or end of the hair or the braid or whatever. Do it for all of her head. It really flattens it down and gives it a neater look!

          • Oh, wow! I have never heard of that before! I’ll have to try it out sometime. Thank you SO much! 😀

          • Yeah, my Josefina doll is Pleasant Company. Maybe that’s why, I don’t know.
            Madison: thanks for your tip! I might have to try it some time!

  • Aw! She looks so cute!! I love Josefina, her face mold is so pretty! It’s one of my favorites 🙂

  • Aww! She’s so pretty! I like the third picture the best. Pretty Josie <3 Did you use green Easter "grass" for the gras? Just wondering. I think you mentioned something like Easter grass for the hay in one of your Camp Doll Diaries thing. 🙂
    My Josefina wants to give a message to your sister's Josefina: 😉
    Hola other Josefina! Me sombres es Josefina, too. You are so pretty. Well I must go. Adious amiga!
    Madison here again, only to say bye too XD
    (and Josefina.)

    • She certainly is! Thanks! That one is my favorite! 😀
      Yes, I did! It’s very handy to have around 🙂
      Okay! Here’s my Josefina:
      “Buenas Dias! Como estas usted? Muchas gracias! I see you on DWOD, too and I think you are very pretty as well!
      Adios, Josefina!”
      Me again! Bye for now!

      • You’re very welcome! You’re really good at taking photo’s! 😀
        Ok! I figured! It look so cool and adds a lot of “coolness” to your scenes. (I hope that made sense?)
        Josefina: “Hola! Mi doing beuno. Aw, muchas gracias! Adios!”
        B-bye! 🙂
        (and Josefina)

  • She is beautiful, and her hair looks great in the photo’s .. we love Josefina, she is one of my favorites .

  • Thank you for highlighting her! I agree, she is a beautiful doll. 🙂

  • Do Josefina’s earrings come out? I heard they’re permanent….is that true?

  • I think Josefina is pretty , but she’s not my favorite. I do really like her meet outfit though!!!!!

  • She is sooo pretty! I’ve wanted her for a long time, since I was like 8! 🙂 ~Leah

    • Leah how old are you now? Don’t say if you can’t 😉
      Just wondering how many years you’ve wanted her…. 😕

  • I am ordering Josefina’s meet outfit today or tomorrow! 😀 And I am ordering Isabelle as soon as she is done being backordered….(if “backordered” is a word, lol!) she will be order-able (Ha!) again on Feb. 21. 😀
    When I get her, would you like me to review her, or send in pics of her? I would be happy to, just let me know! 😉

    • Oh, that’s great! So you decided on Isabelle? That is a good choice! 🙂
      LOL! Oh, that’s on my birthday! Hehe! 😀
      You can send in a review of her, but it wouldn’t get posted for a while. I have 3 guest posts planned that I keep forgetting about (I know, it’s horrible 😕 ), but I am trying to plan a day to have one posted! 😉
      Congrats on deciding to get Isabelle!

      • Thank you! You’ve really helped me a lot with my decision! 😀
        No, you probably have so much going on that it’s hard to get stuff up and posted, I completely understand!!
        Thank you! She will be a great last doll…

  • Madison L,
    I use that trick a lot. 🙂 They taught my mom at the AG store… 😉

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