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LittleHouseofAmericangirl’s 1 Year Blogiversary!!

One year ago today I started my blog. Time goes by so quickly! I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was super excited to finally have a blog and I couldn’t wait to do my first photostory! When I look at posts from the very beginning and then look at the ones from now, it makes me so happy to see how far I’ve come! I did not expect to have so many readers and commenters and I get so happy when I get comments saying things like, “I love your blog!” “I check your blog everyday!” “You are so good at photostories!” It’s comments like those that inspire me to keep going! Without all of you LHOAG would not be where it’s at today! Thank you all SO much! You’re all such amazing friends! 🙂

My blog is so important to me and I love doing it! You may or may not know, but about 2 weeks ago we thought that my blog had been deleted. We couldn’t visit it. Every time we tried it said the website could not be found. Immediately my mom started to do some research and see what was going on. After a while we read that once a blog is deleted, it can’t be brought back. That means EVERYTHING I’ve done would be lost!! I was crying so much. I really believed that my blog was gone and that all of my photostories, pictures, everything was gone. If you had seen me crying you would’ve thought that I just heard someone died. But after hours of being worried and crying, we finally found the problem! It was our router and all we had to do was unplug it and plug it back in. I was overcome with joy!! I was so relieved and happy that my blog was still out there! I thank God that everything turned out alright 🙂

I have some big plans for this year on my blog! One of them is on my Contact Form! You can now attach 3 pictures to your emails for me to post on “Tell Us Tuesday!” It’s basically the same thing as From A Friend Friday on AGFan- send in a maximum of three(3) pictures with a description. You can start sending in photos now! I will post them on Tuesday 😉

Now, I thought it would be fun to show you my stats!
I currently have:
169 Posts
4 Pages
30 Categories
153 Tags
And for the grand finish-
You are all so awesome!!! Thank you for all of your comments! I LOVE reading them!! 🙂

This is not the last post of the day, look for a GIVEAWAY coming up soon!

44 Responses to LittleHouseofAmericangirl’s 1 Year Blogiversary!!

  • Wow! Congratulations! I have practically visited your blog everyday! :)That is a lot of comments, wow wow wow!!! 😀
    I hope that you continue to keep up the good work, I really enjoy visiting your blog, you were that one that inspired me to start my AG blog. I was feeling stupid for being a teenager and still playing with AG, then I found out that you are my age, and i was SO happy! 🙂 I have only become friends with some girls here in the AG online world, and I would definitely consider you one of them! Congrats again!


    • Thank you so much!! Yeah, it’s so awesome! I love comments 😀
      Wow! I never knew that I inspired you to start a blog! And I’m so sorry about how you felt. I understand that 🙁
      But I am so happy that I was able to make you feel better!
      Aw, thank you SO much! I consider you my friend, too 🙂

      • Yep!! I loved American Girl Fan, then when your blog came along I was happy because then there were 2 blogs to go between! haha! 🙂 Now I have found a lot of other AG blogs. I didn’t realize SOOOOOO many girls still love AG! 🙂
        🙂 Best Online Friends Forever= BOFF! hahahaha! JK! 🙂

        • Yeah, I didn’t realize it either! Probably because no one I knew had even heard about or had an AG doll 😛
          LOLOL! That’s actually cute and creative! I like it! 😀

          • Yeah, I introduced my bff into AG dolls! in 2011 she came over, and she had the books, and I had two dolls then, and I pulled out a magazine, and now she is obsessing over Marie-Grace!haha! She finally got her first AG doll this past christmas! She got Samantha. Now we have twins! 😀 but she is the only other person I know (in person) that plays with AG still! 🙂
            Hehe! Thanks! 😉

  • Happy anniversary! Your blog is awesome!

  • Cool Jaclynn!!:) I’m really happy for you!:) I’m glad you didn’t lose your blog, too. It’s one of my favorite ones!:) A while back something went wrong with my blog, and I thought I’d have to start over, but that wasn’t as bad as what happened to you, because I’ve only had it since November, and the problem was only from the side of writing the blog, and you could still see the old posts if you went on the website.:)

    • Aw, thank you! I am, too! 🙂
      Oh, dear! Well, I’m glad that everything turned out alright! 🙂

  • Congratulations, Jaclynn!!! Your blog has come a long way! I love your blog sooooo much, it has to be my favorite doll blog besides doll diaries!! Its wonderful that there are many teens who play with dolls still, and its awesome that I can talk about God and ask for people to pray for me!! Thanks so much for an awesome blog!!!!#!


  • Aww!! I’m so glad you got it fixed!!!! It would be horrible if it got deleted! Happy blogiversary!! Lol did I spell that right?

    Sing to Happy Birthday tune


    • LOL! Thank you SO very much!! 😀
      And thank you for that, too! I think my mom did a great job with it 🙂

  • Congratulations Jaclynn!!! 🙂 I hope you have many good years ahead. I love to check your blog everyday. Of course, I don’t have nearly that much, since I just started mine. If you are interested, I have 1,584 views, and I have views from Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Ireland, South Africa, Poland, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and or course United States. Thank you for reading my blog so much. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Thank you SO much!! 😀
      Oh, wow! That’s awesome!! I wonder how many views I have… I wish there was a way for me to see that. Oh well 🙂
      You’re welcome! Your blog is great!

      • You’re welcome!! 🙂
        Wait-you can’t see? But don’t you run your blog through WordPress?
        Thanks! 🙂

        • Well, sort of, but I don’t see anywhere where I can see all of my views 😉

          • Oh, well for me, I look at stats and I click “view all” and there they are!

          • Oh, I don’t see that ANYWHERE! LOL! 😛

          • Do you have a dashboard? where you can monitor your posts, comments, and things like that? Because if you have a dashboard then you should be able to view how many views you have. 🙂 I have about 700+ views! I bet you have 5,000+ views!
            I hope that info helped. 😀


          • Yes, I do. We had been needing to do some updates, so my mom did that yesterday and now I can see my stats! 😀
            Only, it doesn’t show from the beginning. It started counting yesterday 😕
            Hehe! Aw, thanks! 🙂

          • Yeah!! 🙂 I can view my stats by the month, maybe just keep looking around and see if you can find a way to look back on your stats! 😀
            You’re Welcome! 🙂

  • Awww, congratulations, Jaclynn!! You really deserve it! I actually just found your blog like 2 months ago, and I love it!! Ever since I first got into AG, I had always wanted a doll blog, but just recently I started one, and you inspired me a lot to make it :).

    Abigail <3

  • d’awwww! I love your blog! I am so glad it was not deleted. 🙂 And I love the subscribe button you put right there! Happy blogversary!

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • Hi,
    Happy blogaversary. I have been dropping by for approximately 5 months and love all the fun ideas. Brea usually watches the blog with me. Thanks for the chance
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

    • Hi Debbie!
      Thank you so much for entering! I was wondering if you could please put your entry on the Giveaway post?
      Thank you!

  • Happy blogiversary! Your blog is one the five I check every day! I love it!

  • Congrats Jaclynn! You really have come a long way 🙂
    You said you were crying like someone had died? Well you thought your blog was gone, so I guess it was kinda like it died LOL! 😛

  • That is awesome! Wow, you really thought your blog was gone??? That would have been awful!!

  • I would love to win your contest, new to your blog but love it..thanks so much

  • OH MY GOSH! you used my tell us tuesday idea!!!!! this all looks so fun. i like your new banner!

    • Hehe! Well, I was already planning to do something like that, but I wasn’t sure what day to do it on or what to call it. I am glad you suggested that, though!
      Thank you so much! 😀

  • Congratulations!!

  • I was exploring some of your really old posts, and came across this one. How funny that your second blogiversary is actually coming up, like in a couple weeks! I was just wondering… you said that you got 6,711 comments. Did this number include all your replies, or just the comments that other people left?

    • Oh, WOW! I’m so glad you were scrolling through old posts, cause I did not realize my blogiversary was coming up so soon!! 😛
      It includes mine, too 🙂

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