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Here’s where you can meet my dolls and learn a little bit about each one. I hope you enjoy!


This is Felicity, my first American Girl Doll that I got on February 24th, 2008- 3 days after my 9th birthday! I went to the AG Place in LA to get her which was very exciting for me. She has meant so much to me ever since I got her and she will always be special to me 🙂

Here’s some info about her:

Name- Felicity
Nickname- Lissie
Age- 11
Birthdate- April 21st
Favorite Color(s)- Purple, green, pink
Favorite Food- Steak and carrots
Favorite Dessert- Strawberry ice cream
Favorite Animal- Horses
Favorite Movie- Touching Wild Horses
Favorite Song- Touch The Sky (from Brave)
Personality- Felicity is a very nice girl and a good friend to everyone. She is pretty outgoing and likes to take charge in planning parties or any fun events. She is also very smart.
Hobbies- She loves riding her horse, Penny and spending a lot of her time in the stables. She also likes to sew and write.



This is Elizabeth who I got on the same year I got Felicity. I got her for Christmas 2008 and she was such a wonderful gift to unwrap. When I opened her I didn’t even know that she was American Girl, I kept saying “Bitty Baby! I know that name!” Finally I saw it said American Girl on her box. I got even more excited and Felicity was happy to be a big sister.

She’s not even 1 years old! She’s just a baby 🙂 Her birthday is on Christmas.

She has 2 nicknames- Beth (she’s called this all the time) and Bethy-Wethy. Hehe!

Beth doesn’t do anything really but make us smile at her cuteness and take naps, sit in the bouncer, or the baby swing 🙂

~Caleb & Kendra~


 I got Caleb and Kendra for my Birthday in 2010. It was such a surprise to open them up because I had wanted them so much but I didn’t think I’d get them because of how much money they were. You can just imagine my delight!

Name- Kendra
Nickname- She doesn’t have one, except for Kenwa which is what the toddlers call her
Age- 2
Birthdate- February 21st
Favorite Color-
Favorite Food- Ham and cheese sandwich
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie!
Favorite Animal- Ponies and kitties 🙂
Personality- Kendra is sweet, but also very feisty! She gets into a lot of fights with her twin brother, Caleb.
Hobbies- Watching movies, coloring, and playing with her toys.

Name- Caleb
Nickname- He doesn’t have one, except for Caweb which is what the toddlers call him.
Age- 2
Birthdate- February 21st
Favorite Color-
Favorite Food- Chicken Stars from Carl’s Jr. He likes eating the points off of the stars 😉
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie!
Favorite Animal- Doggies
Personality- Very feisty and aggressive. He doesn’t like getting new brothers and sisters and he doesn’t like to share. He can also be surprisingly nice at times.
Hobbies- Watching movies, playing with his toys, and hitting his brothers and sisters (does that count? 😛 )



I got Kirsten as a late Christmas present from my grandparents. She was bought for me the year she was being retired so I didn’t receive her until May 7th, 2010. I can not tell you how long I waited for her to arrive (the day that she was supposed to). She didn’t come until like 7:00PM! I was so upset and I was going crazy!!  But I was so happy to open her up and hold her! All I have from her collection is her and what she came wearing. I hope to buy some of her outfits on ebay sometime.

Name- Kirsten
Nickname- She doesn’t have one.
Age- 10
Birthdate- June 8th
Favorite Color(s)- Red and blue.
Favorite Food- Fried Chicken and biscuits!
Favorite Dessert- Apple Pie
Favorite Animal- Cats- mostly when their kittens.
Favorite Movie- Tinkerbell: The Secret of The Wings
Favorite Song- For The First Time In Forever (from Frozen)
Personality- Kirsten loves to help with anything when needed. She is very nice and loves her brothers and sisters!
Hobbies- Kirsten loves baking!! It is her favorite thing to do! She also loves to crochet 🙂



I got Jeremy for Christmas 2010 as my star gift- the big one! Hehe!
It was such a surprise to unwrap him! I didn’t expect to get a doll because at the time there wasn’t really one I wanted. I didn’t ask for him either so it was even more of a surprise! He was in a cardboard box all wrapped up in a blue polk-a-dot baby blanket. Underneath was this adorable baby boy wearing some preemie jammies, and the outfit shown in the picture above. He also came wearing a blue beanie, blue tennies, and socks. He was precious to me instantly. In his box there was also a Thank You card from the person my mom bought him from (she bought him on ebay) and it came with a mini Adoption Certificate! His middle name is Ian. 🙂

Name- Jeremy
Nickname- Owmie
Age- 2
Birthdate- December 15th
Favorite Color-
Favorite Food- Plain noodles
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie!
Favorite Animal- Doggies
Personality- Jeremy is the sweetest little thing! He’s very shy and doesn’t talk very much 🙂
Hobbies- Watching movies, playing with his toys, playing with his brother, Mickey



I bought Rebecca myself for my birthday on February 21st, 2011.
It was very exciting going to the AG Store for my second time and buying my very first doll! I saved up my own money and asked for money for my birthday. It was so much fun buying her! She has such a sweet face and I love her eyes. She is an amazing AG doll!

Name- Rebecca
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 9
Birthdate- April 4th
Favorite Color(s)- Pink, purple, and blue
Favorite Food- Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert- Popcorn
Favorite Animal- She isn’t really sure what her favorite animal is, but she really likes birds, kittens, and horses.
Favorite Movie- Anastasia
Favorite Song- Journey To The Past (from Anastasia)
Personality- Rebecca isn’t shy at all! She loves talking to people and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She’s definitely a girly-girl and loves to get dressed up!
Hobbies- She loves to pretend she’s an actress! She’ll sometimes act out scenes from movies for her brothers and sisters. Rebecca also loves to read!



I saved up my money to buy Kanani the year she came out. I went to the AG Place to get her on October 11th 2011. It was a super fast trip, but still very fun 🙂
I first saw Kanani (in person) when I went to the AG Place on my birthday when I bought Rebecca. I knew instanly that I would have to buy her! She was (and is)  SO beautiful! She has gorgeous long hair, pretty green eyes, and such a cute face! It was officially decided I would buy her when I held up my hair to hers- it was the exact same color!! 😀

Name- Kanani
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 10
Birthdate- October 11th
Favorite Color(s)- Blue and purple
Favorite Food- Cheeseburgers
Favorite Dessert- Cinnamon rolls
Favorite Animal- Dolphins and Monk Seals 🙂
Favorite Movie- Tangled
Favorite Song- At Last I See The Light (from Tangled)
Personality- Kanani loves to be outdoors! Especially during summer time, so she can go swimming. She is very kind to everyone she meets and loves to help take care of the little ones 🙂
Hobbies- She likes to dance around the house, lie in bed and read a good book, and  she loves watching movies!



I got Marie-Grace for Christmas 2011. I had a very hard time trying to decide on who I wanted more, Cecile or Marie-Grace. I finally told my mom “Surprise me!” She could tell that I wanted Marie-Grace more and deep down I knew I did, too. So, I was very thrilled to receive her on Christmas morning 🙂

Name- Marie-Grace
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 8
Birthdate- March 3rd
Favorite Color(s)- Pink, purple, white, and red
Favorite Food- Three Cheese Tortellini
Favorite Dessert- Chocolate!
Favorite Animal- She loves Sheep!
Favorite Movie- Frozen
Favorite Song- Let It Go (from Frozen)
Personality- Marie-Grace is shy and very sweet. And although she is shy, she loves to go up and meet her new brother or sister. She loves anything pretty or sweet and loves to wear fancy dresses- even around the house!
Hobbies- Playing with her doll, singing songs from her favorite movies, and keeping an eye on the toddlers.

~Mickey & Minnie~


I bought Mickey and Minnie when I went to the AG store on my birthday, February 21st, 2012. I wanted them for a very long time and was thrilled to finally hold them in my arms 🙂

Name- Minnie
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 2
Birthdate- February 21st
Favorite Color-
Favorite Food- Cereal in a cup
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie
Favorite Animal- Bunnies
Personality- She is so sweet and very shy. She is also so loving and caring!!
Hobbies- Going everywhere with her twin brother, Mickey, playing with her toys, watching movies.

Name- Mickey
Nickname- He doesn’t have one
Age- 2
Birthdate- February 21st
Favorite Color-
Favorite Food- Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie
Favorite Animal- Doggies
Personality- He is practically just like his sister! It is so cute! 🙂
Hobbies- Going anywhere with Minnie, watching movies, and playing with Caleb and Jeremy.



I received Janie as a “just because” gift in May of 2012. She came in a big basket and was wrapped in a blanket. She also came with an outfit (pictured above) and a Webkinz bunny. 🙂


Name- Janie
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 2
Birthdate- May 29th
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Food- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Favorite Dessert- Any type of cookie
Favorite Animal- Bunnies
Personality- She is super shy and sweet. She likes to stay close to her older sisters.
Hobbies- Playing with her toys and watching movies.



I got Caroline for Christmas of 2012 along with her accessories, Holiday Gown, and Nightgown. She is such a beautiful doll and I am so happy to have her! Ever since I saw the first picture of her, I knew she would be joining my family!


Name- Caroline
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 10
Birthdate- October 22nd
Favorite Color(s)- Pink and blue
Favorite Food- Grapes
Favorite Dessert- Vanilla Cake
Favorite Animal- Kittens
Favorite Movie- Frozen
Favorite Song- For The First Time In Forever Reprise (from Frozen)
Personality- Caroline is very adventurous! She has a love for the sea and she also loves to lend a helping hand.
Hobbies- She loves to watch adventure movies and she likes to look at pictures of boats. Caroline also loves to play dolls with her sisters!



You may well be surprised, but when I first saw a picture of Saige (before she was released) I didn’t think she was pretty at ALL! I remember thinking she was ugly and very plain. But once I saw an official picture of her, I near about died!! I couldn’t believe what I had thought and said about her and she went on my wishlist right away! I wasn’t going to buy her for my birthday, since I had just gotten Caroline, but I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to wait. So, I bought Saige on my birthday, February 21st, 2013. She is literally one of the most beautiful dolls ever!!


Name- Saige
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 11
Birthdate- October 8th
Favorite Color(s)- Blue, purple, brown, and red
Favorite Food- Bean and cheese burritos
Favorite Dessert- Rainbow sherbet ice cream
Favorite Animal- Horses
Favorite Movie- The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Treasure Planet
Favorite Song- The Call (from Prince Caspian)
Personality- Saige is very enthusiastic! When you say something exciting she gets SUPER excited! Sometimes she gets a little carried away, though. You could start talking about doing some simple crafting and all of a sudden, she’ll want to make decorations for a party!
Hobbies-  She enjoys painting,  drawing, and  crafting.  Saige also loves riding horses. She is a very excellent rider!



I remember trying to decide if I should buy Annika (MAG/TM #55) because she looked a lot like Saige and I had just bought her. But after a lot of thinking I finally decided to buy her anyways! I bought Annika on June 24th, 2013 when I went to the AG store with my friend for her birthday shopping spree. Although Annika doesn’t look like me, she is exactly like me in her personality 🙂


Name- Annika
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 13
Birthdate- June 24th
Favorite Color(s)- Pink, purple, and red
Favorite Food- French Toast
Favorite Dessert- Donuts
Favorite Animal- Horses
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy!!! She also likes Thor, Pride & Prejudice, The Young Victoria, and How To Train Your Dragon 2
Favorite Song- Any song from any of the LOTR or Hobbit movies!
Personality- Annika is kind, but can also get a little feisty when something upsets or frustrates her. She has a love of horses and spends a lot of her time in the stables. Annika has a big imagination and she usually helps decide where the story is going when she’s playing with her siblings. And being the oldest out of the kids she does her best to make sure nobody disobeys the rules and that everyone gets along.
Hobbies- Riding horses, crocheting, watching movies, reading, and going on blogs/sites.



I had wanted Cecile ever since she and Marie-Grace came out, but I just never got around to purchasing her. I bought her very suddenly when she went on sale with her nightwear for $60. I was SUPER excited to finally have her!! She arrived at my house on October 16th, 2013 🙂


Name- Cecile
Nickname- Cece
Age- 8
Birthdate- October 16th
Favorite Color(s)- Blue and purple
Favorite Food- Monte Cristo sandwiches
Favorite Dessert- Anything chocolate
Favorite Animal- Parrots
Favorite Movie- Frozen
Favorite Song- Let It Go (from Frozen)
Personality- Cecile is very opposite from Marie-Grace, but they also are so similar! She isn’t shy at all and she loves making new friends. She loves anything that’s pretty and is very helpful.
Hobbies- Cecile LOVES to sing! She is always walking around the house singing some of her favorite Disney songs. She also likes to read and write stories.



Samantha has always been one of my favorite AG dolls and when she retired I was very sad. I didn’t think she would ever join my family. Then in January of 2014 I suddenly started getting a lot of orders in my crochet business and before I knew it, I had enough money to buy a doll! I immediately said to my mom, “Let’s look for Samantha on eBay!” and sure enough we found a used Samantha for $112 and I bought her! I remember my mom bidding for me and putting the max bid. There was just a few seconds left and I was sure I was going to lose her, but then “Congratulations!” I was so thrilled!!! She arrived on January 13th, 2014. I’m so happy to finally have my dear Samantha!


Name- Samantha
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 10
Birthdate- January 13th
Favorite Color(s)- Lavender and pink
Favorite Food- Salads
Favorite Dessert- Cheesecake
Favorite Animal- Cute, chubby owls
Favorite Movie- Beauty & The Beast and Love’s Everlasting Courage
Favorite Song- Be Our Guest (from Beauty & The Beast)
Personality- Samantha loves fashion and getting dressed up. She doesn’t like anything dirty or, well- sick. She is sometimes dramatic when something bad is happening. Like if she is super sweaty you might hear her say something like, “Oh, my gosh it is SO hot!  I’m gonna die!” She says she’s gonna die a lot (don’t worry, she’s not serious). She is very proper and very kind. She is also really funny!
Hobbies- Cleaning, watching movies, reading, and playing dress-up with her sisters.



I bought Kaya on my birthday, February 21st, 2014 when I went for my annual AG shopping spree. My mom always loved Kaya and thought I should get her and I thought she was cute, too, but it just wasn’t time for her to join my family yet. Then around Christmas time, 2013 I started to fall in love with Kaya. She was definitely starting to call out to me! So as my birthday approached I wasn’t planning to buy Kaya, but just to get stuff, but me and my mom knew that once I was there and saw her, she would be coming home with me, so I just planned to buy her! She is really such a beautiful doll!


Name- Kaya
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 10
Birthdate- August 15th
Favorite Color(s)- Turquoise
Favorite Food- Salmon
Favorite Dessert- Sweet corn cake
Favorite Animal- Wolves
Favorite Movie- Pocahontas and The Shunning
Favorite Song- Just Around The River Bend (from Pocahontas)
Personality- Kaya is very proud and she tends to brag a lot. She is very serious, but she is also very kind. Because of her Indian heritage she knows how to build a shelter, fish, and walk softly.
Hobbies- Kaya loves to spend time with her horse Steps High and her foal Sparks Flying. She also enjoys playing around outside.




I bought Jess quite suddenly when my mom and I were scrolling through an AG selling group on Facebook. My mom saw that Jess’s pajamas and her Meet Outfit were for sale for only $43 shipped. I told her to write “SOLD” in the comments. I really wanted them because I was saving up to buy THIS doll and name her Arwen. I wanted her because she looked like Jess and I figured it would be cheaper to buy her than Jess herself. Anyways, when my mom was messaging the lady who was selling the outfits the lady asked, “Do you want Jess, too? I’ll sell her to you with the outfits and her book for $120 shipped.” It was hard for me to decide, but I finally decided to buy her! She arrived at my house on April 8th, 2014 and I am so happy to have her 🙂

Name- Jess
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 14
Birthdate- April 8th
Favorite Color(s)- Orange, pink, green, purple
Favorite Food- Teriyaki Chicken
Favorite Dessert- Dole Whip
Favorite Animal- Any type of bird, except for seagulls
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, and Ever After.
Favorite Song- The Last Goodbye (from The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies)
Personality- Jess is neither quiet or outgoing, but she is more in between. She’s the type of girl who likes to stay inside and be on the computer checking out her favorite blogs. She is also always up for a little adventure outside, but she is very cautious about certain things she finds, such as caves or tunnels, because she has a very troubled past. Jess is a great big sister and absolutely adores little kids!
Hobbies- Being on the computer, exploring outside, playing with the little toddlers, doing her hair, and going shopping. She also enjoys wading in the pool, but she doesn’t like to actually swim 😉



I bought Clara (MAG/TM #21) on May 8th, 2014 when I went with my friend, Emma for her birthday shopping spree at the American Girl Place. I didn’t have enough to buy her (I was about $10 short) and when I told Emma that, she said she would give me the extra $10 cause she wanted me to be able to buy her. 🙂 And so I was able to bring this precious girl home with me 😀

Name- Clara
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 11
Birthdate- May 8th
Favorite Color(s)- Purple, gold, pink, and blue
Favorite Food- Stromboli
Favorite Dessert- Cold Oreo Cookie Cake!
Favorite Animal- Baby Otters
Favorite Movie- Cinderella, The Lego Movie, and all of the Anne of Green Gables movies
Favorite Song- A Whole New World (from Aladdin)
Personality- Clara is a kind girl and quite the little adventurist! She is very sensitive to things and has a low blood pressure, so when she gets scared, she usually faints. This happens at least once a week since she gets scared easily.
Hobbies- Playing with her dolls (she tends to make up some tragic stories 😛 ), running around in the backyard, playing any type of board game, and playing video games with her brother, Eli 🙂



I got Kiara (MAG/TM #44) on October 28th, 2014 when my mom and I found her on a site called Varage Sale. She was so cute and I knew I needed to buy her! I had never given much thought to buying Kiara before, but she was really calling out to me that day. Now that I have her, I am so happy that I found her and was fortunate enough to be able to add her to my collection. She is truly a beautiful doll! 😀

Name- Kiara
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 12
Birthdate- October 28th
Favorite Color(s)- Purple, green, and blue
Favorite Food- Chicken fettuccine
Favorite Dessert- Strawberry shortcakes!
Favorite Animal- Koalas
Favorite Movie- Maleficent, Big Hero 6,  National Treasure 1 & 2, The Adventures of Tin Tin
Favorite Song- Life Is A Highway (she knows it from Cars 😉 )
Personality-Kiara is very self-reliant and hardly ever wants any help. She’s a quick learner and loves explaining things to people. Kiara is also quite fearless and loves to keep busy.
Hobbies- Reading, playing catch with Eli, skateboarding, hiking, and pretending that she’s a spy 🙂



I got Jenna (MAG/TM #61) for Christmas of 2014 from my parents. I had wanted her ever since I saw pictures of her (I believe in June) on agoverseasfan’s blog. I fell instantly in love with her and knew I had to get her! I thought of so many names for her, but the one I really loved was Jenna. She reminds me of the dog in Balto, I guess because the dog is red and Jenna has red hair 😛  I am so happy to finally have her! 🙂

Name- Jenna
Nickname- She doesn’t have one
Age- 13
Birthdate- December 5th
Favorite Color(s)- Coral, red, pink, blue, and purple
Favorite Food- Ham and pineapples!
Favorite Dessert- Brownies!
Favorite Animal- Dwarf Hamsters
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Saving Mr. Banks, When Calls The Heart, Love’s Unending Legacy,
Favorite Song- May It Be (from The Fellowship of The Ring)
Personality- Jenna is very considerate and does her best to stay positive in any situation. She’s a dreamer and believes that nothing is impossible! She is very interested in the world and would like to travel when she’s older. She also loves fashion!
Hobbies- Talking about clothes with Samantha, listening to music, playing any type of instrument, and hair styling. 🙂


I got Riven-Delle (A renamed Grace doll) when she debuted at the American Girl Store on January 1st, 2015. I had been seeing tons of leaked pictures of her so I was dying over her and wanting her for a quite a while. It was hard to decide if I wanted to go to my first GOTY debut and get her as my early birthday doll, or wait until my birthday just a month later. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided that going to the debut would be an amazing experience! And it was so fun to have been able to go with my friends, too, who each got a doll as well! I renamed Grace to Riven-Delle, because I just didn’t think that she looked like a Grace. I honestly think that she is one of the prettiest AG dolls ever and I’m so happy to have her in my doll family 🙂

Name- Riven-Delle
Nickname- Delle
Age- 14
Birthdate- January 1st
Favorite Color(s)- Blue, pink, purple, white, and red
Favorite Food- Monte Cristo Sandwich
Favorite Dessert- Macarons
Favorite Animal- Dogs
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Little Women, The Day After Tomorrow
Favorite Song- Into The West (from The Return of The King)
Personality- Riven-Delle has a very creative and imaginative mind. She’s also smart and loves being organized!
Hobbies- Writing in her journal, writing stories, making lists, baking, and taking pictures 🙂




I got a used Molly doll for my 16th birthday on February 21st, 2015. I received her to turn into my very first custom boy doll! My mom cut his hair for me, and I just love the way it turned out! I thought for hours trying to decide on a name for him, but I finally decided on Dallas! His middle name is Peter. I am so happy to have Dallas!! 😀

Name- Dallas
Nickname- Dal (he is rarely called this by Eli)
Age- 10
Birthdate- February 21st
Favorite Color(s)- Red, black, grey, green, blue
Favorite Food- Fish Tacos
Favorite Dessert- Cold Oreos
Favorite Animal- Dogs
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Pirates of The Caribbean, Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Star Wars
Favorite Song- Immortals- from Big Hero 6. He only knows a few lyrics and likes to sing them over and over to annoy Samantha 😛
Personality- Dallas is very serious and concentrated. He is determined, a good sport, and, even though he’s serious, he is quite hilarious!
Hobbies- Playing video games, pretending to be Captain America fighting The Winter Soldier (who is usually played by Eli), and playing football with Eli 🙂




I got Julie on February 24th, 2015. She was such a surprise to receive! I knew she had been on Jill’s Steals & Deals, with her pj’s for $55, but I was really disappointed because I didn’t have the money to buy her. When I talked to my mom about it, she said that it was too late by the time she got up anyways and that SHE actually should’ve gotten her because she’s the only AG doll that she wants, she’s from her time, and all this stuff, and I was just like, “No, I want her! She’s on my wish list thingy!” and then the conversation kinda just ended. So, I think it was still that same day, we were driving and my mom asked me, “So, if you had the money, would you have bought Julie or would you have saved it for a camera?” Okay, can I just say torture question?! I was like, “Oh, my goodness, I don’t know!! That’s too hard!” And then a few days later when I was in my room, my mom texts me: “Sooo. If you have a chance to get something amazing with birthday money, would you?” I replied: “Ummm… Most likely! LOLOL!” Then she said: “Well, you see, something amazing is arriving Wednesday.” Then I sent a dying face and said: “What is it?! *another dying face”” And she sent me a picture of Julie with her Pj’s and wrote: “This” I can’t even tell you how much I DIED!! My mom tricked me so good!! She was probably one of the most exciting dolls to get!! 😀

Name- Julie
Nickname- Jules
Age- 12
Birthdate- February 24th
Favorite Color(s)- Green, white, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple, tan
Favorite Food- Cheeseburgers
Favorite Dessert- Funnel cake
Favorite Animal- Bunnies
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Hercules, TinkerBell And The Legend of The NeverBeast, Kung Fu Panda 2
Favorite Song- Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
Personality- Julie is a thrill seeker! She loves roller coasters and loves doing anything exciting! She can be a little shy when you first meet her, but after a while she will start to open up to you. Julie is also a crazy girl! She’ll say corny jokes sometimes and make herself laugh. She’s also a prankster 🙂
Hobbies- Being silly and having any type of fun with her brothers and sisters, running around outside, going to Disneyland to ride roller coasters, being crafty, and watching movies.



I received Jocelyn (MAG/TM #59 with customized freckles) on July 16th, 2015. My mom got her for me during a Jill’s Steals & Deals and was saving her until either I could pay her back for Jocelyn, or she could make up the money she spent on her 🙂 My mom actually sneaked in my room super early in the morning to look at my doll wishlist to see if I wanted any of the dolls from the sale! I always used to like all the super unique dolls, but there was just something about Jocelyn that I really loved. I love her brown hair and chocolate eyes and I’m very glad to have her as part of my collection 🙂

Name- Jocelyn
Nickname- None
Age- 15
Birthdate- July 16th
Favorite Color(s)- Plum, raspberry pink, and icy blue
Favorite Food- Shrimp Fettuccine 
Favorite Dessert- Pineapple Popsicles
Favorite Animal- Pretty much all animals are her favorite!
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Cinderella (live action), Jurassic World, The Sound of Music, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Favorite Song- 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman), Life’s Too Short (Cut song from Frozen), You Can’t Take Me, Get Off My Back, Sound The Bugle (All from Spirit)
Personality- Jocelyn is a very shy introvert. She’s very scared and nervous when meeting new people and would rather stay at home where everything and everyone is familiar. She is an avid reader and she loves animals and talks to them as if they are real people. Jocelyn also has a secret love of music and songs and often sings when no one is around. She is fiercely loyal to her family and will not stand for injustice.
Hobbies- Reading pretty much all day. She enjoys stories about animals best, such as Black Beauty, Old Yeller, etc. She also likes to go online and do a lot of research about animals, and of course, spending time with the animals at home 🙂



 I purchased Maryellen on August 27th, 2015 – the day she was released! I had wanted to go to her debut and buy her, but I honestly didn’t think there was any way that I would make the money in time, since I had just started trying to earn money about 2 weeks before. But, thankfully I made a sale in my Etsy shop and was also selling some old toys and things I didn’t need anymore. And also thanks to my very generous gramma and mom, I was able to buy Maryellen at her debut! It was also a special trip as I got to meet three nice girls from online. I love Maryellen so much and will always remember the day I got her! 🙂

Name- Maryellen
Nickname- None
Age- 13
Birthdate- August 27th
Favorite Color(s)- Mint, pink, lavender, and green
Favorite Food- “Hamburglers” (she loves Leave It To Beaver 😉 )
Favorite Dessert- Cinnamon popcorn
Favorite Animal- Dogs, dogs, dogs!
Favorite Movie- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, North & South, The Wizard of Oz, Rebecca of SunnyBrook Farm, Little Women
Favorite Song- If I Only Had A Brain (Wizard of Oz), Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)
Personality- Maryellen is a very smart and creative girl who always has big ideas! She loves all things vintage and old TV shows such as, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and Leave It To Beaver. You will often hear her quoting any TV show or movie she watches. She loves the outdoors and really enjoys decorating. She likes to make things look nice and pretty 🙂
Hobbies- Gardening is her main hobby, but she also likes rollerskating, riding her bike, swimming, and using her imagination to do and create big things!



Leia  (renamed Lea Clark doll) joined my doll family on January 1st, 2016. I had seen all the leaked photos of her already and planned to buy her on her debut date with Emma at the AG store. It was our second year doing that together and it’s always so much fun! Leia is such a gorgeous doll and has easily become one of my favorites. The highlights in her hair, the skin tone and eyes – everything about her is just beautiful! 🙂

Name- Leia
Nickname- None, but she would love if people called her Princess Leia 😉
Age- 16
Birthdate- January 1st
Favorite Color(s)- Orange, yellow, pink, green, and blue!
Favorite Food- She really loves cantaloupe and says she could eat it every day for the rest of her life!
Favorite Dessert- Rainbow Sherbet ice cream!
Favorite Animal- Sloths, turtles, birds, dolphins, and so much more!
Favorite Movie- The Count of Monte Cristo!!
Favorite Song- Try Everything (Zootopia) and Water (David and Maggie Beth Phelps)
Personality- Leia is a very outdoorsy person. She embraces any opportunity to be out in nature. Leia is very kind and very mature for her age. She treasures the relationships she has with her family and friends and is always wanting to spend time with them. She also has a good eye for things. Leia can also be a little sensitive to jokes, so don’t always expect a laugh from her 😉
Hobbies- Photography! Oh, she loves to take pictures with her camera! She also absolutely loves to swim and hike and post on her blog 🙂



My mom knew I had been wanting to make more boy dolls, so one day she surprised me with an adorable blonde wig for a boy. I was dying to see what it looked like on a doll, so she showed me the pics of the wig on a doll. I fell in love with that doll and just had to make him for myself! I ended up buying a shirt for him from ClarissesCloset and my mom bought a leather jacket for him, so for months all I had was a wig, shirt, and jacket, but no doll to put them on! At last, my mom found a Julie doll on eBay and I won her for about $40! It was an amazing deal and I was so happy to finally be able to create him – my little Weston 🙂

Name- Weston
Nickname- Wes
Age- 16
Birthdate- June 8th
Favorite Color(s)- Black, grey, white, blue.
Favorite Food- He has an obsession with burritos 😉
Favorite Dessert- Pretty much anything cookies & cream!
Favorite Animal- He likes dogs, but he doesn’t really want a pet 😉
Favorite Movie- Captain America: Civil War, any of the Star Wars movies, Antman, Pirates of The Caribbean (all the movies), Inception
Favorite Song- He doesn’t really have a favorite song, but he actually likes to sing 😉
Personality- Weston is completely into fashion and wearing anything that looks awesome and trendy. He is obsessed with his hair and will freak out if you touch it. Weston is a very nice young man with a good sense of humor. He loves to make people laugh, but he has a serious side, too. He’s very responsible and willing to help those who need it. He was walking down the wrong path for a while (stealing, skipping out without paying), but he says he’s done with that life now. Weston is completely natural around everyone he meets and is quite a popular guy 😉
Hobbies- Although few people know this, Weston loves to sing. He’s been blessed with a wonderful voice, but he’s hesitant to share it with others. On the other hand, he also is very talented with the guitar and piano. He enjoys making up songs and actually wants to be in a band someday. Even though music is his passion, he still enjoys sitting down with a good video game – preferably Super Smash Bros. 🙂


412 Responses to Meet My Dolls

  • Hehe! I don’t know what I’d do. I’d have to see her first to see if her name fits her first!

    • Christian Homeschooler- Hehe! Me too 😛 I know, I’ve never done that before but it would have to be a name that I really don’t like! LOL!

      Carli- Yeah, if Isabelle or Isabella or Blanche didn’t fit then I’d have to change it! Hehehehehe!!! 😀

  • Excactly! Hehe!

  • I love those pictures Jaclynn! So Cute!

  • He’s so cute! But did you get him from ebay or something? How did you not get two?
    I’m just wondering, what is your worst bitty twin(or bitty twin pair). I think mine would have to be the Chinese boy.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Thanks! Yes, my mom bought him for me on ebay.
      Um- I think the Chinese ones. They didn’t do a very good job on them in my opinion. They could’ve made them better.

  • Is the shirt that he is wearing bitty twin, or something else? It looks like a good shirt. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Aw, Jeremy you’re so cute! He seems very sweet! I’m glad he has a friend. Is he younger or older then Caleb?

    • Hehe! If you said that in person I’m sure he would get all shy if you said that! Hehe!
      Oh, he is super sweet! He’s one of the sweetest ones! Yes, but they’re brothers 😉
      He’s younger. They’re both 2 but Jeremy is younger 🙂

  • Hehe!
    Hmm, I think it’s kinda hard to think of Jeremy and Caleb as brothers, seeing how they are so differant!
    Oh okay! Does he have a Twin sister or brother?

    • Well, they’re all adopted- they aren’t actual brothers 😉
      Well I do have his twin sister but since I got them years apart I don’t make them be twins. Hehe!


  • That would make more sense.
    Oh okay! So did you get her off of Ebay too?

  • Yeah. Oh okay!
    Good luck at the craft fair!

  • Oh man I so want Kirsten!!! I was saving up for her when she was archiving and barely missed her. 🙁 Oh wait I just have to convince my parents to get it from somewhere else….:P

    • Aw, that’s so sad! I really wanted Samantha but didn’t have a chance to get her either 🙁
      LOLOL! 😀

  • Hi Jaclynn! Your dolls are so cute! You are so lucky to have Felicity. If I could choose another doll (Haha, yeah right — I already have 8), I would SO choose her. She’s beautiful. For some reason, I really like dolls with red hair. It’s so pretty!
    OMG, I have a brown-haired Bitty Twin boy too! Except my Caleb is named Tommy (: I also have a blonde girl named Caroline, African-American twins named Becky and Jack, Kit, Kanani, Samantha, and Jess. (I think I already told you about them in a comment on another post! Hehe, I can’t remember) Anyway, <3 your dolls! P.S. My Tommy sounds just like your Caleb! LOL (:

    • Thank you, Olivia!
      Hehe- a few people have said that! Felicity is a great doll 🙂
      Yes, the ones with red hair are very pretty!
      That’s so cool! Oh, I can see him being a Tommy! 😉
      I don’t remember either so it’s ok! LOL!
      Thank you, again 🙂
      LOLOL! I wonder if that means that they would get along or that they would attack each other? LOL! 😀

  • Aw, Rebecca is so cute in that picture! I love her hairstyle! I can’t wait to meet the rest of your dolls!

    • Hehe! She’s always cute! 😛
      Aw, thanks!
      Yeah, I need to get started working on my blog more 😉

  • Rebecca is SUCH a cute doll. I really like her.

    • LOL! Are you wanting Rebecca now, Emma? There’s still time to change your mind and get her instead of Cecile… LOLOLOL! I’m joking! I know you wouldn’t change your mind 😛

  • Hehe!
    You’re welcome!

  • Hi Rebecca!

  • Rebecca looks so cute! I can’t wait till you finally get down to Caroline. 🙂

    ~ Theresa

  • Hi! I have Felicity and the same bitty baby (Abigail)!

  • BUMP!! I need to know more of your dolls!! LOL!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. You’re Kanani doll is almost IDENTICAL to mine! She is really good with her little siblings, and she loves dancing! And the story on how you got Kanani is really close to mind as well, only I saw her in the cataloge and I KNEW I had to get her! Only I got her 22 months later, once I saw her!
    How many dolls are there after Kanani for you to post?

    • Oh, wow! That’s so funny! And I bet they look exactly the same, too! 😀 😛
      That’s a long time after. That would drive me crazy! LOL! 😀
      Uh- I don’t know… There’s still Marie-Grace, Caroline, Saige, Annika, I’ve got a few more toddlers to do, so yeah. It’s gonna take a while- LOL! 😛

      • LOL! Ya know, I bet your right! 😀 😛
        LOL! I know it did drive me crazy! It was really hard waiting, and waiting, and waiting, until she finally came!!
        LOL! Wow that’s a long line! 😛

  • Kanani is so pretty! Which doll would be next? Annika? I’m interested In learning more about her! But it just occurs to me now that you are probably doing them in the order you got them in! Hmm I wonder who’s next!

  • Kanani is really pretty. I think she is the most recent ag doll I got. The problem is, she came damaged, so I have to be really careful with her, and make sure my brother doesn’t get a hold if her!

    • Yes, she is 🙂
      Aw, that’s sad! 🙁 What’s wrong with her?

      • Her legs are really loose, and her head looks like it will fall off any time. I got her from eBay about a month ago. It said she was in perfect condition. Not! Oh well. I still love her! I personally think she is one of the prettiest dolls that AG made.

        • Awwwww…. That’s so sad 🙁
          Oh, wow! You should’ve reported that seller or something- at least give them bad feedback 😉
          She is very pretty! I think I might agree with you there 🙂

  • Oh my gosh!! Jaclynn, how did you manage to keep your Kanani’s hair like that? I have Kanani too, and I got her around the same time you did, and her hair is a frizzy mess! How do you keep it soft and wavy like that? I know you’re supposed to spritz her hair with water to keep it from getting too dry — is that what you do?
    — Olivia

    • To tell you the truth I just learned how to do that when I took this picture!
      I used the same technique I use on Saige’s hair and Ta-da! It looks so pretty now!
      I have been so sad that her shiny waves/curls went away and I’m so happy that I brought them back!
      And yes, I always spritz their hair with water- it keeps it looking very nice 🙂
      Here’s the link to the video on how I did Saige’s hair (which is what I did to Kanani):

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Hello Jaclynn! So before Church I un-did Linda’s hair and, I think It looks great!
    1.spritz your dolls hair,comb through
    2. take a smallish section of her hair and coil it then clip it down so it will stay coiled (also known as a mini bun) Do that all around her head
    3. Let dry then, Spritz each bun with water and let that dry
    4. un-rap and style as you would like
    I got this from the madame alexander site from their antique dolls. It looks amazing
    Male sure to do lose twists though because if you do tight it will be REALLY SUPER curly! I think I did it a little to tight! It also brings back some shine as well as curly hair!

  • I really like Kanani. I think that her clothes were some of the better GOTY clothes- 1 piece bathing suit, great blue meet outfit(I LOVE blue!! :D). Don’t you think? Do you have any of her collection besides the doll?

    • Same here 🙂
      LOL! Yes, I liked her collection a lot! I always wanted the Aloha Outfit- do you know that one?
      No, I only have her- I didn’t have enough money to buy anything else 😉

  • Oh, that’s cool! Really? I think I’d rather get it for Christmas. 😉 Sometimes, I don’t really like buying things for myself. And also, we don’t have any room for it in our house. But if my mom got it for me, then we would have to make room for it and everything would be happy. But if I was to buy it, my mom would be like, we don’t have any room for it! Do you kind of get what I mean? It is kind of complicated. 😛
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Yeah, but then there are other big things I might wanna ask for that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself 😛
      Hehe! I like how you said “and everything will be happy” It totally sounded like something I would say! 😀
      Oooooh, Yes! I know what you mean! I have absolutely no where to store that thing! 😀 😛

      • Okay! I get that. 🙂
        haha! That’s funny! 😀
        Exactly!!! But obviously it is okay to make room for it if my mom gets it for me. 🙂

        • Oh, yes- of course 😀
          I might have to get my computer out of my bedroom to make room for more AG stuff! 😛

          • Whoa. I don’t think I could do that. I don’t have a computer, though. I think I’d have to find something else to get rid of. 😀 But to tell you the truth, I really want a laptop. However, I won’t get one until I go to college. 😛

          • Well, my computer doesn’t work online, so it’s just for games and messing around. I really use my borther’s computer (which is in our kitchen) for everything. He doesn’t hardly use it, so it works out 😀
            Yeah, when I’m really sick I always wish I had a laptop so I could go on the computer more 😛

  • Oh, that stinks. That’s basically the only reason I get on the computer. Why doesn’t it work online?
    Yeah, that does work out! 😀
    yeah, that’d be nice. But also, at night time or when everybody is clogging all the computers. Or when I want to listen to something but I don’t really want anyone else to hear it(mostly because it would either be too hard to explain what I’m watching, or a little embarrassing/annoying when everyone crowds around the computer)

    • I’m not sure. If my mom can fix it (which I know she can) then I’ll probably leave it in my room 🙂
      Hehe! Yep! 😀
      Oh, yeah that would be a good time. And I get what you mean! Like when I watch videos on AGFan I feel weird around my brothers and dad so I always put on some headphones 😀

  • Hey, that’d be great for you!!
    Oh, I so understand that. Sometimes when I am watching videos on AG Fan, my brother is like, “what are you watching?”(a scornful tone). 😀 I have ear-buds, but they are downstairs in my room, and all the computers are upstairs, so it isn’t convenient. 😛

    • Yes, it would 🙂
      LOL! Yeah and then it makes you feel like you can’t watch it! 😛
      LOLOLOL!! Well, just bring them upstairs next time you’re gonna go on the comp 😀 😛

  • Hi! We have a lot of the same dolls! And about the same amount of them. I have Caleb and Kendra too, but I named mine Abby and Alex. 🙂

    • Hello!
      Oh, that’s cool! Who else of mine do you have besides Caleb and Kendra? 🙂
      Aw, that’s cute! I like the name Alex 🙂

  • Some other ones of yours that I have are Rebecca, Saige, Kirsten, and Kanani. I just got Rebecca a little over a month ago, and I LOVE her. I almost bought ivy, but when I got to the store I changed my mind. Which doll is your favorite?

    • Those dolls are all great! I love them! 😀
      Yes, Rebecca is SO beautiful!
      Well, for me I don’t really like picking favorites, so I just say the newest one is always the favorite 😉
      But if I had to pick a favorite I might choose Saige, Annika (MAG #55), Lissie, Kanani, or Rebecca. LOL! And that’s half of my dolls!! 😀 😛
      Which one is yours?

  • Well, I really like my first doll, Sammie (JLY 23), because she was my first doll and she looks like me, but I also like Rebecca because she is my newest 🙂
    Once I saw your pics of Mickey and Minnie they are definitely on my list! Is their hair hard to take care of at all?

    • Yes, Rebecca is great! It’s kinda hard for me to take pics of her, though because her head is tilted. It makes the pics not come out straight on 😛
      To tell you the truth I have never even touched their hair. I’m too scared of messing it up! 😛
      It stays pretty nice, though. Minnie just has a few frizzys and Mickey’s hair still looks perfect 🙂
      I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Jaclynn! And yes, that does help. Maybe I will ask for them for Christmas! Thanks so much for always commenting back! 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!
      I hope you get them! They are so adorable 🙂
      You’re welcome! I love commenting 😀

  • Abby and Alex are like the opposite of Caleb and Kendra! Alex is such a sweetheart, and he is always super nice, but Abby is a different story. She always throws a fit when she doesn’t get her way and is usually jealous of the new kid and is mean to them. She can be nice sometimes though. Abby is more like Caleb and Alex is more like Kendra.

  • LOL! It’s like Abby’s terrible twos lasted till she was three! At your dolls birthdays do they still stay the same age? Mine do because if they got older my first bitty baby would be seven! LOL!

    • LOL! That’s funny, but kinda sad- LOL! 😛
      Yes, they do. LOL! Yeah, my Bitty Baby would be almost 5 right now! LOLOL! 😀 😛

  • Yeah, people would be kind of confused if they saw a baby and you were like, “by the way, she’s five years old, not a baby!” LOL 😀

  • My bitty babies, Sara and April, are big fans of Elizabeth! My friend used to have her. My bitties are the blonde and the redhead. They could even be matching, because we have the same mix and match outfit that Beth is wearing! Isn’t it adorable? I love the purple striped shirt!

    • Oh, I loved Elizabeth! She is really pretty and I loved all of her outfits! 😀
      How cute!! That must be so fun to get them all matching like that! 🙂
      Yes, it is! I love the dress, cardigan, and bonnet! I think it’s so adorable!

  • BTW, I meant the bitty baby, not the 18″.
    What is your favorite item from the new AG release? I really like the brocade holiday dress and the polar bear pjs. I also like the nature cutie set for bitty babies, but I think $40 is a little too much for it.

    • Oooooh!! You mean MY Bitty Baby! LOLOLOL! I think I got a bit confused 😛
      Oh, my! I don’t know! I absolutely loved everything!
      The Brocade Holiday Dress and the Polar Bear PJ’s are two of my favorites, too! The Nature Cutie set is cute as well, but I don’t think it’s the cutest. And yes, $40 is way too much for that 😀
      I also love all of the new spa stuff, Frosty Fair Isle Outfit, and the Bitty Twins new Cookie Baking Set! I think that’s so adorable! 😀
      For the Bitty Baby I love the Purple Posies Outfit and Dotty Coat Set 🙂
      BTW, what do you think of the new Bitty Baby line?

  • I think I like the old bitty baby face mold better. This one is cute, but I still prefer the old one. I do like that there is more variety now, though. I like the new outfits a lot, but I think they have made the line too expensive. $80 is too much for a bitty baby. And I think the new crib is really expensive. The stuff is cute, but the only things I will consider getting are the outfits.
    I really like the spa chair, but it is the same price as a doll, which in my opinion is a little too high. It should be like $80.
    I like the new bitty twins set too! 🙂

    • I think so, too. I do really like the new mold, though 🙂
      Oh, definitely! I can’t believe how much they raised the prices! It’s so ridiculous.
      Yeah, same here, but I also really want the Travel Seat! I think it is so cute!! 😀
      Yes, it is over priced, but that’s AG’s specialty- LOL 😛

  • LOLOL! Yes, it is their specialty! 😀
    I like the travel seat too! It is so cute! I also really like the feeding chair! The piano is cute too!
    What do you think of the gymnastics stuff?

    • LOL! Yep! 😀 😛
      Oh, yeah! I forgot about the piano! I LOVE that! And don’t you just love all of the new colors their using? I love the purple and green together 🙂
      I’m not a gymnastics fan, so I won’t be buying any of that stuff. I do think it’s great for all of the gymnastics lovers out there, though 🙂

  • I like the new colors too 🙂 purple and green are my favorite colors, so the new stuff is perfect for me 🙂
    I’m not a huge gymnastics fan either. I tried it when I was like three, but that isn’t going to happen again 🙂 the bar and beam look just like McKenna’s! Just different colors!
    What do you think of the stuffed animals? I think they are cute, but $30 is too much. They sell them in a smaller version at Costco with a book for like $20, so if I get one it wouldn’t be from AG.

    • Oh, that is perfect for you! 🙂
      I don’t even remember Mckenna’s. I guess cause I never payed much attention to her 😛
      I LOVE the Polar Bear!!! Oh, that face!! LOLOL! 😀
      Yes, it is really expensive! But they’re actually big! Did you see the newest catalog? There’s a picture of it thatt shows how big they are 😉
      Oh, I heard that! But they don’t look as cute. Hehe! 😀

  • Yeah, the small ones aren’t as cute as the big ones! 🙂 and yes, they are HUGE! They’re like the size of a bitty baby! Also, have you seen the bitty baby snowy dreams pjs? The slippers are so cute! They are like little boots! I wish they made the slippers for me!

    • I know!! It makes me want that polar bear even more! She looks so cuddly 😀
      Oh, those are so cute! Yeah, same here! They’re really cute! 😀

  • When are you going to do another meet your dolls post? Please excuse me if I am being impatient. 🙂

    • Oh, I always forget about that! LOL! Maybe I’ll do one on Monday 🙂
      No, it’s fine! You’re actually reminding me because I totally forgot! 😛

  • HELLO MARIE GRACE 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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