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My American Girl Photo Album

When we purchased from American Girl in December we got a coupon for a FREE Shutterfly Photo book in an American Girl Design!! My mom just finished it last night and placed the order! And guess what?? I get to let you see my photo book (digital of course ;) )!!! Be sure you click on the link below to see it larger otherwise you won't be able to read it. And then on that site (don't worry, there's nothing bad on there) click "View photo book" and then click to see it full screen. That is when you'll be able to read it :)

Click here to view this photo book larger

Tell me what you think! 😀


49 Responses to My American Girl Photo Album

  • Awwwwww!!!!!! That is so sweet!! 🙂 ♥♥

  • Oh my goodness! I love the photo book! I made a scrapbook once for my second doll Susan. So, do you get an actual book with the pictures in it? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Goodbye for now!
    -Grace 😀 (Can you tell I like smiles? XD)

    • Thank you so much!!
      Oh, cool! I would also like to make a scrapbook for my dolls, but I never seem to get around to doing things 😛
      Yes, I do! It should be here a few days after my birthday or the beginning of March. I’m SO excited! I’m gonna read it with dolls all the time! 😀
      P.S. LOL! Yes, I can! I also love to make faces 😀 😛

  • Aw! That was so sweet, and very detailed! 🙂
    The girl in the cafe with you, was that your sister?

  • That’s so cool! 🙂 Which doll are you wishing for now. 😉

  • That is so cute! You are very blessed to have so many cute dolls!
    I love Kanani! I wish I would have been collecting AG dolls when she was the GOTY! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!! 🙂
    I am thinking of getting either Caroline or Rebecca, which one do you suggest and what are their pros and cons? I’ll either get one of them or MAG #44. Hoping to get one of them this summer. Babysitting and selling handmade items to save. Which one do you think I should get??? 🙂 Gah! why do they all have to be SO pretty! haha! 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂
      Yes, Kanani is BEAUTIFUL! Have you tried looking for her on eBay? Maybe one will show up for a good price sometime that needs some TLC 🙂
      Caroline and Rebecca’s Pros- They are both GORGEOUS and great dolls! Rebecca is very photogenic!
      Cons- I don’t have anything to complain about except for their hair. Caroline’s hair is a challenge to style and I don’t use the hair pick anymore. I am now finger curling it and it works so much better! Rebecca I used to brush, but that took away her curls. Now I use the Hair Pick and that is working okay, so far. 😉
      LOL! I know how hard it is to decide! I try to think of what I like most about them and what I don’t like. Whichever one has more likes (or whichever one is calling out to you the most) that’s the one you should get!
      I hope this helps you! Good luck on deciding! 🙂

      • Thanks so much, it helps. I was wondering how their hair does after long term use, so that helped a lot! Now that Samantha is coming back I hope they bring Nellie, I might want to get her. But if they bring back all ag retired dolls I would want to get Elizabeth!! 🙂
        I might try find Kanani on ebay, I would want to find one who’s hair is still in good condition, that is one of my favorite parts about her! 🙂
        Thanks again!

        • Tg, Rebecca’s hair is easy to care for, I have sometimes brushed it and then fingercurled it and her hair always look and fells smooth and beautiful when I use the brush. You don’t need the pick… 😉

  • So sweet! You are so gorgeous!

  • Cute! I got a coupon too, but couldn’t finish it in time 🙁 Oh well.

  • Wow, Jaclynn, you want a LOT of dolls!! LOL What’s your limit of how many dolls you can have?

  • Jaclynn, do you have a Webkinz account? I know, random, but, if you do have one want to be friends? My username is: poodlekem
    (All caps and just one word! 😉 )

    • Hi Katie!
      If you want to have an off topic message about that, please email me using the Contact Form 🙂
      Thank you!

  • I mean, all lowercase, and one word 😉 Oops!! LOL

  • it was so beautiful.looks like lots of good memories

  • Whoa, that’s a long list! But that’s kinda how my lists go, mainly with doll clothes, like a few days ago, I thought “If we’re going to Seattle on Sunday and I get to go to the AGP, then I want to get the Purple Peacock PJs, and some of Isabelle’s things.” But now, I’ve fallen in love with the snowboarding set, so I want to get that know 😛
    I LOVE Nellie, she’s SO cute! I love her hair and eye combo, and her face mold!
    I think you know I LOVE Jess, by now, and I’ve actually decided that if I can’t find her for cheap I want to get the doll that looks like her, and I’m either going to name her:
    Melody J. C. _____ (I haven’t figured out a last name yet 😛 ) Or
    Michaela J. C. ______
    Nicki, don’t get me started with her, she’s ADORABLE! Love the freckles! 😀
    Elizabeth is SUPER cute, I have a friend that has Elizabeth, and she’s adorable!
    I love Kaya too, though I’ve kinda gone back and forth between Kaya, but I think she looks really cute in modern clothes!
    Which MAG do you want?

    • LOL! Yeah, I’ve been in doll heaven lately 😛
      Oh, did you end up going the AG Place??
      I know!!! She’s ADORABLE!! 😀
      That’s funny that we’ve both had that same idea about Jess! If I get that MAG I would name her Jess. Well, wait. Now I’m not sure, LOL! 😛
      Aw, those are both cute! I like Melody best, though 😉 So you don’t use your last name for your dolls?
      I know! She’s so cute!
      Yeah, my friend has Nicki, Elizabeth, and Jess, so that makes me want them a little more since I’m seeing them in person 😀
      I don’t think I’ve seen her in modern clothes… Or wait… did I? LOL! 😛
      Well, I’m not exactly sure which one I want more, but here they are:

      They are all adorable! 😀

      • LOL! I’ve been there before, I like it, but then again I don’t, since I never have enough money to get all the dolls I want 😛
        No, we had to go to this place to get a machine for my dad, and we ended up leaving right when they closed 🙁 But, my mom said that I could order the things I wanted and she’d pay shipping, and I got one thing on sale, so, I’m pretty satisfied 😀 😛
        I know right? I saw your comment and I was like, “Whoa, she wants the same doll I do!” 😛
        When I first saw that doll, I thought I’d name her Jess to, but then I started looking up names, and finding some cute ones, and decided to name her something else. And now that I think about it, to me, the only doll that could really look like a “Jess” would be Jess, so I decided not to name her that.
        Yeah, I think I do too, it seems to float a little bit better with the middle names. No I don’t want to, because I’m planning to open up a blog soon, and I don’t want my last name floating around the Internet 😉
        Oh my gosh, I’d DIE if I saw them in person!!! They don’t have those displays of the GOTY’s of the past in Seattle, so I’ve never seen any of them in person 🙁
        LOL! Oh you haven’t?! She looks SO CUTE!!! I think there have been some pics on AGF, if you just look under “Caption That Doll Picture” you should find one, she looks ADORABLE in modern clothes! 😀
        Aw! They’re all so cute! My cousin actually has the first one, it’s the one that looks the most like her, and she’s so cute! She’s not in the best condition, considering that she just sits on a chair in her room, and her hair has probably been in a pony tail for, a few years, and she’s also been in the same outfit for 3 years-ish, it’s the red holiday outfit form 2010.
        The second one is adorable! I love that curly hair! I’m in the middle of a curly hair obsession, LOL! 😛
        The last one is so pretty! I love her hazel eyes and curly hair combo!
        So do you have any names picked out?

        • Oh, and sorry for the long comment, I had alot to type I guess 😛

        • Oh, cool! What did you buy?
          Yeah, I think I would name her something else, too 😉
          Oh, I understand not wanting your last name on the internet. So, when do you think your blog will be up? 🙂
          Aw, that’s sad! I look at those all the time! And yeah, I do die, LOL! 😛
          Kaya was in a Caption That Doll Picture? But Liz doesn’t have her, so how would she do that?
          Cool! I’m definitely going to study all the MAG’s when I go on Friday 😀
          LOL! Yeah, I love curly doll hair, too! 😀
          I know! She is really pretty 🙂
          No, I don’t. I’ll start writing down names when I plan to buy them. Because if I write names down now, I’m gonna want them even more, but I want to get other things first, LOL! 😀 😛

          • I got:
            The Snowboarding set
            Ivy’s Rainbow Romper (on sale for $14)
            Isabelle’s Practice top
            Isabelle’s Scrunch Pants
            And some earrings, I can’t remember the name 😛
            So, I had a mimi shopping spree, but it was still fun 😀
            Hopefully sometime within the next few weeks, I’ve been a little busy around here, so the blog has gotten held up.
            LOL!! I know right? I know the store in Seattle is small, but I think they could squeeze 12 more dolls in 😛
            Ooooh! I was talking about Elizabeth! Oops 😛
            But you can find videos of Kaya wearing modern clothes on YouTube, I’ve seen a few and she looks so cute! 😀
            That’s a good idea! What are you going to get, or do you know?
            LOL! Oh I see. That happens with me too, I wrote down names for the MAG I want, and I was planning to get her next year, but then I thought “Maybe for Christmas.” Then a few minutes later “Maybe for my birthday.” Then finally “Maybe I could save up for her and get her in two months.” LOLOL! 😛

          • Oh, cool! You got some good stuff! 😀
            Yay!! I can’t wait to see it!
            LOL! I would think so 😛
            Ooooooooh!! LOLOL! 😀
            I’m not entirely sure what I’m buying. I decided not to make a list. I think it would be more fun to walk through every section and think about what I wanna buy 🙂
            LOLOLOL! That is so funny! It’s exactly what would happen with me! 😀

  • jaclynn would you ever want kit?

    • I don’t think so. She has never really appealed to me very much. There are some pics where she looks cute, though! 🙂

  • she’s super cute!

  • It loaded! Oh my gosh, that is SO cool!! Very sweet 🙂 I LOVE the pic of Kendra coloring a pic, so adorable!!
    We had a free book offer too, but never took advantage of it. 🙁

  • its awsome i never heard of shutterfly but its really cool 😀


  • WOW that’s BEAUTIFUL! I’mw ay too late to redeem my Shutterfly thing :/ -__- (I goth the shutter fly coupon thing or whatever in the AG boxes in December too)
    That is so gorgeous! WOW you’re beautiful too!

    • Thank you! Aw, that’s sad. We finished it like the night before the end date 😛
      Aw, thank you so much! 🙂

  • my sister has kit, and i don’t think her outfit is awesome…. its her face!

  • Thanks! But guess what? The items of Isabelle’s that I got are on backorder, and estimated delivery will be in two months! Hopefully they’ll ship the rest of the package out, I don’t really want to wait two months to get everything 😛
    Me either! Mom and I are hopefully going to take some time today to figure it out 😀
    That’s a good idea. It makes you take more time there anyways! 😛
    Do you know if you’re going to get a doll?
    LOL! Probably! Like just today I was looking at some of Samantha and Nellie’s stuff that I may want to get for my birthday, which included about 2 outfits and Nellie, and then I realized that I would want to rename her, but I don’t want to find names before I even know if she’s going to come out with Samantha, since then I’d have done all that for nothing, and that would make me mad 😛

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