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My Christmas List Typed Out

Tonight I typed up my Christmas Wishlist. I went through EVERY PAGE (except for some of the book pages) and typed the item I wanted and the price. I thought it would be fun to share it with you 🙂

1. Samantha
2. Nellie
3. Kaya- $110

HC and GOTY stuff:

Caroline’s Travel Outfit- $28

Caroline’s Spencer and Hat- $24

Cecile’s Accessories- $24

Cecile’s Special Dress- $28

Marie-Grace’s Party Outfit- $34

Cecile’s Parlor Outfit- $28

Rebecca’s Robe and Slipper’s- $24

Rebecca’s Movie Dress- $32

Rebecca’s Lace Dress- $32

Saige’s Tunic Outfit- $28

Saige’s Horse- $94

Saige’s Sparkle Dress- $30

MAG Stuff:

Fair Isle Set- $30

Cozy Sweater Outfit- $28

Tropical Bloom Outfit- $28

Weekend Fun Outfit- $30

Easy Breezy Outfit- $28

Western Riding Outfit- $30

Brocade Holiday Dress- $36

Plaid Party Dress- $30

Delicious Breakfast- $58

Paint Filly- $48

Styling Chair- $60

Hair Care Kit- $20

Pepper Pet Set- $22

Doll Boutique- $21.99

Marie-Grace Makes a Difference- $6.95

Cecile’s Gift- $6.95

So, tell me what you think 🙂

41 Responses to My Christmas List Typed Out

  • WOW. That is a lot of stuff you’re wishing for! XD I have a lot of stuff I was gonna ask for – but then realized I had already crafted that stuff, so now I am just dying for Rebecca’s Movie dress and the Salon Stylist set. I was going to ask for Rebecca’s Settee but I’m going to craft that, too.
    P.S. I hope you get all the stuff you wish for!! 😀

    • LOLOLOL! I know! I’ll probably only get one or two things, but I just LOVE to make my Christmas Wishlists! 😀
      Oh, Rebecca’s Movie Dress is one of my favorites!! It’s so pretty and elegant 🙂
      There are so many salon things now, that I forget what that is! Is it the one with the little apron for the dolls? I LOVE that set! 😀
      P.S. LOL! Thanks! 😀

      • LOL! I love making wishlists too. 😀
        IKR! I love the little hat it comes with. I can’t wait for Christmas now – I’m really excited! XD
        Yep! And the fake curling iron and hairdryer!
        P.S. Hehe! YW! 😉

        • I know! It’s so pretty! LOLOL! Yeah, me too! 😀
          Yes!! I love that set! I had it on my list, but took it off because I thought I wouldn’t use it as much as other things I want. I still wanna get it someday, though! 😀 😛

  • LOL! Maybe you should write to AG and ask for a discount on the everything they have!!
    I love you list!!

  • Wow!!! That is a LOT of stuff!!! 😀 I didn’t know you liked Kaya that much, either. The dolls that I really want are the My AG with light skin and short brown hair, and Caroline. I LOVE Caroline!! So naturally I love all of Caroline’s stuff, too! LOL! 😛 I really like her accessories and her travel outfit and Spencer and Hat, but what I like more than that is her table and chairs, and Winter Coat and Cap. I just LOVE the blue. It is SOO pretty! (Did I ever tell you that I love the color blue? 😛 😀 ) I am not so fond of Cecile and Marie-Grace’s stuff, but that is partly because I don’t care about having either doll. 😉 I really like Rebecca’s robe. ‘Cause guess what? It is blue!! 😀 😛
    Of Saige’s collection, I would want Saige(haha), Saige’s Tunic Outfit, Rembrandt, and her picnic set.
    I think the My AG outfits you picked are great, although I don’t want the Brocade Holiday Dress, since I think it is too plain. 😉 And as for the hair care kit, well that is also good, but I would rather the Starry Styling Kit, because I love the the hair stuff!! 🙂 I like Pepper, too. 🙂
    I also really want Doll Boutique;remember, that the AG doll craft books are cheaper at Walmart and CBD!! It is also cheaper on Amazon-new. 🙂
    So obviously I think your list is really great. How about a top five or ten things that you want the most? 😉
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • LOLOLOL!! I know! I get kinda obssessed 😀 😛
      Yeah, I think she’s really cute! She’s one of those dolls where the more you look at her the more you like her 😉
      Oh, yes! I know you love that MAG 🙂 And Caroline is great, too! Except her hair is so hard to manage 😕
      LOLOL! I understand that! 😀 Oh, I love her Winter Coat and Cap, too! It’s SO cute! LOL! I believe you have told me that before 😉 😀 Well, don’t you at least like their fancy ball dress? (I can’t really place the name right now 😛 ) It has blue in it! 😀 😛
      LOL! Yes, it is blue! I have wanted that for so long. Poor Rebecca needs a robe and a pair of slippers in the winter 😉
      Oh, you want Saige? I didn’t know that! I would ask for Rembrandt, but I have a Webkinz Border Collie that looks just like him, so that wouldn’t really make sense for me to get him 😉 I like the picnic set, but it only feeds 2 dolls. I would want it to at least feed 5! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      Thanks! 😀 Oh, that is one of my favorites! I think it is SO elegant and pretty!! 😀
      Hmm.. Wel I think the Hair Care Kit would be fun because one- It has a Salon Cape, two- It has supplies to curl your dolls hair, 3- a professional misting bottle, and 4- it has hair pins for buns and other fu hair-do’s! The Starry Styling Kit is really good, too… Maybe I should add that to my list 😀 😛
      Oh, that’s right! I should remind my mom about that 😉
      Eeeks! I don’t even know! LOL! Lemme think-
      1. Samantha
      2. Any of Saige’s things listed (I wanna chance to get them before they sell out 😉 )
      3. Fair Isle Set
      4. Cecile’s Parlor Outfit
      5. Delicious Breakfast

      I don’t even know if that’s right! It’s WAY too hard to choose, but I know for sure that Samantha is on top! 🙂

      • Yeah, she is cute. 🙂 I really like the first page of her in the huge holiday catalog. 🙂 She looked soo cute.
        Yep, I do! I would love to have a short haired doll!
        I guess Caroline’s hair would be hard to manage, but first, I don’t care enough because she is SO, SO pretty, and second, I have Elise(Life of Faith doll), do I have a little bit of experience. 😉
        LOL! I bet I have! On the side: All my dolls like the color blue. 😀
        Um, do you mean the Snowflake Ball Gown that is retired, or something that isn’t retired? I really like the Snowflake Ball Gown-it is gorgeous!!
        I LOVE Saige!! She is so adorable! Really? I thought it only fed one. 😛 it is too bad there isn’t more food with it.
        Yes, I like it, I just like the Starry Styling Kit better. 😉 You are making me like the Hair Care Kit more!! 😀 But I would really like to have the Starry Styling Kit because my dolls don’t have many hair scrunchie thingies.
        hehe! And then maybe she’ll be more likely to buy it for you! LOL!
        Samantha is a GREAT doll-you will NOT regret getting her.
        That makes sense, although the only outfit of of Saige’s that I like a lot is Saige’s Tunic Outfit. If I had Saige I would REALLY want her tunic outfit.
        I didn’t know you like the Fair Isle Set that much! 😀 I really like the boots, and I would like to have some legging(they are leggings, right?) for my dolls.
        I guess since you have Cecile you would want her Parlor Outfit. I don’t care for it, but I don’t have Cecile. 😉 I like the purple ribbons a lot, though. 🙂
        Yes, the Delicious Breakfast is stupendous!! 😀 I really like the orange juice. 🙂
        I understand completely that it is hard to choose! What happened to the Campus Snack Cart? 😉 I noticed it isn’t on your wishlist.

        • Hmm… I can’t seem to place that picture. I’ll have to go find it! 😉
          It is hard to manage. LOLOL! I understand that! 😛 Well, I think her hair is going to be harder to manage than Elsie’s. 😉
          LOLOL! Yeah, I think all my dolls love pink and purple, too! 😀 😛
          No, it’s called “Fancy Dress” it’s in Marie-Grace and Cecile’s collection 😉
          I know!! She’s one of my favorites!! 😀 Oh, well maybe it does! Hehe! 😛 Yes, it is 😕
          LOLOL! And you’re making me like the Starry Styling Kit more! 😛 Oh, I see. Then that set would probably be better for you 🙂
          LOL! Maybe she would!! 😀 😛
          I know! My friend’s siter has Samantha and I wanted to steal her (JK)! LOLOLOL! 😛
          Yeah, I LOVE that outfit! It is so cute! 🙂
          Oh, yes! I’m obssessed with it! It is just so cute! 😀 Um- I think they’re leggings, yeah 😉 😛
          I’ve actually wanted her Parlor Outfit for a long time. But now that I have Cecile, I guess I do want it more 🙂
          I know, right? It all looks SO YUMMY!!! 😀 I like the cinammon rolls! 😀
          Oh, well it’s a lot of money and I think it would be best if I saved up for it myself. But I actually think that I put it on when I updated my list. 😀 😛

          • Oh, Fancy Dress! It is pretty good. 🙂 I do NOT like Fancy Coat, though. 😛
            Yeah, the Campus Snack Cart sure is a lot of money!! 😛 I think it really isn’t worth it, since I don’t think the corn on the cobs look very realistic, nor do the ice cream sandwiches. 😛 Also, I think it should come with four of everything. It is a snack cart. There should be a lot of food with it-especially for the price!
            I think the retired Concession Stand might be better. But I am not sure.

          • Oh, really? I love it all! 😀
            Hmm.. I think it’s worth it. Even if it doesn’t come with 4 of everything at least you get lots of food at great quality! 😀
            Yes, but then you would have to pay even more because it is retired 😉 😛

  • but what about the Polar Bear Pajamas?! You don’t like them. I really like them-they are blue!! 😀 I also really like the Sleepover Accessories. 🙂 These are my top picks:
    1.My AG Doll Light Skin, short brown hair, brown eyes/Just Like You 57(I would name her Charlotte)
    2.Caroline Doll, book and accessories
    3. Polar Bear Pajamas
    4. Caroline’s Winter Coat & Cap
    5. Sleepover Accessories
    I am not sure if this is EXACTLY true, but it is close. 😉 Maybe 6 would be Sombrita, and 7 her feast dress.

    • Oh, I LOVE those!! They’re like my favorite PJ’s! I just don’t think it’s very practical right now. I have jammies for all of my dolls and those could only be worn in the winter. That’s why I didn’t put them on my list 😉 LOLOL! You are so funny! 😀
      The Sleepover Accessories were on my list, but I took it off. I don’t want it as much as I want other things right now 😉
      1. Oh, yeah! She kinda looks like a Charlotte! 🙂
      2. Hehe! Excellent choice 😉
      3. AWWW!!! SO cute!! 😀
      4. LOVE!!
      5. Such a cute set! 🙂
      Oh, Sombrita is SO cute! Oh, my goodness!! I LOVE that outfit!! It is SO PRETTY! 😀
      I like your list!! All great choices! 🙂

      • They actually aren’t very practical for me, either. 😉 I have two pairs of Spirnfield PJ’s, and my Elsie has a pretty nightgown. 🙂 But I still really like them. I would really want them for Charlotte.
        I really like the Sleepover Accessories because I like the Apples to Apples game. I love playing Apples to Apples, but we don’t have it. So my dolls would really like playing it. 🙂
        Do you have Josefina’s Feast Dress?

        • Oh, Charlotte would look really cute in those! If I got Samantha I may want them for her… 🙂
          Yeah, that’s the main reason I want it! I think it’s so cool that they made a doll version of that game! 😀
          No, I don’t. My friend has it and she let me borrow it for a while, though 😉

          • Yes, that’s what I think. She is a very cute doll. 🙂
            Yeah, it sure is! They should make more of that kind of thing! 😀
            Oh, that’s nice. Do the shoes fall off like some reviews said?

          • Yeah, I like her face, but not too sure about the hair… Sorry 😉
            I think so, too! 🙂
            Um- I don’t know. I don’t think I had the shoes- LOL! I could ask her if that happens, though 😉

  • I meant the end of the “You don’t like them ” sentence to have a question mark instead of a period. oops. 😉

  • YIPPIE! My etsy shop is almost set up! It is ADollsDelights (How it is spelled, etsy does not allow the space button!!) I’m really excited! I will let you know when it is all set up and things are ready to buy! (it might be awhile!) Would it be okay (in the future) if I put the my etsy shop in the website space? Thank you!
    -Grace AG Lover

  • Wow, that’s alot of stuff! I just narrowed down my wishlist to 5 outfits (shocking isn’t it), before I had like 20! 😛
    But I might add more, it just depends on if I get a doll or not.
    I hope you get some of the stuff you ask for! 🙂

    • LOLOL! Yeah, I know! I love AG- Hehe! 😀 😛
      Oh, wow! Congratulations!! It would be WAY too hard for me to do that 😀 😛
      What doll are you asking for? Rebecca?
      Thanks! 🙂

      • Hehe! I do too, but I don’t like it when they try to rob me! By the New Year, my mone will be gone, gone, GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, maybe not all gone, but still, it’s going in that direction 😛
        Thanks! Well I don’t think it’s going to stay that way, I’m trying to have as many has 10 things besides Rebecca, just in case I don’t get her. Oh yeah, it was SUPER hard! But most of the stuff I wanted was new, so I got rid of those, since they will be around for a while. But things that I am assuming that might retire soon are on my list, or things that I just can BEAR to live without.
        Here’s the list:
        Rebecca, doll and book
        Sparkle Party Dress
        Brocade Holiday Dress
        Soft as Snow Outfit
        Cecile’s Parlor Outfit
        Butterfly Twist Dress
        Chrinoline and Chemise
        And things that I might add later:
        Western Riding Outfit
        Pepper Pet Set (at Costco)
        Toasty Pet Set (if they have it at Costco)
        Saige mini doll (I might buy with my money)
        Cecile mini doll (same as Saige mini doll)
        Yep! But the way things are going it doesn’t look like I’m getting a doll for Christmas, though if I don’t get her, I’ll purchase her with my Christmas money. Unless I fall in love with Isabelle next year 😛
        You’re welcome! 🙂

        • LOLOLOL! I know what you mean! Mine probably will, too! 😛
          Oh, that’s a good idea- taking off the ones that are new 😉
          I LOVE your list!! Looks like we want some of the same things, too! 🙂
          Yeah, same here. I’ll probably have to wait until my birthday to get a doll 😉
          LOLOL! I don’t know. Do you think you will like her more than Rebecca?

          • LOL! Yeah, I need an Emergency Money thing, every time I get money, I give some to the Emergency Money jar, though I that might change from Emergency Money box, to AG Spending box! 😛
            Yeah, just because they will be there next year, whereas some other things won’t, like the Sparkle Party Dress and the Brocade Holiday outfit.
            Thanks! Oh yes, it does!
            Yeah, or I’ll buy one myself, since otherwise I’d have to wait seven months to get the doll I want! 😛
            Well you never know, but I doubt it. If I don’t Get Rebecca for Christmas, then I’d wait until 2014 to buy her, but that might make me mad if they raise the prices again 😛

          • LOLOLOLOL!!! Good idea! Cause AG can be quite an emergency when there’s a new release or something! LOL! 😛
            The Brocade won’t be here next year?!? So if I waited to buy it on my birthday, it wouldn’t be there?!?! NOOOO!!! 🙁 😛
            Yes, I might save up for Samantha myself and ask for a MyTwinn 18″ Boy Doll instead. I’m not totally sure, though. I’ve been dying of indecisive-ness these past few days.. LOL! 😛
            LOLOL! Do you really think they’ll raise the prices again next year? That would be insane. LOL! If anything I would say lower the prices and get competitive with MyTwinn! Did you know that on the MyTwinn website it says:
            “Compare the Customization, Quality and Pricing to American Girl and other 18″ dolls.”
            They are being super competitive with AG. They even made a Bright Highlights set, Chic Bun, and Curly Ponytail!! When I saw that it made me so mad! LOLOL! 😀 😛

  • That is a LOT. My wishlist is…….well really all the historical books! OH goodness I need more books!

    • Yes, it is. I narrowed it down, though 😉 😀
      LOL! You like to read? Oh, wait. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but are you Amelia Rose? Cause I think she liked to read, too and now I don’t know if you’re that Amelia or a different one. Sorry if this is confusing. 😛
      But, anyways, I love to read, too and there are some HC books that I want as well 🙂

  • LOL! Yes that is true, I mean, there is NOTHING that can become an emergency faster than new AG stuff! LOLOL! 😛
    Yeah, they’re only seasonal, though sometimes they have sales, and bring then back for a week or two, but not too often.
    Yeah that would be a good choice too. Wait a minute, there are My Twinn BOY DOLLS?!?!??!??!??! I might need one of those… 😛
    Well, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Oh my gosh! Really?! I had NO idea! That would make me mad too, but if they’re copying AG, it means that their business is struggling. So AG probably won’t lower the prices, but they might not raise them either. If AG REALLY wanted to get competitive, they’d make an American Boy doll or something like that, which I think would be awesome! 😀

    • LOLOLOL! That’s exactly right! 😀 😛
      That’ is so not fair!! I wants it! 🙁 😛
      LOL! Yes! I didn’t know it until a week or so ago! I was playing around with all of the combinations and then I was writing down names that I like. I think I’m going with Elijah and he’ll be called Eli. But then I also love the name Joshua! And he could be called Josh-y 🙂
      They better not! I’d get mad! 😛
      Right, I figured that they weren’t doing so good. That’s another reason why I want to buy one of the boy dolls! Because who knows how much longer MyTwinn will be around? 😕
      Yes, that would be SO awesome!! It would be so fun to have and 18″ boy doll. Also if AG made one, it would probably look better than any others out there 😉

  • I know right?! But if items are seasonal, people buy them faster, and when they buy them faster AG makes more money, and when AG makes more money they’re happy, and when they’re happy they have great sales and things like that, and when they have great sales we buy more stuff we buy things, and when we buy more things, the process just repeats over and over again! LOLOL! 😛
    That’s cool! So what does your favorite combination look like? Oooh! I LOVE the name Elijah! There’s a little boy at our church named Elijah and his family calls him Lijah. I like the name Joshua too! Another popular name at our church… 😛
    I know, I almost had a fit when I saw that they raised the prices again this year 😛
    True that, true that. I’ve sen people customize AG dolls on Youtube to make boy dolls, and they look better than the MyTwinn Dolls do.
    It definitely would!

    • LOLOLOLOL!! You crack me up! 😀 😛
      You are right, though 🙂
      Okay, here’s the combination:
      Skin: Fair
      Eyes: Green/brn
      Hair Color: Black
      Hair Length: Chin
      Hair Texture: Loose curls all over

      What do you think?
      I do, too! I think it is so cool! Lijah is cute, but I would probably call him Eli 🙂
      Oh, wow! That’s cool that there are two boys at your church with those names 😀
      Yeah, I thought that was ridiculous! Ugh! 😛
      Oh, yeah, I’ve seen those a lot. It actually bothers me that they do that to AG dolls. So naturally I would never do that 😛

  • Why thank you 😀 😛
    Yeah, though I wish I wasn’t correct at the moment, except for the sales, those are always fun to look at 😛
    Speaking of which, did you see their Cyber Monday Sale? It’s over now but I was just wondering 🙂
    Oh that sounds so cute! I love green eyes and black hair, it’s so cute! 😀
    Yeah, it’s an older, biblical name, but nothing like Melchizedek, or Jehoshaphat 😛
    Yeah, it’s really cool!
    It was! I honestly hope they don’t do it again. I do NOT want to buy a $115 doll next year 😛
    Oh really? I think they look more realistic 😛
    Though I probably wouldn’t do it anyways, unless I found an AG doll in good condition, but with a wig that was in bad condition and couldn’t be fixed and change the wig, thought I doubt that will happen anytime soon 😛

    • Yes, I love looking at their sales! 😀
      I did and I bought 2 things!! I might post what I got later today or early tomorrow 😉
      Thanks! I think it does, too 🙂
      LOLOLOLOL! Yes, exactly! 😛
      Yeah, but if they did, you know you would still buy one. 😀 😛
      I know, but to think that you’re turning a girl doll into a boy doll is kind of sad.
      Oh, yeah, that would be a good chance to do it 😀
      Hehe! 😛

  • Me too! Even if I don’t get anything 😀 😛
    Oooh! That’s exciting! My mom might have bought me something for Christmas since there were some awesome sales, but I’m kinda mad since they got rid of Cecile’s Special dress and Emily’s Christmas dress or whatever it’s name is, though pretty much everything is sold out of theirs.
    True, I would. I just can’t stand it, they’re so cute!! Even if the price is $115 😛
    That is true, especially when you’ve had the doll for a while. Like if you changed Felicity into a boy, or if I changed Kit into a boy. That’d be tragic 🙁 😛

    • It is exciting! 😀 I know!! Why did they get rid of Cecile’s Special Dress?!? I am SOOO SAD! 🙁
      LOLOL! I would keep buying them if they were $200! 😀 😛
      Oh, my! That would be SO sad 🙁

  • I know right?! I really wanted that one! My only hope is that my mom got it for me on Cyber Monday *sobs* I’m not really crying BTW, it’s not THAT tragic 😛
    LOLOL! I might too, though it’d mean that EVERYTHING would go up in price, pets, mini dolls, furniture, horses etc. Though I doubt that they’re going to be going up to $200 anytime soon, I hope 😛
    I know! I couldn’t do that, even if I REALLY wanted a boy doll, I wouldn’t do that 🙁

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