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My Review of Caroline Abbot

I’ve noticed that since Saige was released there hasn’t been alot of talk about our newest Historical Character-Caroline. I want to give her some attention and since I have her I decided to do a review about her! Ready? Let’s get started!


Something I really like about Caroline is her eyes! They’re a very light blue. A bit aqua-marine actually! They’re very pretty! I also love her face mold! There seem to be a few dolls with the same one. I know Felicity has it for sure! Anyways, she just has the sweetest face! Although- All of them do 😀 LOL!


Now what I LOVE is her hair! Look at that! It’s so long and curly! And it’s also very light. It can be a pain though because to keep her hair looking nice you have to pick it a lot! Yes, use the AG Sparkly Hair Pick! Do NOT brush!!! I also highly recommend spritzing it with water. It gets it smooth 😉


Now I’ll review her Meet Outfit and Accessories!
Here’s her dress. I absolutely love her dress! It’s a light pink with some medium pink trimmings. It’s long and I love the style! If AG ever made her dress for girls- I’d get it! It’s so pretty!


The waistband looks like a tied ribbon but it’s actually just part of the dress! It’s all embroidered so nice and neat. This is part of what makes the dress pretty!


The cute little sleeve with a ruffle at the edge 🙂


Look at that tiny shoe!!! I love AG’s shoes! They all look so realistic. And the socks that she comes wearing are probably my favorite out of all the others that I have! They’re nice and thick- just like real ones! The shoes are easy to slip on, too!

On to the Accessories!

Ok, this is one of my favorites in her entire collection!! This bonnet is SO pretty and very Easter-ish 😉  The flower is so big and pretty! I love the colors and everything about it! I was so excited when I first saw this bonnet cause I have always wanted one like this for myself! And now- my dolls could have one!


Here’s her pouch, and once again- all embroidered! The colors are so pretty! And the style is really cute! In my opinion though- AG could’ve made the ties a bit shorter.


Emboridered on the top of the bag says, “Caroline Abbot 1812” So cute!


Lastly is her spinning top! It really works and it actually is good for people! LOL!

Her colors are so pretty-  she is so pale and I love that about her! It’s unique from any Historical Doll AG has done! I recommend Miss Caroline Abbot 100%! But I also recommend her for older girls- at the ages 8 and up. I don’t believe that girls younger than that should get her. Caring for her hair can be a challenge and it takes practice. If the child is younger than the age I suggested and really IS capable of caring for her then that would be fine 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the review!!!


57 Responses to My Review of Caroline Abbot

  • Caroline is SO pretty! I’ll definatly have to get her at some point. I know a girl who has Caroline, and her hair looks wavy because she doesn’t do her hair very often. But she was still pretty!

    • Carli: LOL! You want alot of dolls! I never knew you wanted her. Right now I want 2- Cecile and a MAG.
      Oh, yeah! I hadn’t done her hair for a long time and it was all frizzy!! The curls looked alright and I wished I could just get the frizzy’s away!
      She is very pretty!

  • SO CUTE!!!!!!! My Mom wishes I got Caroline instead of Marie-Grace. I kind of do too, but I’m thankful for Marie-Grace!

    Vivian & Emma (MAG 57) (I’m at my grandparents house and Marie-Grace is at home)

  • I know! I don’t think I’ll get her for a while, because she’s new, and she’ll be at AG for a while. But some day. Oh, I didn’t know you wanted Cecile. I LOVE her! She’s is so pretty and very unique! What MAG do you want?

  • Vivian- Thank you! Aw, that’s sad! I’m sure Marie-Grace LOVES being with you! And you could always get Caroline sometime 🙂
    Carli- That’s true! I know- it goes off and on. I always thought she was adorable and every time Liz posts a pic of her I want her even more! I’m thinking I’ll get her when my sister takes back Addy. She is unique! Her and Marie-Grace both! I want the Light skin with freckles, wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes. I already have a name for her too- Annika 🙂

  • Yeah, I have a few dolls that I like, but I don’t like them enough to get them. I LOVE Liz’s pics of Cecile. Oh, is she going to take Addy back? When? I love that MAG! Is that the one that looks the most like you?

    • Carli: I do, too! Yes. When they get a house probably cause she doesn’t have room right now. She’s also gonna take Josefina 🙁
      Isn’t she pretty? Yes, I think so. The hair is about right, skin tone yes, freckles yes, just not the eye color. I have brown eyes not hazel.

  • I think everyone does. Something about it. Aw, that’s too bad! Is she saving it for her children? Yeah, she is. Oh okay. Do you like her because she looks like you or do you just like her?

    • Carli: I don’t know! She might let her kids use them-I’m not sure.
      It’s both 🙂 She’s just so cute and pretty! LOL!

  • I love this review! I have Caroline and love everything about her. So many people don’t like her and think she is too “average”, but I couldn’t disagree more! I love her meet dress and accessories as well. I think I’ll dress her in it right now! 🙂


    • Hi Cassie!
      Thank you! Me too! Really? I don’t think so but that’s ok cause everyone has their own opinion 😉
      Hehe! OK!

  • Oh okay! I can understand that. I love the MAG with long brown hair and brown eyes, because she looks like me! And I think she’s pretty cute. By the way, what’s the backround you are using in your pics?

    • Carli: Is she the one with bangs? I was considering that one but she didn’t look like me cause of the bangs.
      The background my mom painted on poster board. It was for a Webkinz party I had a long time ago and it was to represent the game (or job I should say) Fence Painting. We also had a bunch of fence pieces cut out in different colors and you had to memorize which went where. It was pretty fun! And I thought it’d be great for background pics!

  • No, I’ll give you the link:
    Oh okay! It is a good backround! And it sounds like it was fun! So you have a few Webkinz?

  • Jaclynn: Yeah, she is. I have around 30 maybe, but I genrally only use them for AG pets! Sometimes I play with them, but not very often.

    • Carli: Yeah, I use them for pets sometimes but I don’t really use them anymore. Do you still go on Webkinz?

  • Sometimes, but not very often. I genreally just introduce them to my dolls, or use them when I’m taking pictures of my dolls.

    • Carli: Yeah, same here. I have alot of fun when I do go on though! I’ve mostly used build-a-bear as they’re pets. But I have used webkinz once in a while too.

  • Please do a review again!!! 🙂

    • Emma- Hehe! I will! Maybe I’ll do one today, but I’m no sure. My posting plans got changed the other day so I have to think about what I’m doing today.
      Oh! I have a good idea for a review!!! 😀

  • Actually, I think all of the 18″ dolls are recommended for girls 8 and up. 😀

    • Oh, Yeah, they are but I was meaning like especially her because her hair is so hard to manage. Like I think that girls younger than 8 can get some of the other dolls but not Caroline! 😉

      • Right.
        Do you think that the hair of short hair dolls is easier to take care of, than the hair of long hair dolls?

        • I think so! Rebecca’s hair can be hard to part though (for me anyways). But I still think it’s much easier. You don’t have to brush it as long, so hairstyles get done quicker! 😉
          Hope this helps!

          • Thank you! 🙂 I was just wondering, because I don’t have a short haired doll.
            ~Christian Homeschooler
            P.S. Do you think you could have Q&A’s about yourself sometime? 🙂

  • Yay!!! Smart Jaclynn!!!:)

  • I can’t wait to read it!!!

  • Christian Homeschooler- You’re welcome!
    Um- I’ve thought about it. Maybe someday when my blog gets bigger 😉

  • Aww, Caro’s so cute! 😉 How adorable, I am in love with her shoes and bonnet! I agree with you, they could’ve made the ties on her little handkerchief thingy shorter.

    Give Caroline my best!


  • Awesome! I just got Caroline and Saige today 😀 I LOVE both of them!!

    • WOW!! Both of them?!?!? That’s AMAZING!!!! I hope you have a great time with them!!! I love both of them too! And they’re so opposite from each other so I love that my two newest dolls are like that 😀

  • I really like Caroline. 🙂 I have a list of dolls that I would want the most, and she is up top on it. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Me too! Aw, that’s awesome! I hope you get her someday! 🙂

      • That’s nice of you! Well I hope I do too! 😀
        If you could pick any AG doll(past or present) than what would it be? I am curious to know. 🙂
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • I’m sure you will! 🙂
          Hmm… Out of the past I’d pick Samantha in Historical, and probably Nikki or Lanie in GOTY. Then present I’d pick the MAG with light skin, brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles! Out of Historical probably Cecile or Kaya, maybe Julie… It’s SO hard to pick just one! LOL!

          • Oh, I know! I really like the MAG ith short brown hair and brown eyes. 🙂

          • That MAG doll is really cute! I like the dark hair. 🙂 Her dark hair reminds me of Lindsey. Do you like what Lindsey looks like?
            Of the historical characters, the ones I want the most are Caroline, Elizabeth, Ivy, and maybe Kirsten. And out of the GOTY, definitely Saige. 🙂 But the next best for me, is Gwen.
            It IS hard to pick one! If I could pick an AG doll to get, I would have not a CLUE! LOL
            ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Christian Homeschooler- That one is cute too! Lindsey was the first GOTY right? No, I actually don’t. She’s not very cute. I love Caroline and Kirsten! Elizabeth is pretty and Ivy is ok but I wouldn’t say she’s the best. I don’t like her hair 😉 Saige is awesome!
    LOL! Well I have alot of good tips for trying to decide what doll to get so whenever you need it- I’m here 🙂

  • Thank you soooooo much for the review! I know Christmas just happened and I got a new doll and all that, but I have fallen in love with Caroline and I think she is the most gorgeous thing ever! She looks soooo sweet! should I get her?

    • please help! I need advice! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I want her but I don’t want her but I want her badly! AAAAAAAA! that did not make sense, did it? yea, uhhh… plz help!

      • Oh, dear! Well, I just replied to your first comment, so hopefully that will help you! 🙂
        LOL! It kind of did, actually 😀

    • You’re welcome!
      Hehe! I know what you mean! It hasn’t even been a month since Christmas and I already bought another doll 😛
      Well, since you have fallen in love with her, and you think she’s the most gorgeous thing ever, then I think you should get her! You would not be disappointed! The only thing is, is that her hair is hard to manage. I don’t use a hair pick on her (it did NOT work for me) anymore, I sort of finger curl it. Other than that, she is an all around great doll! 😀
      I hope this helps! And remember, this is your decision, not mine. I’m just giving my opinion. It’s all up to you! 🙂

      • thanks for the advice! 😀 I am saving up for her and I plan to go to the Tyson’s corner AG place (cuz its the store near me) and get either caroline or a MyAG doll with brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes. (so it looks like me) They are both such beautiful dolls! :))))))))))))))))) I got the AG doll wheelchair for X-mas, so im gonna have Caroline/MyAG be disabled.

  • Can you take some pictures of her?:)

  • Sorry, wrong post.:P I meant Samantha.:P

  • Hi i think i’ll save for Caroline, i’ve already got $29 or so. Also Lucy D R my friend has a JLY like the one you’re looking for sale $50 she comes in the ready for fun outfit I got my Jess McConnell doll from her.

  • The light skin, brown hair, blue eyes, freckles. I’ll tell her if you want her, and i’ll give her your blog so she can contact you from there. Just comment and let me know. 🙂

  • Thank you! Slso, would you like my friend’s doll?? She’s really pretty, excellent used condition because the owner doesn’t “play” with them. Shes a high school senior and she’d rather the $50 then the doll. The doll is named Alexis after the owner. She arrives in the Ready for Fun Outfit consists of: red windbreaker, white shirt, jeans, underwear, shoes. Let me know 🙂 🙂 🙂 if you are interested then i’ll give her your blog and let her contact you from there.

    • Oh, thank you so much for offering! However, I am saving my money to go to the AG store on my birthday in February and I may be buying a doll there. I’m Sorry 🙁
      Thank you, again! That was nice of you to offer 🙂

  • I was 6 when I got my first American Girl doll, and she has very curly hair. I am going to learn to comb my doll’s hair soon.

  • OMG!!! I just found out I’m going to the ag store in LA! Soooo happy. I’m going in a few minutes. 😉 this is what I’m gonna get:

    Caroline Doll and Accessories $134
    True Spirit Accessories $28
    Isabelle’s Accessories $30
    Coconut Fun Outfit $30

    Does anyone have Caroline? Do yo recommend her? Plzz let me know if I could finger-style her curls.


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