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My Trip To The AG Store in LA!

Yesterday I went with my friend, Emma, her sister Kendra, and our moms to the AG Store in LA! Why, you ask? To get my new doll ANNIKA!!!

 I’m so excited to share these pictures with all of you! Let’s take a look-


First- here are my dolls all set-up and ready to meet their new sister 🙂


The sign I made to welcome Annika- it’s tradition 😉

Now- here is the front of the store! So beautiful 🙂


From left to right: My friend Emma, her sister Kendra, and me. We’re so excited!!! 😀


I absolutely adore this display! Could they sell the props? LOL!


Beautiful Caroline <3 By the way- I need that dress!! Hehe!


LOOOVE this! Why, oh, why do they have to sell it all separately??


Part of Caroline’s display-


And the other part of her display 🙂 P.S. Love the Parlor!


In honor of Molly’s retirement we took some pictures of her and her display 😉


This is Molly’s little window scene.


Part of Molly’s display-


And the other part of her display 😉


I love Molly’s dog! He is so cute!


I NEED this outfit!! I hope I get it for Christmas! 😀


Cute little display 🙂


After seeing this in person I want this dress even more!! It is so soft and pretty!


I also need this! My friend bought it and it looks so cute on Cecile! *Note: My friend bought Cecile this day*


That little polk-a-dot bath robe is really cute! Aw, I love Honey!


I like this dress, but I don’t know if I would want to buy it. The shape seems a little wierd  😉


I really hope to have this set some day! Penny would love a proper home 🙂


Annika wants this outfit 😉


I love that pinata! And Meatloaf is trying to steal the chips- Hehe!


This tent and little set-up is adorable!


Finally!! I found my doll!!!


My mom sneaked this picture of me and my friend with our bags holding our dolls and the stuff we bought 😀

Stay tuned because later I’m posting a photoshoot I did with Annika 😀

44 Responses to My Trip To The AG Store in LA!

  • So cool!

  • Are you going to take pictures of your virtual MyAG online? Like the games, and such?

    • Hmm.. I might! I haven’t really thought about it- hehe! 😉

      • I would LOVE it if you did. I would love to know what all the games look like and everything. Although I think it will just make me want one more. 😛

        • Oh my gosh!! It is SO MUCH FUN!!! There are so many stores, games, and at the library you can read little excerpts from all of their books!! Isn’t that so cool?!?
          LOL! So, do you want me to or do you not? Hehe!

          • Yes, I do. I am not sure why though. I will have to try HARD not to be jealous! I want to see everything about it, though.

          • LOL! Ok, I’ll have to figure out how to do this.
            It is SO amazing though!! I LOVE the games!! 😀

  • CONGRATS!!!!!! Love the pic’s! Hope you enjoyed it greatly!
    Oh I entered the camp doll diaries week four pictures!! I hope I win! Are you entering with Annika?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like them 🙂
      I did- it was a lot of fun!
      I haven’t entered yet- I’ll have to see 😉

  • Congrats Jaclynn! She is SO cute!!! Or at least what I saw of her…
    So is Emma is the one on the left, with glasses and brown hair, right?
    Did you say that Cecile looked cute in the Easy Breezy outfit?!?!?! Now I know I HAVE to get that outfit! Hehe! So they are retiring Molly and Emily. 🙁

    • Thank you, Carli! Hehe! She is really cute! Don’t worry- I’m going to be posting a photoshoot later today 😉
      Yes, her hair is red-ish though 😉
      Yes, she looks so adorable!! LOLOL! You should! 😀
      Yes, they are 🙁

      • You’re welcome! Oh okay! I can’t wait to see it! 🙂
        Oh okay! Is she older than you?
        I will! Well, once I find a way to get some more spending money… And did your friend get any other outfits besides the Easy Breezy outfit?
        Aw! That’s really sad! 🙁 But at least that means maybe a new HC is coming out.

        • No, she’s younger- she just turned 12 😉
          Yes, she got Cecile’s Parlor Outfit, Saige’s Sweater Outfit, Kit’s Floral Print Dress, Cecile’s Special Dress, and I think that’s it. She got a lot of stuff!
          Yeah, I know. Yes, I heard that she’s going to be from the 50’s 😉

          • Oh okay! I thought at some point you told me that one of your friends was older than you, she just turned 15 or something like that?
            Whoa. She did get a lot of stuff! But then again, it’s hard not to. Everything just captures you with it’s cuteness! 😀
            Yeah, I heard something about a doll from the 50’s, so that’ll be nice to have a new HC.

          • Oh, yeah- that’s my BF- she’ll turn 15 this year 😉
            Yes, and those are just the outfits! LOL! I know- it was so hard to not buy all of the outfits that I wanted yesterday! 🙁
            Yeah, it will, but I think Caroline is still too new for them to come out with ANOTHER one- you know what I mean?

  • That was SO fun!!!!!:) You look really cute in the second to last pic!

  • It is too bad that they changed the My AG outfit. The Real Me outfit was great. Now.. Well… I am not so fond of the outfit.

    • Oh, really? I think it’s really cute! Way better in person 😉

      • Oh, okay. 🙂 But don’t you like the Real Me outfit better? I do. 🙂

        • I honestly don’t remember it! I’ll have to look in past catalogs to see it 😉

          • Oh, well, you should. But I think that you can try it on your virtual doll in the casual closet. Right? Any, way, it is a long sleeves shirt and jean capris- I think, and maybe ballet flats. It looked really good.

          • OOOOOH!!! I remember now! Yeah, it is cute. I think I like both of them equally 😉

  • Yes!!!!! Christmas come soon! FYI Carli- my hair is blonde!:) Jaclynn! I can NOT wait for the next time!:)

    • LOLOLOL! YES! Please come soon! Well, it’s exactly 6 months away right now! YAY!
      Oh, well- it looks red-ish blonde- LOL!
      I know!!! YAAAY! 😀

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congatulations on getting Annika! i can’t wait to see pictures of her!

  • WOW! Congrats! It looks like you had soooooo much fun! YAY! Annika is really pretty! I cannot wait to see the photo shoot of her!
    An american girl fan forever,

  • Great pictures! For me, visiting the AG store is dangerous because I want to buy EVERYTHING I see! LOLOL! (: I also think it’s awesome that you have a friend who still likes AG dolls — I’m the ONLY one of my friends who still likes them! ): It’s really sad, cuz I think you can NEVER be “too old,” whatever that means! Anyway, it looks like it was a great day at the AG store! Congrats on getting Annika — how exciting!

    • Thank you, Olivia 🙂
      LOLOL! You have NO idea how hard it was for me yesterday! LOLOLOLOL!
      Yeah, she had actually stopped playing with her AG dolls, but I got her back into it 😀
      That is sad- I know how you feel 🙁
      Exactly! Look at Liz- she’s like 19 and she just bought Saige’s Starter Collection! LOL!
      It was, thank you! 🙂

  • Oh okay! And she doesn’t like AG dolls, right?
    Yeah, I know that feeling. I always feel that way when I go to the AG store, and wish that I had a little extra money to spend to get some things that I want. 🙁
    Yeah I was just thinking about that. It seems like yesterday when they came out with her, but in a few months it will be a year. But I still think that it is a little early, but AG’s doing whatever they can to get more money, and if a new HC is the answer, then they’ll do it!

    • Right 😉
      I know! Waaah! LOLOLOL! 😀
      Whoa! Seriously? That’s crazy! LOL!
      It is early! Poor Caroline- now nobody is gonna want to pay attention to her or buy her 🙁
      That’s true. And new dolls are always fun- hehe! 😀

  • Hi!

    I’ve gone to American Girl Store in LA! It’s so much fun. I loved the historical character windows!


    • Really? It is fun! Do you live close by there or did you go there for vacation? 🙂
      Yeah, the windows are fun 😀

  • I love the window scenes. I have seen them before in other people’s pictures. I am sure they are even better in real life. 🙂 Although the scene with the grand piano and the doll wearing the wedding dress(or whatever it is) is kind of strange. Why would she play piano in THAT dress?

    • They are better in person 🙂
      I know, right? That’s exactly what I thought! That set-up is a little awkward- LOL! 😛

  • CONGRATS! Looks like you had A LOT of fun! I’M SO GLAD YOU GOT ANNIKA! Did I spell her name right?

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