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Opening A Very Special Package :)



Awwww!! Look at that beautiful girl!!


I am SO happy to finally have her! Her arms are super soft, she smells amazing, her curls are beautiful and soft, and she’s just an AMAZING doll!!! 😀 😀


Opening her Nightwear 🙂


The Nightgown is flannel and I love the pink trimmings! The robe is satin and oh, so cute! And the booties/slippers are adorable!!


The package also included this new Holiday 2013 catalog! I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure it will be great!


Now, back to Cece 😉
Her curls are absolutely amazing! I expected them to be kinda crunchy, but they’re actually very soft! 🙂


I am so excited to play with her, dress her up, and most importantly- introduce her to all of her new brothers and sisters!

Bye for now!

59 Responses to Opening A Very Special Package :)

  • AGHHHH! So pretty! Congrats! I hope you already told your ‘girls’!
    Hmm the cover if different on the catalog than the one I got!
    Pretty doll!

    • I know!! Thank you SO much!! 😀
      Well, right now I’m playing that I’m picking her up tonight and then I’ll do the whole introduction thing 😉
      Yeah, it’s a different Holiday one. I guess they made 2 of them! 🙂
      She sure is! 😀

      • Cool!
        Thank is kind of weird that they made two… But, They don’t want you to have two of the same catalogs I guess.
        Can’t wait to see her again! Are you going to do a photo-story about her coming home? Did you tell your girls it was she was coming?
        ~Grace AG Lover

        • Well, this one is like the regular one that they would send out at Holiday time and the big one is the HUGE Holiday catalog 😉
          I’m thinking about, but that wouldn’t be until Monday because my craft fair is tomorrow and I have to crochet all day today 🙂
          Yes, they’ve known for a long time now. And they all love her! 😀

  • she is so pretty. I bet marie-grace is happy to see her best friend again. I was wondering if marie-grace’s curls are kind of hard and do you have any of her collection? its just I’m thinking about asking for marie grace soon.

    • She is indeed! 🙂
      Well, I’m pretending that they don’t know each other, they become sisters, and they get along really good. As if they were best friends, but a little closer 🙂
      I have never taken her down, but I heard that someone did and it totally squished the curls down. That’s why I’ve never messed with it because I don’t want that to happen 😉 I don’t ever really have to do anything to her curls, though, which is good 🙂
      Yes, I have her Skirt Set, Summer Outfit, and her Accessories. All GREAT products! My favorite of the few outfits I have is probably her Summer Outfit. It’s just so pretty and I love the pastel 😀
      I totally recommend her! Her hair is easy to manage and her collection is lovely. Plus she’s just too cute for words! Hehe!
      I hope if you do decide on getting her you will love her just as much as I do! 🙂

    • I love summer outfit so much. a really good thing about marie grace and cecile is that they have a really big collection. thanks so much for telling me that stuff.

      • Yes, it is big! I really want her Cecile’s Parlor outfit and Special Dress! So cute! 😀
        You’re very welcome 🙂

  • Oh mu goodness!! She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 😀
    congratulations on the new “daughter”!! 😉 I love how you call her Cece!!
    I hope her siblings like her 😉


    • I Know!!! I’m holding her in my lap as I’m typing this- LOLOL! 😀
      Thank you very much! Hehe! Yes, and I’m gonna make her speak a little French, too! 🙂
      Oh, they will LOVE her! 😀

      • *my
        hehe! i love her hair SO much, i didn’t realize how curly it is! 🙂
        Oh my gosh, I would totally make her speak French!
        how does she like her new home? (if a doll had emotions! haha) ;D

        • I know! It’s so gorgeous! 🙂
          Hehe! Yes, so now I have two dolls that speak different languages and it is SO FUN! 😀
          Oh, she loves it here! She’s still getting used to Caleb, though. He never likes the new kid 😛

  • So cute! She will fit in great with the others, I can tell!:)

  • Yay!! She is so cute. I just love her dress!! 🙂

  • Is the catalog you got a BIG one? I bet you are going to get a big one in the mail! 🙂
    Also, are you going to reply to my AG store email soon? Not to annoy you are anything, but I would love to know what you think of the pictures in depth! 😀
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • She is soooo cute!

    Yeah, when I wanted Cecile for Christmas (didn’t know I’d get her AND Josefina though)

    • (sorry it posted it before I was done)
      I thought her curls would be crunchy, but her curls were soft too!
      Cecile says hi to her online twin!

      • LOLOL! 😛
        Yeah, my mom thought her hair would have something in it to make the curls all hard and crunchy. I’m glad they’re soft, though! 😀
        THANK YOU!!! 😀
        Hehe! Here’s Cecile:
        “Bonjour, Cecile! How are you?”
        ~Jaclynn (and Cece)~

  • She is so pretty! 😀

  • YAY! Aw, pretty girl! <3
    It was kinda funny, when I clicked on your website I thought "Why do I think Jaclynn got Cecile today?" LOL!
    Aren't her curls soft?! I remember when I first got her *sigh*… has she met the family yet?! 😀

    • LOLOLOL! That IS funny! Also (the day she arrived) I thought “Maybe I should clean up my room and get ready Cecile” But then I was like “No, she won’t be here until Friday” And then a little while later- THERE SHE IS!!! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      YES! I LOVE them!! Awww.. How did you get her? Was it for Christmas?
      Oh, yes! She met them that night. I had to pick her up from the orphanage late, so the toddlers were already in bed, but she was able to meet all the big girls! I still haven’t done an introduction with the toddlers, though. I haven’t had the time 🙁

      • LOLOL! That’s funny, it was kinda like that for me with Saige, I was making a bunk for her out of a shelf from the bookcase under my bed and I had everything except for covers, I had pillows, wallpaper, a dresser, a cute stuffed animal, but I needed covers so I decided to wait but then my mom came in and told me to through my shoes on to my sisters house to get my package! I was so excited I cut a piece of fleece to be the covers! And it is still there, but I plan to get her a better blanket soon, the poor thing, sleeping with a piece of fleece over her for the whole summer! 😛
        Yep! It was interesting because we had one up to Seattle to visit family and we popped by the AGP, because I wanted to get some Christmas presents for my dolls. And right before we were going to leave, my mom told me to show my dad the doll hair salon. I didn’t get why but I took him over there and showed him the differant styles and the cute little doll chairs, and talked for a while, and every once and a while I’d ask where mom is and he’d tell me that was probably still in the bathroom, but I learned later that my mom went to buy Cecile when I was showing him the hair salon! Then it all made sense 😀 😛
        Oh I see. What were the girl’s first reaction? Were they surprised you brought her home two days early? 😀

        • I meant to go get my shoes, not through my shoes, that’d just be weird 😛

        • LOL! Well, at least it’s something, right? LOLOL! 😛
          Hehe! She should’ve just slept with no blanket for the summer- LOL! 😀 😛
          Oh, my gosh!! That is SO cool and funny! Didn’t you see the big bag with Cecile, though? Or was she ordered?
          Well, when I told them that I would be picking her up that night they were surprised! And they were also super excited! But then it was a little stressful because they had to clean and get ready for her arrival. LOLOL! 😀 😛

          • LOLOL! Right! 😛
            LOL! True, it was probably hot enough! 😛
            Uh… I don’t know! I think mom payed for her, then hid her in the back of the car, then sneaked back in, because it was only about 2 weeks til Christmas 😉
            LOLOL! My dolls have totally been there! This Christmas they’re gonna clean the house as they decorate, just in case a new family member comes by! And that way they won’t complain as much! LOL! 😛
            So are her curls easy to take care of? 😀

          • Hehe! I’m sure it was! 😀 😛
            Oh, yeah! That would make sense 🙂
            LOLOL! Good idea! 😀
            Oh, yes! I haven’t even had to do anything to it, yet! 😀

  • Hehe-kinda crunchy:) They are very soft!

    • Yeah, kinda- LOL! They sure are! 🙂

      • Can you make a meet my dolls for Cecile soon? I am curious if she is at all like my Ce’ce! (Who says hi by the way:)) LOL!!

        • LOL! Well, I’m doing them in the order I got them, so she’s actually going to be last 😉
          Oops! My Cecile wants to say something:
          “Bonjour, Cece! Isn’t it funny how we both have the same name? It’s nice to “meet” you!” 🙂

  • Wow! She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations! Are your kids excited to meet their new sister? Does Cece miss New Orleans at all? I know whenever my new dolls come, they are homesick for a while, but they feel better when they get to know all of their siblings.
    I haven’t asked for a doll for Christmas in a while because I usually get the girl of the year on New Years, but I am thinking of changing that this year. Cecile is definitely added to my list!

    • Thank you!!!
      They met her the night she arrived! They all love her so much! 🙂
      No, not really. I think it was kind of lonely over there (like she didn’t have anyone to talk to) and that’s why she came to America on the orphan train 😉 She knows quite a bit of French, though! Josefina is sort of competing with her 😛
      Oh, I understand. Poor little things 🙁 That’s good! I’m sure they all love their family 🙂
      That’s cool! How long have you been doing that?
      Hehe! Yes, she’s a great doll! 😀

  • Yup! 😀 So you really like it? Every time we list a set someone buys it! 🙂

  • I have been getting all of my GOTYs in January or February, except for Lanie and kanani. My birthday isn’t until August, so it is hard to wait until then to get the girl of the year! I usually ask for a gift card for Christmas so I can get her sooner.
    I wouldn’t mind waiting until May or June, though. Maybe I will just save for her with my own money. Cece is sooooooo beautiful, and I just can’t resist putting her on my list! 🙂

    • Oh, okay! That’s really cool! 🙂
      Hehe! I know what you mean! 😀
      She really is! LOL! I hope you get her someday! She’s really a great doll! 🙂

  • Jaclynn, are you signed up for the american girl magazine? If so did you get one?

  • Yeah, I remember those 70 degree nights… they weren’t very enjoyable! 😛
    Oh that’s good! Are you giong to do a photostory of Cecile meeting the family soon? No rush, but just wondering 🙂

    • LOL! 😛
      You’re welcome! 🙂
      I acutally don’t think I’m going to do that now. It’s been so long and I’ve been playing that she knows everyone already, so I the next thing I post with her is going to be a photostory, but not of that. Sorry 🙁

      • Oh I see. Well that’ll be just as cute! Are you going to do a princess one like you thought, or something else?
        Oh it’s totally fine! I understand what it’s like to be busy. Today, my aunt that I have never met came down from northern WA to see us, and we were supposed to go to a dance, but my nephew might be coming over if my sister goes into labor, if that happens, we’ll have to skip church tomorrow, and I think that’s it. So yeah, my life is really busy currently! 😛

        • Thanks for understanding 🙂
          I might, but first I need to think of a story line. It’s too hard to improv, LOL! 😉
          Oh, wow! That is very busy! 😛
          P.S. Remember to stay on topic 😉
          Congrats to your sister and your family, though! 🙂

  • You’re welcome!
    LOL! That’s true! 😛
    P.S. Oh yeah sorry!
    Thanks! 🙂

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