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Secrets Revealed! 

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?

Well, I’m sure right now you’re quite curious about the title of this post- What secrets does Jaclynn have?? Well, my friends, I shall tell you.

As you all know, last Sunday was my birthday – and my grandpa has been here for a week now. (Ooh, now it’s getting interesting! XD ) Welll….



I’M GETTING A DOLLHOUSE!!!! EEEEE!!!!! My parents are paying for all the materials as part of my birthday gift and my grandpa is building it for me – I’ve been helping him, too 🙂

So, are you surprised? *mischievous grin* XD

Here are some progress pictures!

The doorway is cut out!

It’s set in place!!!

And Leia wanted to try it out- isn’t it ADORABLE?! *dies*

First floor- accomplished.

Oh my gosh I’m going to die. XD

Second floor in progress! It’s actually almost done now- we’ll probably work on it more tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be able to start the painting tomorrow, too! 😀

We used inspiration from DollyDormDiaries’ doll house- I just loved their arched doorways and when I found out my grandpa could do that- YES, PLEASE! XD 😀

So, we still have a lot more to do to it- I’m saving aside some money to buy some furniture and decorations for it. It’s all so exciting! 😀

Well, I’ll talk to you all soon! Let me know your thoughts on the dollhouse!

How would you decorate a dollhouse?


78 Responses to Secrets Revealed! 

  • WOW!!! WOW!!! That is amazing!! I can’t wait to see the finished result!! 😀

    -Clara <3

  • I KNEW IT!!! 😀 I remembered you telling me in a comment that you were hoping your grandpa could make you a dollhouse next time he came to visit. 😉 It looks GREAT so far!! Congrats!! I can’t wait to see the finished product….when do you think it’ll be done?
    And currently where are you keeping all your dolls? If I had as many dolls as you do and no place to really put them I would be going CRAZY 😛

    • LOL! Ah, yes! I did kind of let that slip, didn’t I? XD
      Thank you!! I’m not sure when it’ll be officially completed, but as for the building and painting, it should be done within a few days! 😀
      LOLOLOL! I keep them all under my bed – I have a loft bed so they’re all under there right now XD My dollhouse is going to be under there now, though, so that’ll be their new home 😉

  • Probably a beach theme! And that’s awesome!

  • EEEE!! How exciting! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, Jaclynn! 🙂

  • wow that is sooooo cool!! I am so excited for you

  • That is AWESOME! With this new dollhouse, you’ll have so many more possibilities for photoshoots and photostories! I can’t wait to see it all painted and furnished. 😀
    Gracious, I almost feel like I’m the one getting the dollhouse, lol! 😉


    • Thanks so much, Lizzy! YES!! This dollhouse is definitely going to be great for photostories! 😀
      Hehe! Well, thanks! That shows just how excited you are for me, and that’s really sweet 🙂

  • Oh – and as for a theme, I would probably do a cozy cottage sort of thing. You know – with braided rugs, quilts, pots of flowers, and a cat. 😉
    But I also like the idea of a nautical theme. 🙂


  • Wow, a dollhouse! That’s awesome! I ordered some stuff from the AG website today, so hopefully that should get here soon.😄I love elaborate decorations, so I would probably paint flowers all over the walls xD

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m really excited! 😀
      Oh that’s awesome! I hope you’ll post about what you bought! 🙂
      Hehe! That would be cute! 🙂

      • I will! 😉
        Oooh, I just thought of something: each room could have a different theme, like a garden themed room with painted grass, flowers, and clouds; or another room could have a sports theme, etc.😛

  • Is it going to have windows? If so, you should do adorable tiny curtains!

    • I’m not sure what I’m doing about that… I’m still trying to figure everything out 🙂

      • Oh, I am sooo excited for you!! (Yes, this requires double exclamation marks.)
        I was thinking kind of a… How do I put this. OK. So. I see a lot of homes that kind of brag on the children living in those homes. So, lots of pictures of the children, little posters on the walls that say things like “my children are making memories” . and bright colors. Or, like somebody I know, a calm theme. Pretty grays and greens and blues. 🙂 sorry for such a long comment! Eep. (To calm down, I shall think about frogs. Kermit… Tree frogs… Pomd frogs… Bullfrogs?)

  • It looks AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see t all set up! When it is, can you do a moving photo story? This looks so awesome! I am sort of wanting to paint some of the walls in my doll house so its not all the same color… What do you think? Happy birthday, once again!

    • Also, did you see which doll I got yet? I know you were really excited to find out. ;D

    • Thanks so much, Mya! I think it looks amazing, too! 😀 Oh, yes! I’m planning to do something like that 😉
      Hmm… I think different colors are fun, but it’s really up to you! I’m considering leaving my walls white. Not only is it good for lighting and pictures, but also it would be easier to use the rooms for different things- like for photostories, you know 😉 But it’s completely up to you! Colored rooms are always fun! 🙂
      Thanks, again, Mya!

  • that’s so exciting!! 🙂 I would decorate it with mini picture frames with doll photos on the walls. Also, for floors you could use scrapbook paper that looks wooden or tiled, etc.

  • Congrats, Jaclynn! 😀 I bet it’s gonna look awesome! 🙂
    ~ Suzy

  • WOW! That is going to be FABULOUS! XD

    No seriously that is a great dollhouse! Mine is only two stories built into my closet (it’s a walk in so it’s just one wall lol)

    • Awe, thanks so much! My grandpa will be glad to hear you think that! 😀
      Oh, I didn’t know you had a dollhouse! That’s really neat! 😀

  • Oh wow, that is awesome! What a great birthday gift. I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it’s finished! Have you decided what colors you’re going to paint the walls?
    If I was going to have a dollhouse, I’d model it after DDD’s dollhouse too. Their dollhouse looks so cute and realistic.

    • Thanks so much! 😀 Well, I think I’m going to do it all white, just so that I can change the decor of the room to be anything to fit what I need for photostories 😉
      Yes, they have one of the greatest dollhouses I’ve ever seen! 😀

  • Wow! That’s gonna look so cool! Post pictures of the house when it’s done!

  • The beginning of this post was torture! In a good way. 🙂
    You’re so lucky! The domed doorways are beautiful, and Leia looks so cute in that photo!
    For decor, maybe you could have a color/print theme for each room? Like an all green room or an all orange room or an all leopard print room!
    <3 , IrishAG

  • Oh wow, what an AWESOME birthday gift!! I can’t wait to see if finished. So exciting!!

  • I would put some shapes of chandeliers on the walls! it different colors from the walls of course!

  • Oh, wow, this is so exciting for you!! 😀 So, is it going to be two stories? You could perhaps make a living room and kitchen for the first floor. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Thanks!! I am very excited! 😀
      Yes, it’s two stories 🙂
      I’m thinking that, but I’m not sure if the other room will be too small for a kitchen… I guess I’ll find out soon! 🙂

  • Okay, cool!
    Yes, it might. How much furniture do you have for your dollhouse so far?
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Where do you store your doll clothes? Random question, I know. XP

    • Not much actually! Just what I’ve collected over the years. I haven’t bought anything specifically for the dollhouse yet 😉
      P.S. LOL! No worries! Sometimes random questions are the most fun! 🙂 I store them in those fabric bins from Target inside my cubbies 🙂 I’ll have to post about that sometime 😉

  • Super cool! Congratulations! This will be the best birthday present ever!

  • Hi I just wanted to ask you to make a photo shoot with your dolls moving in, please because it would be awesome!!!!!!

  • EEEE!!! Dollhouses are so awesome, I can’t wait to see more pictures 🙂

  • Oh my gosh how cool! I know you’re totally gonna have a ton of fun with it! Can’t wait to see it finaihed, I bet it will be fun to paint, huh?
    Also, tell your granddaddy he is awesome. 😉

    • Absolutely!! We were just painting right now- it’s fun, but a LOT of work! XD
      Hehe! I will! 😉

  • That’s SO SO SO cool! You HAVE to do a dollhouse tour when you complete it.

  • Ahh! So cool! You should do a photo story where some dolls find out about it and look around, and maybe a moving one where they’re packing up!

  • Awesome! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see when it’s done!


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