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Annika & Saige: An American Girl Adventure!

Hi girls!
So, you know how when you play with your dolls you have to use your imagination and make do with what you have? And when we make photostories with our dolls we try to make everything all perfect with props, backgrounds, outfits, etc.?
Well, I always do that and make everything perfect, but today I’m going to give you a photostory without making it perfect. It’s going to be exactly as if I am simply playing with my dolls. So, are you ready? 😀


Saige- “You almost done, Annika?”

Annika- “Yep! Just gotta pack my notebook  and the telescope and I’ll be ready. You packed the food, right?”

Saige- “Oh, yes! I was only able to pack bread and two water bottles, though. It will hardly be enough for our journey.”

Annika- “That’s ok. We’re only going to be gone for 5 days- we’ll be fine.”

Saige- “Have you planned out exactly where we’re going, yet?”

Annika- “Yep!”

Saige- “Where?”

Annika- “To the mountains! We are going mountain climbing!”


The two sisters set out on their journey!


They came to the first rocky mountain and climbed up- it was no easy job!

Annika- “Watch out for this ledge, Saige! Poison Ivy is growing there.”


After walking another long distance they came to a very large mountain!

Annika- “AAAAAHH- OOF!”

Saige- “ANNIKAAA!!”

Annika slipped, but was able to grab on to a ledge.


Saige- “Annika, are you alright?!?!?”


Annika- “Yes, I think so. Throw down a rope so I can climb back up.”


Saige threw down the rope and Annika climbed back up.


Saige- “Come on, you’re almost there!”


She made it up safe and sound!

“Thank you, Saige.” Annika breathed.

Saige- “You’re welcome.”


Saige- “Are you alright?”

Annika- “Yeah, I just have a little scratch.”


Saige bandaged up Annika’s hand and wrist.


Saige- “There, all better.”


Annika- “Thank you! Now, we need to make it down the other side of this mountain. Then we’ll make camp.”

After some effort the girls finally made it down the mountain.
They found a perfect to spot to set up camp in the woods and they made a fire.


Saige- “You know- plain bread isn’t actually all that bad. I thought for sure I would gag!”

Annika laughed- “Yes, I thought you would, too. I would, however, rather eat a nice home cooked meal after this hard day of climbing.”

Saige- “Yeah, I would, too.”


Annika- “Did you hear something?”

Saige- “Yes, I did..”

Annika- “Ssh! Something’s coming!”

What do you think they heard? Is it just their imagination? Or could it be a person or an animal? Find out in Part 2 coming tomorrow! 😀

P.S. How did you like the photostory being done this way? 🙂

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