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Masquerade ~Part 15

Okay, guys. There should be one or 2 more parts after this one. Are ya’ll ready? *sinister grin*

POV of Jeremiah:

“You wanted to see me.” Frederic said once he saw me approaching.

“Yes. We have a problem.” I said.

“What is it this time?” He inquired.

“Remember that little task I had you do a few years back?” I asked.

“You mean the one where you had me kill your new bride’s father?” He asked.

“Yes, that one.” I confirmed.

“What about it?” He pushed.

“The witness is back. He’s threatening to tell everyone about what we did.”

Frederic looked to the side and let out a satisfied sigh. “Well, that means I can kill him now.”

“No. We can’t kill him. He’s Liesel’s old beau. She would never forgive me if we killed him.” I said.

“The witness…. Is your wife’s old beau? And you don’t want me to kill him? I’d think that would make you want him gone more than ever!” Frederic said through gritted teeth.

“So what do you plan to do then?” He inquired and I could tell he was frustrated.

“I don’t know. For the moment he’s locked in the dungeon and can do us no harm. But it’s only a matter of time before Liesel requests his release. We need to think of something soon.” I stated.

“He needs to die, Jeremiah. As he long as he lives he will be a threat. I won’t go to prison and I will not be hanged.” He growled, not making eye contact.

“No! I will not allow you to kill him. I want a chance to be happy with Liesel and that would ruin it.” I said firmly.

“We’ll meet back here tomorrow to discuss our plans.” I said and Frederic stayed unmoving.

As I walked away, I heard a trigger click back.

I turned around and saw Frederic pointing a gun at me with a scowl on his face. “What are you doing?” I asked, afraid for my life.

“I told you, I will not die for what you had me do. You won’t let me kill the witness, so I’ll kill you instead.” He said with disdain. I stood petrified and all too fast –

– he pulled the trigger.


*insert sad music here*

RIP Jeremiah….


Masquerade ~Part 14

Whoa. That felt so weird to write “part 14” up there! This is quite long, isn’t it? 😉

Ready for some heartbreak? Good, good. Then here we go….

After being knocked out and dragged mercilessly to the dungeon,  I found myself half wishing Liesel would come down and half wishing she wouldn’t.

Oh, Liesel…. Ever since our talk in the field, I thought of her more than ever. I longed to be with her, but knew I had to get used to us being apart. She was a married woman, after all, and I had to respect that.

“Enjoying your stay?” A familiar voice said that snapped me out of my thoughts. Jeremiah. I looked and saw him staring at me intently, his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“What do you want?” I inquired with disgust.

“To offer you a choice. Either you confess to the world that you killed Liesel’s father and stay in the dungeon for eternity, or I kill you. The choice is yours.” Jeremiah said, his voice hoarse.

“I choose…. To confess. To confess that I am the witness and that you had her father killed. And even more than that, I’ll tell them all about your secret gambling establishment in the next kingdom, hidden deep under the ground. And all you hold dear will be taken from you – your life.” I growled.

Jeremiah pulled out his sword and pointed it towards me. “You’d better watch what you say, Edmund. You have one last chance. Now what do you choose?!” He bellowed.

I stumbled to get up and stepped closer to him and said, “I choose vengeance.”

Jeremiah placed his sword under my chin and stared at me with gritted teeth. “I know you want to kill me, so why don’t you?” I asked, testing his courage. “I think you’re afraid, you’re afraid to kill someone yourself. That’s why you had Frederic do your dirty work for you, isn’t it?”

“Stop!” Liesel yelled as she rushed in. Surely the sight of her husband pointing a sword at her old beau was an awkward sight.

“Jeremiah, what’s going on? Why is Edmund locked up?” She inquired.

“He blames me for murdering your father! If this gets out, I could be murdered myself! He’s a scoundrel!” Jeremiah growled.

I saw the shock in Liesel’s eyes, though she was trying to hide it. “A moment alone please, Jeremiah.” Liesel requested and he stomped off.

“Edmund, is what Jeremiah said true? You think he killed my father?” She asked.

“Liesel, I know this must be hard for you to comprehend, but you have to believe me. Jeremiah had him killed!” I insisted.

“Oh, Edmund…” She turned her head away and became silent. “Liesel, it’s true.” I said.

She closed her eyes and stood completely still. I could tell she was trying not to cry, I had seen her do this before.

“Why would he have my father killed?” She asked after a moment of silence.

“Because he owed him money that he couldn’t pay. Jeremiah owns a secret gambling establishment that your father used to go to. It’s where he lost everything and why you and your mother had to move away in order to escape the debts.” I explained and I saw a tear trickle down her cheek.

“Edmund.” She said as she reached her hand through the bars. I leaned closer and she placed her fingers on my cheek. “Edmund I want to believe you. But I can’t.” She said, her voice cracking.

I instantly backed away and looked at her in shock. “Why don’t you believe me? Do you really trust Jeremiah, a man you barely know, more than me?”


“It just seems kind of funny to me that you suddenly show up shortly after I marry him, ask my forgiveness, and then accuse Jeremiah of murdering my father. It’s like you’re trying to break us apart. Like you’re trying to win me back. But that can’t happen, Edmund. I made a vow and I intend to keep it.”

Tears began to blur my vision. I turned away and whispered, “Leave me.” And she left. 

How could she accuse me of such a thing? Her words stung me. It was a pain unlike any I had felt before. She didn’t trust me anymore. And now I didn’t know where my fate lied….


*sigh* I need to go hug Weston/Edmund.

Stay tuned for another part coming soon! 😀


The Daisy~ A Photoshoot

Hey everyone! Did I really go a week without doing a post? Oopsie… I guess I was writing a lot last week 😛

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw some AMAZING pictures of a boy and girl doll and they made them look like a couple. It was the cutest thing ever. So it inspired me to do that with my dolls! I had so much fun doing this and I hope you enjoy these just as much as I enjoyed taking them! 🙂

Aren’t they ADORABLE?!?! It makes me want to make more boy dolls XD

Literally, it was perfect – as I was making this post, I See The Light from Tangled was playing. That was just amazing. If you want a special effect to this post, I suggest listening to that song as you read through it ;D

Also, I’m gonna try to get a photostory up this week! Yay! XD

Which picture was your favorite? Would you like to see more of these?


Freckles~ A Photoshoot

So, I decided to add freckles to Jocelyn!! I was going through all our markers trying to find a brown washable one, but I couldn’t find one that was labeled washable, so I tested one on Jocelyn’s leg (up near the top where it doesn’t show) and then washed it off. It came out instantly, so I got to work on putting a bunch of cute freckles on Jocelyn’s face! I’m gonna be honest with you, I was really scared and I had to redo her freckles several times before I finally got it right! It was seriously SO much fun, though and it makes me wanna add freckles to some of my other dolls! LOL! So, let’s get on with the photoshoot so you can see the new Jocelyn! 😀



EEE!! I’m seriously so happy!!! I think Jocelyn looks way cuter with freckles!! 😀





You can see better in this picture that I added a single darker freckle by the top right corner of her mouth, and down by her chin on the left. I added those because I have freckles like that on my face 🙂


She really looks so much like me now! Just change the hairstyle to curly, fluffy hair and you’ve got it! LOL!



Well, that’s all the pics! What do you think of Jocelyn with freckles? 🙂

Have you ever added freckles to your doll?

Oh! And I added Jocelyn to the Meet My Dolls page, so be sure to check that out! Thank you all so much for your personality suggestions! They were all so great 😀


Animal Lover~ A Photostory

Following my new mom’s directions, I headed out back to introduce myself to a couple of my many new siblings. I saw a boy and a girl playing with a little gray husky puppy. They looked friendly, but I myself have always been a shy girl and always felt a little insecure when meeting new people. I wished that my mom, Jaclynn was here to introduce me, but she had something very important to do, so I was on my own. I took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Okay, I can do this.


I hesitantly walked over to them, but they were so distracted with the puppy that they didn’t even notice I was there. I had hoped they would notice me so they would start up a conversation, but now it was up to me. What was I to say? I guess that “hi” would work, but I felt like my voice would be so soft that they wouldn’t hear me, so instead I cleared my throat to get their attention.


They quickly looked my way, their faces very confused. The puppy however, seemed delighted to see me and started running over to me. The girl called out, “Pepper! Come here!”, but he didn’t listen. He kept right on running until he reached-


-my feet. His tiny tongue tickled so much as he licked away at my toes, I couldn’t help but giggle.


I reached down and gave his ear a little scratch.


“He really likes you!” The girl said kindly and I smiled. “So, who are you?” The boy inquired, still seeming confused.


“I’m Jocelyn. I’m your new sister…” I replied questioningly. I didn’t understand why they were so confused. I thought Jaclynn would have told them I was coming…


The boy and girl looked at each other with surprise. “I can’t believe mommy didn’t tell us!” The girl said in disbelief.


They both came closer and the girl said, “My name is Kiara and this is Dallas.”


“And that’s Pepper.” Dallas announced as he gestured to the little puppy resting by my feet.


“I’m sorry if we seemed a little rude. We were just really caught off guard when you told us you were our sister.” Kiara apologized.


“Oh, it’s okay! I understand.” I assured her.


“So how old are you?” Dallas questioned.


“Fifteen.” I replied.


“You seem to have a really nice way with animals. Do you have a pet?” Kiara inquired.


“No, I don’t, but I have always wanted a dog and a horse!” I said dreamily.


Kiara gasped. “We have to have Lissie, Saige, and Kaya show her the horses!” She exclaimed, looking at Dallas with a huge smile on her face.


“You have horses?!” I asked excitedly and probably a little too loudly. This place just suddenly got amazing!


“Yeah! We have two horses and three foals!” Kiara said, smiling broadly.


“Oh, my gosh!! FOALS?!” I squealed.

Dallas laughed. “Yep! Come on, let’s get Lissie, Saige, and Kaya to introduce you to them!” He suggested.


I eagerly followed Dallas into the house, with Kiara and Pepper not far behind.


Horses? Foals?! Even with how shy I am, my excitement over something can really help me feel so comfortable around people. And Dallas and Kiara were really nice, so I was sure that if the others were anything like them, I was going to absolutely love it here.

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