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Annika Tells What’s Going On

Hi Girls! I haven’t posted  a story for a while, but I have exciting news that Annika is going to share with you (along with Caroline 😉 )! I’ll let her take it from here-


“Hello everyone! Mommy has given me an assignment to tell you something super exciting!! Okay, here it is…
We are all getting ready for a BRAND NEW Photostory Series that will be starting up in a week or two! We are very excited and although there are some who aren’t in the series (or who may be playing very minor roles) they’re excited, too because we all share a part in each photostory.” 🙂


“Annika! Look at these ribbons!!” Caroline said opening the drawer.


“These purple ones will go great with my outfit!! And the green ones are PERFECT for you!!” Caroline squealed.


“You’re right! We’ll have to ask mommy if they wear ribbons in the movie.” I replied.


“Well, I have to go now! There is still so much to do and we all have to help each other. I hope you all are having a great day! Bye!” *Whispers* “Caroline, say bye to everyone!”

“Oh, right! Bye everyone!” Caroline said.

~Annika with
~Caroline and

P.S. Jaclynn here! If you have more name ideas for the MAG in “What Would You Name Her” there is still time to submit them! Today is the LAST DAY! 😉

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